Behind Closed Doors / harry

"Anything Can Happen Behind Closed Doors."


1. Prologue

:: Prologue ::

"Get up, princess, you don't want to be late." My dad shook me lightly in the covers. I rubbed my eyes and took a long look at my dad before he kisses my forehead, "good morning princess." I'm going to miss my daddy, he was the only person that was there for me growing up.

My mom left us when I was only an infant, so I didn't know her well, at all. And friends? Nah, I didn't get along with people my age very well. I enjoyed daddy-daughter time. It was nice. "Daddy!" I jumped out of bed, watching him walk out. He turned back around and smiled. I ran to him and squeezed him. "I'm going to miss you."

"I love you, princess." He kissed my head and released me to get ready. I rushed to put on my already-laid-outfit. A pair of skinny jeans and nice shirt that showed the judges I wasn't trying too hard. And too too it all off with a semi-messy braid to the side of my shoulder.


I walked next to my father, not even an inch apart. He pulled a suitcase, as did I, we waited in at least three lines before setting ourselves directly on the plane. "Daddy, I'm nervous." I held my stomach and looked at the much larger man than I– And larger meaning "taller".

"Baby girl, you will be great." He kissed my head and pulled me into his side. I lifted the arm rail between us up and cuddled him, until we had to buckle up.


I felt a slight shake of the plane, and knew we were in California. The home of celebrities. The place where all my dreams would come true on one singing competition– The X-Factor USA.

I pulled my suitcase through the normal crowd at the airport, along side my dad who had a tight arm around me. "Daddy, we need to go the hotel first..." I said and he looked down at me, "I need to fix my makeup and my hair." I smiled, getting a nod and kiss on the head from him.

Daddy will only be with me this weekend, before he has to head back to work. So I'll be in California alone, for a few months. Fun? Nope.

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