Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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20. Chapter 20

Chapter 20

      A few nights after settling in Hogwarts, Brianna went for a night time stroll. Headmaster Albus Potter changed many rules at Hogwarts, that being one of them. He said, "I do my best thinking in the night, so I would hope I'm doing the world a great favor by releasing the thinkers of the world." when he announced the rule change.

      Brianna walked throughout the corridors dragging her slippers which always seemed to lead her to the courtyard. There, by her favorite tree, stood Professor Wood, wiping her tears. Brianna snuck behind one of the pillars and watched as Headmaster Potter, Madame Pomfrey and Professor Hermione Weasley carried in a body on a stretcher. "Poor soul." Brie could hear Pomfrey said. "Kyran was a young heart to be tempered with. I believe whoever targeted him knew him and knew what they were doing. This is no accident." Headmaster said. "I thank you once more for reporting this once you found him." Professor Weasley said to Professor Wood. “Of course Professor.” Professor Wood said, nodding and wiping her face.

      As they walked away to bring the body inside, Professor Wood seemed to stay and stare up at the stars momentarily. “I look every night too.” Brianna said, revealing herself to Professor Wood. “Sweetheart, how long have you been there?” Professor Wood asked. “Has Kyran died?” “You know of him?” “Met him once.” “Ah. Well, unfortunately, my dear.” Sentolia said. Brianna looked down but was immediately embraced by Professor Wood. The long hug gave Brianna sign that her mother needed that. “I love you mom.” Brie said. “I love you too.” Sentolia replied, stroking her cheek. “It’s been a rough week.” Professor Wood said, sitting under the tree. “But we just got back to Hogwarts.” Brianna said, seeing the happiness in the castle. “Yes but leaving Jackson and Leah and my husband isn’t always easy.” “Oh, I’m sorry.” Brianna said. “I’m here.” She assured her mom. “Yeah…thanks.” Sentolia said kissing her daughter on the top of her head.

      Wiping away the last tear, Professor Wood stood up and hugged her daughter one last time. “Off to bed now. I need you awake for tomorrow’s lesson.” She smirked and Brianna ran off.

      Brianna entered the dorm room and saw Robert lying awake on his bed reading. “Hey, what are you doing so late?” Brie asked as she slipped into her slippers. “Reading. This book is horrendous. Why were you out?” Robert asked. “Thinking. Guess what I found out?” Brie asked. “What?” “Kyran died.” “What?!” Robert said shocked. “How?” He added. “Not sure, just saw some Professors bringing his body in.” Robert jumped out of bed and hugged Brianna. “What’s all this ruckus about?” Jade said rubbing her eyes awake. “Remember that kid Kyran? The Ravenclaw we bumped into at Grimmauld?” Brie asked. “Oh how long ago it seems, but yes.” Jade said. “He died.” Robert jumped to saw. “Shh, don’t wake the rest.” Brie hushed Robert. “Oh they’ll sleep like bricks until dawn.” Jade mumbled. “Alright well we should make like them and sleep.” Robert said. “Agreed.” Brie added before getting into her bed. They slept until dawn.

      Charles woke and looked over to notice Sofia reading a book. “What are you doing?” Charles asked. “Reading this book. It’s horrific.” “They have scary books at the library?” Charles asked. “I guess so. I found this on the floor of Robert’s bed a couple minutes ago.” Sofia said. “Oh Robert was reading that last night. He got really into it. He was mumbling, ‘Get him! Get him!’ in his bed.” “That’s so weird.” Sofia said. “Yeah I know.” Charles replied.

      “Could you guys shut it for about five bloody more seconds so I could sleep?” Jade said. “Oh get up already.” Sofia said tossing a pillow. “Where’s Brie?” Jade said looking over to her empty bed. “In Defense Against the Dark Arts, I believe.” Sofia said. “Bloody hell! And no one woke me! We have class together with the Slytherins!” Jade said hopping out of the bed and immediately putting on her uniform. “Well you’re bloody late then.” Charles said. “Yes thank you for that!” Jade said. “Where’s Robert?” She added. “Not so sure.” Charles replied. The bell rang and Jade sighed. “Well I missed that class.” She said sitting on the bed disappointedly. “Yeah well now I have to get to that class.” Charles said putting on his uniform and heading for the Dungeons.

      “Don’t you have class?” Jade asked Sofia. Sofia closed the book and looked at Jade. “Today I have the Hogsmeade field trip. We leave in the afternoon but otherwise no class for third years.” “Lucky.” Jade said punching Sofia’s shoulder. “Ow. Might as well get a bite to eat. Coming?” Sofia asked before she left. “I will in a bit. Just want to prepare myself so I don’t look like I just woke up.” Jade said.

      Sofia left and Jade looked in the mirror. She tucked her white streak behind her ear along with her red hair. In the mirror, she noticed the book Sofia had left on her bed. Jade opened in and to her surprise was a description of a horrible death. “A wolf attack?” Jade mumbled to herself as she read it. “That’s horrifying.” She said towards the description. She closed the book as Brianna walked in. “Hey, you missed class. Professor Labyrinth isn’t happy.” She said. “How did Kyran die?” Jade asked abruptly. “Not sure. Why?” Brie questioned her. “No reason. Are you curious?” Jade asked. “Why all the questions Jade?” Brianna said throwing herself upon her bed. Jade failed to answer but responded with, “Do we know a dark place hidden behind trees?” “The Dark Forest?” Brianna asked. “Perfect. Let’s go.” Jade said. “You’re funny. Do you not remember all the other times we went?” Brianna asked. “I do. How could I forget?” Jade said as the streak of white hair fell in front of her face. “I still want to go. Are you in?” “I don’t know what you’re up to but I won’t shy away.” Brianna said. “Come on.” Jade said, grabbing Brie’s hand and dragging her out their dorm room.

      Charles had just entered the class when the door closed behind him. It was always dark in Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom it seemed. “Charles! I have a seat open.” Robert said, tapping the chair next to him. “Silence, please.” Professor Labyrinth said as he emerged from his desk. The class grew silent quickly. “Today’s lesson is about the dark and dangerous species of spiders. All spiders are carnivores and some can even be venomous.” A gasp amongst the second years was heard. Charles looked over and saw Juliette holding a Ravenclaw friend’s hand in fear. He rolled his eyes and looked at Robert who was shaking a bit. His eyes seemed to be bulging. “Although non-venomous spiders cannot serious harm you, they can leave horrid red bite marks upon your body that need healing.” Professor Labyrinth said. “Like Sofia…” Robert mumbled in horror. “Mr. Weasley, do you have something to say?” Professor Labyrinth asked. In shock Robert froze and didn’t speak. “Since you do not, would you come up in front of the class please?” Labyrinth asked. Rob stood and slowly made his way up. The professor turned around and reached his hands into a cage. “This is a baby spider. Harmless…if you don’t provoke it.” He said. He placed it in Robert’s hands, who immediately began squirming and panicking. “I think you ought to remove it from his hands.” Charles spoke up from his seat as he noticed Robert’s reactions. “He needs to learn bravery.” Labyrinth said. Robert began breathing harder and nearly sweating. “Professor, I believe you need to learn boundaries.” A voice said in the back. “Grandmother!” Charles said as he turned in his seat and saw Ginny. “Professor Potter, I’m teaching-” “You are teaching the boy how to be scared and that is not the lesson.” Robert dropped the spider onto the floor and it scurried towards the students. “Arania Exumai.” Professor Potter said as she killed the spider quickly. “Robert, come.” Ginny said. Robert ran out of the classroom. As he ran out, he grabbed Charles and dragged him out too.

      “Come on! We have to hurry.” Jade yelled as she ran past the dungeons. Robert and Charles emerged from the dungeons and saw the two girls and chased after them. “Another adventure?” Charles asked. “You better believe it.” Brianna said. The four kids ran past Professor Lupin and Nicholle. “Nikki, want to come on an adventure with us?” Charles asked her. “I can’t, I have a lesson with Lupin.” Nikki said. Professor Lupin coughed abruptly and loudly. Robert turned to look at them. “I think I’ll stay too.” Rob said staring deeply at him. “But it’s an adventure.” Brie said. “We’ll take care of him.” Lupin said grabbing Robert’s arm.

      The three kids began running off towards the forest. “Where’s Sofia?” Brianna asked. “Probably in Professor Longbottom’s hut.” Charles said. “Good idea, let’s go.” Jade said, dragging them to the hut. When they arrived, they knocked on the hut door and waited until Luna answered. “Hello Professor, is Sofia here?” “Oh my Nova. Sofia, your friends are here!” Luna said. Sofia came to the door. “Care for another adventure?” Jade asked. “Not really.” Sofia said. “You’re kidding right?” Brianna asked. “I don’t want any trouble or to get hurt.” “We’ll be fine.” Charles said. “Yeah, let’s go.” Brie added. “How long will this take, I don’t want to miss lunch.” Sofia groaned. “Oh just come on!” Jade said grabbing Sofia’s robe sleeve. “Bye Professor!” They all shouted as they ran straight towards the forest.

      “Professor, do you honestly think he can last?” Lupin said looking up at Ginny. “He better last. He’s the only we can bring in now for a teaching job.” Professor Potter said. “He’s not doing a very well job.” Teddy reminded her by looking at Robert. “It’s not like Albus is going to do anything about it.” There was silence. “Nikki, sweetheart, could you come here?” Teddy asked her. She left from her conversation with Robert and walked up to Lupin. “Yes?” She asked politely. “Do you have anything for me?” Lupin questioned. She looked away, then back at Lupin. “No, Professor. I assure you…there’s nothing they’re hiding.” Nikki said. “Are you positive they aren’t hiding things from you?” “I’m being as kind as possible to them. I sleep in their dorm. There’s not much they can hide.” Nikki said, leaning into Lupin. “There’s my girl. Keep a closer eye, dear.” Teddy said, patting her head. “Robert, my boy.” Lupin said with open arms. Robert walked over stiffly. “You know how it goes. Stay strong.” Lupin whispered in his ear. Robert nodded oddly and left.

      As their travels continued into the Forest, Sofia grew more and more antsy. “What exactly are we doing?” She groaned as she broke a few twigs while walking. “Actually, that’s a good question. Whose idea was this?” Charles asked. “Mine.” Jade said. “Yeah, she dragged me from our dorm.” Brie added. Jade reached in her pocket and took out a book. “That’s that book I was reading this morning.” Sofia said. “I don’t like this feeling.” Charles said looking around. “Guys. I’ve been thinking. Last night Kyran must’ve been murdered.” Jade said. “That’s a serious accusation.” Sofia said. “Young boy? Killed in the dead of night? In a dark place hidden by trees. Lost at the birth of a year to a creature of darkness?” Jade said as she read some parts of the description. “I’m just saying. It’s kind of weird since it’s a new year and Kyran just died.” She added. “Why do we keep finding books like this?” Brianna asked as if she expected an answer. “I read all the time…for knowledge and entertainment. Someone’s trying to tell us something or make a game of us.” Sofia said. “That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard her say yet.” Charles chuckled. “Now can we get food?” Sofia groaned again. There was a piece of cloth hanging behind Brianna’s head on one of the branches from a tree. “Hey Brie, grab that.” Jade said noticing it. Brie took it from the branch and felt it. “What is it?” Charles asked. “Cloth.” She felt her robe and then the cloth. “Like a shred of a robe.” She added. “I’m not about to be the next Ravenclaw to die so can we keep this moving back to Hogwarts for lunch?” Sofia asked. Jade sighed and chuckle. “Just like when we were kids. She’d go home from the park early to eat snacks.” She said. “I remember that too!” Charles said laughing. “Come on. This place is creepy anyways.” Brianna said, feeling odd about the area.

      They came back up to Hogwarts and entered the Great Hall where some students were eating lunch. “It’s never completely full for lunch.” Sofia said as they entered. “A lot of kids go outside to eat.” Brie reminded her.

      Merida approached the children who stood staring into the Great Hall. Placing a hand on Brianna shoulder she said, "Hey Brie." Brianna jumped as was startled by the sudden greeting. "How are you guys?" She asked addressing the group. "Fine. Just fine." Jade uttered. "It's a bit stuffy inside don't you think? Why don't you grab some food and meet me outside?" Merida asked. "It's stuffy because it's going to rain isn't it?" Sofia asked. "Nonsense." Merida said with a dismissive wave. "It isn't going to rain. Besides, it would be good for all of you and me to go outside. Being cooped up in here isn't always the best you know." Merida added. Professor Wood walked by and Brianna had the urge to go and sit in the Great Hall with her. "I think we should go outside." Jade said, trying to ease tensions in the group. "Yeah, we've been inside all day. She's right." Charles added. "Excellent!" Merida exclaimed with glee. "Let us be off then!"

      As the group walked outside, Brianna and Jade noticed Robert sitting by the fountain and staring up into the sky. "Imagine if he falls in again like when we met him." Jade mumbled. Brianna giggled and walked over to him. "How's life in the sky?" Brie asked, noticing him drifting. "It's beautiful." Robert replied. "We're all eating by the tree if you want to come." Brianna told him. "Sounds nice." Rob responded before getting up and going with her.

      As they settled by the tree, they all spoke of the classes they were taking. Mid-way through their lunch, a few wizards walked by in fancy clothes and decorated accessories. "What's with the clown fest?" Nicholle muttered as she approached the group for lunch. "Not entirely sure." Charles replied. "They're name tags said Administrator of W.A.D.A." Sofia said, being observant. "Oh wow. They're here today?" Brianna replied. "Who?" Robert asked. "The people from the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts." Brianna said. "Why would they come here?" Jade wondered. "Every year they go to a new school with high music rankings and allow students to audition to leave Hogwarts and go to that school instead." Brianna replied again. "We have high music rankings?" Nicholle asked. "I sure do agree with that. The music in this school sounds amazing! Our ratings have gone up higher since Professor Lupin went to Potions and Professor Wood came in." Merida said. Everyone looked at her. "Well, any of you little ones auditioning?" Merida asked to break the silence. "I am." Robert said standing up and grabbing his things. "Well good luck little one." Merida said before Robert took off. Everyone else looked at each other. "I hope he gets in, he's a good violinist." Charles said. "I hope he doesn't expect to beat every 7th year auditioning. He gets his hopes and desires up really high sometimes and then falls back down really hard when he gets let down. I just want him to be safe." "Stop worrying about him, he'll be fine." Nicholle said. "Don't tell me to stop worrying." Brianna said quietly and calmly. "There's always something to worry about around here it seems." She mumbled.

      Later that day, Robert put on his yellow scarf and made his way to the music wing of Hogwarts. Upperclassmen all seemed be rushing into the music room, eager to audition to perform and enter the school of their dreams. Robert quickly set up and tuned his instrument and waited in the corridor until he was called.

      When the time came, Robert walked into the music room to see the four scouts who were scurrying to writing down things with their quills. "Name." One of the projected to him. "Um, Robert Anakin Weasley. Second year, Hufflepuff.” “Yeah, I just asked your name.” The man said sternly as they wrote on their papers again. "The song you prepared is called?" One of the scouts asked. “Sonata No. 16 in G major by Frank Clapton.” Robert said. One of the scouts looked up from their paper with a peculiar smile. “Nice to see I'm still considered a decent composer.”  A chuckle came from the other scouts as Robert’s jaw dropped. “Alright then. On with it.” The first scout projected to him. Their quills moved as quickly as Robert’s bow did. Moving through each section of the piece, some scouts listened and observed while others buried themselves with their notes.

      Once everyone had auditioned, the scouts had approached the children with a small piece of paper. “Now, there can only be three new entrees to the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts.” As the man spoke, Robert felt hands being placed on his shoulders. He looked up and saw Professor Wood looking at Robert anxiously waiting for the results. Brianna stood back behind her. “And now, the three that we ask to join us at our prestigious academy are Sandra Bolton, James Dillon and Robert Weasley.” Gasps were heard around as the names were announced. “You each have one hour to prepare for your departure. We leave before Supper.”

      Robert was in disbelief and started jumping with Professor Wood in joy. "I am so proud of you. It’s quite rare a second year could achieve so much." As Professor Wood finished, Robert hugged her and thanked her for her help. Robert looked at Brianna and smiled. “Thanks for telling me about this.” Rob said. "I'm glad you’re doing what you want to.” Rob hugged her as well. Brianna placed her head in Robert’s shoulder and Robert felt a tear from Brianna's eyes land on his shirt.

      Robert pulled away and looked up and Jade who seemed disappointed. She turned into Sofia who was already crying. Brianna was tearing up but attempting to stay strong. Robert’s face changed from joy to a realization. Without a word to his friends, he walked up to Frank Clapton and lifted his head. “Sir? I am unable to attend your academy.” Robert said. “What?” Frank asked, raising his voice. Robert’s friends overheard and watched. “I’ve found out that I have a severe case of friendship and love and I cannot leave Hogwarts because of this condition.” Robert said. “Excuse me?” Frank asked angrily. “You’re excused, sir.” Robert said as he walked away. All his friends left with him. 

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