Seperated in War

During World War 1 in 1914 two twins got separated at the age of 7. They were taken to live with soldiers in the war. The girl named Vivian works as a cook and her twin brother named Eric works as a message sender. They forget about each other. They live alone with their army until they are 20 years old. Can they find each other or live by their selves forever?


2. Ann and Tim.

My name is Ann Marie Tyler. I am twelve years old. My hair is brown and my eyes could only be described as magical. They often change, but their  neutral colour is gray-blue with gold specks. I have no freckles. My height is around five feet three inches. My light skin tone and dark hair are an odd match, but some would say it looks pretty. My twin brother looks much like me, only his hair doesn't go to his mid back, and he isn't a girl. We have the same brown hair, although he is more tan than I am. He is only two or three inches taller than me,and his eyes are brown. He got dad's eyes, I got moms. Tim Tyler always seems to be smiling, that's one of the greatest things about him!

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