Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

      Brianna woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of vicious eating. She opened her eyes and a headache hit her immediately. She looked up and saw Sofia eating a piece of chocolate at her window. "What the bloody hell are you doing? Eating already?" Brianna whispered to Sofia. "It's 11:30PM" She added noticing the time. "They left this chocolate by my bed." Sofia said taking another bite. Brianna looked back at her bedside and noticed a piece for her too. She grabbed it and began eating. "Why are you at my window?" She asked. "I heard fighting so I looked out my window but I can't see as good as over here. I think that's why Charles comes too." She said smiling. Brianna looked outside and saw Harry arguing with a hooded man on the doorstep. "Who is it?" Brianna whispered. Sofia shrugged. "Not sure, he had blue hair it looked like but he pulled up his hood." Sofia said. "That's the guy..." There was a low murmur from behind them. Robert was just waking up. "That must be him." He said. "Who?" Brie asked. "The guy in the photo." Robert mumbled. Brianna handed him the chocolate that was at his bedside. He thanked her as he put on his glasses. He peered out of the window but then backed up quickly in fear. "What?" Sofia asked. "I hear that voice in my dreams." He said. "Ew? You dream about him now?" Sofia asked. Brianna punched Sofia's arm. "Obviously not you bloody idiot." She said. "My nightmares. That voice. The low yet mysterious tone. The grizzly voice." Robert said. He backed up until he tripped upon his bed. "I want to see him." He said, heading for the door. Before Brie could stop him, Robert grabbed the door handle and left. "Merlin!" Sofia yelled. She ran for the door. Jade woke to the chaos. "What's going on?" She said. "Eat the chocolate! I'll explain later!" Brianna said running out after the two.

      Robert quickly opened the front door. As soon as he did, blue eyes met with Robert's. But they quickly turned red and the man gasped in panic. The hood casted a shadow upon his face so Robert couldn't make it out. Harry turned around. "Go." He said in a serious tone. Jade appeared behind Sofia and Brianna. Noticing the children were in too much shock the leave, Harry closed to front door once more.

      Ginny heard the slam and came downstairs. "Oh my! What are you doing out of bed?" She asked. "There's a man at the door with Harry." Robert said. "And he has blue hair!" Jade said. "Just like the picture!" Sofia exclaimed. "How do you know about that?" Ginny asked, almost panicking. Robert backed up in guilt. "To bed, all of you." Ginny said, motioning them upstairs. Sofia went to her bedroom and Robert, Jade and Brianna went to theirs. "Who do you think it is?" Jade asked. "I don't know." Robert said yawning. The yawn was contagious and both girls yawned as well. Each of them fell asleep in their beds.

      Nicholle woke up and hurried downstairs at the smell of bacon. She was followed by Sofia. They came into the dining room to what seemed to be a shaken up Harry. "You alright?" Ginny asked, wrapping her arms around him. He nodded and moved away from her. "You're doing the right thing. You'll ruin these poor kids' lives if you tell them the truth." Ginny said. "Truth about what?" Nicholle interrupted. Harry's face grew pale. "Last night." Harry said. "Is this about the blue haired man?" Sofia said. "What blue haired man?" Nicholle asked. Harry's fake grew even paler. "No it's about the dementors actually. I casted the patronu. Robert wasn't strong enough to...you would've died." Harry said as color restored to his face. "Well I knew that." Sofia said, picking up a piece of bacon. "Yeah me too. I saw it come from above Robert, not his wand." "Precisely & he's a badger, not a stag." Sofia added.

      Footsteps from the stairs slowed until it came to a halt. Sofia & Nicholle turned around to see Robert standing at the bottom stair. "What?" Nicholle took a deep breath. "You didn't tell me?" Robert questioned softly. "And ruin your moment?" Nicholle said so sympathetically. Robert stormed back upstairs, slamming the door and waking Jade & Brianna. "Can I ever get some bloody sleep around here!?" Jade screamed as she woke annoyed. "Seriously Robert, no need to slam doors." Brianna said rubbing her eyes. Jade placed her glasses upon her face. "You led me to believe I saved us!" Robert yelled. "What?" Brianna said. Jade remained silent. "I didn't cast the stag!" Rob said. "You casted something?" Brianna asked. Rob looked at her with tears in his eyes. "You didn't even hear me?" He asked quietly. "I passed out. I was getting my soul sucked out in case you forgot!" Brianna said growing angry. "And you!" Rob said pointing to Jade. "You hugged me!" "For staying safe & being strong." Jade said. "No....No!" Robert said backing up into the opening door.

      Ginny grabbed Robert by the torso and held him tight. She turned him around so they were facing each other. One arm wrapped around his body as the other clutched his head to her body. The room was quiet & the air was still. Ginny stood there with her head on his, embracing him until he calmed. A minute passed were it soothed Robert but as reality hit him there he began to sob loudly in her arms as he realized he was flipping on his friends once MORE. He tried collapsing but Ginny's tight grip kept him up. He then wrapped his arms around her for support. Ginny slowly walked Robert out of the room & closed to door. Jade & Brianna stared at one another in silence as they took in the recent events. There was a quick "Hoo" from Spells as Jade stood up. "Let's get breakfast." She said trying to ignore what just happened. She could hear Sofia and Nicholle run back to their rooms confused of what else to do.

      Ginny led Robert downstairs for some food. The kids were still in their bedrooms, getting dressed. As Ginny and Rob walked downstairs, Harry was reading the Daily Prophet. He slammed his coffee down and threw the paper onto the floor. Ginny ran over to comfort him. "They bloody got me again! They want to take me in for questioning!" "What?" Ginny asked shocked. "The dementors! I was 'seen at the crime' and the Ministry will be here to take me the court." Harry said, removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes. He sat back in the chair and looked to his left where he saw Robert's scared and shocked face. Harry held out his arms. "Here boy." Harry said softly. Robert went to him and Harry hugged him. "You're very strong-willed and have a very loyal nature." He said to him. Harry pushed the hair from Robert's face away. "That's why you can fight off all the bad." "But I didn't save anyone." Robert said, denying it. "You never have to." Harry said quietly. Ginny placed some food onto the table and sat next to Harry. "And what are you to do about Edward?" She said. "I can't give my boy away." Harry said looking down at his plate. "There's a time when we have to be safe about this..." "And now is not the time."

      Jade and Brianna began their way down the stairs. There was a knock at the door so Jade turned to open the door. As she did, the image of the judge from her hearing stood in front of her. Jade's eyes widened and she slowly backed up. "No" were the only words coming from her mouth. She backed up right into Brianna who stood in shock as well. Harry stood up and pushed the girls away. Ginny sat the girls down for breakfast to distract them. "Can I help you?" Harry said. "Yes, Harry Potter." He said sternly. The judge looked down as the papers in his hand. "We have warrant for your arrest and you are to be questioned of the events of last night's dementor attack upon minors." He said. Harry looked back at the kids and Ginny who all had tears in their eyes. Sofia, Charles and Nicholle walked down together to find the scene rolling on. "What's going on?" Nicholle said panicking as if she was losing family. She grabbed Harry's hand and looked up at him. Her golden hair waved in the wind for the door was still wide open. "I think he's leaving us." Sofia said. She went all the way down the stairs, trying to avoid the judge. "Grandpa?" Charles said his lips quivering for he was close to crying. "I'll be back guys. Real soon, I promise." Harry said. Ginny put her hands on Nicholle's shoulders as the judge began to pull Harry away.

      As the door closed, the entire house broke out in sobs. Ginny, not knowing what to do, looked to the ground in dismay. She took a deep breath and escorted the other kids to the kitchen as well where she served the rest of breakfast. Everything was silence beside the clatter of silverware and the sniffles of the children. After breakfast, Jade went to the backyard and lied in the grass and stared at the dull sky above. Each child joined her and stared up as well. There were no clouds in the sky and no vibrant colors anywhere to be scene.

      Jade looked up to the sky. “Why is this all happening to us?” She mumbled. Everyone remained silent as if they were waiting for one of them to answer. “Maybe we should go out?” Sofia said. “I agree.” Brianna sighed. “Let’s go to our old school park!” Charles exclaimed jumping up.

      All the kids walked to the park together. The wind blew everyone’s hair, which refreshed each of them from the hectic day. Jade’s red Weasley hair flowed through the wind as her curls tangled within one another. The white streak flew in front of her. Robert’s blonde curls bounced around, getting in front of his glasses and Nicholle’s golden hair flowed gorgeously in the wind as if it was a sail of a boat. Brianna’s inherited thick black hair waved in the air behind her. She put it up in the pony tail to keep it contained. Sofia’s dark brown mess of hair tangled in the pony she already had. The wind flew over Charles’ scalp for he was buzzed.

      The kids finally reach the park. The foreign atmosphere caused Robert to smile but the old memories came flooding back to Charles, Brianna, Jade and Sofia. “Remember when you fell off those?” Brianna said to Sofia as she ran to the swings. Charles began to swing up in the sky but Brie remained a small low swing as she enjoyed the cooling breeze of summer. She hummed a Sonata while she looked into the park field. Robert sat at the top of a slide, not wanting to go down just yet. He stared up at the sky, which didn’t seem to greet him politely with its grey skies but didn’t seem to hate him with blackness.

      The sky’s attitude seem to bring the feeling of an antagonist to Robert. “Who are my enemies?” He thought out loud. The group looked at him in confusion. “Slytherins.” Charles muttered on the height of his swing. “They’re not all bad.” Brianna snapped back. Jade looked up at Robert from under the slide and questioned, “Samantha?” There was silence with that name. “She’s not the most talkative…or friendly but I’m sure she wouldn’t try to kill us.” Sofia said with an open mind. “What about nightmares?” Robert asked. “As enemies?” Nicholle questioned. “I don’t know…they’re not nice.” Robert said. “Who’s not nice?” Jade questioned, climbing up the slide. Robert slid down and stood facing the slide. “I don’t know.” He said innocently. Jade slid down as well. As she got up she quickly hugged him, grabbing his head. “Forget about it.” She said.

      Nicholle ran to Charles and pushed him off the swing screaming, “Tag you’re it!” Charles ran towards Brianna but she hopped off and ran away to Robert. “What’s it about?” Brianna asked. “My dreams?” “Yeah.” The tag game stopped abruptly when Charles stopped to listen in. Annoyed, Nicholle came in as well.

      As Robert began explaining, Nicholle grabbed his arm as pulled him away from the group. “You can’t just go around telling us your dreams. You’re not the only one who has problems. Stop trying to vent to us, you’re just adding to the glum mood we’re already in because of Harry.” Nikki said. “But-” “Please. You’re hurting me.” Nicholle said in an innocent and tender tone. “Ok I won’t.” Robert said pulling his arm away. Robert walked back to his friends but heard a strange sigh of relief from Nicholle from behind him.

      Robert met up with his friends, who in the meantime had begun a comparison between Brianna and Charles of who could swing higher. With the sight of Robert, Jade couldn’t help but smile and begin the run at him. Everyone began to absent-mindedly chase him and each other around the field until they all collapsed to the floor in puffs of breath and giggles. Once they all gathered themselves they began to walk around the town, side by side, holding one another’s arms.

      By the time the kids got back to Grimmauld after roaming the town, it was dark. Ginny was rocking herself back & forth upon the couch. The children walked in & the TV was nothing but static. Charles went to shut it off & Ginny snapped at him. He backed up to the children once more, terrified. They each pushed one another up the stairs, trying to protect one another from Ginny's state as well as runaway themselves.

      As they all went to their beds, Charles & Nikki stayed awake whispering their thoughts to one another as Sofia snored away in their room. "Perhaps she's just upset." Charles said. "Or perhaps she's gone mental." Nikki replied. There was a screech & the sound of glass breaking. Nikki quickly got up to open their door & heard Ginny's slam the door shut. Nikki peered into Brie's room but it was too dark to see anything. Seemed to her that everyone was asleep. "Perhaps if he would just listen, he'd still be here!" Another crash of glass sounded from Ginny's closed room. "Perhaps if he had ever listened, he would know what to do!" Another screech from Ginny. Charles grabbed a hold of Nikki in fear. "To bed." Nikki whispered to him, trying to be calm. "He'll realize now! He'll realize!" Nikki quietly closed her door, not wanting to hear more, and then slowly climbed into bed.

      Charles rolled over, shivering in fear. "She won't do a bloody thing to us...she's just upset...right?" Nikki whispered to him. "Of course." Charles said bringing his covers closed to his face. Violin gave a quiet "Hoo" which calmed the night for Charles and sent him asleep with Nikki.

      Later that night, crawling into the morning times, Brianna awoke to a black figure climbing into her window. Her terrible night vision & tired mind blurred her view. All she could make out with the vibrant blue hair. "Imperio" he whispered. "Sleep." The man turned to Brianna who still was in the process of waking up. "Legilimens!" He whispered loudly. He began going through Brianna's mind. The immediate images of Sentolia flew through Brianna's head. Memories of her leaving with Jackson & Leah brought the pain back to Brianna. Brianna struggled but nothing could be done to help her. Everyone was asleep. Brianna's mind was put at rest when she opened her eyes back up violently and saw nothing but the dark shadow jumping back out the window. They're eyes met for a moment & deep red eyes pierced through the darkness to lock up with Brianna's dark brown. The eyes then turned green & the man jumped down. Footsteps could be heard as he ran from Grimmauld.

      A gasp could be heard from Robert's bed as if he had awoken suddenly. He looked around but saw nothing. "Are you ok?" Brianna whispered to him. Startled, Rob screamed slightly but quietly enough not to wake a soul. "Yeah. Bad dream I guess. Are you?" Rob asked. Brianna hesitated for the moment. "Yeah why?" She asked. "The dream was about you. I think. I saw a man over you & you fighting, seemingly for air as if you couldn't breathe." Robert whispered back to her. He lied down in his bed. "Was he suffocating me?" Brianna asked. "No, I don't think so. He just had his wand out." Robert replied rolling over. "Of course I could see myself sleeping so it was obviously a crazy nightmare." Rob added. "Of course." Brianna said, gulping. "A crazy nightmare."

      Brianna looked over to see Jade fast asleep with Spells resting her head on her shoulder. Out like a light were owner & owl. Brianna smiled before rolling over to peer out the window once more. The night sky seemed black, without a trace of a star. The dull sky brought boringness to the mind of Brianna & put her fast to sleep as well.

      By the next morning, the children woke up & went downstairs. Sofia had been sitting at the dining table with an empty plate. "Ate everything already?" Jade asked jokingly. "Waiting for Ginny." Sofia mumbled. Her stomach growled and so did she. "I don't think she's coming down." Charles said. Brianna walked past them all and walked out the back door to stare up at the sky. "Problem?" Robert asked, following her. "I've got to speak to Ginny." Brianna murmured. "I don't think she's in the talkative mood. She's still in her room." "Then Harry."

      Nikki came walking out with Daily Prophet. "I don't think he'll be back anytime soon." She said. They both turned to see her. She held out the newspaper article with Harry hiding his face behind his jail card. "Azkaban?" Robert said. "Impossible." Brianna said, shocked. "Accused for the use of Dark Magic." Nikki read aloud. "For how long?" Robert asked. "Not much actually. There was no proof. I think until proper release papers are in order." Nikki said. "Get Professor Albus Severus Potter!" Charles yelled, running outside. "Why?" "He can get the papers! I know it!" "You think he can do anything don't you?" Brianna asked him. "Of course I do...he's Albus. When have you heard of an Albus who couldn't."

      Charles ran inside and grabbed Violin & wrote a note. He tied it to her and sent her off. "WHAT ARE WE TO DO FOR FOOD?!" Sofia cried, banging the table. "Perhaps learn to cook." A small voice said. Tuffy appeared from the living room. He snapped & plates of eggs & bacon appeared on the table. Sofia began stuffing her face as the rest of the kids sat to begin eating as well. "Thanks Tuffy!" Nikki said, eating a piece of bacon. "I must not speak directly to foe." Tuffy announced. "Bloody hell you filthy rat. She's not a foe!" Brianna said, wiping yolk from her mouth. "Tuffy knows who is who and Foe is Foe." He said. Tuffy crossed his arms and stomped away. With each stomp, you could hear him wincing at the pain for his feet were bandaged from torture. "Where does he get those from?" Jade asked the table. "No clue. Who's his master?" Sofia said, biting into a crunchy & buttery piece of toast. "Well Ginny & Harry." Charles said. "Then why is he tortured?" Robert asked. "Do I look like I have million answers?" Charles said sarcastically. "Why don't you ask the Ravenclaw? Her and her 'brains'." Charles continued, using air quotes. Sofia looked up, egg dripping from her lip. "They're not my family." She said with her mouth full. The term "family" caused a sorrowful sigh to come from Brianna. She placed her utensils down and stared at her plate. "I forgot." Sofia whispered. "For Merlin's Sake Sofia, they're not dead! You could say the bloody word. I'm not mental. I can take it." Brianna snapped. Everyone looked at her blankly. Brianna sighed and got up from the table and went back outside to the front curb this time. "Sensitive could be a term used." Jade mumbled to the other kids at the table. "Only Merlin knows why." Robert said. "Why not?" Charles asked, looking directly into Robert's eyes. Jade sighed and stood up. "She'll get over it soon enough." She said, leaving to the front curb to sit with Brianna. "That's terrible." Robert mumbled. Nikki got up and headed for Brie but Sofia shook her head. "Leave her be… Jade has it." Sofia said, finishing her bacon. The rest of the kids sat at the table in silence staring at one another anxiously.

      Moments later, the front door slammed and rapid footsteps could be heard running up the stairs. Then another slam of the door from upstairs. Jade slowly walked inside. "She's...getting there." She mumbled. Robert got up and headed for the stairs. Jade tried stopping him but he walked right through her, pushing her aside.

      Robert stood in front of his closed bedroom door. He could hear small whimpers from the inside. Ginny opened the door of her own bedroom. Her eyes were puffy and bloodshot and her hair looked as if it hadn't been combed in days. "Keep it down!" She hissed, slamming her own door closed once more. Robert slowly crept into his bedroom and saw Brianna grasping a picture of Sentolia, Mark, Leah and Jackson in her hands. Tears fell upon the glass frame. "I know what it’s like. Feeling like you don't have a family." He said, slowly walking to her. Brie's back was to him for she was facing the window. Robert paused before moving any closer. He closed his eyes more a moment, and then reopened them.

      “Hey listen, you can’t long for their presence. You can only remember the good times. You’ll go mad before you know it. Trust me.” Robert said. “You’ll always get to see them again you know.” He added, placing his hand upon her shoulder. “And what if I don’t!” Brianna spat back. “You can’t change the past. For what it’s worth, people have suffered out there without parents. Look at me for example.” Brianna stared at the picture still. “Look at me!” Robert screamed. It startled Brianna and she jumped up to lock eyes with Robert. Tears dripped from her eyes as they grew redder. Robert closed his eyes tightly and reopening them and gasping slightly.

      Brianna continued to sit there staring at him. “Why are you crying?” Robert asked confused. Brianna screamed and smacked him across his face in horror. One of hair nails cut hit cheek slightly. She ran out of the room, Robert followed.

      Jade ran up the stairs, meeting Brianna halfway. "What's going on? I heard a scream." She said grabbing Brianna. "Robert's gone mad." Brie said, pushing through Jade running down. Nicholle reacted quickly and ran with Jade to see what had happened. Charles grabbed his wand and aimed it, preparing for anything to come. Robert came running down. "What happened?" Jade asked. "I don't know. I just asked her what was wrong. She was crying then she smacked me." Robert said. He placed his hand over his cheek to check for blood. Small droplets fell upon his hand. Sofia grabbed him and placed a towel on his face. Brianna pushed everyone out of the way from panic and frustration and barged from Grimmauld.

      She barely passed the gate when she bumped into a rather muscular tall figure. Brianna scaled the man and when their eyes locked she recognized the man. His stylish brown hair and vivid green eyes brought ease to Brianna. "Professor Lupin." Brie mumbled out. He grabbed her tightly, calming her from all chaos. All the children ran out of Grimmauld to see Lupin holding Brianna. Charles, still with his wand pointed, called for his grandmother. With no words said, they stood there staring back at one another. Ginny finally arrived outside distraught and blurted, "What the bloody hell is going on here? All I hear is screaming! Can I get some rest?" She eyed Teddy. "Why are you here? Don't you think you've done enough damage?" Ginny hissed spitefully. Lupin looked down at Brianna, who was still breathing heavily and crying. "Perhaps a safer haven from it all would be proper for the girl?" Lupin said softly. Without having the right mind for judgment, Ginny said, "Why not? Maybe I can get some bloody rest!" She stormed back into the house. Brianna looked at Jade with a slight smirk upon her face. Jade shook her head, knowing exactly what Brie had been thinking. "Are you sure you'll be alright?" Charles asked Brianna from a far. Brie nodded. "Want me to come with?" Charles asked. "I think time away is best. Alone." Lupin interrupted. The kids waved goodbye while Robert just stared at Lupin holding Brianna with the towel closed to his face. "Would you like to say goodbye at all?" Lupin asked Robert, noticing his lingering. Robert put his hand up, waved a tad bit then was dragged inside by Nicholle.

      Teddy wrapped his arm around Brianna and walked her away. They walked into a dark alley and Lupin pulled out his wand. He grabbed Brie's hand and then they apparated away. Brie kept her eyes closed until they arrived. When she opened them, they were in a dark room with a bed with tattered covers. The room was dusty and the wallpaper was peeling. "You'll be sleeping here. I'm in the other room if you need me." Teddy walked away into a different door. "That's it?" Brie asked. "For now." Lupin said before walking about the house.

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