Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 30 May 2015
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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19. Chapter 19

Chapter 19

      "10 minutes before the train takes off!" Charles said to Devon as they ran to Platform 9 3/4. “Do you think Brianna is there?” Devon asked following Charles. “What’s with you and her? Are you guys a thing?” Charles asked stopping in his tracks. “A thing? Like boyfriend and girlfriend?” Devon asked nervously. “Yeah.” Charles replied. “Well like…she’s a girl…and a friend.” Devon said. “Alright we’re not having this conversation anymore.” Charles said walking away and chuckling at his brother’s expense. “So what about you and Venus?” Devon asked, catching up to Charles once more. “Of course we’re a thing. I love her.” Charles said. “You really don’t know the meaning of love. You’re too young.” Devon said. “Like you do? Brianna’s my age.” Charles said. “A bit older. Her birthday’s coming up. She’ll be twelve before the rest of you.” Devon said. “Speaking of.” Charles said, motioning to Brianna who was walking towards the train with her mother.

      “I’m going to miss you!” Brianna said grabbing onto her mother. “I’ll see you at Hogwarts.” Sentolia giggled. “I’ll still miss you.” Brianna said reaching up for a hug. “Ugh.” Sentolia groaned, teasing Brianna. Sentolia squeezed Brianna tightly and kissed her repeatedly on her head. “Happy? Will that hold you until Hogwarts?” Sentolia asked. “Maybe.” Brianna said with a small giggle. “If that doesn’t, I will.” Devon said. “Here we go.” Charles said, rolling his eyes and handing the luggage to the train worker.

      “Don’t forget mine!” Sofia said running up to throw the man her luggage. Robert came out of the train at the same moment. “Thought you guys would never make it. It’s time to leave.” He said. Charles and Devon hugged Cedric and Lily goodbye as they finally made their way to Platform with Bass. Brianna hugged Sentolia once more and Sofia waved goodbye to Skye. “Where’s Jade?” Sofia asked Robert. “Inside the train already, holding our cabin. The Weasleys dropped us off early.” Robert replied.

      They walked into the train and found their cabin. Jade was snuggled into Sebastian’s arms. “Just when I thought we were going to have a nice ride back to Hogwarts.” Brianna sighed. She shook her head and sat across from them.

      Lulled snores bounced around the cabin of the train. Robert and Charles laid twisted together sleeping on the opposite side of the tiny room while Brie gazed drowsily out the window. Aimlessly, she tapped out a rhythm on the glass while Sofia stretched out across the floor with a book in her hand. Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, Jade nuzzled further into Sebastian's chest seeking warmth. His soft snores sent vibrations throughout his chest and into her head. Sighing she began to curl up further until a noise caught her attention. Creaks streaked through the air as Sofia clumsily made her way out of the cabin yelling, “I have to pee!” Chuckles escaped from the group of children as most of them were roused awake. As they were about to settle back in, a kind voice pierced the laughter of the group.                                           

      "Anything from the trolley dearies?" a small old woman came up to the cabin door. She stood slightly slumped over with flecks of gray hair dotting the top of her head. Her bright pink sweater blended in with the assortment of treats decorating the entire expanse of the trolley she pushed. "Sweets!" Brie exclaimed as she jostled Robert awake once more. Sighing, he lifted himself up from the worn upholstered seat. Slowly he stretched out his sore limbs, peeking out from under his blonde hair he gazed longingly at the trolley of sweets. Carefully, he dug his hand into the pocket of his robe finding only a piece of lint and rolled up wad of paper. Taking his hand out, he looked over at Brie shaking his head, "I've got nothing" sighing he began lay back down on the seat. Saddened, Brie pulled out some galleons to buy her and Robert some sweets when Sebastian interjected. "I’ll take all of it please." Careful not to jostle Jade too much he dug in his pocket for his coin pursue. Tossing the lot entirely at the lady he sat back, pulling Jade closer into him. Placing a gentle kiss on her head, he inhaled the sharp scent of her. Twisting her curls in between his fingers, he laughed as she began to squirm slightly.

      "This is too much, dearie." the kind trolley witch began to give him back the excess coins but he gently pushed it away. Holding his hand up and flashing his most brilliant smile he said, "Keep it. If not for the purchase of sweets take it as a gift from a loyal customer." Winking, he instead motioned for her to leave the sweets here.

      Wrappers were flung through the air as the children tore through the candy. Jade lazily sat up as she tossed another piece of toffee into her mouth letting its sticky exterior coat the inside of her mouth. Robert and Charles sat on the seat dividing up the differing bags of Fizzing Whizzbees as Brie began to unbox a chocolate frog. Carefully she removed the lid in order to keep the enchanted bugger from escaping. Unfortunately, it hopped out of its tiny container and scrambled out the open door. Pushing the wrappers into her pockets, Brie tore off down the tiny hallway. Quickly, the rest of the children stuck their heads out as they watched her try and recapture the candy.

      Sighing, Brianna pushed herself up off the floor one again. Carefully she watched it as it settled in front of the bathroom door. Slowly she got up as she made her way over to the frog, careful not to startle it and sending it hopping once more. The flickering of light beneath the door caught her attention as the door began to open. Sofia flung the bathroom door open as she gingerly stepped out into the hall. As she began to step forward, the frog caught her eye. "Ooh food!" quickly she bent down to examine the treat. Carefully she turned it over, seeing nothing wrong with it. She shrugged and popped it into her mouth.

      Brie's mouth fell open as she watched Sofia place the frog in her mouth. Laughter erupted behind her as her friends exploded into a fit of giggles. Turning sharply on her heel she stomped back into the cabin as she flung herself onto her seat, all the while sending her friends a sharp glare. "What's so funny?" Sofia said as she resumed her spot on the floor in their cabin. Pulling her book back into her hands she glanced back up at her friends muffled expression. "Hey you know what? I found a chocolate frog waiting in front of the bathroom door," shrugging she continued, "It was really good." Laughter erupted yet again as Brie groaned, placing her head in her hands.

"Guys, seriously, what's so funny about that?" Sofia said, as Brie’s face reddened slightly with anger. This only succeeded in making her friends laugh even harder.

      By the time they had arrived at Hogwarts, the sight of everyone in their robes again seemed to relax them all. “Home.” Robert said as he inhaled the familiar scent of Hogwarts. Merida walked off one of the train cars rubbing her eyes. Sleepily she walked towards the group of children. The bags that were once under her eyes were gone and left behind sleepy looking eyes for the fifth year. "I dare say, live your childhood while you can, little ones! By the time you're my age you'll be bouncing off the walls and going off your trolley with tons of work and OWLs to study for! Don't grow up too fast, it's terrible being old!" Merida said. Brianna looked down, then at Jade, knowing that they ached for every childhood memory they can make. “Of course.” Jade said. “How was your holiday?” Brianna asked Merida. “A blur.” She replied. “Splendid?” Robert said confusingly.

      “Thanks for my gift, Charles!” Nicholle thanked Charles as she got off the train to hug him.  "Oh! I'm terribly sorry I had nothing planned for you all! Thank you to those who managed to send me a card or two..." Merida said apologetically, her face flushing with embarrassment and forgetting to even plan a gift for each of them. “Don’t even worry about it; I don’t really give gifts on Christmas.” Brianna said. “What a pity.” Merida said. “Come on children! Off to the Great Hall you go!” A few conductors shouted to the group of children straggling behind everyone else. “We should get going. Nice seeing you.” Sofia said to Merida before beginning to run off. “Wonderful seeing you all as well.” Merida said, grabbing her bags before going as well.

      Once everything settled back at Hogwarts, the children were off to get back in their dorms. Brianna, Robert and Sofia were unpacking their items and fixing up their beds. Jade was snuggled up on her bed with Sebastian. Charles put down his book and picked up a drawing he had been working on over the vacation. He was accustomed to drawing abstract figures of females for he seemed to be a hopeless romantic at such a young age. As he began putting the final touches on the hair Venus walked into the kids’ dorm. "Wow that's a pretty picture of a girl that's not me." She said. Charles looked at her from his bed. Everyone looked towards to see what his reaction would be. "Do you want me to make one for you?" He asked her. She looked at him with disgust. "Well I’m your girlfriend, the only one you should be drawing." Charles stood up and opened his arms for a hug to console her. She looked down and turned away. “I’ve got to go now.” She said turning away. "No more drawing other girls." She added before running out.

The silence in the room was interrupted when Sebastian questioned, “Why are you even dating her?” Charles looked at him and to everyone’s surprise he was smiling, "I love her." “You don’t know what love is.” Brianna said. Charles put his drawing down and put the blanket over him. “Well I know I love her.” Charles said. Brianna climbed into her own bed and Rob and Sofia did the same. “I think it’s time we go to bed.” Brianna said. “That means Sebastian too.” Sofia said, tired of seeing them cuddle. “Aw, don’t go.” Jade said. “I must.” Sebastian said, leaning down to kiss her forehead and leave. They fell asleep.

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