We are only kids in Love ( Niall horan bad boy/frat boy fanfic)

Niall horan the bad frat boy kid that everyone loves. He smokes , drinks and throw the biggest frat parties with his friends. What happens when he meets a special girl? will she change him? will they fall in love? Will they stay together? or will they just be Kids in love?


2. Chapter 2


Chapter 2 


Ellinorie's pov


I was flipping through the pages of the fault in our stars book that i just bought from the old local bookshop that was located just a few blocks away from the dorms as i like to call it. Anyways it's been a week and i love this college so much. Well maybe not the learning part but mostly all of my new friends and i might have gotten an interest in a special boy. Eleanor have been very helpful with everything and we have become really close to each other. 

Recently Eleanor have been setting me up with different frat boys. I didn't like any of them. They are just cocky frat boys that expect everyone to like them. I guess Eleanor really wants me to date someone. She told me that it would be really cute to go on double dates and such but  I'm not in a rush since i've just started and who said that i needed a boyfriend? I am fine by myself.

But there is a special boy that i have been checking out. He goes to some of my classes but he mostly skips. He has blonde hair with brown roots so I'm guessing that he is bleaching his hair. Sometimes he likes to dye it. Right now it's a faint color of lilac. It really fits him. He has deep blue eyes that i love. I do have a thing for blonde haired boys with blue eyes and i have no idea why. He doesn't seem like the kind of person that you want to fight with and you most certainly don't want to get on his bad side since he can make your life a living hell in only a matter of days. 

I was getting ready to go to a frat party since Eleanor decided that she wanted me to experience the real college life outside school. I was going to wear a cute dress but Eleanor simply told me to dress hot. Not that i'm aware of what "hot" clothing might be. Guess I'm going to have to guess. I put on my pink crop top that had a zipper in the middle and my black flowy skirt. I put my hair up in my usual half up half down hairstyle and curled the ends and of course i put my black bow on my hair like i always did.  I wanted to look good since i knew that the blonde haired boy that i didn't know the name of would be there. I applied foundation and i put on a light shade of brown on my eyelids. I choose my cherry pink lipstick and i was happy with the way that i looked.

I choose to wear black casual flats. Now don't get me wrong i love heels they are the best thing that exists but i simply couldn't walk in them without falling just because i am so clumsy. I have no idea how people can walk in them.  I sat down on my bad just waiting for Eleanor to put on her shoes.

" You look amazing " i said to Eleanor and she smiled. " Thanks , so do you " she said and i smiled. People often called me pretty and sweet and it was getting annoying. I get the fact that i look like a 12 year old but you don't have to rub it in my face. Some people like to think that i'm really innocent because i always wear bows and such things but i don't care.

We didn't have to walk very far maybe 10 minutes. I liked the frat house. It was big and it looked like it would fit way more than 15 people. It was a red brick house with lots of beautiful windows that were covered with cheap blue curtains. Eleanor told me that their official frat color was blue. Their frat name was written on their little balcony so that anyone who walked by the frat house would see it. I'm surprised at the fact that i saw all those details since it was very dark outside and people were on their porch either super drunk or just smoking.

Eleanor dragged me inside and my head started pounding from the smell. I have never smelled something so awful but yet exciting in my whole life. It smelled like cigarettes and smoke mixed with sweat and alcohol. There were people dancing everywhere. I saw a boy that was by the way very good looking and he was dancing on the table. Eleanor saw me staring and she told me his name but i forgot it. I think it was Zack or something?

We spotted Louis with the blonde haired boy. They were laughing in the kitchen while drinking their cheap beer. Eleanor dragged me to them and Louis smiled when he noticed Eleanor. They kissed right infront of us and the blonde haired guy was just gagging. He noticed me and i became very nervous. " Eh what do we have here?" he asked me and i found it hard to answer such a simple question. I was so focused on his pink lips moving as he spoke each word. " Hello?" i noticed that he was talking to me. I had to say something in order of me at least looking somewhat cool. " Uh yeah" i stuttered. Oh great Ellinorie way to make a boy like you i reminded myself.

" Who are you?" He asked me while eyeing my clothes very carefully like he hadn't seen a girl with so much clothes on. It didn't surprise me though since every girl in here were wearing very short dresses that barely covered up anything.

" Oh , I'm Ellinorie" i said and he nodded. " Niall " he said and i nodded. I really liked his name. It was cute and it was something that i would remember since it wasn't a very ordinary name here. I also noticed that he didn't have an American accent, it was more of a Irish and British accent. Oh how i love Irish and British boys i though to myself. " So what are you doing here , you don't look like the party animal" he said and i felt embarrassed. " Uh Eleanor wanted me to come" i said and he nodded. He was going to say something but a girl who looked very faked dragged him away and he winked at me. What an idiot.

I searched for Eleanor everywhere but i couldn't find her. I was getting nervous and mad at the same time because she promised me that she would be right beside me the whole time. I saw stairs so i decided to walk upstairs maybe she's there? When i came upstairs there was a lot of doors which i am guessing was the frat boys rooms. I walked to a door and opened it. When i opened the first door i noticed a couple who were making out. I gagged and quickly closed the door. They were too caught up in what they were doing to notice me. I walked downstairs and i decided to have some fun for once. 

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a red plastic cup without even knowing what was in it. I shrugged it down my throat quickly and i could feel the burning liquid. I liked it in some weird twisted way. I started drinking more and more and i even lost count. I was starting to feel a bit tipsy. Everything was spinning and i couldn't hear the music that clear anymore. I saw a bit blurry and my balance was horrible. But at the same time it made me feel good. It felt like i fit in for once. which was an amazing feeling. 

I walked into the middle of the dance floor and someone grabbed me and started dancing with me. I didn't really mind. The person grabbed me and started making out with me and i just went along with it because i wanted to fit in. I noticed that the boy have blonde hair and he looked super fit. He dragged me upstairs and i followed him not aware of what was going to happen next. We went to his room and he sat me down on his bed. " Please i don't want to do anything" i begged for him and he nodded. " I would never force you" he said and i smiled. " But i have to get you to your dorm" he said and i nodded not trusting my voice. 

He did as he said and he lead me out but he stopped on the porch. I observed my surrounding and there were people laying on the grass and they were probably wasted. The boy grabbed a cigarette pack and took out 2 cigarettes. He kindly offered me one and i accepted. " Have you even smoked a cigarette before?" he asked with his stupid smirk. " Yeah of course" i said while lightening it. I put it between my teeth and started inhaling the smoke. I started coughing really bad and the boy was just laughing his head off at me. " What's so funny?" i asked him. " You haven't smoked i can tell" he said and i just rolled my eyes. " Whatever" i said and he shrugged. " I can teach ya" he said with his beautiful Irish accent ringing trough my ears. " Uhm okay" i agreed. He showed me how and i finally got the hang of it. But it was disgusting so i eventually dropped it to the ground and stomped on it to prevent it from causing a fire. 

He walked me back to my dorm and i was a bit sobered up so we just talked about a lot. He told me that his name was Niall and i remembered him as the boy from the kitchen who was talking to Louis. His beautiful laugh was amazing and i continued to tell him funny stories so that i could hear that laugh.

You know i wouldn't take him for the nice guy since he has tattoos and piercings but i know better than to judge other people from their appearance. We finally reached the dorm. " Thanks Nialler " i said and he looked at me in a funny way. " Nialler?" he asked me and i nodded while smirking. " Okay then Ari" he said and my stomach fluttered. I've had a crush on him since i first saw him so it wasn't really surprising. " I'm scared" i said. " Why?" he asked me and for a moment he actually seemed concerned. " I'm afraid of the dark" i said and he nodded. " I'll stay with you then" he said while locking the door. I hope that Eleanor have a key otherwise she will have to be with Louis or someone else. He took of his shirt and i must say that i really like his tattoos. My finger traced his tattoos and i noticed a heart which i really liked. He smirked and kissed me. I couldn't bother to change clothes or wipe my makeup off so we just fell asleep next to each other with him holding me in a tight grip. But i felt safe and i liked it. A lot.

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