Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
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10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

      The next morning, everyone woke to a piercing scream. The kids jumped from their tents to see Sofia covered in red bumps all over her. "What are those?!" Charles screamed. "Bites!" Robert yelled. "What bit you?!" "I don't know!" Sofia replied. The screaming got Harry's attention & he ran to the backyard. Startled by the sight of Sofia, he ran back inside & grabbed the Weasley bird & attached a quick messy note to it. "Ok I owl'd your parents!" Harry said running back out. Jade was curled up in Sebastian's arms and he hushed her softly as she whimpered in fear. "Oh for Merlin's sake, she's not a zombie. She has a few bites." Brianna said, realizing Jade was only seeking affection. "She's scary." Jade murmured in a muffled way into Sebastian's chest. Brie rolled her eyes & sighed. She inched up towards Sofia but Sofia backed away. "Don't touch me. I'm not sure what it is yet or if it's contagious." Sofia said. "You're a Ravenclaw though!" Charles shouted. "I realize but it doesn't mean I know every bloody thing in the bloody world!" Sofia shouted back. "How about we don't shout?" Nicholle put in. "Now kids, lets pack Sofia's things for her so she doesn't have to touch anything. Her parents are coming to get her." Harry said, motioning everyone inside. "Harry it hurts!" Sofia whined in pain. "I know dear. Let’s get you inside too." Harry said nudging her along.

      When Sofia's parents finally arrived, Jade, Brianna & Charles stood out front with her bags ready. Sofia walked out with her arms forward like a zombie & she slowly made her way into the car as Skye let out "Oh my poor baby " phrases. Dominque nodded in good riddance & drove away. Sofia looked miserable in the back of the car.

      The kids went back inside & saw Ginny sitting at the dining room table writing on a parchment. "What are you doing, Grandma?" Charles asked & he trotted to the dining room. Ginny folded up the paper of what looked like a drawing and kept it under her hands. "Nothing my dear." She said crinkling her nose.

      Brianna and Robert went upstairs to their room while Jade hung out with Nicholle in Nikki's bedroom talking about cute boys at Hogwarts. "I took out the book." Robert said with a guilty look on his face as he pulled the book from his night stand. Brianna looked down at it doubtfully. She grabbed it and sighed. With a deep breath she opened it saying, "I don't like this book anymore." She said. "But we were learning new spells from it & learning latin." "Yes Robert but, as we go into 2nd year, and Sofia 3rd...I just don't feel right being ahead like this." "I do." Robert said grabbing the book. "I've fallen behind in my classes & I'm a weakling. I need these spells. I feel stronger. Like I have power." Robert said. He looked down at the book intensely until Brie snatched it away again. "Exactly Robert. We're all equals here. Regardless of age or pasts. We decide our fate." Brianna said. Robert stared into her eyes as if he focused on a glimmer inside it and said, "We can't control what's woven in the stars." He then passed out. "Robert!" Brianna screamed. Jade barged in & the slam of the door startled him to wake up. "What happened? I heard a scream." Jade said. Nicholle followed Jade in. "Robert just...had a moment." Brianna said. "Is he okay?" Nicholle asked, slowly moving towards him. "I think I just passed out because I was hungry." Robert said adjusting his glasses. "I'll be fine." "Then go eat." Jade insisted. "You're right I should. If Sofia didn't already eat everything." Robert chuckled. Everyone remained silent. "What?" Robert asked, noticing the atmosphere. "Sofia left." Nicholle said. "After she got all those bites in the tent." Brie replied. Robert quickly panicked and searched his body for bites. "Thank Merlin I'm fine." He sighed & headed for the door when Jade pulled him back. "That's true...why didn't they bite you?" She said faintly. "Let him eat." Brianna snapped. She pulled Jade's arm away from Robert and pushed Robert closer to the door. "Go." Robert joined Ginny & Charles in the dining room for food.

      Soft clanks emanated from the dining room as Jade turned towards Brie. Shooting her a quizzical look she motioned for her to follow her out back. With an exaggerated sigh, Brie slipped into a steady rhythm behind Jade. Quietly they slipped out the back door. Warm summer air quickly enveloped them, coating their skin with a sticky sheen. Leaves blew across the back yard as tiny puffs of wind flew though the desolate yard.

      Summer heat poured over the back porch as Brie and Jade leaned against the old railing. Scrapes of paint stuck to Jades hands as she clutched the splintering wood. Small groans escaped the old wood as she sifted her weight uncomfortably. Biting her lip, she casted a sidelong look at Brie.

      Her eyes were closed as the breeze tugged at pieces of her hair, begging her to release it from its usual pony. Tiny strands of ebony hair scratched at her forehead as she turned her head to greet the onslaught of cool wind. Her lashes casted a small shadow on the tops of her cheeks, making her eyes seems slightly darker, heavier. It gave her the look of implied dark circles, highlighting how much stress all the children had been under.

      Sighing, Jade began to place her hand on Brie's back but thought better. Softly she set her hand back on the railing. Quickly Brie peeked out of the corner of her eye. "If there's something you want to say you better bloody come out with it already. Food’s sitting on the table and it'll be the first time I'll be able to eat without Sofia gobbling it all before I can even set my plate on the table." a hint of sarcasm dripped into Brie's voice as she turned towards Jade with a smirk. A deep crimson spread across Jade face. Quickly looking down, she began to pick at the broken wood. Swallowing she said,

      "Don't you think it's weird that Robert never gets hurt? Every situation we've been in recently, Robert’s come out bloody clean. Merlin knows my cards been drawn on more than one occasion, even yours." Her voice dipped on the last part as her finger began to tremble. Memories tumbled over in her mind as she recounted all the trouble her friends and herself had managed to fall into.

      A loud silence descended over the pair as they both mulled over what had just been said. The soft songs of birds in the trees overhead filled the empty space. Raggedly, Brie dragged a hand though the loose bits of her hair.

"Honestly I don't know what to think. Too many things are happening and were always at the end of it." taking a shaky breath she continued, "I can't take all this bloody stress some days. For once in my life I just want things to be bloody normal." Looking at Jade she placed her hand on her shoulder, giving it a tiny squeeze. "You think just for today we could just forget about the weirdness surrounding Robert?" pleading had replaced Brie's normal tone. Sighing Jade shook her head agreement. Slowly she placed her arm around Brie's shoulder; giving her a tight squeeze she dragged the both of them back into the house.

      Brianna fought out of Jade's gripped and slipped into the seat next to Robert. "Look it's Tuffy!" Brie shouted pointing behind Robert. Robert turned to look & Brianna stole a fry from his dish. "Evil. You truly are." Robert said when he turned around realizing. Tuffy overheard and added, "Not as evil as the foe, who lies between two." His scratchy voice interrupted the joy. Harry shot daggers at him with his eyes. "Sorry master." Tuffy slowly crept away. Nicholle placed her head on her hand and sighed. "Why are you so weird?" Nicholle said, staring through Brie and into Robert. "What’s that supposed to mean!" Robert snapped immediately as he stood up to confront her. "I'm just saying we all go through similar things & you freak out. Sensitive much?" Nicholle followed up. Harry slammed his utensils upon his plate. "Take him to a doctor." Nicholle said sitting down with a sigh. "Fine." Harry muttered. Robert looked up at Harry in insecurity. "It'll be quick and painless." Harry said brushing his hands through Robert's curls. "Go get ready." Harry whispered. Robert ran off upstairs. Nicholle, Jade & Brianna went to the living room as Ginny ordered Tuffy to clean to the dishes.

      Ginny & Harry went up to their bedrooms to get ready. Harry came out without his glasses & rubbing his bloodshot eyes. Robert Waited patiently at the door. He raised his eyebrows at the sight of classless Harry. "I dropped them and they broke. I'll be fine." Harry said. "Just use magic!" Robert exclaimed. Harry motioned Robert into the car as Ginny came out. Harry opened her door & let her in the car. Jade, Charles Nicholle & Brianna watched as they sped away.

      Charles stretched upon the couch with a loud yawn. Nicholle, annoyed, jumped on top of him and made herself comfortable at the cost of Charles' pain. Brianna and Jade sat in the front of the television. "Care you move your big block heads?" Charles said tossing a pillow at Jade and Brianna. They laughed but refused to move spitefully. Brie turned around to see Nicholle slightly distracted. "Waiting on a hot date?" Brie joked to her. "No, just bored. Bye." Nikki said as she barged out of the house. Charles got up and opened the door again but Nikki had disappeared. "What is she? Magic?" Charles said, shocked at the speed Nicholle disappeared in. Jade and Brianna looked over at Charles and held out their wands. "She is a witch." Jade replied, surprised at his slowness. "Doesn't bloody mean she...oh whatever." Charles said stretching upon the couch once more.

      A few hours later, Nikki arrived back at Grimmauld and fixed her messy hair. "Where'd you go?" Charles asked. "Places." Nicholle replied with a smirk as she entered the kitchen. A grunt behind them was heard as Tuffy walked through. "You bloody hobbit! One day you're going to find yourself-" "Nicholle relax. We know he's a bitter little guy." Charles said, interrupting Nikki.

      In the rooms upstairs, Jade sat on the windowsill reading the diary. Brianna walked in saying, "Don't turn into Robert." "I just have bad feeling about it." Jade replied. "All I know is that we can learn from that bloody book." Brianna said snatching it from her hands. "Are you trying to be the most powerful out of all of us?" Jade accused her. "What are you talking about?" "You just said we could learn from it and you're hiding from everyone but yourself." "It's not safe." "Oh so now it's not?" A door slammed. Brianna and Jade ran downstairs and saw Robert, Harry and Ginny walk in. "How was the doctor's?" Jade asked coming down the stairs. "Robert's fine. They did a few blood tests and X-Rays and he's normal." "Enough." Nicholle muttered under her breath. "Anyways, you guys always seem so stressed. You're 11. Go have fun." Harry said. Ginny handed Charles some tickets and said, "There's a play going on at the theater a few blocks away. You kids should go tonight. Get out of this filthy house." Ginny said. "Sounds great!" Brianna said, completely excited.

      “What’s the play?” Robert asked. “Check the name on the ticket.” Jade told Charles. “Phantom of the Opera?” Charles answered quizzically. “Oh Merlin! Sofia and I saw that as children!” Brie exclaimed. All the kids ran upstairs and got ready for the play.

      The floorboards creaked with the sudden flurry of movements. Charles sat by the door, idle and indifferent to the scurry of children around the household. Nicholle stood in front of her closet pulling out every outfit she owned. Her hair was piled on top of her head in a messy bun as a pile of clothes formed around her. Beads flew off shirts, sparkles littered the floor. Biting her lip she tossed a plane black chiffon top and pair of jeans on her bed. Quickly she ducked into the bathroom to change, leaving a trail of discarded clothes in her wake.

      Evening light poured in through the window of Jade, Robert and Brie's room. Standing in front of the dresser, Jade pulled out her favorite white lace top and high waist shorts. Carefully she laid them out on her bed. Slowly she padded over to the closet and pulled out her light teal flower printed shawl. Quickly she dresses, matching the outfit with a pair of ankle high socks and light brown doc martins. Running a hand through her hair, she let it fall in its natural curly ringlets. The light caught the permanent white streak in her hair, making it contrast more with her red hair. Lightly putting on a touch of makeup she quickly padded down the stairs.

      Astonished stares greeted her as she made her way down. Brie stood with her arms crossed in front of the door. She was wearing her usual tee shirt and jeans. Her hair was down and lay past mid back. Tapping her foot, she said, "Why are you dressed like that?" Motioning her hand up and down. "Why am I dressed like what?" Jade said as she flounced around Brie, reaching for the door handle. She opened it slightly, letting fresh air flow into the stagnate house. "You know exactly what I mean, you look like you’re going on a date." rolling her eyes Brie laid her arm across the door. Tapping her fingers on the worn wood she stared at Jade. Cocking one eyebrow up she pushed the door closed with a definitive thud.

      "Are you going on a date?" said Nicholle as she ran down the stare. Her hair bounced behind her as she looked Jade up and down. Sighing Jade looked over Nicholle, rolling her eyes slightly she said, "Look whose speaking? Is that eyeliner I see dusting the tops of those brown eyes?" Raising her eyebrows she looked Nicholle over. She was wearing a simple yet pretty black chiffon top and a nice pair of tight fitting jeans. She shifted her weight uncomfortably as Jade looked her over. Her short height was made more apparent by her choice of flats.

      "I was just trying to look nice." Nicholle mumbled as she slipped past the group. Quickly she ducked into the kitchen and grabbed a small snack before they made their way out. "Stop evading the question." Brie said dragging Jades attention back to her. Sighing Jade dipped her head, a small blush dusted the tops of her cheeks. "If you must know, I have a thing for the musical type. She laced her finger together as she looked down at the floor. Laughter erupted around the group. "I kind of figured, it was just funny watching you try to squirm around the question." Brie said through laughter. Pulling Jade in for a quick hug she pushed her out the door.

      "Hey wait for me!" said a Robert as he tumbled out the door. He stood slightly out of breath in a white dress shirt. The sleeves were rolled up due to the summer heat. His soft curly hair was slightly disheveled as he ran his hands through it. His black jeans hung close to his body as he bent down to adjust his black dress shoes. Adjusting himself once more her dove back into the house to grab one final object. He reemerged holding his the black and yellow scarf. With a flick of his wrist he draped it around his neck. Slowly he sauntered off the porch.

      "Must you wear that bloody scarf! IT’S SUMMER!" Brie enunciated the last part as she took in Roberts outfit. "IT’S FASHION! You wouldn't know about that would you?" Robert said with some sarcasm as he walked past Brie. Giving her a lopsided grin he walked to catch up with Nicholle and Charles.

      Brianna rolled her eyes and caught up to Charles, snatching the tickets from his hand and putting it in her pocket. Charles wore a blue and white plaid shirt collar shirt with black jeans. Jade put Brie in a headlock as they began walking and Brie fought out of it. Jade walked side by side to Robert and Brianna hung close to Charles & Nicholle.

      As they walked to the theater they soon realized it was farther than they thought. Night began to fall upon them. "Are we going to make it?" Nicholle asked. "Yeah, the show's in the evening." Brie replied. "Good." Robert said.

      When they arrived at the theater they went straight to concession to get popcorn. Robert and Jade ran away with the popcorn and left Charles, Nicholle and Brianna to carry the ice cold sodas. When they entered the stage, and Robert and Jade nearly finished the popcorn. They all sat down in seats giggling loudly. Their noise caused other families to slowly move away from their seats. "What's the play about?" Nicholle asked as the lights dimmed and the play was about to begin. Everyone shushed her and began watching intensely as the first words of the play were spewed out. "SOLD!"

      The children's eyes remained glued to the stage as songs were belted from the actors. "The Phantom of the Opera is there...inside your mind." The man sung. He wore a black cape and all black clothing with a mask that covered his face so you couldn't tell who it was. The woman look frightened but followed him intrigued. Robert's breathing grew heavier as the man seemed to frighten him slightly. Nicholle looked around nervously. Jade grabbed Robert's knee. "What's going on with you?" She asked. "That man. I feel like I know him." Robert said. "Okay so you're telling me you know a famous English opera singer." Jade said sarcastically. Robert giggled, "No I'm just saying...those black cloaked guys." "He's a weirdo in black looking for love. Not trying to kill us." Jade muttered. "Everyone looks for love." Nicholle intruded. "Robert, just learn to separate these types of things or you'll go insane." Nicholle added. Robert took a deep breath and tried enjoying the rest of the show.

      As the show ended, Brianna parted from the group and headed for the pit orchestra. Noticing, everyone followed her gladly. Brianna walked up, fiddling her fingers and approached the conductor. "Hi? Can I help you with something?" The conductor asked confused. "Oh, um...the pit was amazing." "Oh, then thank you very much." The conductor said, bowing. "Do you play something?" He asked. "I play violin!" Robert said, pushing his way past Jade and confronting the conductor. Brie giggled and said, "And I play cello. My friend Jade plays violin and so does Charles." "Quite a musical group of people I do say." They all nodded with a smile.

      The star of the show, Phantom, came from the stage to greet his fans. Brianna & Charles walked up to him and shook his hand. The man glanced over at Robert. Robert then, losing his breath, fainted at the sight of him. Nicholle quickly ran to Robert and helped him up but he was unconscious. "We've got to go home. So sorry! Great performance!" Jade said, lifting the bottom half of Robert. Nicholle and Jade carried Robert out of the theater. They paused when they got outside. "We have to carry him all the way back to Grimmauld?" Charles whined. "You? You're not even holding him!" Jade said. Charles went in to support Robert's back and Brianna grabbed one of his arms to help Nicholle.

      They slowly made their way to Grimmauld in the dark of night, trying to remain calm. When they got back, Harry was sitting out of the stoop. "Where have you been?!" Harry shouted as he stood up. He grabbed hold of Robert and carried him inside and putting him on a couch. "What happened to him?" He asked. "He kind of fainted at the sight of Phantom..." Nicholle said. "He's a grown boy. What do you mean he fainted? It's a bloody man." "I don't know. He just fainted." "Perhaps he's sick." Harry said, placing a blanket on him. The kids watched as Robert lie there motionless. "Off to bed now...all of you." Harry said.

      Jade and Brianna walked up the stairs, interlocked in each other's arms, got ready for bed and sat in the darkness of their room. Spells hoo'd softly until Jade shushed her. They both drifted off to sleep. Nicholle and Charles gossiped their way up the stairs to their room and fell asleep, exhausted from the long day.

      Midnight struck and the ringing of the grand clock woke Robert. His eyes fluttered opened as he felt a soft tail swipe at his feet and heard the patter of Obi coming closer to his face. When he opened his eyes, Harry was watching over him. Robert sat up and rubbed his head. “Hi?” He said to Harry, a bit confused. “You knocked out at the theater.” Harry said, sipping some coffee. “Must’ve been really tired.” Robert mumbled. “I don’t believe that for a second.” A voice from the kitchen muttered. Robert peered over the corner and saw Ginny cleaning up some dishes. “What?” She snapped in a loud tone. “She’s just a bit stressed.” Harry said. “Come, sit.” He added. Footsteps could be heard from upstairs. “Now you woke the bloody children.” Ginny said, putting the towel down and stomped her way up the stairs as Nicholle and Brianna made their way down. “Is everything alright?” Nikki asked. “Yeah, I’m better now. Just needed some rest. I really should get going to bed.” Robert said, grabbing hold of the stair railing.

      “Robert, stop.” Harry said, in an understanding tone. “I want to speak with you. As for you two, back to your rooms. Last thing I need is you two passing out from exhaustion as well.” Harry said. Nikki and Brie made their way back up the stairs and stood at the top railing. Jade and Charles noticed their friends’ absence and joined them for a bit of snooping at the top of the stairs.

       In the kitchen, Harry refilled his coffee as Robert sat down at the dining room table. “Can I have a cup? Haven’t had since Hogwarts, sir.” Robert asked politely. “First years aren’t allowed coffee so why do you want this now?” Harry said taking a sip from his mug. Robert looked away into the dark window that opened to the blackness of night. “Dreams are a matter of which you cannot fear. Fear comes from pain. Pain comes from memories. Memories are in the past. What happened tonight, Robert?” Harry asked. “I have these dreams, Professor.” Robert started. “Harry…just Harry here.” Harry said. “Right. Harry. And I see these men and women dressed in black robes.” Robert said. “That’s the school dress code.” “No but…I can’t see their faces. And they’re dangerous.” Robert told him. “How do you know they’re dangerous?” “I don’t know.” Robert mumbled.

      At the top of the stairs, Nicholle began to feel uneasy at his descriptions. She began to fidget around until she got up and went to Jade and Brianna’s room. The rest of the kids followed her. Nicholle was sitting on the windowsill. Jade sat upon her bed and Brianna sat upon hers. Charles joined Brie. They sat in darkness, waiting for Robert.

      By the time Robert came in, Charles and Brianna had fallen asleep on top of one another. Nicholle was leaning against the closed window drooling and Jade was tucked in neatly in her bed.

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