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  • Published: 21 Jun 2014
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Four friends, Brianna, Jade, Charles and Sofia all get letters to go to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. The book starts in the middle of their first year on one of their corridor adventures. Like normal friends, they're always teasing one another. As the rest of the year goes on, many things begin to happen around Hogwarts and the childrens' lives are in danger. Along the way, they meet new friends and new love interests.


8. Chatper 7

Chapter 7

        Brianna woke up facing Robert, whose face was filled with filth. She pushed him, waking him as well. "You're a bloody mess. Come; let's go eat breakfast before the finals." Brianna said waking Robert. Robert tried to get up but his back was completely stiff. "I think I lied on the bloody ground for too long. My back hurts like hell!" He said, struggling to move. Brianna helped him up. He groaned in pain but shook it off. Robert went to the bathroom and washed up, as did Brianna. They changed their robes and began to walk to the Great Hall.

        As Robert began to walk his back stopped him from moving once more. He lost feeling of his body and collapsed on the floor. Brianna grabbed Robert's unconscious body as he fell to the floor and carries him to Miss Pomfrey's office. "He shows no evidence of injury." Miss Pomfrey said. She removed his robe and his shirt, seeing is there were any struggle marks. "Oh dear..." She said. Brianna came over panicked and they saw a scratch down Robert's back. Miss Pomfrey wrapped his body up to protect the wound.

        "You may take him back to his dorm now. He'll be fine." Miss Pomfrey said. Brianna began to take Robert back to the dorm when we woke up in her arms. "Get off!" Robert screamed jumping from her grip. He realized it was Brianna and said, "Oh. Sorry I didn't know it was you.” He said adjusting his tie. Brianna calmed Robert down. They missed breakfast, so they went straight to their first class. They walked all the way down to the dungeons and entered the Defense Against The Dark Arts Class. They each sat down in their seats, which were diagonal from one another. "Ugh, I am so not ready for this test." Robert said. "We literally stayed up all night testing." Brianna told Robert. Professor Potter hushed the class as he handed the final exams out. Brianna looked over at Robert and back down at the test with a slight giggle. She began to take the test.

        As the room grew more and more silent, with only the sound of turning papers occupied the air, the door opened. The caretaker Luna Longbottom came in and whispered a few things to Professor Potter with a worried face. Professor Potter nodded and went back to pacing the class. Luna walked out. The bell rang and the tests were handed in. Robert and Brianna met up after class and went next door to take the Potions final. As Robert and Brianna walked in, they noticed the headmaster at the desk. When the rest of the kids came in, he announced, "Professor Lupin is feeling very ill today and cannot proctor this test. Therefore, I will fill in for him today." She handed out the test and the students began taking it.

        The exams were finally over for that day. Robert, Brianna and Sofia all met up in the Main Yard on the grass. “I’m so tired!” Brianna said stretching out on the ground.  "Me too, exams are so stressful." Sofia said. "Let's do something random. Like jump in the lake."

        In the castle, Jade sighed. Finally she was done doing her project for Magic in Art. Professor Wood had wanted her to do an extra project for the end of the year showcase, usually first years weren't allowed to submit anything, but Sentolia decided to make an exception due to my extreme talents and close friendship. Jade looked down at the piece she had drawn. It had taken her two days to complete; all the while she had locked herself up in the art room, oblivious to everything else. Despite her wandering mind, her eyes again focused on the drawing that laid out in front of her. Jade’s eyes traveled the entire length of the 5 foot piece. The scene in front of her was for a lack of words magnificent, she had captures the details perfectly.

        She had then decided to draw her friends. The painting moved; they were all of the Quidditch pitch, perfectly elated, seeming to not have another care in the world, aside from having fun. They traveled in elaborate loops, chasing after each other on firebolts. The scene was stunning, her heart swelled with pride. Swallowing, she silently hoped her friends loved the piece, it had already become her favorite and she hoped they enjoyed it as much as she did. Briefly she heard the exaggerated screams of her friends, instantly I knew they were in the Main yard. Quickly Jade took out her wand and apparated onto the field. Looking around at them, she uttered a quick sentence, "Meet me in the Magic in Art classroom now." With that she apparated back into the Art room.

        Brianna grabbed Robert and Sofia and raced them all to the Magic in Art room in the 5th corridor. As they all walked in, Brianna stood still at the door. She saw the huge moving painting. "When did you learn how to do this?" Brianna asked. She saw herself on a brand new Firebolt, moving swiftly through the air without a care. "Woah; Jade that picture of us looks amazing." Sofia said, "It’s really cool how we are moving." Jade was extremely proud. "Go put it up in our dorm!" Robert exclaimed. "We're all going to play out in the Main Yard, when you're done hanging it, come out and play with us!" Brianna exclaimed. Sofia, Robert and Brianna all apparated to the main yard.

        Brianna, Sofia and Robert were in a circle contemplating what we should play. Jade apparates and joins the group. "Hey Jade. Any ideas on what we shall play this evening?" Brianna asked Jade as she walked over. "Robert wants to duel, Sofia wants to play with our magic and see what happens." Sofia smiles widely. "I personally find it a terrible idea." Brianna says giggling. "What do you want to do?" Brianna re-asks Jade. Smiling, Jade says, "I've got one particular game in mind." A grin spread on her face, happily she dug out the Rouge bludgers she had been saving, setting them free on her friends. Laughing, Jade fell over to the ground in a fit of laughter. Unable to breathe, Jade resigned to trying not to laugh as hard. Looking up, she saw her friends running around trying to avoid the bludgers. The scene playing out in front of her only made her laugh harder. Brianna began running backwards, whipped out her wand and screamed, "Reducto!" The solid bludger was destroyed to bits. Brianna went back on the ground and began panting. As Robert ran from the bludger he had an idea. He circled back towards Jade and at the last second he ducked. The bludger slammed right into Jade’s gut "Ha!" Robert busted out and began panting on the ground next to Brianna. Sofia tripped and fell. The bludger flew right over her into the forbidden forest.

        When Jade got hit, Jade doubled over the bludger. She tumbled over and fell unconscious to the pain. As it happened, Professor Lupin happened to be walking by, ran over and picked Jade up. He glared at us and carried Jade away to the hospital wing. Brianna, Sofia and Robert looked up and saw Lupin carrying Jade. "It wasn't even our faults!" Robert screamed at Lupin. He ignored them.

        Brianna, Sofia and Robert stood still in the middle of the main yard silently watching Lupin carry Jade away. They felt guilty. "But Jade started it." Robert softly said. Brianna put her hand on Robert's head and hugged him tightly. They all slowly walked back to their dorm and went to bed early.

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