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  • Published: 21 Jun 2014
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Four friends, Brianna, Jade, Charles and Sofia all get letters to go to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. The book starts in the middle of their first year on one of their corridor adventures. Like normal friends, they're always teasing one another. As the rest of the year goes on, many things begin to happen around Hogwarts and the childrens' lives are in danger. Along the way, they meet new friends and new love interests.


9. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

        Brianna woke up and lied in bed for a while. She stared up at the ceiling, still shameful about Jade. She got up, skipped breakfast and slowly walked down to the boat house. Oddly, Sentolia was there watching the waves crash. "You come here too?" Brianna asked sneaking up by Sentolia. "When I need to clear my head and get ready for a class." She replied. Brianna sat down next to her, sticking her feet in the water. Brianna looked out to the ocean. "I haven't felt right without you." She said randomly. Sentolia looked out there too. "Yeah I know." Brianna glanced at her mom. "Professor Potter." Sentolia said. "Ah, of course. Well, I'm glad you teach here now." Brie said innocently. Sentolia patted Brianna on the back. "Yeah I know that too." She stood up. "Do you know everything?" Brianna teased, standing up as well. "Just about my dear." The bell rang. "That's my calling." Sentolia said. She took one last look into Brianna's eyes and then walked off. Brianna watched her walk away before sitting back down, replacing her feel in the water and staring back out at the water. Complete serenity surrounded her.

        As the day went on, Robert joined Brianna at the boat house. Jade came from the hospital wing slowly. She was walking gripping her rib cage obviously in pain. She apologized for throwing the bludgers. Sofia interrupted and walked inside to saw it was her friends. "Hey, guys." Sofia said, "I'm bored and tired from all the bloody finals." Brianna looked back at Jade from the view of the ocean and acknowledged the entrance of Sofia. She stood up. "I'm bored as well. We should do something." Robert looked at Brie and said "we should show them our Patronus!” Brianna looked over and Robert with a rather serious look. She cleared her throat and hit Robert. "I don't think we should be telling everyone what we do on our personal time." Brianna whispered over to him. As she did, Charles fell from the sky into the lake. A broom floated up from the water, as did Charles. Brianna helped Charles up. “Did you really just fly straight into the lake?” Charles did nothing but laugh.

        "Well Brie and I have been studying and we learned our Patronus charms!" Robert exclaimed. He took out his wand and said "Expecto Patronum!" A light emitted from his wand as a badger formed. The badger sniffed Charles, knowing he was a Hufflepuff. Without sensing danger, the badger ran away. Brianna was angry at Robert for showing everyone the special powers they could do. Everyone rooted for Brianna to do it as well. Brianna felt forced but did it anyways. She closed her eyes, imagining her mother. "Expecto Patronum!" She screamed. A medium sized Silver Rare Red Owl flew from Brianna's wand and flew in circles around the group before flying away into the air and disappearing into thin air. She backed up, shocked at how strong it was and looked away, staring into the sky. Robert was watching in awe at all the attempts at the Patronus spell. Professor Harry Potter came down and pulled Robert aside to talk. Robert left with his head down. Sofia stepped up and pointed her wand to the sea. “Expecting Patronus!” She screamed. Nothing happened and Jade and Charles gave a small giggle. Sofia laughed as well and backed up. "Me next!" Charles said pulling out his wand. He thought about his friends, Juliette, his mom and grandma. "Expecto Patronum." Charles said. His wand began to glow as a sliver of smoke escaped from it. It disappeared and Charles screamed. "Ow!" His wand was bright red. "Bloody hell, it burned me." He said running to the water to cool his hand. Brianna ran to Charles, making sure he was okay. "Be careful with these. Who is next?" She asked.

        Jade shook her head, "Nope, no bloody way." Grinning she said, "Don't need another injury to send me back to the hospital wing. Broken rib is enough don’t you think?" "Suit yourself." Brianna said. "It's basically impossible for first years to do it anyway." She continued. Jade smirked, "Maybe it is or it isn't, but I'd rather not try and land myself in the hospital wing again." She stopped momentarily, looking at Brie quizzically and asked, "If it’s so impossible, how did you learn then." Brianna looked to see if Robert or Professor Potter was coming back. "Practice." She said stiffly. "I'm going to go to our dorm. I'm getting a headache." She said looking around. She left without another word.

        Brianna calmly walked into the dorm and saw Nikki. “Where have you been all day?” She asked. “Oh. Studying in library because of the finals.” Nikki replied as she walked into the bathroom. Brianna was puzzled. Charles walked into the dorm behind Brianna. “Do you know what’s up with Nikki? She’s acting weird.” Brianna asked him. “Not sure, maybe she hung out with Ian today.” Charles said nudging Brie smiling. Brianna ran into the bathroom to bother Nicole about Ian. Nikki took off her robe, which revealed a deep gash on her right arm. “Vulnera Sanentur” She said waving her wand over the wound. The gash began to disappear. As it did, Brianna walked in. “You never learned that…” Brianna said suspiciously. Brianna grabbed Nikki’s arm to observe it but the gash was already gone. Nikki pulled away and put her robe back on. “That’s none of your business!” She screamed. “Is this why you were expelled?” Brianna asked, getting closer. “How do you know that?” Nikki asked. “Everyone knows!” Nikki grew enraged and stormed out.   Brianna left as well, heading to the dorm. As she walked in, Charles stood up. “Where’d you go?” Brianna didn’t answer and lied down to close her eyes to sleep.

        When Nikki walked in about an hour later, she found everyone calmly asleep.

        The next morning, Robert woke up with a strange objective on his mind. He felt the sudden urge to eliminate Nicholle.

        Down in the Great Hall, Brianna found Robert. “Hey, let’s go to Diagon Alley. I have to get some stuff.” She said. Robert didn’t reply. He was staring straight at the table and didn’t blink. “Rob!” Brianna said louder. Robert snapped out of it. “Oh yeah, sure let’s go.” Robert said. They found Sofia and Charles on their way to the Main Yard. “I told Jade to meet us at Diagon Alley; she was finishing up a painting.” Brie said.

        On Jade’s trip to Diagon Alley, she began to drift away from her usual path. She breathed in the fresh air, relishing its clean and crisp scent. Ease washed over her, flooding her mind with only tranquility. Soon the racing thoughts in Jade’s head dissipated. Snapping back into reality, her hands seemed as if they were moving to their own accord. She realized she unknowingly was moving to the sound of music. Finally Jade looked around, shocked to see that she had somehow wondered off the road and was now standing in front of the forbidden forest. She inhaled, wincing as pain flared up in her not yet healed rib. Seemingly against her will, her body leaned into the music, pulling her into the forest’s dark depths. The haunting sound of a cello tickled her ears. Its soft mournful sound drawing Jade in closer. Her feet began to move forward, faster and faster until the forest around her became a blur of greens and browns. The colors mixed further together, making it even harder to tell them apart. Jade felt her legs moving faster and faster and the blood pumping through them. The earth felt unnaturally soft against her thin shoes. Small branches brushed against her skin, leaving tiny red trails in their wake. The music became louder and louder until she couldn't hear anything else, it consumed Jade, became a part of her. The music swelled and crashed with the beating of her heart, echoing the pounding of her feet. Then all of a sudden it stopped, leaving behind an eerie stillness. Jade’s feet stopped moving as the music ended. Her breathing was labored, panting she looked around her. She was in a clearing, the ground was bare and it seemed like no life grew there at all. Not even an insect could be seen crawling on the ground. Slowly she moved about the empty space. The earth beneath her feet gave with each step, almost like rotting wood. As she breathed in she noticed how different the air tasted. The foul taste of rot and decay clung to the inside of her mouth, sputtering she tried to rid her mouth of the awful flavor, but only succeeded in making it worse as she breathed in gulp after gulp of air. Jade focused on the ground again. It was almost like the clearing was dead, a permanent wound on the earth’s surface. She faintly heard movement to her right; slowly she turned her head around. Jade vaguely saw a dark shape stuck behind the tree. Unsure of what to do, she slowly crept towards the spot where she saw the dark shape. As Jade got closer to the tree that it had disappeared behind, she noticed scraps of dark cloth float through the air. Swallowing, she tensed up. Her muscles began to lock up with fear; however she was determined to see what was behind the tree. Steeling her resolve, she pushed past the boundary of the clearing and looked behind the tree. Jade could feel bile bubble up in her stomach, threatening to make its way up. A scream tore from her chest as she realized what she was looking at. A student lay dead at her feet, ripped to shreds. She could feel her legs give out as she fell in front of the body. Scream after scream ripped from Jade’s chest until they were replaced with wails. Tears streamed down her face as she stretched a shaky hand out to touch the body. Wails continued to escape from her until she couldn't even hear her own voice. Time seemed to fade by, reality slipping from her, but still she was sure she screamed. Jade didn't know if anyone could hear her. Jade continued to scream until her voice grew hoarse, throat burning in protest, even then she pushed past the pain, shouting in soft whispers. She stayed there, staring at the dead student in front of her, realizing it was a fellow Gryffindor. The girl had long black hair and dark brown eyes. It resembled Brianna. Silently Jade prayed that someone would find them, and soon. The forest began to grow dark and darker until she couldn't see anymore, her only consolation was the return of the haunting cello and its mournful tune.

        As Charles, Brianna, Sofia and Robert began their journey, Charles grabbed Brianna’s Marauder’s Map. “Jade’s in the Forbidden Forrest.” He said looking up. “Bloody Idiot.” Sofia murmured. As they walked, Robert drifted to the Main Yard without her friends noticing.

        Nikki was walking along to lake when she heard rustling behind her. Silently, Nikki took out her wand, ready to protect herself. As she kept walking, she was stupefied into a rock and slammed her head. She opened her eyes and saw Robert above her. “What are you doing?!” She screamed, wiping the blood from her head. Robert raised her wand but Nikki screamed, “Stupefy” and Robert went flying backwards. He ran back up towards Nikki but she yelled "Petrificus Totalus!" causing him to tense up and fall to the ground.

        As Robert fell, Brianna, Sofia and Charles came running by. “Nikki, what are you doing?” Charles screamed, going to Robert’s side. Brianna ran at Nikki and tackled her. As Brianna climbed on top, Nikki gave a good swing at Brianna and hit her. Brie faltered back holding her nose. "He attacked me! I don't know why! I didn't do anything!" Nikki said standing back up. "It should wear off in a second and we can ask him then. Until then, somebody else explain to me why the bloody hell they think he would attack me!?" Nikki continued. Brianna stood up and said "Because maybe he didn't attack you. We don't know anything about you and after what I saw last night maybe he got too close to finding out who you really are.” She said. “What are you talking about?” Sofia jumped in saying. Charles and Sofia looked puzzled. “Last night in the bathroom, she had a huge wound on her! She used an advanced spell to heal herself. I’ve never heard of it in my life.” Brianna said calming down. “She obviously isn’t who she says she is.” Nikki looked around nervously. “Why were you expelled from that school?” Sofia asked. Nikki looked at all the accusing faces. She turned to run but Charles apparated in front of her stopping her.

        “Fine!” Nikki screamed. “I wanted to be just as great as good as my uncle Cedric! I started learning spells early. One day I was practicing my Patronus spell and something went wrong.” She cried. “My friend got in the way at the wrong time and instead of the bright light showing with my guardian, a bolt shot from my wand hit her leg and paralyzed her. When she went to the hospital, I had to tell them what happened. I was expelled for use of advanced magic and I was too young for it without supervision. When they asked how I learned the spells, I said I wasn't sure. I'm still not. They come to me in my sleep. There is a tall dark figure that appears every night and whispers them over and over.” Nikki cried and threw her arms around. They all stared at her in disgust and confusion. "So what did you do to Robert?!” Brianna yelled stepping closer to Nikki. They were face to face. “Nothing!” Nikki screamed.

        Robert was infuriated he had been beaten. He got up and glanced back to see his wand on the grand. He ran for it, knocking Sofia out of the way. He grabbed his wand but before he casted anything, the thought of why came into his head. He snapped back into his trance. Robert looked at Nicholle and screamed "Serpensortia!" A snake shot out and slithered to Nikki. While she was focused on the snake, Robert screamed "Lacarnum Inflamarae!” Nicholle dodged two balls of fire, but one burned her thigh. Charles reacted immediately and grabbed his wand. “Expelliarmus!” Robert said, disarming Charles. Charles dove at Robert, going for his wand but couldn’t get the grip. “Petrificus Totalus.” He says. Charles froze and fell. Brianna stood up and said “Incendio” engulfing the snake in flames. “Stupefy!” Robert said once more. Brianna dropped to the ground. “Now to get rid of the main threat.” Robert mumbled. “What about me?” Sofia said. “Sofia, you wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Robert said. He pointed his wand at Nikki. At that moment, Brianna yelled “Levicorpus.” Robert flew up into the air. Sofia pulled out her wand. "Expelliarmus" She says. Robert’s wand flies up and Charles caught it. Robert now has three wands pointed at him. "Who's not a threat now?" Sofia teased.

        Suddenly, Robert’s mind cleared. His eyes turned from white and glared to the clear brown eyes he had before. He dangled upside down and stared at all his friends who pointed their wands at him. He began flailing his limbs. “Why am I up here?!” He screamed. Nicholle looked at him with disgust. She was on the ground, clasping her hands around her thigh. Robert’s eyes began to tear up. “That was just a dream…No…this isn’t possible.” He whimpered and began to wail. “Put me down!” He said. Brianna lowered him. Robert was on his knees crying as Nikki contorted in pain. “Nicholle.” He croaked softly, pointing his finger at her. Sofia panicked and kicked Robert’s wrist. He fell back and saw that his wrist was bent. He passed out from the pain.

        Nikki grabbed her wand to finish Robert. “Wait!” Charles screamed. “He’s not going to do anything, he’s unarmed.” He continued. Brianna went to Robert’s side. "We need to get him to the hospital fast!" Brianna said. Charles agreed and picked him. They ran to the school.

        In the hospital, Robert was bonded to hospital bed unconscious. Sofia lied down for some rest, Brianna cleaned the blood off her, and Charles removed any scars and scratches off his face.      

        In the Forbidden Forest, Jade sat frozen in front of the body. The sun had dipped far below the tree line and was now replaced by the moon. Light barley passed through the trees, hardly lighting up the dead clearing. The stench of the now rotting body enveloped her. Every breath she took was laced with decay. The screams had long since faded, replaced only by a fire that engulfed her throat. Her vocals cords felt raw. Her voice felt striped and brutal. Words didn't flow out of her mouth, instead unintelligible; bone chilling sounds escaped here and there…sounds that fit the forbidden forest. Jade rocked herself back and forth, never moving her eyes away from the spot where the body was. Even as the darkness became blackness, Jade’s eyes never left the spot. Sleep never came. Closing her eyes wouldn't help her now, the image of the body before her was ingrained in her memory. Closing her eyes only meant a more vivid image, a place where my imagination could run wild. A gurgle escaped her throat; fire licked at her vocal cords, attempting to cry was pointless. Jade continued to rock herself back and forth, praying that someone would find them, knowing though that no one was coming. The moon continued its path through the sky, it alone being her solitary companion…the only thing she could see through the blackness.

        Robert woke up dazed. He could see Nicholle across from him with her leg wrapped up. He faintly remembered anything. His limbs were tied down to the bed. Professor Wood walked in slowly, grabbed Brianna and examining her face. “You ok?” She asked hugging Brianna. “Yeah.” Brianna replied, enjoying her mother’s embrace. Professor Ginny Potter walked in and grabbed a hold of Charles as well. “What am I to do with him?” Miss Pomfrey asked, pointing to Robert. “Unbind him but let him rest for tomorrow” Professor Potter said. Miss Pomfrey removed the ropes from Robert. She fed him Skele-Gro which fixed his wrist. The medicine sent him back to sleep.

        After Professor Potter and Wood left, Charles turned to Brianna. “Jade’s still in the forest.” He says, pointing to the Marauder’s Map once more. “Why?” Sofia wondered. “Not so sure…we have to go get her.” Brianna said looking at her two friends. “Come on.”

        Brianna, Sofia and Charles arrived in front of the Forbidden Forest. They stared at the lining of the trees seeing if they could see in through the thick leaves and branches. "See Jade?" Charles asked. "I'm just looking for her red hair." Sofia said. Charles and Brianna laughed. "Well, now that our spirits are up, let's go." Brianna said. They slowly began climbing in. With every step, crumples of branches snapped under their feet. Sofia reached her arms out and stopped Brianna and Charles. "Wait...I hear something." She said. A slow haunting cello-sound rung throughout the forest. "Follow it." Charles said. They walked closer and close to the music until they stumbled upon the cello itself. "It's Charmed." Sofia said. "Yeah...just like Professor Lupin taught us before he got transferred to Potions." Brianna said. As she said that, two dark cloaked figures emerged from the trees. One of them pointed their wand at the group and the other was taller, hunched over, speaking to him. They said nothing. "Do it." The tall figure whispered. There was hesitation. Brie, Charles and Sofia stood in shock, unsure what to do. "It's only time. It's what's right." He whispered again. "Avada Kedavra!" the smaller figure screeched. Brie, Charles and Sofia cringed and closed their eyes, fearing the worse to come. A belt of chaotic neighing broke their fear. A unicorn sped between the children and the curse, sacrificing itself. "Crucio!" Brianna said, attacking the taller figure. The hood came off the taller figure, revealing the brown sporadic hair. He covered his head once more. The smaller figure ran off back into the woods. The unicorn laid dead and bleeding on the floor in front of the cloaked figure. The figure began sipping the blood slowly. "Ew." Sofia softly whispered. Charles took a step forward and the figure apparated immediately. "Who was that?" Charles asked. "More like what was that?" Sofia said. "The other person went this way." Brianna said, pointing to the small path.

        Brie, Sofia and Charles followed it until the ground grew soft. The dead of silence, they heard soft sniffling noises. They began to run to where the sound was. They came across Jade, who was in a ball on the ground. Her eyes were bloodshot and her hair was a mess. Brianna bent over to comfort Jade when she saw the dead body in front of her. "What in bloody hell is that?" Brianna screamed backing up. "It smells!" Sofia said holding her noise. Charles helped Jade up. "What's going on?" He asked. Jade explained everything that she encountered that Charles related it to what they had just faced. "Something's out here." Brianna said. "Or someone." Sofia added. "We have to alert Luna." Charles said, still holding Jade. Jade shook her head, reaching back down for the body. Charles gripped Jade harder, not letting her move. "We have to go!" He spoke directly to her, staring deep into her bloodshot eyes. Jade grew passive and agreed.

        They apparated to Luna's shack that bordered the Forbidden Forest. Sofia ran inside first. "Grandma!" She began to scream. Charles and Brianna helped walk Jade up the stairs and inside. "Yes, child?" Luna asked. "There's scary things in the Forest!" Sofia replied. Charles sighed. "There's a dead unicorn in the forest." He said. "Yeah and two cloaked figures who tried to attack but hit it instead." Brianna added. "Oh my..." Luna said. "She's dead!" Jade cried, regaining her voice in bits and pieces. "Who is my dear?" Luna asked as Brianna searched her bag for a drink and food for Jade. Jade shook her head. "A Gryffindor girl was found dead in the forest." Brianna said sternly, while handing Jade some chocolates and water. "Who?" Luna asked. "We don't know..." Charles said. "Her face..." Jade softly cried as she ate. Luna looked back up at Brianna. "Ripped to shreds..." Brie answered. Luna stepped away and looked out the window. "I will alert Headmaster Potter and alert the Ministry of Magic about this right away. Thank you children." Luna said. The children began making their way out. "One more thing my dears. Why were you all in the Forbidden Forest at this hour? It's past midnight" Luna wondered. Jade went to speak but Charles interrupted. He pulled out the Marauder’s Map. "Just a hunch." He said.

        They all left and headed back for the castle. As they walked together, the sound of a wolf howling could be heard throughout the main yard. Jade looked back but Brie turned her head, not letting her mind sink once more. Brianna helped Jade to the hospital, where Miss Pomfrey fed her again and promised her a good night's sleep. Sofia and Charles went back to the dorm to sleep. Moments later, Brianna joined them in the dorm and fell fast asleep as well.

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