We are only kids in Love ( Niall horan bad boy/frat boy fanfic)

Niall horan the bad frat boy kid that everyone loves. He smokes , drinks and throw the biggest frat parties with his friends. What happens when he meets a special girl? will she change him? will they fall in love? Will they stay together? or will they just be Kids in love?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 

Ellinories pov


I am so excited for today! I'm finally starting my dream college. I've always wanted to go to Delta state university. My dad was helping me with my suitcases and duffel bags. I have packed a lot of stuff. They are mostly clothes and makeup but i have also packed a lot of stuff from my room. I want to avoid being homesick. When me and my dad were done with bringing down the suitcases. He was packing them in the car. He is going to drive me to college since he want to look at it and say a proper goodbye as he calls it. 

" Oh goodbye honey i will miss you so so so much" my mother said. She was being way too dramatic but whatever. "Goodbye mom I'll miss you" i said and she was almost on the verge of crying. I hate to see her cry because that will make me cry. She hugged me one last time and i sat down in the car. 

It was a long drive to the college i think it took about 3 hours. When i arrived my dad took out my suitcases from the back while i went to the head office. I knocked on the door and walked in. "Uhm hi I'm new " i said and the old lady nodded. She didn't seem happy with her job. But who can blame her? she has to take care of troubled teenagers and sign in people. " What's your name?" she asked me and sighed. " Ellinorie Lee" i said and she searched on her computer. She printed everything out and she gave me my keys to my dorm and  locker. She also gave me a map for the college. Thank god. 

" There you go" she said. "Thank you" i said while grabbing all of my stuff and walking back to my dad who was standing with all my suitcases waiting for me to come back with the dorm number and key. " So which room?" he asked me. "It's called a dorm dad" i said and he laughed at me since i always corrected him. " And it's number 263 girls hall" i said and we looked at the map. 

After going the wrong way a few times we found it. I knocked but nobody answered it so i figured out that no one was there. I took my key and unlocked the door. The room was huge. It had light pink walls on it. There was 2 big beds opposite of each other. They had a white bedspread and white pillows. The dorm had a big window and a light pink curtain. The room had a laptop desk and a chair. We also had a small bathroom that was black and white themed. There was also a small fridge where we could store all of our food and a microwave so that we could defrost the food or just heat it up. There was a small walk in closet and i guess that we are supposed to share it.

I picked my bed and put my suitcases on it. My dad came in and looked at the dorm room. " It's pretty cool" he said and smiled at me. I think he was sad at the fact that i wasn't going to be home since I'm their only child. "Yeah" i said and went to him and hugged him. " Well i guess this is a goodbye then" he said and i just nodded. I was on the verge of crying but i didn't want to look like a mess when my room mate came, "Yeah , Bye daddy i love you" i said. "I love you too sweetheart goodbye" my dad said let go of me. He went out from the door and i stood at the door just watching him leave. I'm going to miss him so much. 

After half an hour a girl with brown hair came in. " Hi I'm Eleanor and I'm your new roommate" She said and i noticed that she was so pretty. " Hi I'm Ellinorie" i said and we laughed because our names were so similar to each other. " Oh we are going to be best friends" she said and hugged me, Her hug was bone crushing. " I guess you already picked a side" she said and i started getting nervous. What if she wanted this side? 

"You can have this side if you want" i asked her. " Oh no that's okay i would of picked this side anyways" she said and smiled at me and i smiled back. " Uhm we are sharing a small walk in closet too" i said and she nodded. "That's awesome we can design it how we want to it will be super cool" she said and i agreed. 

Eleanor and i was talking while we were packing up our stuff. I was so happy that she was going to be my roommate and not some weirdo. I learned a lot about her and hopefully she learned a lot from me. "You have to meet my boyfriend and friends later" she said. "Yeah of course" i said feeling a bit embarrasing since i didn't have any friends or boyfriend here. 

" So what's your boyfriends name and what is he like" i asked her. " His name is Louis Tomlinson and he is 1/15 from the Cappas fraternity boys. He has brown hair and brown eyes and i love him very much and we have been together for about 2 years now " she said and i could see that she really did.Plus he seemed like a nice guy " So do you have any boyfriend" she asked me. "Uh not really" i said and she nodded. 

I did have a boyfriend once when i was 16 but he dumped me on valentines day. Me and my old friends used to joke about it and said that he dumped me that day because he couldn't afford a valentines gift.  Oh well that's another way of dealing with such a situation. I miss my friends but i'm ready to meet new friends for life here. 

" Hey , You should really stay away from the sorority girls they are all sluts" she said and i could sense that she had a bad past with them. " I will " said to Eleanor and smiled. 


A\N Guys i'm posting this because my other movella is almost done and i  want to keep 3 movellas going! hope you liked it!



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