Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

      That night Robert lied awake staring at Brie's empty bed. Ginny had ordered Jade to sleep downstairs to give Rob time alone. A glimmer of gold caught Robert's attention as the light from the stars danced upon the chest that lied next to Brianna's bed. Robert got up and stood over it, temptation & curiosity pumping through his veins. "Cistem Aperio!" He said breaking open the chest. He bent over and grabbed the book that lied inside. The leather covers still looked the same from when Brianna had placed it in there.

      Robert lied back down in his bed and opened the book. He flipped through numerous empty pages and many words he could not yet read in Latin. He finally stopped and focused upon one page. "Poor woman. Blonde shaggy hair with glasses upon her face. She swiped her hair from her eyes and feebly walked down the street carrying her bag. Soon she was surrounded by them. Black cloaked figures. She pulled out a long light colored wand and aimed it in front of her. Her arms were shaking. She...was scared. 'Reducto!' She yelled but her voice gave way slightly. A green light emitted from her wand as the spell let out. It was blocked. She had no idea they had her son. 'Avada Kedavra.' Such an easy target she was. Just like her boy she can't stand to them."

      Lightning struck outside and shook Robert's focus upon the book. He swallowed nervously before placing it at his bedside. Robert placed his glasses down, rolled over in bed and fell asleep.

      Brianna got no sleep that night. As morning rose, Teddy came knocking at her door. "Come in." Brianna said. She was curled up in the corner of the room. "Heavens Brie, haven't you slept?" She shook her head. Lupin gave a sorrowful sigh. "I'm sorry, kid. I know it's hard." Brianna looked up at him. His eyes were a light blue that gave ease to her. "I remember when I was told my parents had died. I felt alone as ever." "Who told you?" Teddy hesitated. "My Godfather." He mumbled. He put his arm around Brianna. The warmth of his body seemed to ease her. After a silent moment, Teddy felt slightly uncomfortable as if a realization came to mind. He popped up letting Brianna stumbled to find balance. "Well, I can offer you a trip down the block to a local diner for breakfast. Brie nodded and got up, dusting herself off.

      As they went outside, the sight of the outdoors took Brianna's breath away. An old small village surrounded them. As they walked they passed a great big statue. Teddy stopped when he noticed Brianna's awe in it. "Do you know who that is?" "No." Brianna said ever so innocently. "A statue of Godric Gryffindor." Brie's jaw dropped as she heard the words. "Where are we?" She asked. "Godric Hallows, of course." He told her. She looked around to get a better look. "You live here?" "Yeah, my godfather used to live here. I grew up here and when he left to remodel his godfather's house and live there, I took his house." Brianna stared up at Lupin in admiration. His eyes glimmered with a green spark. When Teddy noticed her stare, he looked away. "So, the diner's right there. Come on." He said, pointing and pulling Brianna.

      Back at Grimmauld, a knock on the door pierced the silence of Jade’s room. Looking over her shoulder she saw a tuff of golden hair peek through the door. Light bounced off the glass of the intruder’s glasses. A small sigh escaped the boy’s lips as he pushed his glasses up his nose. Smiling, Jade motioned for Robert to enter. Looking over at him, she asked, "What do you need Robert?"

      Twisting his fingers he stood in front of her, pushing up his glasses yet again he asked. "Do you want to practice with us? There’s nothing to do."

      Looking out the window, Jade pushed her hair up out of her face. The summer sun had brought the red out even further making the white streak more prominent. Her brown freckles blending in with her sun kissed face. Her green eyes looking more vibrant against her skin. Smiling, she pushed Robert’s glasses up. Biting her lip, she began to speak,

      "You should really tape those to your face. The bloody things keep on falling." Poking him in the stomach, she continued. "Regardless though I don't want to practice. Something special is going on tonight." A faint blush dusted the tops of Jades cheeks. Robert shook his head in amusement and went back downstairs to find Sofia stuffing her face with cookies she found.

      He went to the living room to watch TV but ended up falling asleep. He began to dream once more. He saw himself in a regular forest. He looked around and saw his friends setting up tents as if they were going camping. He then looked forward and saw a lake a few feet from the camp site. “I’m going to get water.” Robert shouted. Sofia turned around and gave him the thumbs up.

      As Robert walked towards the lake, it seemed to be disturbed. The water wasn’t still. As he bent over to fill a bucket, an arm reached out and grabbed him. The arm had no skin, just bone covered in a slimy substance. He backed up and a creature came out of the lake. It was a slime covered skeleton. Soon, many of the creatures came crawling out of the lake, letting out a low toned growl. Robert slowly backed up. One lunched at him and Robert took off back to camp screaming for help.

      Everyone huddled together and noticed the thousands of creatures. Everyone slipped the wands out and aimed them. “What do we do?” Robert shouted in a panic. “Stupefy!” Jade shouted, knocking one of the closer creatures back. “There’s too many!” Sofia yelled. “Reducto!” Brianna shouted. The two closest rows of creatures flew back to die. “Run!” Charles screamed. They all took off, leaving their campsite. Soon they were cut off by rows of thick bushes and trees that they couldn’t go through. The creatures were catching up quickly. They turned around the find the creatures now surrounding them, hissing. Robert stepped forward and said, “Incendio!” A burst of flames flew from his wand, covering the ground in raging fire. Soon, the fire circled Robert and his friends, leaving them cut off from the creatures. Few creatures attempted to cross the fire and perished in flames. The rest fled back to the lake.

      The image of his friends grew dim until Robert saw nothing but blackness. “Good job young lad. One of many to succeed…you’ll be a good asset.” The voice of his dream faded away.

      Robert woke to a knock on the door. Jade came rushing down the stairs to answer.

      Brianna sat in Lupin’s house after going to the diner. The air was dry and a terrible stench lingered the house. Brie went to find Teddy. He was in a dark room talking to himself, brewing something in a large cauldron and mumbling things to himself. He looked up and stopped stirring the potion he was brewing. He cleared his throat. “Can I help you?” He asked. “What were you saying?” “What did you hear?” “Nothing. You spoke too low.” “So why do you care?” He asked. His eyes glowed a vibrant orange in the dark room. There was a knock on the front door. Teddy pushed Brie out of the way and paced his way to the door. He opened it and Brie peeked under his arm to see who it was.

      A man stood sternly at his stoop. His hair was grey and his glasses were a distinct round shape. Age was evident on his face. His distinct round glasses lay in front of even more distinct green eyes. “Harry. Back so soon?” Teddy asked. “The things I do for you.” Harry said pushing Teddy from the door. Harry grabbed Brianna’s arm and pulled her from the house. “I’m taking her back.” “No thank you for watching over her?” Lupin said with a devilish smile. Harry motioned Brianna to the street. “Why her?” Harry mumbled to Lupin. “Why it’s evident. It’s written on her face….it’s written in the stars.” Lupin replied. Harry shook his head and walked to Brie, grabbing her hand and walking far enough from Teddy’s house to lose sight of him. They apparated.

      Harry and Brie appeared at the stoop of Grimmauld. A teen boy jumped when he heard the two appear. “Where’d you guys come from?” He asked. “Godric Hallows.” Harry said, moving passed him to open the door. Before he grabbed the knob, Jade opened it and was shocked to see Harry. She hugged him tightly and let him in. “Actually I’m the one who knocked.” A voice behind Harry said. Jade peered behind him and saw Sebastian’s gleaming eyes. She squealed with her red freckled cheeks and squeezed him. The rocked back and forth in a tight hug until Brie interrupted saying, “And I’m chop liver right?” Jade opened her eyes and saw Brianna. “Yep.” Jade said. She closed the door before Brianna could make her way in. “Who was it?” Robert asked from the couch. “No one.” Jade said giggling and holding Sebastian’s hand as they walked to the dining room. “Grandfather!” Charles screamed running down the stairs. He jumped on Harry. Sofia greeted him as well. Robert got up and opened the door to see Brianna standing there. “Jade closed to door on me.” She said. “I noticed.” Robert replied, letting her in. “Brianna!” Charles and Sofia shouted simultaneously. They both ran to her. Nikki came down the stairs to all the chaos and calmly greeted everyone who came in.

      “So how’s Lupin’s house?” Robert asked with a smirk upon his face. “Yeah, did you guys love each other?” Jade teased as she walked to the backyard with Sebastian. His arm around her. Brianna shook her head and remained in the dining room. “It’s old, I guess. He said it was his Godfather’s.” “That’s cool.” Nikki said. “Yeah, does he work from home? My dad does.” Sofia asked. “He does have a cauldron and he was brewing something so I assume so.” Brie replied. “Ew.” Charles replied. “Yeah, it stunk in there.” She replied. Harry grabbed a glass of water and looked out the window. “I see nothing has changed since I left.” He said referring to Jade and her love for Sebastian. They were gazing into one another’s eyes. “I personally think she’s too young for that.” Harry grunted. “Where’s Ginny.” He asked Charles. “Upstairs in her room. We haven’t seen much of her since you left.” “We haven’t seen any of her.” Nikki said rolling her eyes. Everyone nodded. Harry sighed making his way upstairs.

      Brianna got up and looked out the window. “Ew, yeah. They looked like they’re going to kiss.” She said. Everyone huddled around the window to spy on Jade. Jade nuzzled closer into Sebastian's chest. Sighing she lifted up her head to stare into his eyes. She couldn't help but scan his face. Soft sunlight gleamed off his cheekbones. His shaggy black hair casted a shadow across his face every time he bent closer to her. A devilish smirk hid his white teeth, highlighting his playful gray eyes. As Jade’s eyes settled on his, she soon found herself lost in the swirls of gray and violet pouring into her. Biting her lip, she inhaled sharply as he pulled her closer to him. Swallowing, she could feel her heartbeat pick up pace. Leaning into him, she let the moment envelope them.

      Tiny giggles floated through the air piercing the serenity of the moment. Twisting in his arms, Jade turned and began to search for the little spy's that occupied her temporary home. As she scanned the house, she couldn't help but notice movement at the closest window. She smirked when a tuff of brown hair was pulled back down behind the window. Giggling, she grabbed Sebastian's hand pulled him farther into the back yard.

      Silently they walked toward the tiny pond that Harry had installed a few years back. Tiny fish swam by searching for food. Fireflies dotted the night air, swarming around Sebastian and Jade. A soft patch of grass by the edge of the pond beckoned them. Smirking, she tugged Sebastian along with her. She giggled slightly as his disgruntled murmurs flittered to her ears. Practically falling down into their new spot, Jade once again curled into Sebastian. A soft breeze danced across the top of the ponds, blowing ripples in every direction. Her hair danced along with the onslaught of wind, tickling Sebastian's nose. The trees they saw seemed to dance and the bushes danced oddly in the wind. Smiling, she tucked her hair behind her ears. Playfully, Sebastian reached up and pulled gently at her white streak, smiling when it solicited a small whine from her. Softly he pulled her chin up towards him, allowing him to look into her eyes. Vulnerable green eyes shown back at him, reflecting his mysterious gray and violet ones. Tentatively, he bent his head down closer to hers. A small breath escaped her lips as her eyes slowly drifted shut. Slowly, his lips came closer to hers, until a crash startled them apart.

      Sofia lay in front of them, sprawling out with twigs stuck in her hair. Smiling she pushed herself off the ground, slowly she said. "Hey guys! I was just out here looking for food." Sighing, Jade called out for the rest of her friends to step out from behind the bushes.

      Brianna hoped from behind the bushes, pulling Charles and Robert out too. Nicholle was on the floor crawling with Sofia. "What the bloody hell do you think you guys are doing?" Jade asked with a slight giggle. "Well...Sofia got hungry...and-" "Really?" Jade asked, not believing any of the story. "We were spying." Charles blurted out. "Charles!" Everyone shouted at him. He cringed up and hid behind the bush once more. "Can't you leave us alone?" Jade said, sinking back into Sebastian's chest. Brianna jumped upon Jade's and snuggled her head into Jade's neck. "Nope."

      They all ended up sitting in a circle and laughing through the day and as the night rolled in. Ginny slowly came out with food in her hand. "She cooked?" Nicholle whispered, confused due to Ginny's latest behavior. Ginny's hair, though it wasn't as vibrant as her younger self, still showed evidence of red hair. It was now completely grey. Charles got up and took a cookie, Ginny had home baked. "Come on dears." She said in a sweet in loving voice. "I'm not buying it." Sofia said. "You're denying cookies?" Jade said, getting up to get one. "No, get me one." Jade rolled her eyes and got up and got a cookie for Sofia and one for herself.

      Night set in and Sebastian's grandfather began calling for him. Jade and he embraced before Sebastian ran from the backyard. They all continued to sit outside a bit longer, their wands dimly lit from the Lumos Spell. "What now?" Nikki mumbled, scraping the ground with the bottom end of her wand.

      Jade shrugged, to submerged in blissfulness to coherently come up with an exciting activity to occupy there night. Tentatively, Charles stood up and began to stretch, a dull slumber had settled over his bones. Yawning, he placed a hand over his mouth. Glancing up at the sky, a stray thought crept into his mind. Looking back at the group he asked, "Why don't we pull out the tents and have a camp out. It’s too beautiful of a night to go back in." Noticing Jade’s dismal look he quickly added, "We could even see if Sebastian's grandfather would let him join in on the festivities." A slow nod of approval reverberated around the group as the children quickly scattered, eager to set up for the night.

      Jade slowly began to trek back over to the house when a soft snore caught her ears. Turning back she couldn't help but see Sofia curled into a ball at the base of the tree that had recently turned into Jade and Sebastian’s spot. Smirking at Sofia's lucid state, she walked over to the edge of the pond. Slowly she bent down and ducked her hand into the water. Small goose pumps climbed up the length of her arm as her submerged hand wallowed in the freezing water. Giggling softly, she began to fling water at Sofia, laughing even harder as the freezing water descended upon her. Quickly Sofia stood up, shooting playful daggers at Jade. "Was it really necessary to wake me up that way?" She said while placing her hands on her tiny waist. Giggling, Jade sent a triumphant grin in her direction. As she stood, she said, "Would anything other than food have woken you up otherwise?" Brushing dirt off her pants, she started to walk off in the direction of the house, but was thrown off when a force crashed into her. Freezing water enveloped her body as she realized that she had been flung into the tiny pond. Her feet desperately sought the loose floor of the man-made pond. Finally finding a spot to stand on, her head broke the surface, allowing her to see a retreating Sofia. "You better run!" she called out as the echoes of Sofia's laughter danced around her ears. Slowly she made her way out of the pond, having only to stop when her sweater got caught on a stray branch. Carefully she started to ring out her soaking hair after carefully tossing her ruined sweater aside. Shivers traveled the length of her body as she stood at the edge of the pond in only her soaked black shirt and dark jeans. As she bent down to retrieve her sweater a soft rustling caught her attention. Water still pooled at Jade’s feet as she moved off to where the noise had come from. Slowly she moved closer to a tiny bush at the far corner of the pond. Leaves stirred as bush continued to move. Swallowing, Jade made her way closer to the push, steeling her nerves she bent down to part the leaves when a tiny bunny darted out. A tiny scream escaped her lips as she feel backwards with surprise. A soft “Umph” penetrated the air as she landed on her bum. Tiny shock waves of pain reverberated through her body as she realized she had landed on a root. Wincing she stood up and again began to dust the dirt off her wet jeans. Softly she mumbled to herself, "You survive dancing shadows and a hexed rope but a bunny is what scares me?" softly she shook her head, reveling in her lack of bravery. "Really? A bloody bunny gives us a bloody bruise on the bum?" Sighing she began to turn when laughter caught her attention. Heat immediately crawled up her neck, heating her cheeks. Slowly she turned only to be greeted by the laughing faces of Brie and Sebastian.

      Swallowing she asked, “How long have you been standing there?" Silent laughter shook Sebastian's body as he answered, his violet eyes echoing in the dark "Long enough to see the show. Nice shirt you got there." he said while winking. His mysterious eyes slowly traveled the length of her, leaving a blazing trail in their wake. Still laughing, Brie handed Jade a blanket she had grabbed from the house. Quickly Jade snatched it out of her hand, desperate to hide herself under something thicker than her black shirt that suddenly felt all to revealing. Laughing once more Brie and Sebastian began to set down their things.

      Shifting uncomfortably Jade began to speak but was stopped by Brie, "I already grabbed your stuff figured you get into some kind of trouble…and yes Sebastian's grandfather said he could come. Oh and yes I'm really that awesome." Brie said with a little dance.

      A small laugh crawled out of Jade’s mouth at Brie's unabashed nature. Smiling she grabbed the pajamas that Brie offered up to her and quickly made her way to the house to change. Laughing more when Brie called out to her. "Make sure you grab the stuff for S'mores before Sofia eats it all!" "Hey!" Sofia shouted.

      Jade came running back, marshmallows making a trail behind her as they fell. "YOU'RE WASTING FOOD!" Sofia shouted. Nikki and Charles sat leaned against the fence. Robert joined them. "I'm glad we don't have to sleep in there tonight." Nicholle said. "Why?" Charles asked. "Ginny scares me." "She just had a moment where she was distraught. We've all had them." Robert said, lifting an eyebrow. Nicholle sighed & put her hair in a ponytail. Brianna picked up the marshmallows from the floor & looked up at Jade. Sebastian was feeding her a gooey marshmallow as he giggled. "Bloody hell. I'm sleeping with Jade tonight. Sebastian, here. Take this tent. You're by yourself lover boy." Brie said tossing him one of the tents. "Ugh. Sebastian, don't be mad. Brie can be a bit controlling." Jade mumbled. "And smart." Brianna said. "No worries Jade. I'll wait for you." Sebastian said in a low loving tone. A groan of discuss echoed from the back of the backyard. Sofia was disgusted by the affection. "Oh go eat food!" Jade said. "I would if you Sebastian weren't snogging all over it." "We haven't snogged." Jade said. Her checks went red.

      Harry came outside and stood by the door. "It's time to go to bed kids or we'll all wake the neighbors." He said. "Sorry!" They all shouted simultaneously. They set up 4 tents which held, Brianna & Jade, Sofia & Robert, Charles & Nicholle, and Sebastian. Brianna peered her head out of the tent to stare up at the sky. "Missing her?" Jade asked as she squirmed tiredly in her sleeping bag. "Perhaps." "I know...I'm sorry." "Oh bloody hell don't be sympathetic." Brianna groaned. "I'm not. I'm empathetic." Jade corrected. "Either way you're pathetic." Brianna mumbled. Jade kicked Brianna in the gut. "Go to sleep!" Jade whined. "I would if I wasn't burning in pain from my stomach." "At least your ribs are okay." "I bet Sofia wants ribs." They both chuckle loudly before being shushed by the tent next to them. Brianna crawled into her sleeping bag, leaned over Jade obnoxiously & fell asleep to Jade's annoyed sighs & small giggles.

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