You and Me (Luke Hemmings Fanfic)

Luke Hemmings isn't very good at sharing his feelings, he leaves that to his outspoken best friend Phoebe. But what happens when things change. They each go through friendships, heartbreaks and lies with one very important question: is it even possible for a boy and a girl to be best friends?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2.

I was exhausted by the time I finally collapsed on my bed after shopping with Bonnie. She found me a dress for the party but she didn't stop there. She practically bought me a new wardrobe, jeans, shorts, t-shirts and dresses. I didn't make her pay for everything but she insisted that she was just trying to help me.

So when I start to close my eyes I hear a knock at my window again. I groan loudly and feel a major sense of déjà vu. "Come in Luke!" I yell through the glass. He opens the door and starts laughing.

"You look tired," he smiles sitting next to me.

"Bonnie has tired me out," I sigh sinking into my pillow.

"No movie night tonight then?" He asks me pouting.

"Oh yeah I forgot. No stay, I'll probably just fall asleep on you," I smile. He pulls a bag from behind his back and gives me my favourite film, The Lion King. "No way!! You'll finally watch it?!" I nearly yell. I've loved this film since I was little but apparently Luke doesn't like Disney films so he usually refuses to watch it.

"It had better be as good as you keep telling me it is," he laughs putting the DVD into my telly. I clear all the bags off my bed and pull back the covers, snuggling in deeply as the opening credits start. Luke slides in next to me and puts his arm around my neck like normal.

We've had these weekly movie nights ever since we were little and it was a tradition of ours. But as we grew older we did them less and less so now they're sort of a special deal. I rest my head on Luke's chest as the film starts and already I feel my eyes beginning to close.


I wipe my eyes as subtly as I can so that Phoebe doesn't know I cried at the end. I shift my body so she can move but she doesn't, her arm thrown across my body. That's when I hear light snores escaping her mouth.

I grin and try and move her hand off me, rolling her onto her side as I slip out of her bed. I start to tie my shoes when I feel her shift.

"Luke?" She sighs.

"Sorry I woke you up, I'm going now," I tell her.

"Please stay?" She asks facing me. Her eyes are sleepy and her hair is falling all around her face. She looks beautiful.

"We have school in the morning," I say turning the tv off.

"So? You live next door," she smiles at me, making it harder to leave. "I'm sick of waking up alone," she tells me, and now I'm not sure whether she's actually awake. She would never tell me that.

"Sure, I'll stay," I crawl back under her covers and she wraps her arms around me, resting her head on my chest as I pull her closer to me. She sighs and then starts to snore lightly again. I kiss the top of her head and fall asleep grinning.


"Phoebs wake up," I feel a prodding in my cheek. I go to put my pillow over my head but it isn't there. Instead I'm lay on something harder and warmer. I open my eyes slowly and look up, right into Luke's eyes.

"Morning," he grins and the sight of sleepy Luke makes my heart race.

"I'm sorry, I fell asleep so early!" I laugh, trying to hide my face. Panda eyes and messy hair is not something I want Luke seeing.

"It's okay. The film was alright," he grins.

"You cried didn't you?!" I shout lifting myself off him. Luckily I'm still dressed in my clothes and not my embarrassing pyjamas.

"Oh shut up and get ready!" He huffs, tying his shoes. I just stand next to my bed and watch him, the way his hair isn't so perfect anymore and how much I like it that way. He also moves slower in a morning, his joints still waking up. Since when did I start feeling this way about my best friend?

I quickly run into the bathroom and wash my face with cold water, trying to snap myself out of it. Yeah I'd always thought Luke was attractive but I was never attracted to him in this way. I knew everything about him, all his little flaws, and he knew mine so how could I think about him like that? I shook my head and started getting changed, I can't let anyone see how I've changed my emotions, especially not Luke.

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