Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

      The next morning, Charles woke up from a scary dream but he couldn’t seem to remember what it was. Dismissing the thought, he looked around. Everyone seemed to be getting up as well. Except for Sofia, of course. Charles grabbed his robes and changed along with everyone else. Soon they set forth to the Great Hall in silence. Waking up still didn't seem easy for any of them.

      In the Great Hall, Brianna looked over and got a wink of approval from Professor Wood which seemed to wake her up a bit more. Jade sat next to Sebastian, leaning her tired head on his shoulder. Devon, who seemed to be getting closer to the group of friends, sat by Brianna who was busily eating. Nicholle and Charles attempting having a full conversation between Nicholle’s random moments of drifting off. Robert sat by Charles, talking away with new first years. After breakfast, they all left for their classes. Brianna and Jade headed for Potions while Charles and Nicholle went to Charms.

      As they walked into Charms, the room was still dark. “Lumos.” Nicholle said taking out her wand. “Finite.” Professor Labyrinth said immediately putting out the light from her wand. Startled, Nicholle stumbled into her seat. As the rest of the class poured in, Labyrinth started his lesson. “Today, I’m going to teach you about the Mobiliarbus Charm.” “Isn’t that the charm that moves trees and plants?” An eager Ravenclaw said. “Eager aren’t we. Five points from Ravenclaw.” Professor said. The class grew a deadly silent with tension they could’ve cut with a knife.

      Professor Labyrinth sat at the chair behind his desk and flicked his wand. Words appeared on the board. “Copy these notes.” He said. “The incantation comes from the Latin terms mobilis, which means ‘moveable’ and arbor, which means ‘tree’. Due to the Latin roots, this spell is only usable on plants. It won’t work on other things. This spell was created in the 19th century by a farmer named John Smugerdodle during Christmas time.” He said. “Personally, I don’t care for such holiday about gifting presents. What’s the joy in buying expensive gifts for ungratefuls?” He continued. All the kind and caring Hufflepuffs looked around in fear. Charles raised his hand. “Are we going to be going outside and learning how to cast this?” He asked. “It’s useless to know how to move a tree.” Professor replied. “Oh.” Charles said slowly putting his hand down. The bell rang. “Class dismissed.” He said sternly. Every student ran out of the classroom.

      As Charles and Nicholle exited, they found Brianna and Jade. “Let’s go to the courtyard.”

      All four came to the courtyard and found Robert sitting on the floor going through his books. As they sat down, Sofia came stumbling in out of breath. She pulled out a chocolate frog from her bag and began eating it. “I overslept.” She said muffled between bites. “Didn’t you wake with the rest of us?” Rob asked. “No!” Sofia snapped back. “Someone should wake me up, I always miss breakfast!” She added. “Someone should wake all of us.” Jade said. “Well whoever wants to deal with me in the morning can go right ahead.” Brianna said sarcastically. A small chuckle echoed through the courtyard. Going through his books, Robert came across Astronomy. “Oh bloody hell! I’m going to miss Astronomy! Later guys!” Robert said getting up quickly and running off.

      Robert made it to Astronomy on time and made it to his seat. Professor Jasmine Ramkin began her lesson. Robert began day-dreaming and staring out of the window. “Robert, what did I just point out?” Professor Ramkin just asked. Robert didn’t respond. “Robert, are you paying attention? What is Polaris?” She asked snapping. Robert was so disorientated; he didn't realize that the class was waiting for him to answer. “Oh I uh, Polaris is the North Star.” Robert said getting back to reality. She nodded and the class continued. Robert sighed in relief and sunk back into his chair.

      Finally the lesson ended and Robert ran out of his class. He began his walk down to the Great Hall, curious to see who puts their name in the Goblet. He looked around the Great Hall when he arrived. The room was dark and there stood a glowing pedestal holding the Goblet. “Robert.” A female whispered in the corner. Robert looked and saw Brianna there with Sofia and Charles watching along. Jade arrived and joined them. “I’m excited.” Jade said anxiously. “I think Durmstrang will win.” Robert said “Me too.” Sofia said eyeing a slightly taller blonde boy across the Hall. “I think Hogwarts will. I have to trust home.” Nikki said as she high fived Charles “I agree.” Brie said, giving Nikki a slightly weird look. “I don't know, but I think Beauxbatons have what it takes.”  Jade said watching a skinny girl in a blue outfit put her name in the Goblet and skip back to her friends.

      Devon Thomas walked in with a piece of paper in his hand. He stepped up and glared at the Goblet. A bunch of other fourth years rooted him on as he lifted his hand to put his name in. Brie was in awe. “He’s only fourteen.” She mumbled. Devon walked back and came up to Charles. “Wish me luck little guy.” He said patting his head. “Good luck!” Brianna blurted out. “Haha, thanks.” Devon replied. “Looking for a win I assume.” Charles chuckled. "I want to just like grandfather did.” He answered. He walked out with his friends.

      A familiar scent drifted past Jade’s nose. She looked and noticed Rocco proudly running up to the Goblet and placing his name in, followed by a few Durmstrang boys. “Lots of competitors this year.” Sofia said. “It shall be intense.” Nikki replied.

      Professor Wood came in momentarily to watch a few of her students place their names in. “Hey Brianna, can you help me with my homework later?” Jade asked. Noticing her mother just walked in, Brianna replied with a quick decline and ran to her. “Hey Mom!” Brianna said coming to her side. Professor Wood smiled and took Brianna out of the Great Hall to hang out.

      Later that day, Brianna walked into the Gryffindor Common Room and saw Jade sitting on the couch trying to do her homework. Without thinking, Brianna headed for her dorm. “If you don’t want to spend time with me, say so. I wouldn’t want to drag you away from your ‘mommy time.’” Jade said aggravated. Brianna turned around and glared angrily at her but said nothing in order to keep whatever peace there lie. She steadily made her way to her dorm.

      When she arrived at the dorm, Charles was standing by the window with his broom. "Planning an escape?" Brianna asked sarcastically as she threw her robe onto her bed. "Quidditch try-outs are tomorrow." Charles replied. "I just wanted to get the feel of the broom. I'm not going to ride it." He added. Brianna opened up her trunk and watched as her broom floated out. Grabbing it with one hand she said, "Professor Ginny said I should join." "When?" Charles asked. "Last year and I'm assuming mom expects me to." "You'd be a good beater." Charles said putting his broom down by his owl, Violin. "Thanks. You're not to rubbish as a Seeker." Brianna said. Charles chuckled.

      Robert walked in holding his last year's Flying textbook in hand. "Quidditch try-outs?" Brianna asked. "Yeah, I can't forget everything I've learned." He said. Brianna shrugged and jumped onto her bed. Blizzy hoo'd quietly. "Did Nicholle feed our owls today? It was her turn." Charles said. "They look hungry." Robert said. "She's been out all day. Does she still need tutoring with Professor Lupin?" Brianna asked. "Her parents say she does." Charles said. "When?" Brie asked. "Not sure. That's what Nikki tells me, at least." He replied. Robert opened the cages and fed each of the owls. Obi meowed at Robert's feet. "I wouldn't forget you." Robert told his cat, placing down a treat as well.

      Charles lied on his bed and stared into the ceiling. He grabbed his bags and pulled out a letter from his mother that quickly wished him the best of luck in Quidditch try-outs. Robert left the room to practice flying in the Quidditch Pitch. With Brie’s quiet thinking and Charles’ quiet relaxation; it was easy for him to fall asleep.

      The whistle went off and Charles realized he was on a broom. He kicked off into the air and began circling the field. Below him, the Quaffle was being tossed back and forth. He noticed the opposing team’s seeker circling near him. Just as he began to fly away, a bludger flew past his face. Charles turned towards the seeker and realized it was a black figure floating upon the stick…a dementor. Charles pulled away. He didn’t expect to find a wand in his pocket plus he can’t cast a Patronu yet so he shot off, weaving in and out of the posts. Bludgers flew past his face and Charles continued to fly. Two bludgers seemed to be chasing him and just as a bludger hit his stick he found the snitch. He got jerked forward towards. Behind him he felt the dementors sucking out his happiness. He felt something cold upon his palm just as he blacked out.

      He woke to darkness. He looked around and saw everyone sleeping in their beds except for Jade. It was night time. Had the hours flown by that fast? Charles got up to stretch and noticed a small pink paper upon her bed. Opening it as quietly as possible, he began to read,

“Dear Peers,

By now I hope I am gone. I’ve gone off to Headmaster Potter to leave Hogwarts. It is evident I am no longer wanted or needed. I wonder if I was ever. I may be young but I know this. I will not stay where I’m not wanted. Thanks for everything and nothing at all.

                                          -Jade Rose Weasley”

      Charles quickly threw the letter and shook Brianna awake. “Jade ran away! We have to go!” He whispered loudly. Splitting out of the room with nothing but pajamas on, Brianna and Charles ran down the corridors. They ran past the sounds of portraits screaming, “Students lurking the corridors!” and past ghosts howling in the night. “Where are we going?” Brie asked, realizing she was running with no destination. “Headmaster’s office!” Charles shouted. They jumped onto a moving staircase before it went too far and began climbing it to his office.

      With her hand on the doorknob, Jade took a deep breath. She heard the loud footsteps of her peers behind her and already knew who it was. She waited. “Jade!” Brianna shouted. “Wait!” Charles followed. Brianna got to her first. With a tug on her collar and a deep look in her eyes, Brianna said with a shaking voice, “Do you even realize what you’re doing?” Jade blankly stared back. “You’re leaving me alone with Sofia.” Brianna continued. The blank stern expression on Jade’s face quickly turned to the red and laughing face Brianna knew. “Look if you’re mad at me for not helping with your homework, that’s fine. But if you try to run away again, I’m putting a Hippogriff collar on you.” Brianna said. Jade chuckled and wrapped her arms around Brie, apologizing. “You would’ve been gone if it weren’t for me, but that’s okay. I don’t want a hug anyways.” Charles said sarcastically. Jade wrapped her arms around Charles smiled.

      “I suppose you’d like me to keep this under wraps?” A voice behind them said. They all turned and gasped at the sight of Headmaster Potter standing there. He flicked the hair from his eyes and gleamed at them. In fear they remained quiet. “Am I that scary?” Albus joked. “Not really, Uncle Al. You just scared us.” Charles said. “That’s Headmaster Potter for Hogwarts, my dear boy. Run along.” Albus said turning back into his office. The trio ran back to their dorm and slipped into their beds.

      Charles woke up overly joyous. He looked over at Rob who was reaching for his glasses. Charles ripped the blanket from him and ran over to Brie’s bed and woke her vigorously. "Did she leave again?" Brie asked as she woke up rubbing her eyes. "No. It’s time for tryouts." Charles said. Brie smiled and through a book at Jade. Jade jerked awake. "Bloody hell; who was that?" Jade yelled. Brie smiled wide. Jade got up and chased after Brie, who ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Jade sighed and looked over at Sofia. “Get up, Sofia!” Jade shouted. “I don’t want to; I don’t have to try out!” Sofia replied, grumpy.

      When Brianna came from the bathroom dressed in her Quidditch gear, she saw everyone else already dressed. “You guys change rather quickly.” She muttered. They went down to the Great Hall where they saw a bunch of children dressed in their Quidditch outfits. “How many of us do you think there are?” Robert whispered to Sofia as they walked in. “Like five or ten?” Sofia replied. The group busted in a fit of laughs. “Five or ten hundred maybe!” Brianna exclaimed. Robert agreed as they all went to their house tables.

      Later that day upon the Quidditch Pitch, a huge mass of students gathered around the center. Professor Ginny Potter hovered above the students upon her broom getting an idea of whose trying out for what. For the Gryffindor team, Brianna was going for Gryffindor beater, Jade was going as a Chaser, and Olivia was going as a Seeker. On the team already was Sebastian as a Keeper and Devon as a Chaser along with two other Gryffindors. For the Slytherin team, Samantha Malfoy was trying out for Seeker and Rocco as Chaser. The Slytherin team already had a full promising team but Ginny wished to see if any new members could replace them. For the Hufflepuff team, Robert was trying out for Chaser as Charles tried out for Seeker. On the Ravenclaw team, only Juliette dared to try out for seeker. Robert leaned towards Brie and said “Good luck.” She smiled in approval and continued on.

      “Today is the day of try outs. There are 80 of you here and only 28 are allowed on. This means 52 will be cut. Be careful and good luck.” Ginny blew her whistle and the balls shot into the air. Robert’s Nimbus 4201 broom gave him quite the advantage. Brianna soared up on her Nimbus 2001 while Samantha attempted to straggle behind on her Nimbus 2000.  At some point Jade was left behind. The borrowed Shooting Star from Sofia was pretty slow though she still did well against the competition.

      Brianna beat slamming on bludgers, planning on hitting anyone she could. Jade and Devon seemed to be playing catch with the Quaffle as they zoomed back and forth attempting to score. Charles spotted the Snitch floating directly over Sofia’s head in the stands. She ducked to avoid Samantha who went zooming along the stands. She got close but couldn’t grab it. Charles dived through the crowd of players as the Snitch sat near a goal post. A Quaffle was sent into the goal almost hitting Charles. He ducked it, spinning upon his broom and remained still to recollect himself. Before he could feel relieved a bludger came and hit him off his broom. He went falling but pulled out his wand. “Accio Cleansweep!” He shouted in fear quickly. His broom came flying back to him and caught him. Samantha hovered above one of the goal posts by Rocco, waiting to spy the Snitch. Charles found it to be hovering on the back of Sam’s broom. Charles zoomed to grab and hovered to the ground. Ginny smiled and said, “My old broom seems to do you well. Sit.” Charles sat upon the bench with the other who have fallen off.

      Above him, Jade grabbed onto the Quaffle and zoomed to the goal posts. Devon flew by her side to support her if she fell. She threw it but Rocco smacked it back with the end of his broom. Ginny blew her whistle and called Brianna down to give other Beaters a chance. She landed and stood behind the full benches. She watched everyone else zoom by with a smile. She felt her body be turned and as she moved with it she was greeted with a hug. When she pulled away, she saw Professor Wood. "Always proud of my girl." She said with a smile. Brianna nodded and turned back around the watch.

      As Brianna kept her eyes on her competition of Gryffindor beaters, she failed to realize a Slytherin beater close by. Aiming for her, he slammed the rogue bludger. "Do you think you'll win?" Charles asked Brianna. "What?" She asked, lowering herself to his level to hear him better. As she ducked, the bludger went right over her and nailed Professor Wood directly upon her foot. With a scream, she went down. "Professor!" Charles shouted. "Mom!" Brianna followed. Jade and Robert lowered themselves to join them. "I don't know to fix it!" Brianna began to panic, desperately wanting to help her mother. Sofia ran over. "Luna taught me some healing things. Um, Ossio Dispersimus?" Sofia casted confusedly. A bright light emitted from her wand and with a flash, Sentolia's foot became rubbery. "Rubbish! You vanished her bones!" Brianna shouted. "Can someone please take me to the Hospital Wing?" Sentolia began shouting aggravated. Nervously, Brianna grabbed her arm as well as Charles' and shouted, "Apparate Hospital Wing!"

      When they got there, Brianna helped Sentolia hop over to Madame Pomfrey. “Thank you. Back to class, dear.” She said. “No, I’m staying.” Brianna said defiantly. “Very well.” Miss Pomfrey replied.

      A few minutes went by and Sentolia’s foot was wrapped up and she was drinking Skele-Gro. “This tastes like arse.” She said. Brianna giggled. “Well you gulp some down and tell me then.” Sentolia said. “Nope!” Brie replied. Miss Pomfrey came back to the bed with crutches in her hand. “I’m a witch not a muggle.” Sentolia said, seeing the crutches. “I’m afraid the spell injured you quite badly. You’ll be on these if you wish to continue to work.” Miss Pomfrey said. Sentolia sighed and snatched the crutches. Placing them under her arms she groaned and attempted to walk with them. “This is bloody torture. My arms hurt already.” “Unfortunately it is the only way, Professor Wood.” Miss Pomfrey said. Sentolia sighed and left with Brie.

      Headmaster Potter found the others fooling around by the boat house. “Enjoying your stay Miss Weasley?” He asked Jade. Jade smiled and nodded with a giggle. “Good. Charles, can I have a word with you?” He asked. Charles ran to his uncle. “Yes?” “I don’t fly much these days. I’m far too busy and old to follow my father’s footsteps. But you can.” He handed Charles a Firebolt broom. Charles wrapped his arms around his Uncle for a hug before Albus apparated away. Excited, Charles showed all his friends. “What about your Cleansweep?” Jade asked. “You could have it.” Charles said. “Me?” “Yes. Didn’t I just say that?” Charles chuckled. An announcement was made. “All students to the Great Hall.” The voice of Hermione echoed in the air. All the kids ran down.

      As they walked in, the lights were dimmed once more and they all nothing but the bright glow of the Goblet and the dim light it gave out around it. Everyone gathered at their house tables and began the chattering. Headmaster Albus Severus Potter walked around the Goblet staring at it. “It is now time for our Tri-Wizard Champions to be chosen! Everyone please settle down!” He shouted. When silence engulfed the Great Hall, it began. A burnt up paper shot from the Goblet. “Andolf Grindelwald!” Albus shouted. A shocked look jumped onto Professor Harry Potter’s face. A bold looking young man walked up. About the age of 16, he was square jawed with a buzz cut but had a growing goatee. The Durmstrang Institute boys went on chanting and cheering for their peer. Once everything quieted again, the Goblet shot out another decaying paper. “Elise Millefeuille!” A female came forward. She was a brunette and had light blue eyes. Her face was close to perfection and her chin was cutely pointed. She removed her Beauxbatons cap and bowed to the people in the Great Hall. She then walked to her seat while her friends crowded her. The last Wizard or Witch has yet to be called. Everyone attending Hogwarts waited with baited breath. The Goblet waited a moment before spewing the last name. Headmaster Albus Potter looked at the paper shockingly then smiled. “Devon Thomas!” Devon rose as his friends went screaming. He bowed to the crowd. “That’s my brother!” Charles screamed joyfully. Headmaster Albus raised his arms and the room silenced. “Realize now…that none can turn back.”

      A feast began and everyone continued to surround Devon. Brianna was being pushed aside by his new found screaming fans. “Bloody hell, can’t I eat in peace?” “Not when you sit next to a born champion.” Devon said flexing. Girls awed at the sight of him. Jade nudged Brianna and motioned her to move down to where Sebastian sat. “Let him the attention.” Jade said. Brianna crossed her arms and placed her head on the table. “Do I sense a bit of jealously?” Sebastian asks. “Bloody hell, no. I just want my friend back.” “You act like he’s gone forever.” “Jade!” “I’m just saying.” Jade said, leaning her head against Sebastian’s shoulder.

      At the Hufflepuff table, Charles and Robert were trying to calm Nicholle down. “Such a bloody rat she is.” Nikki muttered. “Would you relax?” Rob asked. “She doesn’t deserve to be called a champion.” “Just because back at the Academy you guys weren’t fond doesn’t mean you have to hate her now.” Charles said. “I’m going back to our dorm!” Nikki said slamming her utensils down.

      Professor Ginny Potter stood up and tapped on her glass cup. “Attention students! I would like to announce that the Quidditch results have been posted in each Common Room. Each and every one of you did an exquisite job but as I said earlier, very few of you will make the team. Good luck and congratulations!”

      Jade immediately dragged Brianna from the Great Hall and up to their dorms. Sebastian stayed behind. On their way up they bumped into Robert and Charles. “Seeing the results?” Rob asked. “Of course!” Brie said before they went their separate ways.

      As Jade and Brianna entered the Gryffindor Common Room, there was already a crowd of students in front of the list and a crowd of students hovering over Devon. “Could they give him a break?” Brianna mumbled. “Jealously strikes again!” Jade chuckled. Brianna punched her arm. They waited until the crowd subsided to check the results.

“Seeker: Olivia Prewett

Chaser: Devon Thomas, Gregory Fimble, Cornelius Clearwater

Beater: Brianna Wood, Chelsea Fudge

Keeper: Sebastian Lestrange

Congratulations to all who made the team and was good enough to remain on it.”


      Brianna lifted her hand to high five Jade. Jade stared straight through her angrily. Brianna took another glance at the paper. “Oh. Sorry. I didn’t realize.” Brie said. “Of course you didn’t.” Jade muttered as she exited the Common Room. Brianna followed, not daring to leave Jade alone currently. When Brie found Jade, she was speaking with Robert. “Did you get in?” He asked Brie, noticing her. “Yeah and so did that first year, Olivia.” “Brilliant.” Robert said. “So did I. I’m the Chaser; Charles is the seeker, Darren Macmillan and Thomas Remson Kettleburn are the other two Chasers. Janis Smith and Ernest Pocklington are Beaters and Beatrice Dippet is the Keeper.” Robert added. “Did you hear who made Ravenclaw or Slytherin?” Jade asked. “I know Juliette Bones made Seeker. I think I heard the Hilliard twins brag about being Beaters. Not sure about the Chasers but I’m almost positive that Gilroy Wenlock made Keeper.” “And as for Slytherin?” Brianna asked. “Oh well if you don’t mind me saying, I got the part of Seeker. My dearest Rocco is a Chaser. Dana Farley is our Keeper. Adrian Higgs is another Chaser and Terrance Murdock is a Beater. But otherwise I wasn’t really paying attention.” Samantha Malfoy interrupted as she passed. “So you’re dating Rocco again?” Jade snarled. “Not quite…yet at least.” Samantha said twirling her hair with a smile. “I have to go though. So bye!” She waved rather cheerfully. Brianna looked down and watched as lower staircases moved gracefully. “They’re setting up to face the dorms.” She said. “We should head to bed.” Jade said.

      As they headed for their dorm they found Sofia. “Ravenclaw VS Gryffindor is the first Quidditch Match!” She shouted at them. “Great to know.” Brianna cracked her knuckles. Sofia stuck out her tongue. “How does that coincide with the Tournament?” Robert asked. “Why?” Brie asked. “Devon.” He said sternly. “Oh right…” “He’ll just have to play both. Quidditch could be a good release anyways. I heard at the end of this year, we’re going to have to Durmstrang students verse our best Quidditch Players.” Sofia said. “Why not Beauxbatons?” Jade asked curiously. “They don’t have a Quidditch team. Not every magical school does.” Sofia answered.

      When they arrived at their dorm, Charles was already lying in bed with a book lying upon his face. Nicholle was already sleeping in her bed as well. Brianna pulled the book from Charles’ face, trying to avoid the drool that wet the pages. “Out like a light.” Robert said climbing into his bed. “Like a bludger hit him!” Brie quietly exclaimed. They chuckled, said their goodnights and went to bed. 

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