Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

      "Bloody hell! Stupidity!" A woman's voice screamed from the downstairs. Jade woke up, swearing it was the voice of Molly Weasley. She ran downstairs, remembering it was Ginny. She was reading the Daily Prophet. "Floating Boy" The headlines flashed. "Dark Magic Involved? Potter seen at the scene" It read. "I cannot believe this. You save a boy from death and it's seen as Dark Magic?" Ginny throwing the newspaper on the table. "It wouldn't be the first." Harry said, pulling a mug of coffee to his lips. Ginny looked up, seeing Jade. "Dear, would you like some breakfast?" She asked in a calm collected manner. "What's going on?" She asked. "Just a bit of bad news is all, sweetheart." She said patting Jade's shoulders. "Gather up the rest of your pals, breakfast is almost ready." She told Jade.

      The kids got a call from Jade and quickly ran to the table. They ate breakfast. Sofia saw the newspaper but it was folded so she couldn't see what the headline. "So, what are we doing today?" Sofia asked. Robert remained quite as he opened the newspaper. “This is such rubbish.” Robert mumbled as he read the headlines. “It’s not even Harry’s fault.” He said a bit louder. Specific words caught his eyes. “Dark Magic?” He asked aloud. No one answered for the chatter was too loud.

      Brianna noticed Robert's looks at the newspaper. "That's enough." Brianna said grabbing the paper and folding it away. "Anyways Sofia." Brianna said looking around. "Maybe we can practice a bit of dueling." Brianna leaned in whispering so the adults wouldn't hear. "Why?" Sofia asked. "I just...I feel like we should get better at our spells. In case of another attack. I feel like someone's after us." Brianna said. Robert leaned in as well. "I agree." He said.

      “We can’t do magic outside of Hogwarts!” Jade said, overhearing the conversation. “That’s right, we’re under 17.”  Sofia said. “We’re bloody under 13.” Charles added. Sofia looked around. “Can’t we use floo powder to get to Luna’s hut? It’s right outside the Forbidden Forest.” Sofia said. "I'm not joining along with this." Jade said. Charles shook his head, agreeing with Jade. "Fine." Robert said, grabbing Brianna's arm. "It'll be us." "We're done." Brianna said placing her utensils on her plate and getting up.

      They went upstairs to Sofia's and Charles' room. There was a fireplace in there. Sofia went into her bag and pulled out floo powder. Robert gave her a puzzled look. "I'm a Ravenclaw. I'm always prepared." She said.

      "Just say Luna's hut." Sofia said handing Robert the bag. Robert took some and took a deep breath. "Luna's. Hut." He said as if it were to different sentences. Robert threw it down and he puffed into flames. Sofia looked over to Brianna, motioning her into the fireplace. Brianna grabbed a handful. "Luna's hut!" Brianna said quickly but precisely. Sofia left the bag next to the fireplace and grabbed a handful of floo powder. "Luna's Hut!" She said throwing the powder. She rolled out of a different fireplace, toppling over Robert and Brie who still lied on the floor. "You could've cleared the way!" She said getting up and dusting herself off. "You didn't give us the bloody time." Robert said, standing as well. They looked around. "Where is she?" Robert asked. "She's with grandpa at home." Sofia said. "So why are we here if no one's near?" Brianna asked. "To duel. Duh." Sofia said as if it were common sense. Robert and Brianna shook their heads in disagreement as they followed Sofia outside. They were on the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

      "Maybe we should go in a bit." Sofia said. "I don't want to get caught by someone still lurking at Hogwarts." She added. They headed into the Forest but didn't go far in. They stood in a triangle formation and took out their wands. "Who shall start?" Brianna asked. "Rictusempra!" Robert said, aiming at Brianna. Brianna flipped into the air and fell to the floor in a fit of laughter. "Levicorpus” Robert said lifting Sofia into the air. As he focused on her, Brianna was getting up behind him.

      "Stupefy!" Brianna casted upon Robert, sending him into a tree. A feeling all too familiar to Robert. Sofia fell onto a soft bush. She got onto the ground and casted, "Ventus" upon Brianna, sending her back. "Alarte Ascendare" Robert said, getting up from the tree and shooting Sofia. Sofia flew into the air and hung to a branch. Going with the momentum, Robert turned to Brianna. "Expulso!" He said. "Protego Duo!" Brianna screamed blocking the spell, realizing it was rather dangerous. Everything froze. "Are you trying to kill me?" Brianna said, looking at Robert. Robert stood still and stared into the eyes on Brianna. "Where to bloody hell are you learning these?" Sofia said from the tree. "Uh” Was all Robert got out. "I've been reading." He finished. "Reading what?" Sofia said, beginning to swing. Brianna grabbed Robert's arm. "Nothing." She said. "Get down from there." Brianna continued. "Descendo" She said, slowly floating down. "We're going back home." Brianna said, dragging the two to the hut. As they walked away, they heard a cough behind them. Brianna looked back but continued to walk forward.

      They arrived at the hut and apparated back to Grimmauld’s Place. They popped up in front of the stairway, as Jade was coming down. "Bloody hell have you been" She said pushing them against the wall. "None of your bloody business." Brianna said sharply. "It is when I have to cover for you." Jade snapped at her. Sofia snuck from Jade's clutch along with Robert. "Next time...let me know." Jade said giving one last push. Brianna adjusted her sweatshirt and went upstairs to find Robert on his bed with a book open. "Show me where you learned those spells." She said slamming the door. Robert opened the book to a different page. Brianna grabbed the book and rubbed her hands across the page. Some ink smudged off. "This is fresh. Did you write this?" Brianna asked. "No. Bloody no. I keep finding new things in there." Robert replied. "And when did you learn to read Latin?" Brianna asked again. "Never did." Robert replied. Brianna gave a glare to Robert and tossed the book into a chest and locked it. "Take a rest." She said.

      Brianna lied on her bed and stretched her body. It was stiff from the attacks. The day and grown long and night had arrived once more. Sofia joined Robert and Brianna in the room. When she entered she saw Robert fast asleep in a ball and Brianna lying stiff on her back. Sofia slowly walked out and went into her room and slept in her bed. It seemed as if Robert had tears running down his face but he was fast asleep. Brianna lie awake for a while listening Blizzy hoo in the nighttime. She slowly drifted into sleep without hearing Jade enter.

      Early in the morning, before the sun rose, trifling could be heard from the outside. Brianna jumped up and looked out the window. Charles came in the room as well. "You heard that too right?" He asked. Brianna nodded me shushed him. As they both looked outside the window, they saw a small girl tripping over bags of garbage and stumbling through the streets. She kept looking down at a note in her hand as if she looked for a specific apartment. Her back stiffened in joy when she came across the blue door. As she stepped forward to knock, the light brightened her face. "Nicholle!" Charles screamed from the window. Brianna giggled and waved. "Don't knock, we'll get you." Brianna said.

      Brianna and Charles rushed downstairs and opened the door. Nicholle looked inside before walking in. "It's dark." She said. "It's nighttime." Charles replied sarcastically. "Bloody light would be nice." "Waking us up a little later would've been as well." Charles and Nicholle argued. "I can't help it. I hate my parents for bloody sake. Bitter sweet feeling ruining that Diggory name. Cedric never deserved it." Nicholle said taking off her sweater and hanging it on a rack. She yawned. "The next available bed is within Sofia & Charles' room." Brianna said pointing upstairs. As she did, the small creature appeared there. "Sneaking in Dark Witches I see, Brianna Wood. Tuffy has a half brain to tell Harry Potter." Tuffy said in a low voice. His high pitched voice reached their ears clearly. "Tuffy no. Nikki's our friend." Charles said. "Friend or foe, Tuffy will not lose his toe." Tuffy said lifting his foot, revealing past punishments to his foot. Brianna began walking up the stairs. "I'll alert the adults in the morning. Sleep Tuffy." Brianna said. "Tuffy doesn't sleep. Work for Tuffy never ends." Tuffy said before he snapped his fingers and vanished. "Nice rat." Nicholle said. "He's an elf." Brianna replied. "Yeah he was part of the Black Family, like this house, but you know." Charles said, not wanting to explain years of history. Nicholle nodded and lied down in her new bed. Brianna left and went back to sleep in her room. Charles fell asleep & so did Nichols, exhausted from the travel.

      The next morning, Nicholle woke staring into the eyes of Tuffy. Tuffy was standing on her bed watching her. "How did foe sleep?" Tuffy said, noticing she opened her eyes. Nicholle screamed, pushing Tuffy off. "Bloody mutant!" She said grabbing and pointing her wand. "Nicholle, no magic! We’re with muggles!" Charles screamed.

      Ginny barged in, hearing the scream. "Oh, Miss Diggory. Such a pleasant surprise in the morning. Breakfast is ready anyway, up and out of bed guys." Ginny said leaving the room.

      Nicholle came downstairs and sat in one of the chairs at the table. As everyone else joined her, there was a knock on the door. Brianna ran to it, opening the door? "More guests maybe!" Charles said excitedly. As Brianna opened it, the image of a rugged messy haired well-mannered man stood at the door. His eyes glowed and he looked sympathetically down at Brianna. "Professor Lupin!" Brianna said hugging him tightly. "Your mother isn't here?" Lupin asked, seemingly reminding Brie I her absence. Brianna shook her head. "Ah, Teddy. Would you like some breakfast?" Ginny offered. "No thank you. In fact, I'm only interested in one thing right now." He said. Nicholle peered from the corner of the wall. "Nicholle, so glad to see you. I heard you took off so I came here. We have much to discuss my dear." He said opening his arms to her. Nicholle trudged over to Lupin. They left with one glance back at the kids. "That's weird." Jade said coming down the stairs. Brianna looked at her. "She comes early this morning, and then he comes and takes her. Did they plan meeting?" Jade asked. "I don't think so; Lupin tutors her so she can catch up on all the work she missed from her last school." Robert added. "That's true." Brianna said walking to the table. They all began eating breakfast together again.

      After breakfast, Harry took out some brooms from the cupboard. "Today we're going to practice flying." He said. "We can't fly around muggles!" Sofia shouted. "I realize. But we're heading out to the Weasley house for a few hours & practicing in open fields." He said. He put his hand on Jade's shoulder. "At least you get to see Hugo & Rose, eh?" He said proudly. Jade nodded.

      The kids apparated to the Weasley house. Hugo & Rose were waiting at the door. Jade hugged her father & aunt. Scorpious came out skeptically and Jade backed up. "That's uncle Scorpious." Hugo pointed. Samantha Malfoy popped out as well. "Why is everyone here?" Brianna whispered to Charles. He shrugged. Cedric Thomas & Lily Potter flew from the field and landed next to Charles. "Mom! Dad!" Charles screamed hugging them. Brianna looked around waiting for her family to pop up somewhere but no one did.

      Samantha came out with a Nimbus 2000 and showed Brianna. Brianna pulled out her broom, a Nimbus 2001 and smiled proudly. Both mounted their brooms. Harry mounted his and Charles followed behind as each person took off in the sky. Robert and Sofia stayed home with Ginny to help with chores. Scorpious flew next to Brianna and tried to begin conversation. "I'm sorry about my father!" He shouted from his broom. "Sometimes he does things without thinking. I don't believe he meant to Crucio you." He said. Brianna looked away and zoomed faster ahead of him, catching up to Harry & Charles. Jade flew between Hugo & Samantha, and then flew between Charles & Brianna. She began doing tricks in the air. Brianna cut between Jade's tricks and did a figure 8 in the air. Harry and Charles floated in awe. Charles, being a daredevil, zoomed in a playfully pushed Brianna. A game of tag soon began as the kids zoomed around on their brooms. "Sam's it!" Brianna screamed, throwing the Slytherin into the mix. Sam tried hard to chase Brianna but Brianna's broom was a tad faster. Sam then took a bludger from her robe and chucked it into the air. It slammed the back of Brianna's broom but kept steady. Scorpious watched intensely. Rose screamed from the ground below. Harry intervened and hit the bludger away from the children, glaring at Sam. She shrugged and flew to her father. Brianna flew to ground level with Jade & Charles to check out her broom. The wood was slightly shipped but the broom was still in good shape. "Slytherin." Charles muttered under his breath. Sam heard and glared back at Charles. "I think it's time to go home." Harry said noticing the morning flew by fast.

      Mid-afternoon had arrived and the group had made their way back to Grimmauld’s. When they arrived, they noticed Nicholle's presence. "Where were you?" Jade asked walking in. Nicholle cleared her throat and pulled down her sleeves. "Nowhere. Just tutoring." Nikki said. "We're going to watch television. You should come." Charles invited Nicholle. "Maybe." Nikki said resting her head for the moment.

      Robert went upstairs from the kitchen and stood in the middle of the room. The room seemed as if it was spinning. “It’s ready.” Robert could hear in his head. Robert fought to urge to move but the control had Robert tightly. As he fought it, he began twitching and convulsing in place.

      The door opened and everything stopped. “Are you coming to watch?” Jade asked opening the door to get her pillow. “Yeah.” Robert replied breathing heavily, trying to regain himself. “Are you okay?” Jade asked. “Yeah, the summer heat’s getting to me.” He said. Jade tossed him a water bottle. “Cool off.” Jade said, leaving the room. Robert stared at the chest when he was alone. He remembered the book was in there. He then left and went to watch TV.

      Jade snuck in between Sofia and Brie, squeezing her way onto the couch. She smiled as her ears picked up on the words "Bloody Hell" escaping from Brie's lips. Sighing, she moved around as much as the tiny couch allowed, trying to find a position on the couch that didn't have Sofia's bony elbows jabbing into her rib cage. Pain momentarily flared up in her rib cage as Sofia's elbow connected with her still damaged rib. She winced, causing Brie to shoot her a concerned look. Waving off Brie's concern, Jade moved off of the tiny couch, content with stretching out across the floor. She tried to focus on the TV, however was unable to pay much attention to the flurry of colors before her. Her mind had started to drift, the voices from the TV becoming a faint mumble in the background. Images of a black haired boy fluttered across her eyes, hues of purple and gray swirled together, encasing her mind in its colorful embrace. She was so distracted that she didn't even hear Brie calling for her. She finally snapped out of her mental reprieve when a soft pillow connected with her face. Looking around she saw her friends laughing. Grinning, Jade said "Bloody idiots, was that really necessary?" "It is when you dream of our neighbors!" Brianna said giggling from the couch. "You have no proof." Jade said. "Oh please." Brianna said. Robert came downstairs and threw himself across the other tiny couch.

      Charles came in with a brownie. "Accio." Sofia whispered and the brownie flew to her. "That was mine!" Charles said. "You took too long to eat it and I'm hungry." Sofia said taking a big bite. "Will you ever stop eating?" Robert asked watching Sofia devour the brownie. "Maybe. Like when I die." Sofia replied. "And she's a bloody twig too." Brianna mumbled over to Charles.

      Nicholle opened her eyes gasping for air. Her hands were clenched to the side of the couch. She stood up weakly throwing her messy hair into a ponytail. "Hello?" she said looking around the room. The house was extremely dark. "Charles? Brie? Jade? Anyone?" she yelled through the silent house. It appeared to be empty. Suddenly a light appeared shining down the stairs. Nikki ran to the stairs and began to walk up to it, slowly placing her hands in her back pockets ready to pull out her wand if necessary. "Hello? Guys, is that one of you?" When she reached the top of the stairs, Nikki realized the light was coming from a room to her left. She walked to the door and pushed it in.

      There was a large flash of white light and Nikki saw her dining room table at home. But the paint on the walls were different. Then there was a laugh of a little girl and the little pattern of footsteps running around. She stepped inside the room and suddenly she appeared in her house. In the corner of the house was her father sitting on his chair reading the paper and a little girl about the age of 6 poking his arm. "Daddy! Daddy! You have to see what Nikki can do! Come on! Come on!" She yelled in his ear tugging on his blue and red plaid button down shirt. Nikki rubbed her head. "Wait! I remember this." She said. He stood up putting the paper down and began to follow the little girl. The little girl was Caper. Nikki took off running after her father and Caper. "Dad no! Don't go in there please!" She yelled reaching for her dad’s shoulder but her hand went straight through it. He couldn't see her or hear her. Her father opened the door and it revealed a 9 year old Nicholle sitting on her bed staring at the floor. "Nikki! Nikki! Show daddy the cool trick you can do!" The younger Nicholle stood up off the bed walked over to the dolls on the floor and stood over them. "Dad, watch this! It’s really cool." she said picking up a doll in her right hand. She then let go of the doll. "What the hell?!" Her father exclaimed dropping his coffee. To his surprise the doll remained suspended in air. "Isabel!" Her father yelled pulling Caper away from her sister and holding her in his arms.

      Nicholle heard the distress in her father’s voice and she let the doll fall. "Dad, what’s wrong?" Nicholle said taking a step towards her father. He retreated back quickly. Nicholle began to cry. As the first tear fell the doll rose back up from the ground again. "What wrong Alec?" her mother said stepping towards her father. She turned her head to look at Nicholle. "I hate this part. Please." The present-day Nicholle mumbled looking at her younger self. "Oh My God!" her mother yelled stepping back. "Nicholle, sweetheart. You need to stop what you're doing right now." She said taking a step towards her. "But mommy I don't know how. I'm not trying to.” She said beginning to cry harder. “It's not cool is it? I'm a freak!" as she said these words more tears coming out, she threw her hand to her face and all the toys in the room rose. "Alec, get Caper out of here." Her mother said and then began to step towards Nicholle. "Stop now! You shouldn't be able to do this!" Her mother grabbed Nikki's hand with fear in her voice. Behind her 9 year old self, stood a tall figure in a cloak. The figure disappeared and she saw her younger self's face tense. "Don't touch me." Nikki said pulling away from her mother, causing all the toys to hit the wall.

      At that moment Nikki fell backwards out of the room and ended up back in the dark hallway of the Weasley’s house. She stood up breathing heavily and her heart still racing fast. On the other end of the hall there was another light. She started towards the room and pushed open the door. She was now standing on grass. "Mommy, why do I have to go? I don't want to be away from home." Said 11 year old Nicholle holding her luggage. "Beauxbatons." present Nicholle whispered under her breathe as if they would hear her. "Because we don't know how to handle you! You're dangerous and here you will learn to control you powers." Her mother said staring coldly into Nikki's eyes. "I remember this. This was horrible. This was the day they left me." Across the field there was a dead tree. Behind the tree Nikki saw a cloak wave. "NO! Get out of here! I get it now!” Nicholle started running to the tree but turned around quickly to see her younger self start to cry. "I hate you." she said looking up at her parents. Behind her parents stood the dark figure again.

      At that moment the ground underneath her opened up and Nikki fell hard to the floor of her parents’ house. Nikki sat up crying and rubbing her head. "Do you remember all this? And the best part is you don't even understand. It wasn't me that cause all this. You did! You're the freak. But what did you expect? You're a muggle-born freak who ruined your family’s name. You were incompetent enough to get kicked out of school for hurting your best friend. What are you going destroy this time?" said a ghostly man’s voice coming from somewhere in the house. "Please just stop. Leave me alone!”  Nicholle said standing up with her wand out pointed out into the oblivion. The house she was in disappeared. Now it was as if she was in space, with no stars; just darkness. "Oh silly insolent child. You couldn't beat me if you tried." Is said softly in her ear. Then Nikki began to fall.

      Nikki began to scream. She felt somebody shaking her shoulder so she started waving her arms. "Nicholle. Relax! You’re having a bad dream! You're okay. Relax open your eyes." She opened her eyes and saw it was Robert sitting over her surrounded by Sofia, Jade, Brie and Charles. They all had worried looks on their faces. "It’s okay, you're okay now." Robert reassured her as Nicholle tried to sit up.

      The darkness rolled over the afternoon sky and all the lights in the house turned on, fighting the darkness. "Maybe we should get going to bed?" Brianna said, seeing Nicholle's bloodshot eyes. "You better a good night's rest." Sofia said to Nicholle. "No!" Nicholle screamed grabbing Sofia's shirt in fear. Charles pried Nicholle's hands off of Sofia. "You're obviously sleep deprived. Go to bed." Charles said. "We'll be up in a moment." He assured her. Nicholle slowly took steps to her room with her wand out, pointing randomly into the air. "Maybe she had a dream about dueling." Robert said. "Whatever it was, it has her spooked." Brianna said. "She's going to go mad one day." Jade said. "We all are." She added before climbing up the stairs.

      They all showered and sat in their beds. "Goodnights" flew around the room as each child prepared for bed. Ginny came into Nicholle's room and bent over to kiss the sleeping girl's forehead. "A mother's touch and the world's fears come to an end." She said aloud in the lonely room. She left, allowing Sofia and Charles to enter. They crawled into their beds and went to sleep. Brianna, Jade and Robert pulled the covers over themselves and spoke whispers in the night until each one of them fell asleep to the sound of their own murmurs.

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