You and Me (Luke Hemmings Fanfic)

Luke Hemmings isn't very good at sharing his feelings, he leaves that to his outspoken best friend Phoebe. But what happens when things change. They each go through friendships, heartbreaks and lies with one very important question: is it even possible for a boy and a girl to be best friends?


1. Chapter 1

"PHOEBE!" I groaned and opened my eyes slowly.

"I'm up!" I yell back through the door but the banging doesn't stop. I shove the covers off me and stalk over to the door swinging it open.

"See!" I shout but there's no-one on the other side, which shouldn't actually surprise me. That's when I realise that the banging is coming from my balcony doors. I sigh and pull the curtains open revealing a very distressed boy. I unlock the door and pull it open and Luke pushes past me.

 "I've been knocking for the past ten minutes!" He complains sitting my my messy bed. He wearing a baggy vest and black jeans ready for his first day back at school. His hair is quiffed perfectly like it always is and his blue eyes are sparkling like he's been awake for hours, which he probably has.

"Chill out nerd, I still have half an hour," I tell him looking at my watch.

"Just hurry up and get changed," he sighs. "Then turn around," I tell him pulling some clothes out of my wardrobe. He throws himself on my bed face down and tells me again to hurry up. I change into a pair of denim shorts with a plaid shirt, rolled up at the sleeves. I put my white converse on and brush my hair so it waves down my back. I also apply a little bit of mascara and lipgloss and then I'm done.

I creep up to Luke and dig my hands into his waist, making him jerk. This makes him grab my hands and pull me forward so I'm lying next to him. "You were quicker than I expected," he smiles.

"You underestimate me mate," I say pulling him up.

"I know you're trying to connect with your British culture but stop saying mate please," he laughs as I shove him out of my room and down the stairs.

"Anything for you, mate," I chuckle. He sighs and looks around the kitchen.

"Still no sign of your mum?" He asks me, the laughter gone from his face.

"I told you she's working in New Zealand this month," I tell him, grabbing a banana for my breakfast.

"I don't like her leaving you here on your own," he pouts from across the kitchen.

"Luke I can look after myself. And anyway you live next door, if I needed anything I'd just call you," I tell him walking out the front door. He grins and I know I've said the right thing. As we walk to school Luke tells me about the party that he and Seth went to when I was working last weekend.

I first met Luke in Year 3 when I moved to Australia from England with my mum. I was only 8 so I don't remember too much of it but I do know that I was a tough kid. So when I saw some people bullying Luke into a corner, I went over and pulled their hair until a teacher came and split us up. I was known for having a fight with a boy on my first day after that, and people stayed away from Luke. And we immediately became friends. I later found that he also lived next to me.

We became inseparable but when high school came around we knew we would have to make new friends but we still stayed as close as ever. I feel as though I'm the other half of Luke, he's the shy, quiet and clever one whilst I'm not afraid to voice my opinion and I'm not as clever as he is. We make the perfect team.

"Did anyone catch your eye," I nudge his side. He blushes instantly and looks at the floor.

"You did, didn't you?!" I shout.

"Shut up! I didn't see anyone," he reassures me but I don't believe him.

"I'll just ask Seth," I grin running through the school gates. I rush to Seth's locker and see his head rooting through it.

"Did Luke see anyone he liked at the party?" I ask him, out of breath.

"Oh hi Phoebe, I'm doing great thanks for asking," he says sarcastically.

"Shut up! Did he?" I ask quickly as I see Luke rushing up behind me.

"If he did, he didn't tell me," I glares at Luke.

"See there was no-one," he smiles opening his locker.

"You got me all excited for nothing," I sigh leaning against the wall. "You do know you're supposed to meet girls at parties," I tell him.

"Be quiet," he rolls his eyes. I really wish he wasn't so shy; he would have girls falling at his feet. Because let's be honest, he's very good looking. His hair may be too perfect some days but his eyes are the brightest blue and he always pulls his lip ring between his teeth when he's concentrating. If I ever told him this I think he would just laugh and stare at me as if I'd grown another head, he's oblivious, he has no idea how I feel about him and I'd like to keep it that way.

"So did you enjoy the party Seth?" I wink at him. He laughs and just taps his nose as if it was a secret but I know Seth too well. He is what you would call a player, different girl every week. Luke met him at a party a few years ago where they both got way too drunk and spent the night pranking people, including me, but since then they've become best friends which is great because I do get along with Seth and he's also not bad to look at. He looks like he could potentially be a model. He has cheekbones like they're made out of stone and his brown eyes always have a cheeky glint in them. He can also charm his way through anything, but luckily I know him well enough do be immune to this 'charm.'

"It would've been better if you'd have been there," he winks putting his arm around my shoulders.

“Keep dreaming sunshine," I grin, messing his hair up and walking off to my first lesson. I chuckle to myself listening to him moaning behind me.

"You missed a real good party," Bonnie, my best friend tells me as I sit next to her in my first lesson.

"Someone's gotta work to eat," I laugh but she doesn't smile.

"Please come and stay with me, I'll pay for everything, and then you won't have to work," she pleads.

"I'm fine honestly, I have the whole house to myself and I like working in the restaurant, I get good tips," I smile. She sighs but smiles back and I breathe out in relief. That was the third time she's asked me and I don't think it would be the last. For anyone else an offer like that would have been extravagant, but for Bonnie, well she can afford it. Her parents are extremely rich and money is just an object to her. She always has the latest clothes and her hair is always blow dried perfectly. So why are we best friends you may ask? Because she was a new girl too three years ago and I knew how that felt. So I took her under my wing and taught her all about the high school ways and after that the four of us, me, Luke, Bonnie and Seth became really great friends.

"Well have you booked Saturday off?" She asks me as our teacher starts writing on the board.

"Of course! I can't miss your birthday!" I exclaim making her grin.

"Good because we're going shopping tonight," she cheers.

"You know how much I hate shopping!" I complain thinking of a million other things to do, like sleep.

"Listen, you only have to stand there and try things on, I'll do the rest," she smiles.

"Ugh fine," I tell her, knowing she won't else me alone until I agree.

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