Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 30 May 2015
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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23. Chapter 23

Chapter 23

      A few weeks passed and it was April 18th. Sofia woke feeling hungry. Wasn't anything unusual but as she lifted her head, she saw everyone else had left and that she was late for her first class, Herbology. She got dressed and reached for the door. "I mean, my grandfather teaches it...do I really have to go?" Sofia muttered to herself. She declined her own offer and instead stumbled down to the courtyard where she noticed her second year friends were chuckling together. Sofia sat down and looked at Robert who was fixing his hair as usual. Just then she remembered that his birthday was just ten days away and that it was on a Sunday, so they didn't have any classes. Along with that thought, she remembered how Robert loved Connor and that he left, reminding her that Kristoff had also left. "When's lunch? I've lost the time and I'd like to eat before my mind continues drifting off about Kristoff." Sofia said. "Bloody hell, Sofia. Is food the only thing on your bloody mind? Food and Kristoff." Brianna snapped back.

      "Guys, we're all missing someone. Let's stop." Robert said. Jade only chuckled and replied, "Please, I'm sure you've already received five owls from Connor." She looked to Sofia and added, "Same with you." "Why would I get letters from Connor?" Sofia asked. "Merlin..." Brianna sighed. "She meant that you probably have gotten letters from Kristoff already." She said. The group snickered. A few moments after, the school bell rang and Robert looked up at Sofia. "Seems that I've got Herbology now." He shuffled up quickly and ran off. "Why did he even take that class?" Charles asked. "Not sure. I filled my schedule with music rather than that." Brianna replied.

      Robert took his seat in class and looked up at the board. The date was printed at the corner. "Merlin. My birthday tomorrow. Why haven't I realized?" Robert thought to himself. The swift feeling of Professor Longbottom's black cape run across his desk startled Robert and he snapped out of his thought process. He did his best to pay attention in class but the thought of his birthday took his attention and he could hardly stop from thinking about the fun he would have with his friends.

      "Mr. Weasley." Professor Longbottom said. Robert shook to attention once more. "Yes, Professor?" "Could you answer the question for me?" "Could you repeat it, sir?" Professor Longbottom sighed. "I noticed you've been dozing off. Anything you'd like to share with the class about your daydream, Mr. Weasley?" Robert grew red in the face. "My birthday's tomorrow." He said. Neville looked away. "Very well then, Mr. Weasley. Back to the-" The bell rang. "Class dismissed." Neville sighed.

      "I'm sorry, Professor." Robert apologized, after the class left. "No use for apologizing. Happy early birthday, my boy. Run off." Neville said. "Thank you." Robert said before going to lunch.

      The soft rustle of paper brushing across the desk grabbed Jade’s attention as she sat blindly staring at the chalkboard in front of her. While Robert was at Herbology, Jade was in Magic in Art. Shaking her head, her lose red curls flopped into her face. Sighing, she gently pushed them back, securely tucking the rambunctious curls behind her ears she focused on the task at hand. Picking up the worn charcoal pencil, she quickly began to sketch out the assignment the teacher placed on the board. Anxiety welled up inside of her and she tossed the pencil back onto the desk. Running shaking hands through her hair she let out an aggravated sigh. Normally Magic in Art was her favorite class, she easily excelled in it, but today nothing was helping her concentrate. Looking down at the paper that laid in front of her she easily let her head fall into her hands. The paper looked less like a replica of the ghostly portraits that lined the corridors of the school and more like a mass of crisscrossed black lines.

      "For Merlin's sake!" she mumbled under her breath as she ripped the paper in half. Heaving the wad of ruined paper into the trash she picked up her supplies and began to wrap them up. Aggravation made her hands shake, tiny tears pricked at the corners of her eyes and she hastily batted at them. Blowing out a puff of air she sagged back into her seat.

      "Bloody hell, I don't understand why I've been having such difficulty drawing lately." Tapping her fingers across the desk she counted the minutes until the bell rang and signaled the end of class. Quickly pilling her things into her small black tote she rushed out of the class.

      The fresh spring air gently moved down the hallway as Jade made her way back towards the dorm. The dust had been swept off the windowsills and the old windowpanes creaked softly as air blew through them. Placing her hand on the worn cool brick of the corridor Jade let her hand gently trace the cracks as she quietly walked on. Eventually she came to the entrance of the dorm and ducked into her shared room, rather than going to lunch.

      Moments later, Robert and Brianna stumbled into the dorm room, giggling about the food still stuck in each other’s teeth. Robert threw his books to the floor and Brianna did the same. Noticing Jade's wet pillow she said, "Anxiety hitting you?" "When doesn't it." Jade muttered. She wouldn't turn from her position, facing the window. Brianna fed Blizzy and Violin and said, "No I get it. Jackson and I have it too, remember? Common thing, as we know." Brianna sighed. "So, we walked by the music room today and caught a glimpse of the 6th year's songs for the concert." She said. "Yeah, it was so cool." Robert added. "Glad you had fun today..." Jade mumbled under her breathe. "Well sitting there growling won't help you. Let's go out and do something." Brianna said, noticing Jade's pouting. "We could skip the rest of the day and go wander the woods. A good stroll clears the mind." Robert said. "True. Let's go." Brie tagged in. "The woods? Really?" Jade asked. "Would you rather spend your days in class?" Robert asked. "Grandmother wouldn't approve." Jade disagreed. "Grandmother isn't here now is she?" Robert asked. "I get it with Hermione, but she was no better rascal herself." Brianna said. "She had her reasons." Jade replied. "And I have mine. Let's go." Brianna insisted. They hopped up and headed out their dorm room when Charles walked in. "Charles we're leaving. Come on." Robert said, grabbing his sleeve. "Where to?" Charles asked. "Just come on!" Brianna said, beginning to run ahead of everyone. All four kids took off running.

      As the kids ran, they passed Sofia in the corridor and dragged her along. When they got outside, they noticed Professor Luna Longbottom headed towards the area they were running to. "Guys, if she's here, it means the entrance by the Quidditch Pitch is free." Sofia said. "For once the Ravenclaw was smart." Jade said giggling. "Go! Run!" Brianna shouted as they took off towards the Quidditch Pitch. They passed the Black Lake and decided to stop for a moment to catch their breath. Just as they did so, Robert picked up a rock and chucked it into the Lake. "What are you doing?" Sofia asked. "I never skimmed a rock before." Robert said. "Me either." Brianna thought. She picked up the smoothest rock she could find and threw it in the water. "I don't think that's how. Don't we have to get low?" Charles asked. They all tried it and got one good skim in each but it was a bit hard for the children. The Lake was lit up by giggles until the sun began to set.

      "Guys, we should head in the Forest now if we're still going to go." Brianna said. "It's getting dark." Jade said. "So?" Robert asked. "Yeah, if anything it'll be a bit more risky." Brie announced. "I'm not." Robert said. "You guys are crazy. I'm going go back to the dorm." Charles said. "Fine with us, we're going in." Brianna said, grabbed Robert's arm. "I'll go too." Sofia said. Feeling forced, Jade tagged along with the group while Charles walked back.

      They entered the forest and looked around. They could see the shapes of different trees pierce the darkness though not everything could be shown. "I'm going to cast a Lumos spell and put it in my wand in my pocket so I'll light up a bit." Brianna said. "Yeah that's a good idea, we all should." Robert said. They walked about like small glow sticks and grew deeper and deeper into the forest. They passed a centaur that was running to find food. "That's magical." Sofia mumbled. "It would make sense for it to be, we're wizards, ya bloody Ravenclaw." Brie said, causing the group to laugh. Robert took his share in leading the group in. After heading deeper into the forest, the ground grew a bit soggy as if it had been wet before. "Ew, mud." Jade said. "I want to go back." She added. "No, we came out for a reason." Brianna said. She could see the slight smile on Robert's face. He jumped in his place. Mud spewed from under him, getting his shoes and the bottom of his pants dirty with mud. Being small children, the rest of them thought it was a good idea. Sofia jumped and then Brianna. Jade finally hopped into a puddle and wet everyone else. With this start on something fun, the kids began to take off in the Forest trying to find any fun they could. Climbing trees, some which moved, and hanging on vines. Nothing scary about that night.

      After a few hours, they headed back from where they came from, though it was a bit harder to find their way out. Eventually they did and could see Lupin and Nicholle heading inside the castle too. "Why are they out so late?" Jade asked. "Why are we out so late?" Sofia asked. A group chuckled and continued their way in. The squeaking of their feet echoed as they went inside because their feet were still wet. They entered their dorm and saw Nicholle studying and Charles petting his owl, Violin. "You missed out!" Brianna shouted as she entered her room and kicked off her muddy shoes. The kids set cleaning charms to their robes as they went to bed. "Better safe than sorry." Charles said. "Do we look sorry?" Jade asked. The kids fell asleep.

      All except Robert and Brianna. She lied down and turned her head towards the clock. Midnight. "Happy Birthday Robert." She said as she rolled over in bed. "Thanks. And thanks for one of the best nights ever." "No problem Rob. That's what friends are for."

      Robert's birthday blew past him. The rest of year seemed to as well. Headmaster Potter canceled finals because of the major win Devon had prevailed for Hogwarts, which made him very popular.

      "Grimmauld?" Charles asked his friends, knowing he would be there regardless for the summer. "I don't see why not." Robert replied. "Let me ask my mother to check." Brie said as she ran to the teacher's table. "Yeah, we're all family anyways." Jade said. "I'm not." Sofia said. "Practically." Jade corrected herself. Brianna ran back, "Yeah I'm in." She said. "Good. Is Sam coming?" Jade asked. "I highly doubt it; she usually doesn't stay over if I'm there." Charles replied. "Ah, the Hufflepuff and Slytherin mix." Brianna said. "Shut up." Charles said, smiling. "What time will Harry get here?" Sofia asked. "Not even out of school yet and you've already resorted to calling me Harry?" Harry asked as he approached chuckling. "Not so fast with me, I still was the respect." Ginny said as she rushed by with her bags. "Hurry much?" Robert mumbled. "She's been stressed this year." Charles said.

      "Get your bags now, kids." Harry said.

      The kids ran up to their dorms for the last time this school year. The kids grabbed their cages with their owls and their luggage. "Guys." Robert said plainly. The others turned around. "Where's Obi?" He asked. "Yeah and where's Nicholle?" Charles asked. "Is she going home to her parents first because her luggage is gone?" Jade said. "Guys, where's Obi?" Robert repeated. "I don't know." Brianna said. "Maybe he ran away." Sofia said bluntly. Brianna hit Sofia's arm. "No." Robert said. "Rob, I understand, but we have to go. If Obi is found, he'll be returned, you have his collar on him yes?" Charles said. "Always." Robert said. "He'll be fine." Jade tried calming him. "Come on." Brianna said dragging her luggage out of the door.

      Out the doors of Hogwarts, the kids stood with their luggage in hand. "Harry's over there with the car, again." Sofia spotted him out on the field. "Let's walk out to him. He'll fly us out of here like he usually does." Charles said.

      The kids marched out to the car to find Nikki in the car with Ginny. "We waited for you." Nicholle said. "Wow." Charles said as he headed into the car first. "Tight squeeze guys. And buckled up." Harry said as he put the key in the car. "Let's head home, guys." He said as the summer began.

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