Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

      The next morning, Charles woke up the morning went downstairs for breakfast. Robert was still asleep in his room. "Feeling better, I see." Ginny said, serving him pancakes. "Yes, Grandma." Charles responded with a smile. Harry came to the dining room with the Daily Prophet in hand, placing it on the table with a sigh. "Robert's still sleeping?" He asked, noticing he was not there. "I suppose so." Charles said. Charles ate breakfast with his grandparents but felt as if something was missing.

      As he followed Ginny to the living area, he asked to leave the house. "Can I go with Brianna?" He asked. Ginny gave him a puzzled look. "I want to check on her. You know, after the accident?" "Well Harry really would rather you all the stay apart but...your intentions are well. You may go my dear." Ginny said to him. Charles sped to his room grabbing some belongings and left the house in a flash.

      He breathed in the morning air, inhaling every fresh scent into his nose. He began his journey to Brianna's house. The path there was felt familiar to Charles. He remembered going to her house before the magic took over their lives. They always thought they were normal muggles and usually participated in muggle activities. Finally he reached a long familiar block. It was broken into two, the upper half and bottom half, split by an intersecting road. Brianna lived on the first house on the bottom half of the block. Charles took the long walk down to her house. Leaves danced by him as the grass waved in appreciation as the wind blew.

      He finally made it to Brianna's house. 36 Michaels Road. The golden numbers on the front of the house that clearly said 36 felt well with the brick structure. He walked to the door and knocked on the glass storm door. A small girl opened the big white door with a smile and a shy giggle. "Leah, could you get Brianna for me?" Charles said, addressing the small girl with a sweet tone. She shook her head in a playful way. "Please?" Charles asked. Leah ran into the house leaving the door wide open. Charles watched as she dragged Jackson back to the door. "Oh hey Charles." Jackson greeted him. "Hey little man, is Brie home?" "Oh sure, no problem." Jack said politely letting Charles. Charles walked in and crossed paths with Mark. "Oh boy, trouble's back!" Mark shouted. "Who's here?" Sentolia asked from the kitchen. "Charles." Mark answered. "Oh boy! That is trouble!" They joked around.

      Charles walked to Brianna's bedroom door, which was close. Charles pressed his ear against it. He heard the sweet moving sounds of a Sonata from her room. Charles could make out the bow strokes and the key of the song, it was one of Brie's favorites. He opened the door and peeked his head in. Brianna sat with her cello swaying back and forth to the music that flowed out. Her eyes were closed as if she was dreaming in the process. "A Major?" Charles said with a smile. Brianna stopped playing and opened her eyes. To her surprise, Charles stood before her. She put the cello down and ran to him giving him a huge squeeze.

      Charles placed his bag on her bed and sat down. "How'd you get to leave?" Brianna asked, remembering how serious Harry seemed to be. "They're my grandparents and I didn't do anything. I was sick the whole time." Charles said. "How are you feeling?" He asked. "Better now." Brianna said rubbing the back of her head. "And you?" She asked him. "Never been better." He placed his feet upon a trunk at the end of her bed. "I'm sleeping over for a few days." He announced. "And I don't get a say?" Brie asked with an excited smile. "You could say sure." Charles sarcastically replied. "There's no room." Brianna said. Charles looked around Brie's bedroom, admiring the open floored area. "Pretty big room to me." Charles said with a devilish smile. Brianna got up to adjust her curtains and put her cello away. "You know we're not 7 anymore. We can't just have random sleepovers. We're going to be turning 12 soon." Brie said. "Yeah but we're not Devon's age where we'd get in trouble." Charles said. Brianna rolled her eyes and seemed to enjoy the sound of his name. "What's with the look?" Charles said. "What look?" Brianna played dumb. "You smiled shyly when I said Devon's name." Charles stood up. "No I didn't." "Yeah you did. Don't tell me you like my brother!" Charles said, flailing his arms around. "I don't. I don't think so at least. He's just a Quidditch jock." Brianna said with a smirk. "That's gross." Charles replied rolling his eyes. "You're gross." Brianna said tossing a pillow at him. "Not grosser than you." Charles said catching it and hitting Brie with it. A pillow fight broke out between the two, recreating old memories they used to have.

      They fell to the floor and smiled at one another. Charles got up and dusted himself off. He grabbed Brie's owl Blizzy and attached to a note to it. "What are you doing?" Brie asked. "Using your owl to send my love letter to Juliette." "Ew." Brie cringed. "At least she's not your sister." Charles joked around. Brianna gave him a punch to the arm and walked out of her room. Charles stood at her window, watching as Blizzy majestically flew out of sight.

      Charles went to follow Brianna out the door but was stopped in him tracks when Brianna pushed him away from the door. "What?" He asked. "Some boy's in our house." She whispered. Charles looked from the cracked open door. He saw a young boy walk in with a cello case. He had brown hair that came to his eyebrows. His skin color was a light tan and his eyes were a pale green. His smile was virtually perfectly aligned and made easily trustworthy. He came in and hugged Sentolia. "Who is that?" Charles whispered. "I don't know, I'll go check." Brianna whispered as she opened the door abruptly. Sentolia looked over quickly with a smile. "Brianna! Glad you can meet this young man. This is Derek! He's a private student of mine. I'm teaching him cello!" Derek smiled widely at Brianna but she just glared back in slight jealousy. "I've been playing for 6 years." She said very proudly. "I've been playing for 3. Your mom's a great help!" Derek said happily. "I know." Brianna said sharply. Charles grabbed Brie's shoulder. "I'm Charles. I play violin and I have an owl named Violin!" He said coming out. "Interesting!" Derek exclaimed. "He'll be turning 11 soon and he lives across the street" Sentolia said. "I need to begin my lesson with him now." Sentolia said hinting the kids. "Yeah, we'll go to my room." Brianna said closing the door.

"He seems nice!" Charles exclaimed. "I don't like him." Brianna sat sitting on her bed with her arms crossed. "Oh come on. Give me one bloody good reason." Charles said. "...he looks funny." "He is a decent looking young boy!" Charles defended him. "Do you have something to tell me?" Brianna said jokingly. They laughed.

      Blizzy came back to Brie's window with a note attached. She grabbed it from his leg and saw, "My dearest Charlie" written upon it. "She calls you Charlie?" Brie asked. Charles snatched the note from her hand mumbling, "Maybe." Charles read it to himself, not letting Brie see it then placed it in his pocket. "Anyways, what do you want to do?" Charles asked. Just as he did, an attack of small tyrants came barging in from the door. Jackson and Leah jumped all over Charles and Brianna with their stuffed toys and action figures. Charles and Brianna ended up playing with the two kids happily until early evening. They then had a home cooked meal from Sentolia and were tucked into bed by Mark.

      Robert woke up in an upright position in the morning. He was standing over the chest that the diary had been placed in. "Cistem Aperio" He muttered out. The chest open immediately and the diary floated into the air. Robert quickly swiped it and opened it. "Just as he saw the boy who lived, he quickly felt the need to end that name."

      Robert woke up once more, this time in his bed. He looked around, the chest was still closed. He put on his glasses and saw Obi sleeping upon Brie's bed. He smiled and went downstairs. Ginny had been waiting for breakfast served and Harry had been speaking with Tuffy.

      As Robert finished breakfast, there was a knock on the door. Ginny went to open it and had a sweet tone of surprise. "Miss Diggory! What a pleasant surprise! Come in! Come in!" She said, inviting her in. "Is Robert here?" She asked politely. "Oh course dear, right this way." Ginny said bringing Nikki to Robert. They greeted and went upstairs. "He sent me to come speak to you about the new kids." Nikki said to him. Robert looked confused. "A new kid's coming to live with us." "No, silly!" Nikki said pushing Robert. She pushed her hair back but then her demeanor quickly changed. "I completely forgot." She said. "What are you talking about?" Robert said standing up. Nikki quickly bolted out of the room and down the stairs until her hand met with the doorknob. "Foe is not welcomed here by Tuffy!" Tuffy screamed as Nicholle ran away from Grimmauld, almost in tears.

      Ginny ran to Robert. "What happened?" She asked in a panic. "I don't know, she said some guy sent her and then she ran off." Robert said. Ginny nodded then left the room.

      Moments later, Harry drove his car from Grimmauld and left. Robert went downstairs with Ginny. "Where'd he go?" Robert asked innocently. "He had to go speak to someone." "Who?" "Oh I don't know anymore. He has many friends." Ginny said, faking a laugh and rubbing Robert's shoulder. "Why not sit and watch TV with me?" She said pointing to the other couch. Robert nodded and sat with her watching TV until nightfall came. They spoke of nothing but the atmosphere was tense. Harry finally came home with Nikki holding his hand. "Oh you found her!" Robert said excitedly. "Yeah, I want you two in separate rooms." Harry said, letting go of Nicholle. Nikki waved but went upstairs and locked her door. Robert tried following but was too late, he went to his room and lied down talking to Obi until he fell asleep.

      Robert woke the next day and went down for breakfast. As he went back upstairs, he could hear Nicholle rummaging through her room for whatever it was. Ginny and Harry’s room was open and a spark of curiosity fired up inside of Robert. He cracked the door open a bit more than it was and slipped inside. He looked around and saw a great wide bed with drapes upon the top and pictures all around the wall of the two. Also, there were pictures of young Albus Severus Potter, James Sirius Potter and Lily Luna Potter. Robert smiled as he found the younger version of his headmaster humorous. He then came across a picture of Harry lying in his bed with a baby in his arms. The baby had light blue ruffled hair but its eyes were closed. Robert was lured to the picture. His focus was interrupted when the door opened and Harry walked in. Shocked, he stared at Robert. “What are you doing in here?” Harry asked with a friendly but cautious tone. “The door was open.” Robert gulped and asked, “Who is that baby in the picture?” Harry stared up at the portrait and frowned. “No one in particular.” Harry replied, rubbing Robert’s shoulder. “So you’re lying down with a random baby?” “Well no, you see, this is a boy I used to take care of. He’s grown already and grown sad.” Harry stopped momentarily to think of the words he wanted to say next that Robert would understand. “He did the wrong thing down the right path and is in very big trouble with me.” Harry said, looking down. “So who is he?” Robert asked again. “No one, my dear.” Harry said roughing up Rob’s hair.

      Ginny walked in and was surprised at what she saw. She then smiled at Robert and said, “I made some truffles down stairs, dear. Care to try some?” Robert nodded and went down to eat. As he came back up, he heard a whispered conversation between Ginny and Harry which silenced as Robert grew nearer. He shrugged and went into his room where he was greeted by Obi like the dear friend he was.

      Brianna woke to the quiet chatter in her bedroom in which she ignored. “Is she ever going to wake up?” A small high-pitched voice said. Brianna opened her eyes and her entire field of view was the image of two big eyes staring into hers. “Happy Birthday!” Leah screamed into her face. Brianna jolted it. “It’s not my birthday?” Brianna said, questioning the fact. There was a loud belly chuckle in the corner. Brie looked over the see Charles in his sleep bag laughing at Leah’s comment. “Why’d you say it was my birthday?” Brianna asked. “I didn’t know what else to say!” Leah said with a big smile on her face. “Good morning in appreciated.” Brianna said, laughing. Charles began to laugh even harder. Brianna took a pillow from behind her and chucked it in Charles’ direction. Leah ran out of the room in a second. The pattern of her footsteps were heard from Brie’s room. “She’s absolutely insane.” Brie muttered. “She’s just like you when you were little. Don’t you remember acting like that?” “I wasn’t obnoxious. I was cute.” “And you’re telling me she isn’t adorable?” Charles said. Brie smiled. “Shut up.” She said, tossing another pillow.

      There was a scratch at the window. Charles got up from the bag and opened the window. A tawny owl stood there with a letter in its mouth. Charles took it, patted the owl and watched it fly off. Brianna turned around from fixing her bed, “What is it?” She asked. “Ginny invited us to Grimmauld for dinner.” Charles said. Brianna turned back around in shock. “I guess I’ll be going back home then too?” Charles added. He packed up things and put it outside Brie’s room. As the day went by, Brianna finally asked her father if he could take them to Grimmauld and he agreed.

      Brianna stepped out of her father’s small muggle car and helped Charles carry in his owl Violin as he carried his bags. Robert opened the door with a huge smile on his face. Nicholle came down the stairs. Charles dropped his things and immediately hugged her. Moments later, Sofia arrived with Jade. They all sat around the table as Ginny served up a family turkey. They sat around the table and spoke of how they missed one another.

      "I saw this picture in Harry's room of him and a small blue haired baby." Robert whispered to Brianna at the dinner table. "Ew? Blue hair?" Sofia whispered, overhearing. "Probably a metamorphmagus" Brianna said. Sofia nodded in agreement. Brianna continued to eat but stopped for a moment to think. "That's weird. Before we left, one of the nights, I looked out the window and a man with light blue was walking away from the house. I heard they had a confrontation downstairs but everyone was asleep." Brianna whispered to Robert. "Maybe it's the same guy; he said he was in trouble with Harry." Robert told Brie. "Something to share?" Harry announced at the table, noticing Brie and Robert were whispering. They picked their heads up and shook them and finished dinner.

      As dinner ended, night fell upon Grimmauld house, making it the dark mysterious place it always was to Robert. "Let's go sit outside." Nicholle said, leaving the door open for everyone. Each kid sat outside next to one another on the curb out front of Grimmauld Place. They looked up and observed the night sky. The stars calmed Brianna. They sat out front smiling and giggling over nothing. All of a sudden the sky seemed to go darker than usual and the stars disappeared in an instance. The atmosphere around them seemed to grow stale. Jade rubbed her arms. "It's cold now." She said. "It's supposed to be summer!" Charles said, shivering. Brianna looked over and could see Robert's teeth chattering. She shook him playfully. Just as she did, his head cocked back and his mouth opened. All the kids jumped away from him in fear when they noticed. Robert returned to normal but his eyes turned grey. He stood up and glared at all his friends around him.

      Just as he did, all the city lights upon the block seemed to turn off and the air grew colder. "Let's go inside!" Sofia screamed. As soon as she headed for the door, a black cloaked flying figure confronted her. She tried running away but the dementor began to suck out her soul. Another one circled over Charles and another floated over Brianna, knocking her over and began to suck her soul as well. Robert took out his wand and spun circles with it with his eyes closed. He scavenged the back of his mind to find his greatest memory but something seemed to be blocking his mind as if he wasn't the one using it. He could feel the soul being sucked from his body as a dementor hovered over him. "Expecto Patronu!" He said, holding out his wand, hoping for something. A stag appeared out of nowhere, chasing away the dementors. Brianna, Charles and Sofia all passed out onto the concrete as the air restored to normality. Robert ran to his remaining friends, feeling like a hero. Jade reached out her hands, hugging Robert. As they hugged, Robert fell apart in her arms and collapsed onto the floor.

      Nicholle and Jade looked up to see Harry at the door with his wand out. Ginny ran out and helped carry the bodies of children into the house. Harry stood at the door, as if he was watching something. Jade tried peeking and only caught the glimpse of a shade of blue until Ginny pulled her from the door and lied her down in her bed upstairs. Harry helped Ginny carry the children to their beds, leaving chocolate at their bedside for when they wake up. 

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