Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

      In the middle of night, there was commotion outside. Brianna opened her eyes heard voices. She looked around and saw empty beds but paid no attention to who it was. She lied back down and heard the voices slightly more clearly. "Unforgivable curses. Be very careful when using them and don't get caught. Cruciatus Curse...use it for torture. Killing Curse...self-explanatory and...Imperius Curse...which my dear you are currently under." The voice was of a man, soft spoken but stern with a sympathetic tone. "Go back now, before someone sees." He said. The image of kids apparating into the room flashed before Brianna but she was too dazed to see who it was. One child stayed and slept while the other left the room. Brianna fell asleep from exhaustion.

      The next morning Jade woke up and stretched quickly, wincing at the pain of her ribs once more. She grunted and got out of bed. It was late morning and Brianna had still not been up but Robert seemed to be downstairs. Jade jumped on Brianna's bed, waking her obnoxiously. Brianna pushed Jade off and rolled over. "Did you leave last night?" Brianna mumbled with her face shoved in a pillow. "What? Speak up." Jade said. "Did you leave last night?" Brianna screamed louder. "No, I was asleep obviously." Jade muttered yanking the blankets off of Brianna. Brianna got up and got dressed for the day. Jade went down stairs and saw Robert already eating eggs at the table. "Did you leave last night?" Brianna yelled running down the stairs, smelling the food. "Who?" Robert asked. "You!" Brianna said grabbing a plate. "No, why?" "I don't know." Brie said sitting down. Nicholle almost rolled down the stairs, her hair in her face. "Did you sleep last night?" Jade asked concerned. "Not really." Nikki replied. "Did you leave last night?" Brianna asked. "Do you say anything else?!" Jade yelled at Brianna jokingly. "Nope. So did you?" Brianna redirected to Nikki. "Uh, no." Nicholle said walking to the table. Charles and Sofia came down together. "Wait, before you ask. Did you leave last night?" Jade said copying Brianna. "Me? Not sleep. You forgot who I was. Hi, I'm Sofia. Nice to bloody meet you." Sofia said shaking Jade's hand. Charles just laughed. They all ate breakfast together and then lied outside in the backyard.

      "Hey Brie "Robert said as Brie looked over "Why were you asking us if anybody left last night?” "I don't know. I woke up and heard voices and saw no one was in a bed. I was probably dreaming so it's not relevant." Brianna said stretching. She sighed. "Oh that's weird. Well it was probably just a dream." Robert said reassuring Brie. He looked over at Sofia who had fallen asleep. Robert nudged Brianna, showing her the sleeping beauty that was Sofia. "She can be so oblivious." Brianna said. Jade laughed loudly, waking Sofia. "Where's the food?" She said waking up. Robert pushed Sofia back down. "Just fall asleep again. We're outside." He said with a giggle.

      Sofia took Robert’s hands off her and sat up. “Well I can’t sleep now she said. There was knock on the front door that could be heard from the backyard. “I’ll be there in a moment.” Ginny yelled from kitchen. Robert got up to see who it was. Jade stood as she dusted grass off herself, meticulous picking out the bits of grass stuck on her light woolen sweater. She shivered as the wind began to pick up, bringing with it dark swollen clouds. The sun quickly fell away as heavy rain drops began to fall from the sky.

      As the rain began to pick up speed the children dashed into the house, now soaking wet. Sofia's hair was matted to the back of her neck as she took off her now soaked jacket. Brie began to wring out her hair, letting water cascade onto the floor, creating a small puddle. Jade's curly red hair was now matted down into a dull brown, the water making her hair appear darker. The one solitary white streak muted into a soft gray. She shook her hair, sending water droplets all around the room as her curly hair bounced back with the release of the extra water.

      They heard rapid running down the stairs and looked to see what was going on. Robert ran downstairs to the front door with his broom. There stood a tall man with a buzzed haircut, standing tall and proud holding a tall thin woman. A small boy with curly brown hair stood between them. He had deep brown eyes and spoke novels. Robert handed his broom to the tall man. “Ah Victor Krum, great to have you.” Ginny said letting them in. “Isn’t that the greatest Seeker of all time?” Brianna asked Jade. Harry walked by, “After me of course.” The children giggled at the door. “This is Connor.” The woman told Ginny. “Hey Connor!” Robert said excitedly. “I’m Robert Weasley.” He added. Connor nodded. “I go to Hogwarts!” He exclaimed. “I go to Durmstrang Institute.” Connor said, showing his badge. “Cool.” Robert said. “Go play.” Victor said pushing Connor into Robert. “We came to discuss your Quidditch teams.” Victor told Ginny. “Of course, sit down.” She pointed next to Harry.

      The kids went upstairs, passing Robert in a state of awe. They peeled out of their wet clothes and changed into new outfits. Robert came running into the room. “You’ll never guess whose here!” Robert screamed, throwing himself across Brie’s bed, screaming into a pillow. "Bloody hell boy, we saw." Brianna said trying to calm Robert. "Connor Krum!" Robert exclaimed. "I thought you were happy about Victor." Jade said. "He's too old for me." Robert said. "Old for you?" Sofia asked. "I want Connor." Robert said softly kicking his feet into the air. Jade sighed in enjoyment at Robert's excitement. "He's my age." Sofia said. "So?" Robert replied. "He doesn't go to our school." Brianna said. "But we'll be facing him in Quidditch one day." "He lives in Sweden!" Charles said. "Let the boy dream." Jade said.

      They all went down stairs and sat in the living room across from Connor. "So what do you guys do around here?" Connor asked, looking around to see if his parents are done talking. His teeth were perfectly in line and his voice slipped from the tongue naturally as if it were magical. “Well, Sofia eats a lot and we play around with our wands and brooms a bunch.” Robert said. Everyone nodded. “Well, what should we do now?” Connor asked, trying to be a part of the group. “Eat.” Sofia said and the group busted out in laughter.

      Jades body shook with laughter as the entire group laughed over Sofia's abrupt admission. She took a deep breath, trying to steady herself as pain flared up in her ribs from laughing so hard. She placed her hand over the spot that hurt the most, hoping she could catch the pain and send it away. Pushing the pain aside, she focused back on the group, noticing Sofia getting up from the couch. "Seriously guys, I'm bloody hungry." she said as she moved into the kitchen. The faint sound of the cupboards being opened and closed could be heard from the living room. Soon Sofia reemerged from the kitchen with several boxes of snacks in her hands. Giving a triumphant smile, Sofia placed the goodies on the table, spreading them out neatly. Shrugging as she looked around at the group she began to dive into the treats, shoving cookies into her mouth. Not long after the rest of the children began to dig in. Jade grabbed as many cookies as she could before Sofia attacked them all. Smiling, she began to shove one in her mouth as the doorbell rang. None of the other children made a motion to answer the door, leaving Jade rolling her eyes as she towed herself over to the door. Placing another cookie in her mouth, Jade answered the door. Sebastian stood before her, his hair slightly disheveled and his eye looking particularly purple against the gloom of the sky. A clump of cookie got stuck in her throat as she desperately tried to swallow the remaining pieces. Coughing slightly, crumbs fell from her mouth and began to litter the floor in front of her. Blushing, she swiped the few crumbs off that landed on her lilac sweater. She could hear him laugh slightly at her frazzled disposition. Hair began to fall in front of her face, hiding her burning cheeks. She cautiously peeked between the curtains of her hair, smiling slightly as he sent her a brilliant smile. Moving aside, she motioned him to come in and join the group in the living room.

      Robert stood up. “Let’s go to the movies.” He said. “I know how to get there.” Jade said. They followed her outside and turned the corner to see a big building with bright lights. “It’s down this street.” Jade said. “How do you know that?” Charles said. “I’m a muggle-born. I lived in the muggle world.” Jade said. They entered the theater and bought tickets. They stood in awe as the theater lights shown bright and the smell of popcorn blew into their noses. “Come on!” Jade said, running to the popcorn stand.

      They entered the theater of a horror movie and sat down in a row together. Robert blushed as he sat next to Connor. Jade smiled when Sebastian claimed the seat next to her, earning him a dark look from Brie as she was forced to take the seat between Sofia & Charles. Laughing ever so slightly, Jade placed the popcorn she had bought between her and Sebastian. Giving her a brilliant smile, Sebastian grabbed a handful of popcorn, before placing a piece in his mouth he offered Jade a piece. Smiling she took one, her finger gently touching the palm of his hand as she took the offered piece. Soon the lights began to darken, plunging the children into a perpetual darkness. Shrill screams could be heard reverberating around the theater as the movie progressed. Jade began to reach for another piece of popcorn, stopping only when she came into contact with what felt like Sebastian's hand. Stilling she looked over at the spot that she knew Sebastian was sitting. The light from the movie slightly illuminated his face, highlighting his grey and purple eyes in the darkness. Her breath stilled as their eyes connected. He smiled at her, showing off his perfect teeth. Unsure of what to do, Jade left her hand there, gratefully that the darkness concealed her bright red cheeks. She could feel the heat coming off from her cheek's as her blush intensified. Glancing over at the movie, a face flashed across the screen, causing Jade and Robert to both jump in their seats. The group laughed at their reactions. Robert sent them a glare as he sat back in his seat, but was soon smiling when Connor whispered something in his ear. Jade sent Robert and encouraging look, despite the dark, Jade was sure Robert had seen it. Focusing back on the movie, Jade fell into a monotonous routine of gasping and laughing at the sudden outburst that echoed throughout the theater. Faintly she felt a hand grasp for hers in the dark, looking down she realized that her hand was now engulfed by Sebastian's. Blushing, but still unwilling to move it away, she left it there, relishing the feel of her hand in his. Soon the movie ended, as the group ushered themselves out of the theater, Jade's hand remained firmly in Sebastian's, earning her a roll of Brie's eyes. She laughed as she stuck her tongue out at Brie. A cough to her right brought her attention back to Sebastian. Smiling he announced, "Why don't we grab some food?" His rich English accent danced through the air. He looked around the group, laughing at Sofia's eager expression. Slowly the group walked down the street, looking for the nearest food joint. Ironically, food hungry Sofia was the first to find the parlor. “Frozen yogurt!” Sofia screamed.

      As they entered the frozen yogurt place, Brianna sat at a table with Charles. They weren't hungry after eating popcorn. Robert and Connor came back with different flavors of yogurt. Sebastian and Jade followed with the same flavored yogurt. They ate and talked before getting kicked out because the parlor was closing. As they left, the light showed yogurt left on Connor's nose. Robert gave a giggle then reached to get it off. Connor backed up confused for the moment but then allowed Robert to take it from his nose.

      They all walked back to the Grimmauld's Place. Sebastian and Jade parted to different apartments. As Connor walked up the steps Victor and his wife were coming down, telling Connor he must go. Robert and Connor shook hands which quickly led to a firm hug. Everyone said bye to Connor and entered the house. "You guys left without me!" Nicholle said running down the stairs. "You were sleeping." Charles said, trying to make things better. Tuffy appeared from the living room and began his way up the stairs. "Tuffy told you no one liked foe." He said before disappearing into the dark upper level. "It's late. Go upstairs." Ginny asked of the children before they made a mess of the downstairs area.

      The kids ran upstairs and all crashed into Brie's, Jade's and Robert's room. "Did you have fun?" Nicholle asked jealously. "Robert met a boy." Jade said, proud of him. Nikki looked confused for the moment but accepted new facts. "I'm bored!" Sofia said plopping back onto her bed.

      Brie tossed a pillow and it landed right on his head he kept it there soaking in the coolness of the fabric. He sat there for a moment before interrupted by another flying pillow from Brianna’s direction. He threw it back but Brianna dodged it. Soon after, a full fledge pillow war broke out in the bedroom.

      Jade pulled her hair up into messy bun as she emerged from the bathroom in her pajamas. As she walked into the room a pillow landed on her face. Slightly stunned, she moved the pillow away as feathers erupted all over the room. "What the bloody hell is going on! I leave for one bloody minute and the whole room is covered in feathers!" She screamed as more feathers fell through the air. Shrugging Brie and Robert just stared at each other until they both started throwing pillows at Jade. Laughing, Jade grabbed fistfuls of feathers and began to launch them back at her friends.

      The door flew open during the pillow war revealing Ginny at the door. “You guys better clean this up!” She said. Before she started another sentence, Jade accidently hit Ginny in the mouth, sufficiently shutting her mouth. The fight immediately ended and the kids fell scared onto their beds. Ginny flicked her wand about, cleaning the room in an instance. She slammed the door shut. Robert sighed as he lied on his bed while everyone settled for the night time. The fell asleep before the lights fell dim.

      Brianna tossed and turned in her bed. The night sky seemed eerie. She couldn't sleep. Muster could be heard outside. Charles slowly opened the door & walked into Brianna's room. "You're up too?" She asked him. "I'm an insomniac." Charles replied.

      Brianna got up and stretched & yawned. "What's going on outside?" Charles said, listening to noise. "Not sure, sounds like a rat going through garbage." Brianna replied. They crept down the stairs trying not to make the floorboards creek too much. They opened the door and saw Juliette standing there, looking like a deer in headlights. "Oh look! It is a rat scavenging through garbage!" Brianna exclaimed. Charles shushed Brie then glared at her. "What are you doing here?" Charles asked Juliette. "I missed you!" Juliette said quickly as she fidgeted in place. You could see her palms grow sweaty as the sweat gleamed under the moon light. "Come inside." Charles said. Juliette shook her head. "I think I'll go now." Juliette said scurrying away.

      "That was weird." Charles said closing the door. He turned around to see Brianna sitting on the bottom stair. "Yeah." She mumbled with her head down. "What happened?" Charles asked. "I don't know. Everyone has someone. You have her. Jade has Sebastian & every other cute guy she's sees." The kids giggled. "Robert just found Connor and Sofia has food." Charles tried not to laugh too loud. "You have your mom & siblings." Charles reassured her, placing a firm hand on her shoulder. "Where?" Brie asked. "Ginny's here for you & Jade, and even Robert. Luna pops up all time & we go to her hut. Nicholle goes back and forth to and from her parents’ house. I don't have any family ties." Brianna said placing her head on her hands. Charles gave her a playful punch. "Would you stop? You call your mom in an instant and she'll come." Charles said. Brianna shrugged. "I feel alone sometimes. Like I don't have parents." Brianna said. "I know how that feels." Brianna heard in her mind. "You do?" Brianna asked Charles. "Do what?" Charles asked. "You know how it feels." You said you know how it feels." "No I didn't." Charles said.

      Brianna fell straight to sleep on the stairs right after that. Charles picked her up & carried her to bed. He placed her gently on her bed, and then placed the covers over her to keep her warm.

      Charles looked out Brie's window and stared into the street. A figure of a girl stood staring at the house. "Juliette!" Charles screamed out the window. The girl turned around and walked away.

      Robert woke up in the late morning and went downstairs, seeing that he was alone. He opened up the empty cupboards and made himself cereal. He was eating as afternoon came around.

      Afternoon light poured through the open window bringing with it a shock of cold air. Jades hair moved with the soft breeze, tinny goose pumps rose along her exposed skin. Shivering she ducked further underneath the covers. Peeking through the hair that now covered her face; she realized how late it was. Stretching she climbed out of bed, padding softly into the bathroom. Cautiously she peeked at herself in the mirror. Her skin looked healthier than it had in a while, he eyes and hair holding a familiar vibrancy. Grinning, she pulled her hair out of its confining bun, letting the white streak fall in front of her face. Her grin lessened slightly, she still wasn't used to the white streak but it grew easier to look at each day. Sighing she climbed into the shower, knowing she needed to get ready to face the day.

      Robert sat alone on the couch staring outside the window, almost in a trance. He heard Jade coming down, snapping him back to reality.  He motioned her to the couch. “What do you want to do today?” Robert asked in a whiney tone. Jade shook her hair out, letting it fall down her back. Twisting the white streak behind her ear, she moved to sit next to Robert.

      As she moved across the floor she was interrupted mid stride by her stomach. A growl escaped from the treacherous area of her body, signaling that she was running low on fuel. Smirking, she turned on her heel and walked into the kitchen. She began to look through the cabinets, trying to find something remotely edible to eat. Settling on a box of chocolate cookies, she walked back into the living room. Smiling at Robert, she waved around her find, tossing a cookie at him, she jumped onto the couch. Shoving a cookie in her mouth, she smiled, savoring the heavenly chocolate. Despite having a mouth full of cookies, Jade turned and said, "I don't know. Where are the others?"

      "Right here." Brianna said trudging down the stairs with heavy steps. Her hair was all over her face and dried drool lingered by her lip. "You look fabulous." Jade said sarcastically. "Ha." Brianna said amused. "Rough night?" Robert asked. Brianna walked into the kitchen. "Yeah!" She yelled to Robert. "Where are the Potters?" Brianna yelled again, scavenging through the cabinets. "Food shopping." Jade replied. "Good, there's nothing here to eat." Brianna said plopping onto one of the couches with the last few cookies in her mouth. As she went to put the last one in her mouth, Sofia came running down the stairs, jumping across Brianna, snatching the cookie and eating it herself. They all laughed. "It's like she has a hound's nose." Robert said laughing. They all agreed. "Where are Charles and Nicholle? Their beds are empty.” Sofia asked. "I heard them saying goodbye this morning, maybe Nicholle went back home." Robert replied.

      They all sat in silence for a moment before Sofia broke it with an abrupt. "I'm still bored!" "We should go shopping." Jade offered. "Diagon Alley!" Robert chanted. "No. Let's go to the mall we all used to go to!" Brianna said. Robert looked confused. "Remember? Jade, Sofia, Charles and I lived in the muggle-world before going to Hogwarts." They all nodded. "We used to live like this. So we used to shop at muggle shops." Brianna continued. "Fine, but I need money." Robert said. "Let's get money from our bank." Sofia said.

      They walked to their old bank and opened the grand doors to a bland greenish area of ceramic tiles and glass. Sofia walked to the front desk. "I would like to open my vault." Sofia said loud and proud. Jade and Brianna's eyes bugged out of their heads, hitting Sofia in the process. "What she means is we'd like to withdrawal money." Jade interrupted. "I'm afraid we can't just let minors withdrawal money without an account number and an adult." The bank teller said. "Wow." Robert said, dragging out the word. "Shut up!" Brianna said pulling his shirt. "Ok, sorry." Jade said walking around, moving the group along. "So much has changed." Sofia said. "No, I think we just forgot how to live in the muggle world." Brianna said.

      They walked outside and stood at the corner of busy traffic. "I have some extra money in my wallet." Brianna said, taking out a few bills. "Same here." Jade said pulling out about $50. "Where to now?" Sofia asked. "So we went all this way to find out u had money in your wallet." Robert said, glaring at Brie. She only smiled. They headed to the mall and started gasping at all the stores. Brie and Jade divided the money between everyone equally. Robert heard the sound of music took off, Brie at his heels. They found the source, an old hobo playing the violin. Robert threw two dollars into the case and walked away. Brie followed muttering, "It’s not worth it. He has no technique." "What would you know about technique? I have to play violin myself." Robert claimed. "I play cello..." Brianna said looking into Robert's eyes. "And my parents play violin as a profession." She added as she walked back to Jade and Sofia. Robert caught up noticing what Sofia had in her hand.

      "Did you really spend your money on food?" Jade asked. Sofia nodded as she ripped a bit of the pretzel from her hand. Jade shook her head and pointed to a short black skirt she saw at the window. "I want it!" Jade exclaimed. She opened her hand and looked down at her share of the money, noticing she didn't have enough. "I'm not going to buy anything." Brianna said, handing Jade her share. Jade smiled and ran to the window and stared at the skirt. She bought it and came out showing everyone. Robert smiled and noticed that he still had money left. He went to buy a new yellow scarf and wore it on his way out. "It's summer." Brianna said, nudging Robert playfully. "It's fashion." Robert said, giggling.

      They walked by the Grimmauld's Place. By the time they got back, the night had fallen upon them. They entered the house in fits of giggles and loud chatter. Charles came running down chasing Tuffy. "Bloody elf took my quarters!" Charles said, noticing everyone had arrived. Sofia poured her last few quarters into Charles' hand. "Let the bloody rat have it." She muttered as she went upstairs. Jade looked in the kitchen and saw food piled high and stuffed into the cabinets. "No one tell Sofia." Robert whispered. They all giggled and went upstairs.

      As they got ready for bed Robert wrapped his new scarf around his bed post. Charles dragged his feet inside their room and sat on Jade's bed. "What's wrong?" Brie asked. "Nicholle's gone." He mumbled. "Not like she won't come back." Robert said, lying in his bed. They spoke for a while before Charles went back to his room when Sofia called him. Robert, Jade and Brianna lied in bed chatting with the lights off. "What are you most scared of?" Brianna asked to anyone who would answer.

      There was a moment of silence. “Attacking one of you guys.” Robert said softly. “I fear losing everyone.” Brianna said, tearing filling her eyes. “I fear being alone and lifeless.” Jade said, beginning to cry. They softly began to whimper together, sniffling in their beds. They softly whined until their watery eyes grew too heavy for them to keep up. They fell asleep.

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