We are only kids in Love ( Niall horan bad boy/frat boy fanfic)

Niall horan the bad frat boy kid that everyone loves. He smokes , drinks and throw the biggest frat parties with his friends. What happens when he meets a special girl? will she change him? will they fall in love? Will they stay together? or will they just be Kids in love?


3. Chapter 3


Chapter 3


Ellinories pov

I woke up pretty early because my head was pounding , guess I'm hangover. someone kept kicking my feet. I thought that it was Eleanor who was trying to mess with me but boy was i wrong. I felt someones arms tied around my waist. When i noticed that the arms had tattoos scattered around messily on the skin i started screaming. I turned around and i saw a blonde haired boy sleeping peacefully. Not just any blonde haired boy it was Niall. Niall the boy who I've had a crush on since i laid my eyes on him. Why was i in the same bed as Niall the most popular frat boy?

He was actually pretty cute. His hair was all messed up and his stomach was moving up and down from his breathing. His breath actually smelled alcohol it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. I poked his stomach a few times trying to wake him up so that he could explain why he was sleeping next to me. " Niall " i whispered and he slowly opened his eyes. He eventually noticed the fact that he wasn't in his own room so he started panicking and he shot up from the bed. He looked at me and started going trough his hair with his hand obviously trying to style it. " Uhm hi , what am i doing here?" he asked me. " Uh why are you asking me? " i said. " Well I'm lying next to you" he said trying to sass me back. He started scratching the back of his head " Oh well i think i went home with you last night because you were totally smashed" he said and i believed him since i was having a major headache and that would explain why. 

" Do you have any Advil that i can borrow?" he asked me and i laughed at him despite my headache. " Borrow? " i said and he noticed that it sounded stupid. " I mean can i have one?" he said trying to correct himself. " Yeah sure" i said and i got up from the bed. Thank god for Eleanor. She wanted us to have a shelf with Advil and the first aid kit. I took 2 Advils and i filled a 2 glasses of water. One for me and one for Niall. I gave them to him and he thanked me. " i think i have to go" he said while rushing up from the bed. " Why?" i asked him not wanting to be lonely. " Because i have to , thanks anyways bye" he said and before i could say something he was already out of the door. Well gee thanks for nothing i guess. 

I had been pacing around the room just thinking about what actually did happen last night and today morning. How could i be so stupid? I never want to drink again. I had been over thinking stuff and it was making me go crazy. I heard someone knocking on the door and Eleanor rushed into the room. " Hi" she said and smiled at me. " Hi Eleanor" i said and she looked confused and then she started smirking. " Why do you have a boys t-shirt on your bed " she said and i started to blush. " I-it's not what it looks like i swear" i said trying to hide my stupid blush. " Oh Ellinorie , i know that Niall was here but i do trust him with you so it's okay" she said and i nodded. Thank god.

" Hey you and Niall might be a cute couple to bad that he doesn't date " she said and i started blushing again. " Never " i said and she smirked. " Why not? " she said while sitting down on my bed next to me. " Because he seems quite mean " i said. " He isn't i promise he just want people to think that he is" she said and i believed her because he was being pretty nice yesterday. " Oh well lets forget about boys and just have a girls night" i said and Eleanor agreed. She called over some of her other girl friends. After a few minutes all of the girls were there which was 3 other girls and their names was Perrie , Cher , Mackenzie. They were all were nice and we became friends. I learned that they were Liam , Zayn and Harry's girlfriends. I am still wondering why Niall wont date i mean all of his friends does. But why do i even care?

We were watching a scary movie and when the girl was going to open a door and we were sitting close to the TV. My heart was beating fast and it felt like i was in the movie. All of our eyes were wide open and just as she was about to open the door we heard a knock. Everyone started screaming and panicking. They started to hide and i just stood there not knowing what to do. I guess i'll just open the door. " Ellinorie be careful here take this " Perrie said and gave me a spoon since we had been eating a lot of ice cream. I opened the door. " Please don't hurt me take them" i said while putting one hand on my eyes and one hand pointing on the girls who were hiding not wanting the person to hurt me. The person who were at the door started chuckling. Scratch that there were more than one person. I peeked from my hands and noticed that it was Louis , Zayn , Harry , Liam and Niall. Oh god this is embarrassing. 

" Idiot " Eleanor said while smacking the back of my head lightly. " What?" i said. " You pointed at us meanie" she said " Don't be such a baby " Ellinorie said and everyone started to laugh. The boys went up to their girlfriends and kissed them and said hi. Me and Niall just stood there. " Hi " he said. " Uhm Hi " i said back.


Nialls pov

I can't stop thinking about this girl. She is so cute and amazing. I was jealous because the other boys had a girlfriend. I wanted one to but i was afraid since i didn't want to become a softie. But the guys had girlfriends and they are totally whipped but at the same time they manage to keep the punk reputation. I have never cared about someone since my sister Jade went missing. I don't know if she is dead and that's the sad part.

Me and the lads sat on the couch just to  talk. " Hey Nialler you and Ellinorie are cute together" Zayn said and i glared at him since he was the only one that knew what happened at the party. " Yeah man" Louis agreed and i glared at him too. " I am Niall horan and i don't do girlfriends so leave me alone" i said and the boys just shook their heads. " Niall just imagine having someone to be there for you all of the time and imagine being happy just because of that person" Louis said and i am 100% sure that he felt that way about Eleanor. " I have you guys if i need someone to talk to and that's bullshit people never stays round' for a long amount of time they all eventually leave" i said and the boys looked sad for some reason. " Niall listen i know that you miss your sister and so do we but you kind of have to move on" Liam said trying to be as nice as possible. " I told you not to talk about Jade" i hissed at them and Liam just looked at his hands. " Maybe Ellinorie is good for you" Harry said. " Enough already" i said and they shut up about me getting a girlfriend. They have been on my back for a long time about getting one. Maybe because they're whipped. But that still doesn't mean that i will. 

We decided to go to Ellinorie and Eleanor's dorm to see what the girls were up to since they were having a girls night. Louis told us that the girls didn't want us there so i don't understand why we were going to see them anyways. It wasn't a long walk from the frat house and we stood outside the door and the lads forced me to knock. " Why me?" i asked them. " Because " Louis answered back. " It's not my girlfriend and sure as hell not my idea" i said and they just rolled their eyes. " Just do it" Harry said and i knocked on the door. We heard screams from the girls and we also heard things moving. What are they doing in there? 

Ellinorie opened up the door and she held a spoon that she soon dropped and covered her eyes with one hand and pointed at the girls with her other hand. " Please don't hurt me take them" All of us started chuckling and when Ellinorie realized that there were a few people standing behind me she peeked from her hand. She dropped her hand when she realized who it was and she started blushing. She is so cute. No why did i have these thought? i don't like her , right? 

The other girls soon stood behind Ellinorie and Eleanor decided to smack Ellinorie on the back of her head lightly. " Idiot" Eleanor mumbled. " What?" Ellinorie asked with a smirk on her face. " You pointed at us meanie" Eleanor said while pouting. " Don't be such a baby " Ellinorie said and everyone laughed at them. Oh girls. The lads decided to ditch me and they talked with their girlfriends and getting way to friendly for my liking. I went to Ellinorie and tried to start a conversation. " Hi " i said. " Uhm hi " she answered back clearly feeling a bit embarrassed since she was blushing. " Why are you blushing?" i asked her and her cheeks turned even redder if that was even possible. " Oh eh you know it's probably just my makeup , too much blush oops" she said trying to play it off. " Okay whatever you say miss " i said and we both started laughing. " Aww look at them" Cher said and both me and Ellinorie blushed. 

We all sat down on the girls beds in their dorms. " We should play a game " Louis said while smirking. " Yes " Eleanor agreed. I swear to god those two are crazy for each other. Maybe it would be nice to have someone like that? To have someone to talk to and protect. No, they would just get hurt. We all sat down on the floor and decided that we were going to play spin the bottle/Truth or dare. We set everything up and started playing. The bottle landed on me and Eleanor smirked. "Truth or Dare Niall?" She asked me and i groaned. If i pick truth she was probably going to give me a question about Ellinorie which will make things awkward and if i pick dare she might dare me to kiss. " Uhm I'm gonna go with dare" i said not wanting to regret my decision. " Aw man " Eleanor said disappointing. " Okay i dare you to kiss Ellinorie on the cheek" she said and i shrugged. It was a simple thing i mean it could of been worse. I walked over to Ellinorie and kissed on her cheek. She was blushing a lot. It was my turn so i started spinning the bottle and guess who it lands on? Ellinorie of course. " Truth or dare?" i asked her. " Truth" she said. " Do you like any guy in this room?" i asked her and she started to blush.


Ellinorie's pov

" Do you like any guy in this room?" he asked me and i was so embarrassed. I didn't want to say any other guy than Niall because they were taken and their girlfriends were my friends but i also didn't want to say Niall because then everything will get awkward since he probably doesn't like me. " No " i said and Niall looked sad. He stood up and disappeared from the room. Everyone looked at me and they seemed so confused.

Oh god what have i done?


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