Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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17. Chapter 17

Chapter 17

      About a week later, one day at dawn, Headmaster Potter called for all students to report to the Great Hall immediately. As all students did, Professor Hermione Weasley was glaring at each student intensely. As they all sat down and waited for the Headmaster’s speech, they looked at each other with curious eyes. “It has come to my attention that a few of our students have not been who they say they are.” Albus said. Frightened, students looked around nervously. “It has come to my attention that a series of students have been acting the slightest bit strange. Which leads me to the conclusion of illegal use of Polyjuice Potion.” A shocking gasp echoed around the Great Hall. “I have found across campus numerous sites where massive holes have been. In those holes were certain students of Hogwarts. Now I do not know if this was done by a student or staff member from Hogwarts, or from someone from an outside school.” Albus said looking around to the foreign students of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. “But believe that these students will be dealt with when we find out.” He added.

      Juliette, Ian, Nicholle and Charles stood before the teachers table. Nicholle and Charles stood shaken up yet Juliette and Ian hung their heads.

      When the students were dismissed, Brianna, Jade and Robert ran up to Nicholle and Charles afterwards but Albus tried shooing them off. “Is that why you haven’t been hanging out with us?” Jade tried saying before Albus pushed her back. “Juliette took me! I woke up in that dirty ditch of hers!” Nicholle yelled. “I knew I couldn’t trust that Gryffindor!” Charles said, referring to Ian. “Aren’t you guys dating?” Ian asked looking at Juliette. “Not anymore!” Charles shouted at them both. “Enough!” Albus said loudly. “You two back to your dorms! As for Ian and Juliette, we will have a discussion.” Albus said bringing them along.

      As Charles, Robert, Jade, Nicholle and Brianna walked out of the Great Hall, Ginny Potter could be heard speaking to Professor Lupin about the poor work Headmaster Albus was doing towards this case. “If I were running Hogwarts, this school would have been locked up for investigation!” She said.

      Later that day, Robert, Brianna, Devon, Sofia, Kristoff, Connor, Sebastian and Jade all sat outside by their favorite tree in the courtyard. The girls rested in the boys’ chests as they spoke of their dream dresses for the Yule Ball. Charles came running to them out of breath. “I know who I’m going to ask out to the Yule Ball!” He exclaimed. “Wow, over Juliette that quickly? We’re still 11!” Brianna exclaimed. “Yeah, who is she?” Sebastian asked. “Venus Belladonna. First year Slytherin.” Charles said. “Ew. Slytherin?” Brianna asked. “Yeah why would you date a Slytherin?” Robert asked. “Look at her! She’s beautiful.” Charles said pointing at her. She was in a small group of other girls talking. Her eyes were vibrant green, almost yellow. Her hair was long, thick and black. It shined in the light and made it seem as if it was silk. She had a sun-kissed face with round cheeks that only enhanced her look even more. Her other Slytherin friends left her alone to read and she sat alone. “I’m waiting to be asked.” Robert said. “You’re not going to ask anyone?” Connor asked. “I kind of want a guy to ask me.” Rob said, leaning his head on Brianna’s shoulder. Connor shrugged. “I’m going to ask her now. She’s alone.” Charles said before he took off to her.

      “Well I’m not going to watch this train wreck.” Jade said getting up and bring Sebastian. The group followed. “You think she’ll deny him?” Brianna asked. “She seems as if she’s too good for him.” Devon said. “I agree.” Jade added. As they walked into the Entrance Hall, Connor grabbed Robert’s hand and took him into the far corner of the courtyard. “What do you want? We were about to go eat. I’m hungry!” Robert said. “There’s an elephant in the room.” Connor said. Robert turned around but saw no elephant. He turned back confused. Connor sighed. “No it means…never mind.” He sighed. “Would you go to the Yule Ball with me?” Connor said quickly and shyly. Robert tried to resist the huge smirk that was tugging at his lips so he wouldn’t seem too overly joyed. “I would love to!” Robert squealed as he nearly jumped onto Connor. When they stepped back, Connor was seemingly staring at Robert’s lips. Time had seemed to stop.

      “Hey guys!” Charles said running to them. Robert sighed as the moment was interrupted. “She said yes!” Charles announced. “Where’s everyone else?” He asked. “The Great Hall. I was just showing him something. Let’s go.” Connor said quickly as they went inside.

      As Robert scurried inside with ever such the slightest blush upon his face he bumped into someone. “I truly am sorry. I’m extremely clumsy. You see I-” “Merida?” Robert asked. Merida looked up and pushed her wavy hair back. “Oh! Robert! I apologize, little one!” She said.

      “Need a hand, Lane?” asked a rather tall looking boy. He was rumored to have such beautiful blonde hair during his previous year and now ruined it with blue dye. His name was Lance Zeon Cruz, descendant of some old family tree that was thought to be lost back in the eighteenth century. His family was known as the family of Slytherins, and he was living proof of that with his black and green robes and green eyes. Lance’s robes were hanging off just around his forearms as his hands were shoved into his pockets. His wand was tucked behind his ear like one would do with their pencil or quill. “Um, yeah.” Merida asked, hesitating. “Oh dear,” he sighed bending down and tapped his finger on the spine of the book as if in disappointment. “You don’t seem to have the best of luck with that book of yours, Lane.” He said, helping her gather her things, put them back in her bag and helped her up to her feet. “I’m afraid not,” she sighed. “I’m sorry you little ones had to see that,” Merida apologized, looking back at the group before smiling genuinely, “where are you all headed off to? You all seem to be in a rush towards the Great Hall!” Lance’s stomach growled quietly, but Merida seemed not to take notice. “I wouldn’t waste time on them,” he said stubbornly and arrogantly putting on a high and mighty look on his face. “They’re just babies.” “Yes, and they’re precious to me,” Merida snapped a bit, looking at the Slytherin with a bit of loathing. She loved children, anyone smaller than her really. The boy was startled by her calling them precious, but did not argue about it nor did he want to. “I’m sure you don’t want me to reject you so soon after you’ve asked me to the ball,” she said a bit more smoothly and a bit cockily. “You’re joking, right?” he said a bit flatly, his cheeks starting to burn with embarrassment. “I certainly am not, Lance Cruz,” Merida said stubbornly, “so I suggest you watch your tongue.” Instead of spurting our insults like he usually would, Lance turned on his heel and walked away.

      “Speaking of which, have all of you been asked to the ball yet? I expect so since all of you are all fine young men and women.” Merida asked curiously. "Well I'm sure you watched the first task like the rest of us, Merida. Devon asked me there." Brianna said with a smile. "Venus Belladonna just agreed to go with me!" Charles exclaimed excitedly. "I already have a boyfriend so naturally we're going to go." Jade said, curling her hair. "And you, young Weasley?" Merida asked. Connor cleared his throat. "Um, no not yet actually." Robert answered. They all looked to ask Sofia but she wasn't there. They turned their heads and saw her already shoving down food in the Great Hall. A small chuckle emerged from the group. "I think she's going to marry food." Jade said. "Wouldn't be a surprise." Brie added. "Yet she remains ever so skinny in frame and carries nearly no meat upon her bones." Charles commented. "Quite interesting, indeed. Well, if you don't mind me joining my fellow Hufflepuffs for dinner, I would love to." Merida said, trying to become more involved in the group of friends. Robert looked to Charles. "I don't mind if you don't." Rob said. "I don't mind unless Nicholle doesn't." Charles said. "Ha! As long as she's not a Beauxbaton I believe she's fine." Rob joked. "Oh why thank you!" Merida said perking up and following them to the table.

      Charles was very hungry that night. When he was trapped inside that hole he was fed a bare minimum. He felt like a pig eating so much but it didn't matter to him one bit.

      After supper he went for a walk. As he wandered around the corridors, a shrill voice called out his name. "Charles! Come over here, love." It yelled. Charles turned to see Juliette running towards him. "Oh dear Charles, I'm sorry for the way I was acting. Do forgive me." She said, wrapping her arms around his neck.” He stepped back, removing her arms from his neck but she leaned in more. With every step she took, he backed up once more until she grew angry. "Charles Thomas. I do hope you still decide to bring me to the Yule Ball. Am I correct?" She asked. Charles stopped moving. "No. Why would I? You’re nothing to me." "You take that back now!" Juliette yelled pulling out her wand. Charles turned and sprinted as quickly as possible. As he pulled out his wand, Juliette yelled "Expelliarmus.” The wand flew from Charles’ hand and he fell to the flow. "Serpensortia" Juliette screamed in anger. Charles scrambled for his wand. When he finally grabbed it, he turned towards the snake which was approaching him rapidly. "Incendio" He said. The snake burst into flames and began to shrivel up. "Petrificus Totalus" Charles said quickly. Juliette fell to the floor with her hands bind to the side of her body. "I'll simply leave you for the prefects." Charles said as he turned away and walked up to the dorm.

      By December, the children had been finally enjoying their year. Their interests shift back and forth from fun to school work while Robert’s interest slowly and surely became turning towards the diary. Day in and day out he began spending more and more time reading it whether it be under his sheets or in the library with a bigger textbook disguising it. Although, by the time the Yule Ball came around he was much more focused on how he’d look.

      “Honestly Jade, this is rubbish!” Robert whined. Jade turned around and straightened out his dress robes. “It’s unfortunate but it’s tradition.” She said. “Can’t we afford more?” Rob asked. “Yes but it’s respect.” “For what?!” Rob whined again. “For all our dead ancestors!” Jade said glaring him in the eye. “But I’m not actually a Weasley. I’m adopted.” Robert reminded her. “Doesn’t matter. The only other living original Weasleys are Ron, Ginny and George. Your brother Fred II wore it when he went to the Yule ball, now you must.” Jade said making sure his ruffles are correct. “Well why do you look nice?” Robert asked in jealousy. “Because there’s no female Weasley tradition and because I have good taste.” Jade smiled and continued to fix her hair.

      Brianna stepped out from the bathroom wearing a long turquoise dress down to her ankles and with a bow on her right hip. Her hair was fixed up and was curled. “Bloody hell.” Charles mumbled as he turned around from facing the mirror to play his black bow tie on correctly. “Where’s your ponytail?” He asked. “Well I’m not going to show up like that now am I?” Brianna sassed. “Well, I guess not but…” Charles stuttered.

      “Brie, zip me up?” Jade asked. Brianna did so as she noticed Nicholle walking out. She wore a short pink ruffles dress with a bit of shimmer to it. She looked more like a young girl than a young woman unlike Brie and Jade. “Where’s Sofia?” Robert asked. “She scurried out to meet her date.” Nikki said placing on some earrings. “Who is he?” Jade asked. “Not sure.” Nicholle replied. They all scurried out of their dorms at separate times in order to give one another their time alone with their dates.

      Brianna met with Devon who wore a classic dress robe with a turquoise bow tie to match his date. His hair was parted differently and the bow brought out his eyes to an even richer blue. "Don't you look lovely this evening?" Devon asked as he greeted her with a polite kiss on her cheek. "Thanks." Brianna replied shyly as she blushed a bit. A small giggle came from them just as Professor Hermione Weasley and said, "Are you lovely ladies and gentlemen ready?" Devon looked to Brie and smiled and nodded.

      Hogwarts hired professional orchestra to play as the Tri-Wizard Champions entered first. This orchestra included Professor Sentolia Wood who could play exceptionally well. The first to enter was Elise Millefeuille and her date Ernest Pocklington, a 7th year Hufflepuff. Following them were Devon Thomas and Brianna Wood. Last to come was Andolf Grindelwald holding Dana Farley, a 5th year Slytherin, at his hand. They each proudly walked in and scattered themselves on the dance floor to begin their choreographed dance.

      The Great Hall was decorated in a way never seen by the children before. Crystals and glass objects lay everywhere and the ceiling seemed to spew crystalized snow. Everything showed a glamourous reflection and brightened the room greatly. Ever green trees decorated with crystals and snowflakes gave the feeling for that Christmas Eve.

      As the music began, the champions began to dance. As Brianna spun she noticed a few of her friends smiling as they danced. Headmaster Albus Potter took out Professor Hermione Granger for the dance, signaling others to join in. Professor Ramkin danced with Professor Underwood. Professor Ginny Potter danced with Harry. Professors Labyrinth and Lupin stayed by the food table to keep a lookout on things. Professor Ashling and Professor Abbott giggled as they saw a few of their favorite students pairing up adorably. Neville and Luna embraced one another in one of their corky dances. Sebastian, dressed in a deep red dress robe and a white bow tie to match Jade’s deep red dress with a slight bit of lacing, took Jade out to dance. Nicholle arrived to the Ball without a date but a boy with curly red hair asked her to dance for the moment and she did. His name was Gilroy Wenlock. A spark of green caught Charles’ eye and noticed Venus Belladonna in a ravishing long green gown. “You look quite mature for your age.” Charles muttered randomly and awkwardly. “We’re the same age, aren’t we?” Venus said. “Right.” Charles replied. He stumbled a bit on the dance floor but she didn’t say much. Sofia arrived a bit late into the dance with her date, Kristoff. Kristoff’s hair was gelled back a bit letting Sofia see his eyes a bit more. Sofia wore a very light blue short dress with emerald and silver beads around her waist. It had many different tuffs randomly placed giving her the bizarre yet beautiful look much like her grandmother.

      Robert stood awkwardly shy next to Connor who seemed to enjoy watching the dance. He was dressed in an expensive Sweden robe. “Everyone looks nice don’t they?” Robert asked Connor, trying to start a conversation. “Indeed. Even you.” Connor said. “I’m sorry. Truly. It’s a Weasley tradition. I-” “Don’t worry about it.” Connor said interrupting Robert’s stuttering. Rob grew silent for a moment before asking, “Wouldn’t you…care to dance perhaps?” Connor looked over. “You don’t think people will…stare?” Connor asked. “I honestly don’t care.” Robert said bluntly. “Very well.” Connor said. He held out his hand and Robert took it and they walked onto the dance floor. Grabbing one another hand, they began to sway back and forth in the dance.

      As everyone danced, Jade noticed Samantha dancing with Rocco and her grip on Sebastian’s hand tightened a bit with slightly resentment. He moved his head to block her view of them and bring her to a smile.

      As the Ball continued, Merida sat in the Hufflepuff Common Room looking out window and listening to sound of the crackling fireplace. The sound of someone apparating came to her ears. She looked over and found her house elf. “Oh, come now Miss Lane!” The elf said. “It’s a special occasion! You can’t miss it!” He added. “I have nothing to wear and Lance already got another date.” Merida said. “Minx shall get Miss Lane something!” The house elf declared. “Minx knows the perfect attire for Miss Lane!” “Oh, now Minx,” Merida began as she watched the house elf pull something out from behind the curtain. “You needn’t to get me anything-” But she was quickly silenced by the sight of the beautiful dress that Minx pulled out. “And a gorgeous job you’ve done,” she said with a smile. “Scurry along, Miss Lane. Attend the last Yule Ball you will have!” Minx said.

      When Merida arrived, the dance was almost over. The dress she wore had a lace jewel cut collar that was red along with the rest of the dress that had a red sash just under her chest. Her skirt was an align skirt that was long and ended just as the fabric barely touched the ground. Her ginger hair was in curls and she had modest silver chandelier earrings and a pearl necklace with matching bracelets.

      The little ones that were her friends practically glided across the ballroom floor as graceful as ghosts. Her heart swelled with joy and for a moment, she almost teared up with how beautiful and grown up they seemed to be. “Excuse me,” she said, making her way towards the front to watch the people dance. Once she made her way to the front her smile grew as she saw her little friends dancing away.

      People muttered and pointed at a certain couple dancing and her attention was brought to Robert and Charles who seemed to be enjoying themselves awkwardly and comfortably. Merida waved at them to see if they would see her and when they did she smiled at them and gave them a thumbs up while everyone else looked at her like she was crazy.

      “Care to dance?” Merida turned to see Lane behind her looking quite awkward with his hand out to her. His dress robes were magnificent and his tie was his school tie, but never the less he still looked handsome. “Don’t you have a date?” she asked. “She was too clingy,” he sighed and seemed more awkward than ever. Merida took his hand hesitatingly. Lance was practically relieved by the news and brought the girl to the floor before dancing with her.

      Sentolia sounded quite wonderful as a solo of hers left several dancers in awe at the beautiful yet very subtle, slow and danceable melody.

      The solo ended the song on a sweet note and the children left the dance floor as Headmaster Albus Potter announced that the feast was ready. The children were allowed to sit wherever and not just with their houses so the friends got to sit together. Sofia, Brianna, Jade, Nicholle, Robert and Venus sat down at a table together. Everyone tried to get to know Venus but she seemed a bit closed. Olivia Prewett sat down at the same table as Derek went to get food. “I hope you don’t mind if we join you, Derek said he knew you Brianna and I’m trying to make some more friends.” Olivia said as she placed her napkin upon her lap. Devon, Sebastian, Gilroy, Derek, Charles Connor and Kristoff came back to the table with drinks and food for them and their dates and began to eat.

      Teacher went around making sure everything was okay. Professor Lupin and Professor Labyrinth were seen bringing students back into the Great Hall who was found outside snogging. Professor Wood came by the table and placed her hand on Brianna’s shoulder. “Everything going well?” She asked everyone. Everyone nodded graciously. “That’s wonderful! I hope you guys enjoy the Yule Ball!” She said before walking away. She was wearing a stunning red dress that flowed behind her as she walked and it complimented her waist.

      After a bit more of dancing, the Yule Ball was finally over. The friends split up and privately said farewell to their dates. Sebastian lifted Jade and kissed her nose. “It was wonderful to be able to spend this night with you.” Sebastian said. Jade smiled and squeezed him tightly and nodded, speechless. Devon walked into the Entrance Hall with his arm around Brianna. He held both her hands and looked at her in the eyes. With a kiss on the forehead, he said his farewells. “I’m sure this night will bring me much luck in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.” Devon said. Kristoff handed Sofia a single rose and kissed her hand before saying his farewell. Connor walked Robert to the courtyard with his hand in Robert’s. When they arrived he turned Robert around and stared into his eyes. Mistletoe grew from the overhang of the courtyard and Connor shrugged. He leaned in and gave Robert a quick kiss and pulled away quickly in shyness. Robert’s face went red and goose bumps scattered across his body. “Oh Merlin.” He said to himself. Connor chuckled a bit and said his farewell. Charles was being a bit handled by Venus by the time the ball was over. Charles leaned in for a kiss but Venus wrapped her arms around him, dodged his head and hugged him.

      The night ended as each child went back to their dorms. Robert was the last to arrive to his dorm. He threw himself onto his bed and looked at Charles, who fell asleep with his shoes tied hanging from his neck. “What a night.” Rob mumbled to himself with a sigh. “You can say that again.” Brie whispered to herself in her bed, making sure Rob didn’t know she was awake. They each fell asleep.

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