17 year old, Bella France has just moved to a new school in Cheshire, England. Who's that sweet, shy guy in class who sits two seats ahead of her? When Bella meets Harry, its love at first sight. But does Harry feel the same? And how far will he go to help Bella? Or will there be a twist in this fairytale?


2. Day 1


I grab all the books I need for my next class and in my haste, nearly all the books come falling out at me, but I grab them before the stack hits the ground. Ninja. Totally. Or, well i think at least. l slam my locker door shut and almost wipe myself out  with it, but take note, I said almost, so I didn't and it's all good. Don't judge me. Anyway, i take a deep breath, one of those ones that the doctors tell you to do when their trying to check for your heartbeat and all, well yeah, that kind of a deep breath. Aren't they supposed to be calming and what not, well if they are, that's a lie because it didn't calm my nerves, whatsoever. I mean, c'mon, you try and be the new kid at school, and this isn't pre- school so all the  kids are friends and you go and play with blocks and learn your colors, no. This is high school. High school as in the prison that your parents send you to for four years of your life and expect you to learn something and later become succesful from the calculation you learned in calculus. Yeah, that kind of high school. And if you don't know what I'm talking about then your lucky, because school sucks.

   Well, anyway, the stupid deep breath trick didn't work, however I took another one just in hopes that maybe the second time it would work and I marched into class. Only, there's a few problems in this situation. 1. i'm now in the wrong classroom. 2. Everyone is staring at me, and I hate attention. Umm, okay then. So much for the calming breaths, they took me to the wrong classroom. The teacher is staring at me, and I'm assuming she's awaiting an explantation.

" I...I umm, sorry...I'm looking for Mr. Garret's room.. I'm new." I state as if it wasn't already obvious. Luckily this teacher seems nice and she gives me a smile and beckons to a girl in the front. The young girl stands, although she looks to be a little older than me. The teacher turns to me and smiles again.

" Jamie will show you to Mr. Garret's room." the teacher smiled, the teacher whose name I still do not know. I however nod and follow Jamie out of the room and down the hall, she has a jump to her step that makes her seem happy but yet confident. I wish I could be liike that. Jamie turns to me when i finally catch up to her and she gives me a smile. Yet, it's not a fake smile that people give to the new kids, this is a genuine smile and  that makes me smile as well, a genuine smile.

" So your new huh?" Jamie asks, a quirking grin spreading across her face. I am unsure of what that strange grin meant but I nodded.

" Uh, yeah. I just moved here from California. " I say as we walk briskly down the hall.

"California... What made you move all the way out to Cheshire?" Jamie murmurs,, her tone confused and caught off guard. I just however shrug and answer casually, although it was a topic that still got me upset. But I'm not about to show my emotions on my first day here at a new school with new people who I've never met until now.

" Well, my father died in an accident a few years ago, my mum got remarried and they just got a divorce a couple months ago, my mum went through a rough few months and lost her job because of it and now she got a new one out here, and she's wanted to move here for years, so.. here we are" I say, rather quickly explaining the story and summing it up. Jamie nodded slowly as we approach a door with a tag on the outside that reads. 'Mr. Garret'

"Hey, I'm sorry to hear that, but here's Mr. Garret's, and... I'll see you at lunch?" she offered nicely. I smiled and nodded at that as she turned to walk away and I walked into the room. Of course, there's one seat left, and by the looks of it, I'll be sitting next to some girls dressed up in skirts and low hanging blouses, who all have their phones out underneath their desk. Wonderful..a great start to the day...Help me now...

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