Blood Is Thicker

"Blood is thicker than water, Nathan. Remember that."
Hallie, a vampire hunter's daughter, has always hated vampires. She and her brother had moved to the Desrosiers household, a family of vampire aristocrats, when they were young and lived alongside Victoire, the only daughter of the family. Years later, the two girls have become close friends; but that can only last so long when Hallie is planning a war against the entire vampire race.


1. Hallie and Victoire

It was never going to end well. Hallie had hated vampires for as long as she could remember, and here she was, babysitting a vampire aristocrat’s only daughter. From the moment she had heard the girl’s name she knew that she was in for a rough time. Caroline Victoire Desrosiers. It was ridiculous. But, somehow, the two had become friends.

They had known each other since they were young, innocent, and bright-eyed. Hallie’s parents had been hunters, humans who eliminated rogue vampires, and were very friendly with Viccy’s family. Years later, the two girls had been left alone in the world, and Hallie had to take responsibility.

“No, Viccy,” Hallie sighed, rubbing her temples, “You aren’t having anyone over and that’s that.”

“Oh, come on! I’ve been such a good girl.” The vampire was knelt on the floor, batting her long eyelashes, giving Hallie the Heterochromia puppy-dog eyes.

“I said no. Your father asked me to keep you in check, and having an orgy in your room certainly wouldn’t impress him!”

It was true. As childish as the girl before her seemed, she could wrap anyone around her little finger, men and women. Luckily, Victoire’s parents were travelling. They’d been gone for around a year. That’s why Hallie was landed with babysitting.

“Well you’re no fun, are you?” She slumped and glared moodily from behind the curtain of long blonde hair.

The two girls were about as different as you could get. Hallie was tall, tanned, brown-eyed and black-haired. Victoire, on the other hand, was short, pale, blonde and one of her eyes was sea blue, the other a soft pink.

To make matters worse, Nathan, Hallie’s older brother by two years, had been abroad for six months. He was a trained hunter, just like her and their parents. He wanted to see the world, learn from hunters in other countries and enjoy the freedom of being eighteen.

She hadn’t heard from him in four months, and yesterday had been her birthday.

It was a sad affair. The kitchen staff had made a little cake, and Victoire gave Hallie a present. Then ate all the cake. The house had always seemed big and lonely to the hunter girl, but even more so then. One person wished her a happy birthday. Just one.

Had her parents been alive, it would have been much different. But they weren’t. That was why she had to get rid of vampires once and for all. They had taken something precious from her; something that could never be replaced. They were the root of all evil.

The light from the chandelier flickered, creating shadows over the old-fashioned furniture in the mansion’s main living room. She could almost make out pictures in the shifting patches of darkness. Scenes of battles, people dancing at a ball, in those shadows she felt like she could tell the future.

But she was a human, a Breather as the vampires called them. She had no power, other than the power to cut immortal lives short. A power she intended to make full use of.

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