Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 30 May 2015
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

      Robert woke up early in the morning to the sound of passing cars. He freshened up and went downstairs to find Harry drinking his coffee and reading the Daily Prophet. He looked up to see Robert staring at him. He motioned him to him. Robert sat in the chair next to him and rubbed his eyes underneath his glasses. “Son, I need you to tell me everything that happened yesterday.” Harry said sternly, placing the newspaper down. Robert looked unsure but obeyed the order. “Sofia has Floo Powder and we used it to go to Luna’s hut by the Forbidden Forest.” Harry looked worried but stern. Robert continued, “We went to go practice spells but then I heard someone whisper my name. I went to see where the voice was coming from until Sofia found me. As soon as she did we were snatched up and saw nothing but blackness. When I woke up, we were all bound to chairs in the courtroom and Lupin was behind us fighting the judge. The judge let us go when the hexed ropes began to break Jade’s bones.” Robert took a deep breath when Harry looked away in horror. “We went to get food but we got attacked and apparated here.” He said, looking down. “Boy, there’s going to be a lot of changes around here.” Harry said taking a sip of his coffee. He got up and walked away, leaving Robert alone in the dining room.

      A creak echoed around the room. The heave of the floorboards betraying someone as they exited the room. Opening an eye, Jade peeked through her hair to see her friends ducking through the bedroom door. The paper thin walls shuddered as they closed it behind them, sealing off her view of the hallway. Afternoon light sprayed across her face as she turned over in bed. A dull roar had settled over her body. Echoes of pain remained in the bones she had broken last night, silently screaming whenever she moved.

      Shadows danced across the ceiling as she looked up. Shapes collided in a vicious dance forming dark black globs. They moved about in a rhythmic pattern, silently sliding along in a never ending flurry of movement. Her eyes tracked their dance across the room, bouncing along with them, Shapes twirled, mimicking the events that transpired in the court room. Ensnared in there alluring movement, Jade was unable to look away. The shapes moved faster as the invisible tempo increased. Her eyes moved frantically, glued to what was going on before her. Snake like shapes circled the center one. Their inky tendrils snapped and garbed at the one huddled in the middle, viciously trying to extinguish the little light it carried with it. Seconds later, the dance reached its climax as the inky figures pounced, pulling the one in the middle into their pool of darkness. A small scream escaped from Jades mouth as she was finally able to look away. Jumping out of bed she dashed into the corner of the room.

Light illuminated her slender figure as she pulled herself into the corner. She dragged her legs close to her, desperate to hide herself in the light. Ducking her head in her hands she closed her eyes, silencing the shadows that danced around the edges of the light, she could feel the hot tears run down her face as she rocked back and forth. Tiny whisper's flooded her ears, flooding her senses with fear and dread. Shaking her head, Jade sprung for the door, desperate to escape the confines of the room. A small voice traveled the length of her spine, sending shivers across her body as she ran for the door.

      "You’re lucky you lived this time child, next time though, you might just find that your cards been pulled." a decapitated voice whispered at her. A surge of wind blew through the window, pushing her forward until she was pinned against the wall. A shrill voice laughed as she clawed at the walls, grabbing at the door handle. Dark shadows snapped at her feet, racking their inky claws across her legs. Tiny trails of blood decorated the path that their claws took. Suddenly the wind stopped and the shadows left. Jade’s body sagged to the ground as silent tears racked through her body.

      Silently Jade shook her head as tears fell from her eyes, "Why is it that I’m the one who always gets injured." A bubble of hysterical laughter escaped from her chest as she recounted all her bad luck over the past few months.

      As Brianna walked down the stairs she went to greet Robert. Before she made it to him, there was a knock on the door. Brianna answered it and there stood Professor Lupin adjusting his styled hair. Brianna grabbed him immediately and squeezed him. "I'm so glad you're safe." She said. Ginny peered from the living room. "Oh, hello there." Ginny said, not too thrilled. "What are you doing here?" Brianna asked happily letting go of him. His face went from happy to sympathetic within the moment. He held up a tiny letter that looked too familiar to Brianna. Brianna grabbed it and looked at it, her face quickly changing to a painful expression. "Where'd you find this?" She asked. "It was out on the streets." "That's where it belongs." Brianna said ripping it up and forcefully throwing it upon the floor. "It's from your mother. Why would you do that?" "She wants nothing to do with me anymore." Brianna yelled out to Lupin. He looked down at the ripped up papers. He went to Brianna, placing a firm hand upon her shoulder. "I'm sorry and I wish things like this never happened. All I can say is that all your pain will soon end."

      Harry ran down the stairs and glared at Lupin. They eye contact was not broken, even as Harry moved closer. "I think you should go." Harry said. "Kicking out one whose like a son?" Lupin asked confidently. Harry made no attempt to answer. Teddy looked down at Brianna. "I feel your pain." He said softly. As he began to make his way out, Jade was coming down the stairs. Lupin looked deeply into her eyes. "You're very lucky." He whispered to her. Jade barely heard him but made out the words.

      Teddy Lupin left and Jade made her way to the dining room. There was a silence in the dining room as everyone tried making out what was going on. Sofia appeared and looked around without a clue to what had happened. "Ginny? Is breakfast over?" She asked. The silence was shattered by laughter. Ginny took the eggs from the fridge and began to make breakfast for the children. "Harry honey, could you wake Charles? He may still be sick from yesterday. Poor boy sleeps all day." She said as she cracked the eggs.

      Sofia sat for breakfast, joining the rest of the kids. Charles came down, wrapped in a blanket. He was extremely groggy and almost asleep upon his food. Sofia snuck a piece of bacon from his plate. Everyone’s laughter woke Charles. Sofia leaned into Brianna, “I’m sure we’ll still find ways to get to Luna’s hut and duel.” She mumbled. "You're bloody insane, Sofia." Brianna laughed quietly. "I'm just saying; we always can use port-keys and apparate." Sofia replied. Brianna gave it some thought. "That's true." Robert leaned in listening to the conversation, "Since this is a magical house...we can use magic so that's not illegal." He said.

      Jade wasn't listening for she was too worried herself about her injuries and the bad luck she seemed to be having. She went outside and sat in the backyard to look at the sky. Brianna followed her curiously. "Are you okay?" Brie asked. "Just dandy actually. You're the one with the bloody prophecy and you're spreading it to me! I've gotten the worse luck lately in case you couldn't tell!" Jade grew furious. "Look, Jade, relax." Brie said trying to calm her. "Don't tell me what to do!" Jade stood up and pointed her wand with anger. Brianna went flying back and hit her head against the window of the house. Harry, Ginny, Sofia and Robert came running out. Charles slowly made his way outside with his blanket wrapped around him. Ginny knelt at Brie's side then looked back up at Jade who had just realized what she did. Jade took a step forward towards Brie but Brianna turned away in pain.

      Brianna's back had an odd stiffness to it and she could barely move her neck. Ginny went to left Brie up when she realized there was blood from her head. Harry took a towel and wrapped Brie's head in it, then carried her inside onto the couch.

      “What did you do?” Robert said, looking horrified. Charles went to Brianna’s side and seemed to never leave. "I'm always hurt! I've broken bones and seen so many things, your puny mind couldn't understand." Jade yelled at Robert. "I've seen pain too! It's not only you, I have nightmares every night and you’re here striking us down?!” Robert yelled back. Robert’s eyes began to fill with tears and glimmer in the lighting. “What do you have to say for yourself?” He said softly to Jade. “I don’t care what you think. You’re a disgrace to the Weasley family, you’re not even related and you can’t even cast right. You’re worse than when Ron broke his wand as a child.” Jade spat at Robert. Robert seemed to lose all the sadness inside of him and filled with fury. Incarcerous!” Robert shouted, pointing at Jade. Ropes flew out at Jade, causing a feeling of pain all too familiar to her. Robert ran upstairs immediately after watching Jade collapse and locked himself inside the bedroom closet, crying.

      Brianna tried looking up to watch the action but her bloody head and stiff neck seemed to hold her down. Sofia and Charles stood there in shock. "Merlin!" Ginny screamed coming to Jade's aid. She ripped Jade out of the ropes & held her tightly. "Harry...we can't continue this." She said, almost in tears. Harry sat at Brianna's side with Charles. "I know." He said looking down at Brie. He stood up. "Jade. Go to live with her parents Hugo & Rebecca. I will send Brie to Sentolia & Mark. Sofia, please find your way home to Skye & Dominque. Ginny, we'll keep Charles & Robert here in separate rooms." "That's not right!" Sofia yelled. "I said there would be changes my dear. Please, find your bags." Harry said calmly. Ginny looked at Jade, sympathetically a softly cared for her Injured body. "Bloody hell." Jade mumbled in pain.

      Sofia stomped up to her room and grabbed all of her empty suitcases. "Pack!" She said. All her belongings neatly sorted themselves in her bags. She grabbed her bags but noticed a small whimpering sound. "Alohomora." She said. The closet opened, revealing Robert's wet face. Robert slowly came out. "What's with all the bags?" He asked quietly. "Jade, Brianna and I have to leave. You and Charles are staying." Sofia replied. "No!" Robert said, running back into the closet and closing the door. Sofia pried the door open and grabbed Jade's items. "I'm sorry." She said, as she packed Jade's bags and threw them out the door. Ginny came up and took the bags, as well as packing Brianna's. Harry came up and found Robert, "I wouldn't want you alone with George...you're going to stay here where I can keep an eye out for you." Harry said placing a reassuring hand upon Robert's head.

They all went downstairs. Charles sobbed over Brianna who lied on the couch wrapped up. Robert glanced over at Jade who couldn't bear to look at him, but massaged the rope burn upon her arms. Sofia snatched a few cookies along with hugs before she left Grimmauld Place. Jade covered the marks on her arms with her red Hogwarts robe and walked out the house without a word to anyone. Brianna was slowly helped out. Her head was wrapped in gauze and under her clothes was a back support. She slowly made her way out of Grimmauld and by herself into the streets. Harry & Ginny watched as the three split it opposite directions to their families in the muggle world.

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