Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 30 May 2015
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

      Brianna woke up the next morning felt cold with no warm body next to her. She quickly got up noticing Sentolia had already left the bed. She got dressed and headed downstairs. George was sitting on the couch watching the London news. Brianna saw Sentolia and Harry in the dining area reading that morning’s Daily Prophet. “A new Dark Witch to Emerge? 11 year old dark prodigy? Ministry in investigation? What kind of crap is this?” Sentolia said, angered at the headlines. Harry shook his head as he read it as well. He glanced to the name of the reporter, Rita Skeeter. “They’ve always done this, Sentolia.” Harry grumbled. “Mom…what’s going on?” Brianna asked as she stood frozen in the doorway. Robert ran downstairs and saw George. “Oh thank Merlin; I thought you were gone already.” He said. “Morning, Brianna.” Robert added as he passed Brianna to the dining room.

      “Just a bit of rubbish from the Ministry is all.” Sentolia said trying to hide the paper. “Who’s the dark witch?” Brianna asked nervously. Just then there was a knock at the door and the Grimmauld front door was opened. Officials from the Ministry came barging in. “Miss Brianna Ace Wood?” One of them said. “Yes?” “We are obligated to take you in for questioning.” One of the officials said. He grabbed Brianna tightly. “Mom!” “I’m going with you.” Sentolia said, forcing her way through the officials. “What’s this about?” Robert asked George. “The full-bodied patronu last night.” George replied. “But I can cast one too.” Robert said. Immediately, another official grabbed a hold of Robert with a tight grip and said, “Then you shall come too.” As they left, Harry just sat on the couch with George, Hugo and Cedric muttering profanity about the Ministry while Ginny poured the boys firewhiskey.

      The kids were sent to the Ministry and put in a small black bricked room that had an echo inside. In the center lied a few steel chairs and a steel table. The kids and Sentolia sat. Soon, they were approached by an elderly official. “Do you understand it is illegal to perform magic in front of a muggle?” He said quite sternly. “They do but may I say-” “I’M SPEAKING TO THE CHILDREN!” The official yelled at Sentolia. “Do you?” He asked the kids again. “Yes, sir.” Robert answered. “And do you know that the ministry regulates educational curriculums?” “Yes, sir.” Brianna replied. “So, how do you expect me to believe a couple of first years can create full-bodied Patronus already?” “Well sir, we’ve seen other…older students do it.” Brianna said. “What kind of Dark Magic are you using?” the official asked. “What?” Brianna asked. “WHAT KIND!?” He yelled, slamming his fist onto the table. It echoed throughout the room. “I can’t perform any, sir…my wand rejects Dark Magic. Unicorn Hair Core, sir.” Brianna said handing her wand to the official.  He studied it momentarily then looked to Robert. “And yours?” Robert handed him his wand. “Phoenix feathered….JUST LIKE THAT FILTHY DARK LORD!” The official shouted. “No! Sir! Please!” Robert shouted, putting his hands up, waiting for a strike. Brianna and Robert began tearing up in fear. “Sir…these children come from long lines of magic. We’ve always taught our children advanced magic as young ages.” Sentolia said looking down. “Why?” “To prepare them.” “FOR WHAT?!” “I don’t know, sir.” Sentolia replied.

      The man took off his hat and sat down across from them. He glared at Robert. “Do you know how much trouble you’re in?” He muttered. Robert looked closer at the man. “Percy?” Robert said. “What did you just say?” The official asked, getting up again in anger. “Percy Weasley?” Robert asked again. “What is it to you?” Percy asked. “I’m George’s son.” “You’re not Fred! Liar!” “No…the little boy George adopted. Robert Anakin Weasley.” Robert said holding his arms up again, showing his innocence. Percy stared at him. “Wait here.” He muttered. He left the room and slammed the door shut. “You might have just got us out of here, young one.” Sentolia said wrapping her arm around Robert.

      Moments later, Percy came back and stared at Robert. “Your story checks out…You are who you say you are. Go.” Percy said. The kids and Sentolia got up and left, running out of the Ministry. “Bloody hell that was terrible.” Robert said. “Thank Merlin you have George.” Brianna said. “Come on kids, we’ll get back home.” Sentolia said.

      Charles woke up to the sound of silence. He looked over at his clock. He swore there was a ruckus before. That had been over 20 minutes before. Nicholle was still asleep. Cedric had awakened already. His coat lied on the bed. A sign he had not left yet. Charles walked down the stairs to the kitchen. "Morning dad. Morning Grandpa." He said. Cedric got up to kiss his forehead. Harry simply nodded his head. Charles hadn't noticed Hugo but didn't greet him as he seemed to be mumbling about the Ministry. Charles walked to the kitchen and greeted his Grandmother. "What would you like dear?" She said. "Some eggs would be fine." Charles replied. She began to prepare the food. As she did, Jade came down the stairs. "Where's Brie and Robert?" She asked. Ginny's muscles tensed. "They are out with Sentolia." She replied not looking at either one of us. Jade looked towards Charles suspiciously. He shrugged his shoulders. She gave them both eggs and toast, and then walked quietly to the dining area.

      Just as the kids finished their breakfast Brianna, Robert and Sentolia came in. Their hair was soaked and Robert was still in his pajamas. "What's up with you two?" Jade asked. Brianna pointed to upstairs and began walking up. They all followed. Charles grabbed two apples some chocolate frogs and a few pouches of pumpkin juice.

      They went into Charles’ & Nicholle’s room since it was less likely for someone to go in there. Nikki had just woken up. They all sat on the floor and started to eat and drink. "So where the bloody hell did you two go?" Jade asked breaking the silence. "The ministry." Robert said with his mouth full. "That's what I thought but why did you go?" Charles asked. Robert began saying something but no one could understand him. "Dude slow down with the chocolate…have an apple." Brianna said tossing him one. She put down her juice. "It's because both of us can cast a full Patronus. They actually thought we were practicing dark magic." "How are you out already? Harry's story seems to be longer than an hour." Jade said. Robert swallowed. "We saw Percy he let us go." Brie said stiffly. There was a distilled silence.

      Robert felt tense and his mind cluttered almost immediately with thoughts. “I’m off to the bathroom.” Robert said softly as he got up and left. He went downstairs quietly and could see Sentolia speaking quite secretively with George. Robert didn’t feel like waiting and hurried for them. Sentolia noticed and stuck her head out the door frame and said, “Just a moment, sweetheart” before closing the door. Robert threw himself onto the wall and slid down until he was sitting against it. Soon after he waited, Sentolia opened the door with a smile and couched down to Robert’s level. “Where’s my little Brianna, dear?” She asked sweetly. Robert looked up saying, “Upstairs.”

      Robert walked into the dining area and sat next to George and faced him. George seemed to be sipping some butterbeer. “Why doesn’t Percy know me?” Robert asked sternly. George took the cup from his mouth. The butterbeer had left a foam mustache which he wiped away. “Percy and I haven’t spoken since the Battle-” “Who else doesn’t know of me? Why am I a secret?” Robert cut him off. “Robert, relax.” George said grabbing both Rob’s shoulders. “Ron, Ginny and I all know about you. Percy and I haven’t spoken since the Battle of Hogwarts. Devastated by the loss of Fred, he separated himself from the family. Bill knows of you but Bill left London to live with Fleur. Charlie is the only one who doesn’t know you now.” George said. “Why not?” “Charlie’s dead.” George replied quickly and stiffly. Both Robert and George’s jaw clenched. Robert said nothing but looked away. “Robert, I’m sorry.” George said. Still Robert said nothing. “I know for a man of my age, it isn’t wise not to tell the family about you but it wasn’t exactly my intention.” George said. Robert removed himself from George’s grip and walked back upstairs to his friends.

      After a while, each parent was finally prepared to leave. George hunched over to Robert. "I hope you're not too mad at me." He said with his arms wide. Robert hesitated before hugging his father. "Say hello to Jackson and Leah for me. Tell them I love them." Brianna said. Sentolia nodded and gave her a warming hug. Nicholle sat in the background as Charles and Cedric said their farewells. "Nicholle come here." Cedric said. She obeyed. "Your father was unable to leave money for you so I left Harry with double the amount of money for both you and Charles both for when you go school shopping. Nicholle gave him a hug. "Thank you." She said looking up at the tall sturdy man. He patted her head twice and left.

      Harry closed the door & with a deep breath called out, "Whose ready to go school shopping?!" The kids jumped up and down until Jade stopped and grabbed Brie's arm. "What?" Brie whispered. "How are we going to get there?" Jade asked. Everyone stopped jumping. "Well we're going to drive down to the Leaky Cauldron, of course!" Harry said. The kids cheered again and hurried outside by the car. "Ginny, come down we're going to Diagon Alley." Harry called to her from the stairs. Ginny came walking down the stairs and looked at Harry. "I've got to handle some more work. I'll stay home." She said. "Just some quick business I assume. Come on, honey." Harry insisted. "Harry..." Ginny said. "Okay fine." Harry said throwing his arms up slightly. He left and met the kids by the car.

      Robert sat in the car and stuck his hand in his pocket to hear the jingle of galleons. Jade pulled out her handbag and handed Brie a small pouch. “You’re giving her money?!” Charles exclaimed! “No? This is Brianna’s money.” Jade said, adjusting herself in the car. “What?”  Charles looked confused. “Do I look like the type of girl to carry around a purse?” Brianna said, lifting one eyebrow. Charles looked at Brianna’s low tied care-free pony tail, jean shorts, blue sneakers and black T-shirt. “Guess not.” Charles said. Nicholle sat in the passenger seat alongside Harry while Charles, Jade, Robert and Brianna sat in the back crammed up.

      When they finally arrived at the Leaky Cauldron, the kids hopped out of the car to stretch. Harry walked in and all the kids followed. “Good Afternoon, Mr. Potter.” “Hello again, Mr. Potter.” “Great to see you, Mr. Potter.” Everyone left and right greeted Harry and some even greeted Charles. “Are you…a Weasley, my child?” An old woman asked Jade as she pointed a shaky finger. “Yes?” Jade said, slowly backing up for she grew slightly freaked out. Brianna jumped in front and said with a huge smile, “And I’m a Wood!” “Related to the great Oliver Wood, are you?” She asked. Brianna’s face froze with her dumbfounded big smile. “Uh…yeah?” She said because she wasn’t entirely sure. “The Scottish Keeper?” The woman insisted. “Uh…sure?” Brianna replied. “Why don’t you sound so sure? He’s right over there!” The woman said.

      A grey haired old man sat, trying to place his food upon his fork with his shaky hands. His hands were wrinkled and spotted and his face seemed worse.  Brianna walked up to him. “Oliver Wood?” She asked slowly. “Yes?” He said. His voice was very hoarse but a vivid Scottish accent came from his lips. “Um, do you know Mark Wood?” Brianna asked faintly. She looked away and saw Jade smirking as Robert tried speaking with a cute young man. Harry was showing off his grandson to some old friends.  “My nephew?” Oliver mumbled. “What of him? Haven’t seen him in years. Heard he had a kid now…a few even.” Oliver continued. “Yeah…he did.” Brianna said, fiddling with her fingers. Oliver looked at her confused but then the realization hit him. His brown eyes widened and a small smile came to his face. “Are you-” “I’m your great-niece.” Brianna said. Oliver stood up and hugged the small girl tightly. “Merlin, I’ve missed so much.” He said. “Yeah, I have a younger brother named Jackson whose 8 and an even younger sister named Leah whose 5. My name’s Brianna.” Brianna told him. Oliver stood up. “Where do you live dear?” He asked. “I must go see my family. I thought I was the last Wood alive. Mark’s father passed & since then I haven’t heard a word from Mark.” Oliver added. “36 Michaels Road.” Brianna said. She wrote it down on a small strip of paper and handed it to him. “Thank You.” He said as he patted her shoulder. Then he left.

      “Brianna!” Everyone shouted. Brianna looked and they were all ready to leave. She ran over and they headed for the back of the Leaky Cauldron. Harry touched a few bricks on the brick wall and the wall opened up and bricks began to move away.

      There, Diagon Alley stood. Tall with vast magical shops and children of all ages running freely. Witches and Wizards with tall hats or long robes. They could hear the children aweing at new animals and new brooms.

      Immediately, Robert, Charles and Brianna took off to the Quidditch Supplies. They stood with their faces pressed up against the windows. “The Nimbus 4201!” Charles exclaimed. “Bloody hell! I thought the Nimbus 2001 was the latest.” Brianna said. Robert and Charles laughed. “Haven’t you been to Diagon Alley?” Charles asked. “To get a bloody wand.” Brianna said. “What about your school books?” “I have my mom’s books. And she’s a teacher anyways so…” Brianna said. “I used to hang out at the joke shop a lot as a kid.” Robert said.

      They walked inside the store and went to the sections of the store that pertained to them. Robert went to the Chaser section, Charles walked over to the Seeker brooms and Brianna stood staring the glory that was the Beater section. Robert eyed this black broom with a sleek red streak going down the middle. Robert reached inside his pockets and counted his money. He squealed because he realized he had enough. Charles and Brianna found Robert at the cashier paying for the broom. “Did you get anything?” He asked them as he handed the cashier his money. “I already had a broom.” Brie said. “Mine’s alright.” Charles shrugged. They went outside and met Nicholle and Jade with Harry in Flourish & Blots. They were picking up the latest addition of History books. When they all finally left with bags filled with new school books, they stopped by the pet shop to check out the baby owls.

      Robert saw a baby owl that he absolutely fell in love with. It had a brown spot on the top of its head and was completely white everywhere else. The owl’s eyes were a light green and it hoo’d softly at the sight of Robert. “I want it!” Robert said. Harry placed his hand on Robert’s shoulder. “You already have Obi, little man. Maybe next time.” He said. Robert took one last glance at the owl before walking out with his head down.

      The last stop they made before they left was Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, Fred’s joke shop. They walked in and saw Ron showing the little girl the new supply of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. “Hello there, good man.” Harry said chuckling and patting Ron on the back. “Good day there. Didn’t see you come in.” Ron said standing up. “Yeah I brought the kids over to see the place.” Harry replied. “Grandpa what are you doing here?” Jade asked. Ron knelt down to Jade’s level and looked at her innocent face. “I work here now.” Ron said. Robert ran up saying, “But Uncle Ron, I thought you were the Charms teacher.” “Yes but I decided to spend the rest of my time here. Remember how Hermione used to work for the Ministry? When you get older, sometimes you’d like to relax a bit.” Ron said. Robert and Jade nodded and were pulled away by Nicholle and Brianna when they found the love potions.

      Harry and Ron spoke a while longer before leaving again. “Come on kids!” Harry said clapping. The kids all ran to him. As they left a shop, a bitter looking woman bumped into Harry and glared at him. “My apologies.” Harry said as he walked away. When they reentered the Leaky Cauldron, Charles looked up at Harry and asked, “Grandpa, who was that woman?” “Not sure. She came out of Knockturn Alley that’s for sure.” Harry said. They left the Leaky Cauldron, got into the car and took off for Grimmauld.

      Once they got back Robert really wanted to test his new broom but couldn't because of the muggles. He placed it in his closet and went downstairs. Jade was reading and Nikki was doing the same while Brie and Charles talked about Quidditch. "Ready to get creamed next year?" Robert said coming off of the stairs and heading to the living room where everyone was. "Who said you were even getting on the team?” Brie said snarky. "Because I’m a great chaser and with Charles in the air we will catch the snitch in minutes." Robert bragged. "The boy’s not lying." Charles said picking up his feet with pride. "Yes but that is if my Bludgers don’t knock both of you out of the sky!" Brie announced. "Like you could catch us!" Charles teased. "Oh believe me, she can catch you." Jade said putting down her book and raising an eyebrow. "Well I'd like to see that." Robert said. "Well last I remember Brie hit almost every Hufflepuff on the team with the bludgers she hit." Nikki said adding in, slightly annoyed. "Well I trust Charles' seeker skills.” Robert said tossing an apple at him. Charles caught it but it slipped out his hands and he fell backwards trying to catch it again. They all started laughing. “Yep. Real talent.” Brie teased. Jade giggled. They started talking about the actual professional Quidditch teams and they’re dreams so possibly be a part of one someday.

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