Our School After: New Discoveries

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  • Published: 23 Jun 2014
  • Updated: 30 May 2015
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After their first year at Hogwarts, the kids are spending their summer at Gimmauld's Place with Harry and Ginny Potter. There they learn more about the muggle-world as well as their own world in their minds. What new discoveries will the gang find next?
Also, Read the first book of the series, "Our School After"


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

      An enticing blue door to an old stone house drew the 5 children in closer to the door. "5 Gimmauld's Place" the door read in clear letters. The wind pushed the trees around like middle school bullies & whipped around a circus master. It was nighttime and the moon shown bright as the stars complimented it with a faded glow. The street was empty except for the faded headlights of faraway cars that turned away before coming onto the street. Jade cleaned off her glasses, making sure she saw the building correctly. Charles held onto Ginny's hand in anticipation. Robert stayed close to Brianna & Sofia focused on the growling of her stomach.

      Harry moved through the kids with some keys and unlocked the door. A rather small, frail, big headed creature appeared at the top of the stairs. It wore a beige piece of cloth covering necessities. Its ears were square and pointed down. Its eyes were small and grey with a slight tint of purple that was barely noticeable. "Who goes there?" It yelled. Harry chuckled as he walked in follow by Ginny. "Tuffy isn't going to ask again." The creature yelled. Brianna stepped forward rather amused, "Brianna Ace Wood. A half-blood Gryffindor." She said. The creature apparated quickly to the bottom of the steps next to Brianna and examined her momentarily. Then it sniffed towards Robert & Charles, inhaling their natural scent. "Young Hufflepuff purebloods." It said. They nodded. He walked past Sofia and tapped her badge. "Ravenclaw pureblood" he said as he did so. He reached up to Jade's face pushing her glasses more in her face, then moving her hair back. "Gryffindor...mud-blood." It muttered. Jade stepped back offended. "Why couldn't you figure me out?" Brianna said. "Testing your bravery." It said going off to follow Harry.

"Anything Tuffy can do to serve Harry?" It asks. "It's an elf!" Charles exclaimed running at it. "Yes. This is Tuffy. He's the last elf here." Harry said, taking out food for Ginny to prepare. "Hi Tuffy!" Sofia said waving at him. Tuffy backed up with fear. "Relax Tuffy. They're children." Ginny said. "You were a child once too. So was he! Look what happened. Tuffy is very cautious." He said backing up against the wall. "Upstairs Tuffy. Now." Harry demanded. Tuffy snapped his fingers and apparated away.

      Brianna looked around, noticing the unusually long dinner table & kitchen. "This belonged to the Blacks." Harry said, noticing Brianna's curiosity. "Why is it so big?" She asked. "Big family." Ginny said. Harry rubbed his hands along the wall. "My godfather Sirius used to live her." He said, staring at the writings on the wall. Brianna heard footsteps up the stairs and looked to see if Tuffy was going up. Instead, she saw Robert walking upstairs with their book & a Latin textbook. Brie chased him into a room. "You went through my bag." She said. "I want to read it." Robert insisted. Brianna snatched the book from his hands. "Later." She said walking away with it.

      Harry and Ginny set the table for dinner and the kids gathered around the table like hungry pirates after a week's journey across sea. "I have no water!" Sofia yelled, informing everyone. Brianna stuck her wand in her up. "Aguamenti" she said, filling Sofia's cup with water. Sofia picked it up with disgust in her eyes. "Take it or leave it." Jade implied to Sofia with a grin. Sofia placed the cup back down. Ginny placed a huge chicken in front of the children. It smoked like an unhealthy hobo along the trains. "It's still hot." She warned the children. The kids ignored her and began digging away at the food. Charles & Sofia burnt the tops of their mouths blew fire from their mouths. They gulped down their waters. The table laughed. Jade carefully blew cool air onto her chicken before eating it. She received a kind wink and warm smile for Ginny who admired her for the moment. Shyly, Jade continued to look away. Harry shared tales of his childhood and Quidditch games with the kids before finishing dinner.

      After dinner the children ran into their rooms and claimed their beds. Jade, Robert and Brianna slept in one room while Charles and Sofia occupied the other. Ginny and Harry obtained the largest bedroom. As the lights in the house grew dim, Brianna took out the book from her bag & placed it on her nightstand. She turned to Robert. "Tomorrow we'll study. I learned more Latin." She said. They each tucked themselves in, pulled the covers close and fell asleep in their new home. The glimmering stars babysat their sleeping bodies and kept their racing minds calm for the night.

      Back at Hogwarts, Nicholle stood outside the Entrance Hall, waiting for her parents to get her. She received an owl saying that she would have to take the Hogwarts Express back home that day because their car broke down. She looked up watching the owl fly away.

      A figure appeared from the Forbidden Forest and began walking towards Nicholle. She remained calm as it did so, not showing any signs of fear. He figure waved kindly. The red hair and freckled face clearly made out a friend of Nicholle’s. “Hey Ian.” She said. Behind Ian were three other children. “This is Dylan, Alison and Chelsea.” Ian said pointing to his friends. Dylan was average height and had dark brown hair that stopped just above his ears and sat quite perfectly over his eyebrows. He whipped it out of face showing his crystal blue eyes. He had a baby face still but his stature made him more mature. He was a Ravenclaw. Next, Nicholle’s eyes shifted to the tall blonde girl. She was the oldest, 13. Alison was very tall for her age. She must have been at least 5'7" with long blonde curly hair that reached her mid-back. She was very thin and had blue eyes that fit her narrow face adding to its unspoken beauty. She was a Gryffindor. Chelsea was very short, probably only 4'6" and had shoulder length dark hair. She had long eyelashes that extended from her greenish-blue eyes. There were freckles that bridged her pixie-like nose. Chelsea was very fair skinned and thin. Nikki had recognized her from somewhere, and then realized she was a fellow Hufflepuff.

      Headmaster Professor Albus Severus Potter came out and alerted the kids that the train would be leaving soon so they all apparated to Platform 9 ¾ and boarded the train. Nicholle sat on the train looking out the window thinking about the day’s events. Chelsea and Dylan walked by helping one another with their bags. They were twins. Chelsea was high-strung and Dylan was a mess. Alison was very quiet.

      Nicholle sat alone in her cabin when the train came to a screeching halt. She leaned forward and banged her head on the window. It went completely dark. Nicholle got up and almost immediately casted Lumos. She walked down the halls, looking in each cabin. A tall figure walked towards in one of the rooms. It stopped before Nikki’s dim light could show its face. “It’s been a while, my dear.” It said. “I thought you left me alone after what happened at Beauxbatons!” Nicholle shouted back. It seemed as if her train car had been empty. Nikki took a step closer but it disappeared. “Don’t start a war you can’t win.” It whispered in the air. She felt breathing down her back and gasped. “I don’t like you.” Nicholle said, close to tears. “Why darling?” A small girl’s voice said. Nikki turned around and saw the image of her looking back at her. “I’m you.” The girl said. Nicholle looked puzzled and terrified. The girl changed her form once more. “Recognize me now?” A man said. It was Cedric Diggory. "I'm everyone you are, know, and everything you want to be. I'm everything you're not!" He said leaping towards her neck with his hands out.

      A woman stood over Nicholle, shaking her. “Honey, this is your stop. Are your parents here?” She said. Nicholle woke up in a daze and looked out the window seeing her parents’ smiling faces. She pushed her hair behind her ears and gathered her belongings and left.

      Brianna woke to the sound of a tea kettle whistling and the chatter or Jade and Sofia brushing their teeth in the bathroom. Brianna ripped the covers from her and joined the girls in the bathroom. Robert and Charles walked by and went downstairs to find breakfast served. Harry was drinking pumpkin juice at the table, watching Ginny cook. He gave a small giggle. "What?" Ginny said. "You act just like Mrs. Weasley." He said. "Your mother." He implied. "Oh shut it you." Ginny said serving the pancakes and eggs on the table. "Girls, breakfast is ready." Ginny called up the stairs. The girls came running down. Harry and Ginny sat at the heads of the table while the children filled the rest of the seats. Everyone passed the food around and it felt like a family with all the chatter flying around.

      A Tawny owl flew into the window causing the interruption of breakfast. Jade got up and grabbed the message from the owl. "I recognize that owl!" Charles said proudly. "Ah, as do I little one." Ginny said taking the message from Jade. She opened it and read it to herself. She then placed it on the table with a slam. "Ronny and Hermione and coming for a visit today." She proclaimed. "Splendid!" Harry shouted, lifting his cup of pumpkin juice into the air. "Bloody hell." Jade mumbled under her breathe without anyone hearing.

      After breakfast, Brianna and Robert shot upstairs and went into their rooms. They closed the door behind them and lied down on the bed. Brianna reached to her night stand grabbing the book. "Okay so I've been reading Latin textbooks and I think I'm getting the handle of it." Brianna said. She opened the book to the first page of writing and stared at the words attempting to translate it. "I think it says, 'He casted Serpensortia then Lacarnum Inflamarae. He stood tall in front of the bigger children, feeling proud. Petrificus Totalus and one is down. Stupefy, there goes another. We are soon to be victorious.'" She read. Robert was puzzled and Brianna was too. "This book is weird." He said.

      The door opened and Brianna threw the book until the bed quickly. Jade walked in. "You don't think you're going to spend the entire day in here together and leave me outside with my family?" Jade asked, grabbing the both of them by their collars and pulling them off the bed. "Come on, we're busy." Robert said. "No you're not. School's over and we have the entire break to hangout." Jade whined. Sofia ran upstairs and heard whining. "Come on!" Sofia said, motioning everyone to go downstairs. Hermione and Ron had arrived.

      Brianna looked out the window and saw Ron and Hermione Weasley coming out of their car with gifts. Sofia joined her at the window. "It's raining!" She shouted. She grabbed Brianna's shirt and dragged her down the stairs, passing Ron and Hermione. "Hey Professors!" Brianna screamed as Sofia dragged her pasted them running. Sofia cupped her hands, gathering the fallen rain and threw it at Brianna. Brianna flinched as the water was thrown thought it barely wet her. They giggled cheerfully and ran in circles chasing one another.

      Jade greeted her grandparents, and then joined the group. "You Changed?" Sofia asked, noticing Jade's new wardrobe. "Yeah, my grandmother would kill me if she saw me in the rain with my good outfit on." Jade replied. Brianna picked up bits of grass and chunks of mud and flung it at Jade. It covered her glasses. With a huge shocked smile, Jade took her glasses off the wipe them. Sofia then picked up some mud and flung it at Jade as well. It landed on her shirt and fell off in a clump. "You're head Longbottom!" Jade screamed running at Sofia. She tackled Sofia to the ground and got on top of her shoving mud in her face. Brianna fell to the floor in a fit of giggles, dirtying the back of her body. Brianna jumped onto the girls and pulled Jade off and was now on top of Jade. "Me next!" Charles screamed running outside, followed by Robert. Charles jumped on Sofia and sprinkled grass all over her. Robert jumped onto the Jade and Brianna, making them all fall, merging the two groups into one big ball of giggles onto the ground. Mud, grass and rain smothered the kids. Harry stood by the door watching. His smile showed admiration that the children were being kids for once. Their business was always spread around the school and they have been through so much.

      They all stood up and looked at one another. Robert's curly blonde hair turned into locks of mud. The mud blended to Charles' skin, turning him a lighter shade of brown. Jade's freckles disappeared under the mud on her face. Sofia's tan skin turned a dark brown stained with mud. Her hair was covered in grass. Brianna hair and back were covered in grass and mud. They took one good look at one another and let out a fit of laughter all around. Jade began to peel herself out of the mud. Globs of it clung to her skin and clothes like an extra layer. Biting her lip, she knew that the white streak in her hair was now dyed brown. Shrugging, she bent down and grabbed two large globs in her hands. Smiling, she turned and mushed them into the tops of Brie's and Sofia's heads. Giggling, she said, "That for starting the war you bloody idiots." She laughed at their dumfounded expressions. Quickly she turned and went into the house, now needing to shower and change before she could present herself to her grandparents. Jade bounded up the stairs, practically running to the bathroom when she heard the rest of her friends retreat into the house to shower themselves. Laughing, she screamed over her shoulder, "You bloody slow pokes!"

      They all rushed downstairs to see Ginny taking a big chocolate cake out of the oven. Sofia ran right up to Ginny and tried sneaking a piece. “Sofia, don’t eat that cake.” Harry said catching her. Sofia backed off and sat in a chair next to the table. She waited patiently as everyone did a house chore. She grew bored. “When’s lunch? I want to eat the cake.” Sofia blurted out. Everything stopped and everyone looked at her. “What?” Sofia asked. "Sometimes we wonder what is wrong with you." Brie said. The crowd broke out in laughter as they playfully teased Sofia. "Later." Jade told Sofia, walking by with a broom, sweeping the floor.

      Brianna was in the corner of the kitchen when Robert grabbed her and dragged her to their room. "What do you want?" Brianna whined. Robert took out the book and tossed it at Brianna. Brianna sighed and opened it. As she did, the door broke open again. "What are you two doing in here? Are you guys dating?" Jade asked. Robert and Brianna backed away from each other, leaning on opposite walls. "I'm kidding! Relax." Jade said, bringing the tension down. She snatched the book from Brianna's hands. "What's this?" She asked. "A book." Robert replied rather quickly. Jade glared at him. "Well obviously." Jade said. "What's it about?" "I think it's a mystery." Brianna said walking towards Jade. "It speaks of a 'He' but hasn't revealed who 'He' is." She continued. Jade opened the book. "You can read this?" She asked Robert. "I can." Brianna interrupted. "Read it." Jade said, handing Brie the book.

      Brianna opened it and re-read the part she read the Robert before. "He casted Serpensortia then Lacarnum Inflamarae. He stood tall in front of the bigger children, feeling proud. Petrificus Totalus and one is down. Stupefy, there goes another. We are soon to be victorious." She read. "It's a weird story." Robert said, following the reading. Jade stared at Brianna and Robert. "That happened." She said. Brianna and Robert looked puzzled at one another. "Since when?" Robert asked. "Since Robert went crazy that day. Didn't he cast Serpensortia at Nicholle? And he froze Charles right?" Jade said. "Oh yeah." Brianna said, looking at Robert. Robert didn't remember. Jade grabbed the book and flipped through it. "It's not finished." She said showing the blank pages. "That's so cool! It relates to us!" Robert said grabbing the book in awe. "Robert."

      Jade was about to say something when Harry walked in. "You kids okay?" He asked. They all nodded. "Lunch is ready, since you know, Sofia asked." He said. They giggled and went downstairs. Jade sat between Ron and Hermione. Brianna sat across from Jade and to the right of Robert. Sofia sat next to Ginny and Harry sat at the end of the table. Charles sat to Sofia's right. Hermione set the food along the table with a smile and sat back down, patting Jade on the back.

      As Hermione sat down, she looked to Jade and grew confused. "Sweetheart." She said. "Why is there a white streak in your hair?" She asked. Jade's face flushed from her normally pale skin to a ghostly pale. Her cheeks blushed a deep red. Jade swallowed, unsure of how to talk to her grandmother. Looking down she moved her food around the plate while her mind grappled for words to say. She opened her mouth to say something but quickly snapped it shut. Looking around the tabled she sought escape in one of her friends, pleading then with her eyes to help her. Seeing none, Jade ran from the table, leaving behind a clatter of dishes. Quickly Jade bounded up the stairs and into her room, closing the door with a definitive thud.

      Ginny followed Jade up slowly and without a word. She opened the door, seeing Jade hysterical on her bed. Ginny sat on the bed, rubbing her hand across Jade's back, assuring her. "I can tell her." Ginny whispered to Jade. Jade nodded, her head still shoved in her sheets. "Ok." Ginny whispered, rubbing her back once more, and then leaving. Brianna passed Ginny on her way out, and joined Jade on the bed. Brianna sat in silence. The rest of the children came up and all sat in the same room. Silently they listened to Jade's sniffles. She finally lifted her head, revealing her bloodshot eyes. Brianna reached out and touched Jade's white streak in her hair. "I'm sorry." Brianna said. Moments of silence consumed the time as the kids sat, almost mournfully. Hermione came in and gave a long apologetic look on her face. She left, closing the door behind her and leaving the students to one another.

      Back at the Diggory house, Nicholle sat at the table across from her parents and next to her little sister. The household had been rather insolence since Nicholle’s past expulsion. Her father cleared his throat. “One called Professor Lupin has asked for your abilities.” He said. “I know.” Nicholle said looking down at her food. “He’s been tutoring me.” Nicholle murmured. Her mother stayed silent, feeling so ashamed of her daughter to speak. “I’m off.” Nicholle said, pushing away her plate of pasta. She opened the front door. “Caper!” She said. Her little sister peeked from the behind the wall. “Be good.” Nikki said. She left.

      Jade wiped the tears from her face; ruefully she looked at her friends. Sniffling ever so slightly she said, "I'm sorry guys....did...didn't mean to make a scene." Jades voice wavered as Brie grabbed her hand, giving it a small reassuring squeeze. Jade smiled slightly, she went to speak but was interrupted when Sofia's stomach growled. The group quickly erupted into a sea of laughter. Sofia looked down slightly embarrassed, holding her still growling stomach she said, "Guys...we didn't finish dinner, can we go down now." Sofia looked up at us expectantly.

      The group ran down the stairs to find that the dinner dishes had been put away. "Aww." Sofia said, crossing her arms. Ginny took out the chocolate cake with a smile. The group of children jetted down the rest of the stairs and filled the table immediately. "Where's Sofia?" Robert asked, seeing she was not at the table. Charles pointed at Sofia, who had her back turned. "Turn around!" The entire group said. Sofia spun and faced the group. Her face stained with frosting and pieces of chocolate cake. "Really." Charles said, leaning back in his chair. "You're actually surprised?" Brianna said. Everyone busted in laughs. "At least it's not me this time!" Ron said smiling. Everyone stopped at looked. Hermione raised her eyebrows. Ron had chocolate on his front teeth. Harry collapsed in laughter and Ginny only shook her head. "Let's try and eat the cake together, shall we?" She said, placing the rest of the cake on the table.

      Jade had trouble stifling a laugh as Ginny bent down to wipe the remaining chocolate frosting of Sofia's face, funnier yet was when her own grandmother had to help her grandfather remove chocolate frosting from his teeth. A large smile spread across Jade’s face. The moment was interrupted when a knock on the door signaled a new arrival. A confused look passed between the adults. Before Ginny could get to the door, Robert bounded off from the kitchen and opened it. Sunlight filed the dusty house as Robert opened the door. Ginny walked up behind him, putting on a warm smile for the guest. Jade and Brie crept up behind Robert and Ginny, curious to see who was there. Jade popped her head through the gap between Robert and Ginny, inhaling sharply as she examined the person before them.

      A boy stood on the front steps. He had raven black hair that laid in a mess atop his head, too long for a boy as my grandmother would say. His eyes were a clear gray, with a hint of purple in them when the sunlight caught them. He was rather tall for an eleven year old, lanky even. His shirt clung to him, defining the small bit off muscle he had. He had a brilliant smile plastered on his face, showcasing his white teeth. An old man similar to him walked up the path to the door slowly. Ginny smiled when she realized who they were. Ushering them inside, she introduced them to the rest of the household. "Children, this is Sebastian Lestrange and his grandfather Marcus Burke, they’re our neighbors."

      Brianna backed up to the sound of the boy's name. Robert shoved Brianna in front of him. Charles and the Potters seemed not to be phased. They were quite friendly with them. "Charles, want to play outside?" He asked. Charles looked outside to see the rain had stopped. "Alright." Charles said running outside with the boy. Jade gazed out the window as the boy ran, the wind flowing through his hair. Ginny entertained the grandfather with words of tales. Hermione cleaned the kitchen with Ron. "Why isn't Charles afraid of him? He's bad!" Robert asked Harry, implying Sebastian's last name. Harry sat down. "Son, Sebastian is a Gryffindor." He said. He continued with a reassuring smile. "You see, during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Bellatrix fooled around a bit with Barty Crouch Jr." He gave a slight chuckle, amused by the thought. "Crouch didn't know. Bellatrix kept the boy hidden and gave him her last name. His name was Kevick Lestrange. He eloped with a young girl in the Burke Family and had Sebastian. Before Sebastian could remember the simple patterns of walking, Kevick was accidently murdered by a death eater." "But he's still a bad guy?" Robert said. "No my dear. The Burkes are a very high placed family. They raised Sebastian. Now he lives with his grandfather Marcus because his mother recently passed. No exact reasons why. She suffered much in her lifetime. Her body was found with nothing but teeth marks the side of her body." Harry said. There was a moment of silence between Harry and Robert as if all other chaos around them had stopped. "So he's a Gryffindor?" Brianna asked, coming up behind Harry. "Yes." He replied.

      The door opened and a flash of red was seen leaving the back of the house. "Bloody hell she's love thirsty." Brianna mumbled to herself. Brianna reached for Jade's shirt but she was already in front of Sebastian. Sofia appeared behind Brianna. She was taller than Brianna and peered over her head. "Does she like every guy she sees?" Sofia asked. "Do you eat everything you see?" Brianna asked. "Almost." Sofia said pushing Brianna out of the way and going back outside and jumping in front of Charles. Jade stood in front of Sebastian fiddling her thumbs and nervously moving her feet. His eyes gleamed as the son hit them. "How come I haven't seen you around?" Jade asked. "Not sure. I see you quite often actually." Sebastian said. "That's nice. I'm going to take her now." Brianna interrupted pulling Jade away. "You know, I tried getting you with Teddy but you pull me away from every guy who seems to even like me." Jade said. "Professor Lupin is a teacher." Brie said. "I don't care." Jade whined. They looked over to find Sofia rolling in the grass with Charles. "You almost forget she's older than us." Brianna said, smiling. They both laughed. Jade looked back for Sebastian but he was gone. "Bloody hell man, you scared him away." Jade said. "Did not." "Did to!"

      They fought inside the house and up to their room. As they opened the door, heavy snoring was heard. "Barbaric." Brianna mumbled. Jade busted in a fit of loud laughter, waking Robert. "You snore." Jade managed to get out between laughs. Robert shook his head and sat up. "I suppose it's time to go." A voice said from the dining area. Jade, Robert and Brie jetted downstairs to find Hermione and Ron at the door waving goodbye. They said goodbye and listen to the door shut.

      Nightfall came about and the kids sat quietly in one room. "We have a whole summer to ourselves." Brianna said looking out the window. "Might as well not waste it." Charles said. "So what shall we do?" Robert added, rubbing his eyes to stay awake.

      Brianna shook her head, not knowing what to do. She looked around the room, then at her nightstand. They stared at the moving picture of her parents and siblings. They were waving. Sentolia and Mark stood behind Jackson and Leah. Sentolia wore a fitting pink shirt and black jeans. She wouldn't be recognized as a witch if they glanced at her twice. Mark, Brianna's father, had long black wavy hair. It went down to his shoulder blades. He was well older than Sentolia and showed signs of it. His stance proved his profession as a muggle rock star but he was very well mannered. He had thick eyebrows and dark brown eyes which he passed on to Brianna. Jackson stood in front of Sentolia. He stood as if he posed a million times before. His hair was combed to the side and his hazel eyes shone brightly. Leah stood next to Jack, giggling as the photographer tried getting her attention. She kept moving around and looking at her mother for a reassuring smile. She finally began waving at the camera, a big childish wave as her flailed through the air. Brianna smiled back at the photo as if it were real.

      There was a snapping sound. Brianna looked up, seeing Jade snapping away. "Are we going to do anything?" Jade asked. "I bloody don't know, come up with something." Brianna said sharply, annoyed that she was interrupted. Sofia raised her hand and said, "I think we should sleep." Just as she did so, a clock stuck 11PM and rung a deep toned bell. "As do I." Brianna muttered. With the flick of her wand, Jade shut off all the lights and went to bed. Sofia and Charles left for their beds.

      Throughout the night, Robert fussed in his bed. "It's for the best. You'll be saving so many hurting children like yourself. You can lead us all. You can lead me. Just do what's right." Robert heard in his head. He pushed and fluffed his pillow more and more as the night went on. The voice grew louder, though it remained a whisper. "Follow me." It said. It repeated it many times and grew louder until it sounded like one blurred tone. Robert woke up in the middle of the street. Headlights of a bus aimed at him, coming fast. The big blurred tone was the honking of the horn. Robert stood frozen. "Wingardium Leviosa!" Robert was lifted from the street and placed in front of the blue door. Harry's body was half out the window, his wand aiming at Robert.

      Harry ran downstairs, meeting the stunned Robert at the door. "The bloody hell are you doing walking out the middle of the street." He said, fixing up a blanket for Robert, noticing he was shaking. "I'm not quite sure." Robert replied, confused. "How did you know I was out there?" Robert asked. "I heard you walking down the stairs and I heard the door locking close. I looked out the window, luckily in time." Harry replied sighing. "Go to bed." Harry said, getting up to go back to his bed. "And this time...go." He insisted before leaving. When he left, Robert stayed in the dining area, looking around. Tuffy appeared, cleaning the floors. Robert didn't speak, but instead got up and went to bed himself. He crept slowly into his room, trying not to wake his friends. He lied back down, and cautiously fell asleep.

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