Our School After

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  • Published: 21 Jun 2014
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Four friends, Brianna, Jade, Charles and Sofia all get letters to go to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. The book starts in the middle of their first year on one of their corridor adventures. Like normal friends, they're always teasing one another. As the rest of the year goes on, many things begin to happen around Hogwarts and the childrens' lives are in danger. Along the way, they meet new friends and new love interests.


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

        Robert must have dozed off after that because he woke with the sun shining on his face. Charles was still there reading on his bed. The first thing Robert did was go to the hospital to check on Brianna and Jade. They both lied still in their beds. Their eyes were closed. Jade’s breathing was shallow and Brianna’s pulse was staggered. Robert then head to the library to look up curses and see what could fix and heal Brianna and Jade.

        Sofia woke up with a nice pleasant surprise. Skye Longbottom, her mom was sitting on her bed looking at her. "Hey, mom." Sofia said sitting up to hug her. "How are you?" Sofia asked, fearful a bit because she knew why her mom was there. "I've been good, why don't you get up and will go out to Hogsmeade to get breakfast?" Skye said. "Okay, I'll be ready in ten minutes or less." Sofia said getting up from her bed quickly. Sofia went out to the main yard to find her mom with her grandmother.

        They went to Hogsmeade and ate at The Three Broomsticks, where they discussed Sofia’s punishment for going into the restricted area. "You will help your grandmother with taking care of the magical creatures and then help your grandfather with taking care of the plants for his Herbology classes until the term is over, if you don't do that Nova, I will take your broom away." Skye said. Skye was the only person that ever called Sofia, Nova, so she just accepted it. "But I have finals to study for." Sofia said trying to get out of doing so much stuff. “I will help you study for your finals and grandpa will help you study for Herbology." "Ok," Sofia said with a disappointed look. They went back to the castle and met up with Professor Neville Longbottom and told him Sofia’s punishment. “Ah, help from my little granddaughter, what a pleasant surprise for me.” He said.

        Brianna painfully opened her eyes. The core of her body hurt and breathing was hard. She turned her head to her right and saw Jade's pale body lying there, breathing very shallowly. "Jade." Brianna managed to spit out. Her voice was hoarse and barely understandable. "Thank you." She mumbled as well. There was no response from Jade. "Come on now." Brianna said, having a very hard time speaking. "I saw you...open your eyes." Brianna said before growing too weak to speak. She looked up and could barely see. The light was too bright and the white sheets on the bed reflected it. Brianna was hooked up to every machine, as well as Jade. "We're in this together." Brianna said looking up at the ceiling before falling back into the state of unconsciousness.

        Hours later, Brianna opened her eyes once more to see Sentolia sitting at her bedside. She had her hands in Brianna's hair. "Be strong. I love you." Sentolia said in Brianna's ear. "Jack Jack....Leah." Brianna mumbled out, her voice still weak. "Home. You're the strongest person in the world according to them. I don't want them seeing you like this." Brianna's head fell back onto the pillow. She looked over at Jade and saw Jade's parents over her. Hugo Weasley stood there looking down at Jade as Rebecca Weasley spoke with Miss Pomfrey. Professor Hermione Weasley walked in and grabbed Jade's hand. Hugo was blocking Brianna's view of Jade's face so Brie looked back into Sentolia's eyes. Her blue eyes showed comfort and grief. Sentolia kissed Brianna’s hand which relaxed Brianna. Sentolia’s eyes watered up slightly. "Dad." Brianna mumbled. "He's a muggle, my dear girl. When year ends, you can see him. But as of now, he cannot come." Brianna's eyes watered but her eyes were sore and it hurt. Brianna groaned in her bed and Miss Pomfrey came over to ease the pain. The medicine drew Brianna into a deep sleep.

        As Robert was in the library furiously looking for a remedy, Lupin walks in and says "If you’d like to find a quick remedy…Follow me" Professor Lupin walked over to the restricted section Robert reluctantly followed.

        Brianna reawakens and her mother was still by her side. "I have good news, little one." Sentolia said. "The Headmaster Albus Severus Dumbledore found Professor Malfoy." Brianna looked puzzled. "They found out that you were hit with one of the unforgivable curses, Crucio, and Professor Malfoy's wand was the last wand that casted the curse." Brianna's eyes grew wide. "He was sentenced to 2 years in Azkaban by the Ministry of Magic this morning. You're safe now." Sentolia said smiling and holding Brianna's tightly. Brianna was too weak to speak & the pain barely subsided. She groaned. Miss Pomfrey went to go put Brie back to sleep but Sentolia begged, "Oh no, please. I want her to stay awake a bit longer." Sentolia showed Brianna the chocolates & candies her friends had been bringing for her. Brianna gave a weak but real smile. She remembered when Jade ate all her chocolates. She immediately looked over at her friend to see if Jade wanted any candy. Jade was sleeping. Brianna's smile quickly went sour. Hugo and Rebecca still sat at Jade's bedside. "She comes and goes." Sentolia said, trying to cheer up Brianna. "She asked for you, but you weren't sleeping." Sentolia continued. Brianna placed her head back onto the pillow and closed her eyes. "Wake me...when Jade wakes." She muttered faintly before falling asleep.

        Jade’s the task of opening her eyes was enormous. Each lid felt like they weighed 100 pounds in gold. She tried taking a deep breath but extreme inducing pain shot through her body at the smallest movement. She locked her jaw shut as each wave of pain crashed into her, determined to not utter a sound, refusing to have her friends worry about her. Jade could feel the tears roll down her face, each drop felt too hot like they were burning a trail down her cheeks. Her body started to contort, trying to find a position to be in that would alleviate some of the pain. She could feel her face grimace, dismayed by her body’s inability to dull the pain. Eventually Jade’s body stilled, refusing to obey the commands of her mind. For what seemed like years, her body refused to move, until eventually she found enough strength to open her eyes. Allowing herself to catch fleeting images of the people and things around her. She saw her mother and father crying over her, her grandmother face of pain, Rocco's dark shadow off in the corner of the room, Brie in the next bed over. From somewhere deep inside of Jade a surge of energy coursed through her, healing her, and giving her enough strength to remain conscious. Taking a shallow shaky breath she tested out her voice, "Why is everyone...cr..crying?" relief coursed through her as she realized her voice still worked, dispute is rough sound.

        Moments later Sentolia woke Brie but Brie quickly grew aggravated. She heard Jade's faint voice, asking why everyone was crying." Brianna turned her head but no words came out yet, but just a stupid big yet weak smile at her best friend. "I'm not." Brianna faintly said with her rather hoarse voice.

        In the restricted section of the library, Robert and Lupin searched for what seemed like hours for a remedy for his friends and with luck Robert found a book that read “Phoenix Tears have enormous powers in healing.” Astonished with his luck, Robert turned to Lupin saying he found a cure. Lupin was rather busy looking in diary-like book. Robert said "Professor Lupin, look I found something" Lupin quickly hid the book behind his back and pretended it wasn't there. "Oh a Tear of a Phoenix! Clever man, you can use mine." Lupin said quickly walking out of the library. Robert struggling to keep up, Lupin stopped and said "I'll apparate to my room, grab my Phoenix and meet you at the hospital! Go boy and hurry!" Robert took off to the hospital hoping his friends could hold on for a little longer.

        When Robert got there, his friends were in their beds looking at one another. Moments later, Lupin apparated with a phial of the tears. He had a word with Miss Pomfrey and then force fed both the girls with the tears. Automatically their heartbeats and breathing stabilizes and everyone sighs in relief.

        Sofia went to the hospital with her mom Skye. When they went there, Sofia saw that Brianna and Jade were getting better. Charles  sat on Brie's bed happy that she was awake. Skye was right behind Sofia putting her arm around her shoulder saying, "They are both going to be okay, the phial of tears is going to make them better." She reassured Sofia. "But what if it's just a temporary thing?" Sofia said "It's not going to a temporary thing, Nova."

        Robert saw Sofia and said "Hey there, they are going to be okay. Where have you been?" "I was out with my mom at Hogsmeade, she came out here to visit me." Sofia said looking at her mom. "Don't you mean to punish you?" Skye said. "Well yeah that too." Sofia said. "Oh, nice to meet you Mrs. Longbottom." Robert said getting up to shake her hand "Why is Sofia getting a punishment?" Robert curiously asked. "Because she went into the restricted section, when she wasn't supposed to." Skye said. "I just got caught." Sofia replied. "Oh well I'm just glad to see you here and to see that Brie and Jade are going to be okay." Robert looked over at Brie and saw her falling in and out of consciousness.

        Miss Pomfrey went over to Brianna. "I want you to try to get up." Brianna sighed and lifted the top half of her body from the bed. Sentolia held onto Brianna's body, supporting her. Brianna gave a painful grunt as she got up on two feet. She was dizzy at first but slowly began to walking. She walked over to Jade's bed and back to hers. Brianna was slightly unstable at walking but it was better than just lying in bed. The Headmaster came in the Hospital Wing and helped Brianna lie back down. "I assume your dear mother has told you about Professor Malfoy?" He asked. "Yes." Brianna said, her voice now back to normal. Brianna grabbed the water next to her to drink it. "He claimed it wasn't him. He begged and pleaded but his wand told a different story." Albus said. Professor Ginny Potter arrived and hugged Sentolia. The Headmaster handed candies to Jade and Brianna and then left. The professors and parents went outside the room to speak momentarily. Jade and Brie were left in the room with Robert and Sofia.

        "Hey, I'm so glad that you are awake and walking. I'm also glad that it's just us four." Sofia said. Jade coughed, feeling the roughness in her throat. She somehow managed a smile as she looked around at her friends. Despite the dryness in her mouth, she said, "Sorry about the bloody scare I gave you guys." Brianna sat up in her bed. "Yeah. A bloody scare is right." Brianna said taking a deep breath. "Damn curse is painful." She said grimacing.

        "But we’re all okay now." Robert said trying to make everybody feel better. "The best thing of all of this is that both of you are not dead and are awake and that we can all just hang out with my grandparents after school." Sofia said trying to make everyone feel better. "I'm not hanging out with you while you're on punishment, you can serve that yourself. I need to catch up in my classes." Brianna said to Sofia. “True that" Robert said "Accio chocolate cake!" He happily saw it appear and then shared it. "This chocolate cake is so amazing, thanks Robert." Sofia said. Brianna stretched her hands out. "Foooooood." Brianna said reaching for the cake.

        "Wow, now I realize that you haven't eaten since the incident." Instead of handing her a slice of cake he said "Accio apple.” As the apple came to his hand and he gave it to Brie holding in a laugh. "Thanks!" Brianna exclaimed. She took the apple and chucked in back at Robert as hard as she could. "I want the cake." Brie said with sass. Robert dodged the apple. "Well then Brie! Be fat with your cake." Robert said giving her the slice of cake. Sofia grabbed a piece of cake and threw it at Brianna. "Haha, you wanted cake, there you have it." Brianna turned around and grabbed the chocolates that the headmaster gave her and began throwing them, like darts, at Robert and Sofia. "Hey! Ok that's it!" Robert slammed the rest of the cake in Brie’s face, who instead of freaking out, licked it off her face.

        Professor Ginny Potter walked in and saw the mess. "Ten minutes...We can't leave for ten minutes?" She said with a small giggle. Sentolia saw Brianna and gasp but found the incident quite humorous. Professor Hermione Weasley felt proud that her granddaughter had not participated in such act of childish behavior. Sentolia left Brianna with a big hug and one last matching of the eyes. She and Jade's parents and grandmother left. Miss Pomfrey cleaned off Brianna's face and handed napkins to Robert and Sofia.

        After they cleaned up, Miss Pomfrey asked Robert and Sofia to go so Jade and Brianna can rest up throughout the night. They say their goodbyes and leave. Jade and Brianna look at each other after the lights are shut and smile in triumph that they are both making recoveries. "Goodnight Green Stone." Brianna said teasing Jade. "Shut up." Jade managed to say. Jade sighed, it was good to be a part of the land of the living. She looked around the infirmary, happy to see Brie doing well. She shuddered as the memories of that place came back to haunt her, swallowing, she realized how thankful she was that neither of us had been trapped there. Looking at Brie, she reached out to her, "Glad to be back?" "Glad to be here. Yes. Thanks." Brianna says to Jade smiling. Their arms had wires in them pumping each drop of magical blood. Their friendship had grown into much more than friends but now family. Jade smiled, "Sisters?" unfortunately it came out in a croak. She instinctively reached for the water, hoping it would help with the roughness of her voice. She glared at Brie as she laughed at her toad-ness, but couldn't help but laugh, her heart not really in the glare. "I never thought we would both land ourselves in the bloody hospital at the same time." Realizing how hungry she was, Jade reached for the tiny chocolates that Rocco had left next to her bed, heartily devouring them. However, she was forced to slow down when her empty stomach rejected the idea of eating to her food at one time. They both fell asleep quietly, with their arms reaching for one another.

        Brianna woke up to bright light as Miss Pomfrey walked by with a new water for Brianna. "Good morning my dear. Sleep well?" She asked. Brianna nodded, gradually getting better each day. "You don't think I'll be out of here by today?" Brianna asked. "Why the rush?" Miss Pomfrey asked. "School work & I'm just anxious to hang out with my friends." Miss Pomfrey chuckled. "You're excused from your work & every time I let you out, you end up right back in here. Just relax sweetie." Miss Pomfrey said fluffing Brianna's pillow. Brianna looked over at jade but she was sleeping. "It's early for her." Miss Pomfrey said noticing Brianna looked for her. Brianna placed her head back on her pillow and stared up at the ceiling.

        "11 years old and you've been through so much." A friendly voice said. Professor Ginny Potter stood at the door. "You have 6 more years. First year's almost over. Try to not to give me a heart attack each year." She joked. "No worries, it's my pleasure." Brianna joked back. She laughed weakly. "Just seeing if you were awake. I'll head back to my post in the Great Hall right now. Bye." Professor Potter said as she left. She left Brianna with a slight smile on her face.

        Samantha woke to a letter on her bedside table. She opened it and it read "Samantha, come down to my office, we have matters to discuss. Headmaster." Sam quickly got dressed and apparated to the room. She looked at the headmaster and her grandfather who had his hands in cuffs. "What is going on?" Sam asked quite confused. Albus looks at Sam sullenly. "Your grandfather used the Crucio spell on another student Samantha, and he is sentenced for two years in Azkaban." He said. Sam walked over to her grandfather. "Who?" He looks down at the floor and not at Samantha. "The ones in the hospital wing happy without you my grandchild." Professor Malfoy couldn’t bear to talk any longer. The headmaster cleared his throat. "Your grandfather is leaving today so say your goodbyes." His handcuffs disappear and Samantha launch herself into his arms. "I will miss you." She said. "I will miss you too.” He says. The chains appear again and guards came to remove him. Samantha took a step back and watched them. With a flick of her wand, she transported herself to the weeping willow, mournfully.

        Jade looked around the infirmary, finally able to take in her surroundings now that the haze of sickness had left her. She grimaced when she realized how many machines were hooked up to her and Brie, keeping them alive. Swallowing, she couldn't help but think what would have happened if we didn't make it, would we be stuck in that place? Jade shuddered, the hollow numbness of that place had yet to leave her, its bitter chill coated her, like an extra layer of skin. Shivering, she moved further into her temporary bed sheets, desperately hoping the warmth of the heavy woolen blanket would chase the chill away. Her mind began to race with new questions. “Who had done this to me?” Absently, she began to rub her arms, not sure whether she did it out of the necessity for warmth or to prove she was here, really back in her own body. Shivering yet again, she feared that this chill would never leave her. It would always be there, as a constant reminder of that place. Jade was so absorbed in her thoughts she didn’t hear the door open, signaling the entrance of someone. She took a deep breath, hoping to calm herself, but hints of a scent she knew all too well hit her. The intoxicating scent of cinnamon hit her like a truck slamming into a wall. She smiled as she looked up, finally forgoing her eccentric mind for reality. Jade couldn't help but break out into a huge smile as Rocco walked over to her bed, she reached out to him, wanting to pull him closer to her but failed as the tubes that connected her to life hindered her movements. Seeing Jade’s struggle, he lied down in her bed, pressing himself as close to her as possible through the thick layer of blankets. Jade quickly snuggled into him, breathing him in, relishing the feel of her head tucked up under his and the way his breath danced off her hair. She heard him sigh as he wrapped his arms around her as best he could without moving any of the tubes, "Never do that to me again, understand?" He said as he placed a feather light kiss on her head, as if he were afraid that he would break her. "Never, I promise." Jade said while tracing delicate patterns on his arm, causing him to shiver ever so slightly. They stayed that way for what felt like hours, silently absorbing each other’s presence, casually intertwining their fingers, content in just being with each other.

        Brianna woke once more and saw Jade and Rocco. "Ew." She said giggling. She grew solemn quite quick rather. She swallowed and took a deep breath. "Did you see anything?" Brianna asked Jade. There was an eerie silence in the room.

        Jade looked past Rocco over at Brie. Swallowing she said, "Saw what?" She could feel the tension in the air; it was thicker than the pudding Pomfrey tries to get us to eat. Jade was fearful that she was asking her about that horrid place, her heart rate quickened. Rocco looked at me quizzically; he could feel how hard her heart was pumping. "Do you remember anything? How you got in here...and how I did?" Brianna asked. "I mean, it was told me a thousand times that Professor Malfoy casted Crucio against me...but no one saw it. He has always hung around Professor Potter too...should I look out for her as well now?" Brianna grew confused and ate some of what Miss Pomfrey had handed her. "All I remember is the scarring pain inside me, the burning of my flesh and the agony I had wished to be gone. I could barely see, and it felt as if all my senses were fading away from me. But I saw you." Brianna said, holding back tears.

        Jade felt the stinging of tears at her eyes, quickly she wiped at them. Looking back at Brie, she answered her as truthfully as she could, "I don't remember much of anything. I know I went to the Great Hall to meet you guys for breakfast. After that, everything else is just blackness." Jade scrunched her face up. "It’s like something is blocking my memories. I only remember being in a horrible place. It was so cold and quite. I remember I could see all of you, but no one could see me. I could even see myself, see how much pain I was in, but I couldn't feel anything." Taking a deep shaky breath she continued, "Then I remember a scream. All of a sudden you were there on the ground, becoming clearer. I knew I had to save you…keep you away from that place. So I did. How…I don't know." Jade reached for Rocco's hand, sighing in relief when his fingers intertwined with hers. She looked at him as a wave of calm hit me, emotions choked up inside her as she saw the concern flooding his eyes. Stiffing, she continued on, "The next second after you left that place; I was back in my body, feeling the burning pain that had eluded me in that place."

        Brianna looked away and closed her eyes, letting one single tear drop from her face. She looked back at Jade. "You don't think...we...died?" Brianna asked softly, becoming emotional herself. "I mean...death... is quite...blissful...peaceful, yes? And we felt...pain and agony, tormented with the numbness within ourselves. Heaven is...white after all. Right? We...well, I...fell into a dark place...my eyes went black, I couldn't see...so...we didn't die. Right?" Brianna said shaking. Brianna's heart rate slowed down on the monitors as Jade's sped up. Brianna looked around, took a deep breath and looked back at Jade. "But...you saved me." Brianna said confused. Jade couldn't hold back the tears. Weeping, she said, "I don't...don't...think so." Sobs tore from her chest, "Wouldn't...wouldn't we have been somewhere nicer. Un...unless we were in pur...purgatory?" She reached over Rocco, stretching her hand toward Brie. "I don't know how I saved you....I just know I needed to." Jade said as tears streamed down her face. Brianna reached out as well from her bed. "I don't know where we went but I'm glad we're not there anymore." Brianna said beginning to sob. Jade nodded in agreement, not trusting her voice enough to speak. Tears continued to roll down her face; absently she used her other hand to trace patterns on Rocco's arm. Taking a deep shaky breath she said, "I'm glad were not there anymore too." Miss Pomfrey came running in, hearing the cries of the two girls and asked for Rocco to leave. Miss Pomfrey gave the girls medication to put them to sleep once more to rest their hearts.

        Hours later, the girls awoke and were groggy from the medicine. "You still there?" Brianna asked waving her arms around in the air. "Jade." Brianna said looking straight up at the ceiling. Reaching over, Jade grabbed a small pillow next to her head, and flung it at Brie. Mumbling she said, "You couldn't have given me five more bloody minutes?" Brianna snaps out of her grogginess. "Hey! What’d you do that for?" Jade laughed, "You bloody woke me up!" Sighing, she pulled the blankets closer to her, snuggling up, hoping to catch a little more sleep. Brianna looked over at Jade. "But I'm awake! So you have to be awake! Because all of our friends are in class! And I'm lonely!" Brianna whined. Jade and Brianna gave humorous teased to each other until Jade no longer answered and fell fast asleep. The night time was already upon them. It had seemed that they've been sleeping the days away at this point. They fell fast asleep once more; this time, their friends had not come to see them.

        Robert was fast asleep in his dorm room when his dreams took a turn for the worse. He saw the Quidditch Fields being burnt down. Everything seemed to be in flames. He seemed to be flying in the sky, viewing everything from above. He saw giant trolls running in, death eaters and dementors at every angle. Students and staff battled the dark forces out in the court yard. The sounds of war struck Robert’s ears. A mysterious yet familiar voice rang in Robert’s ear. “If you do not wish for this magical blood to be spilt once more…change your path.”

        Robert woke up screaming. As he took a deep breath, he looked around, noticing everyone was gone from his dorm. He went down to the Hospital Wing to see if Brianna and Jade were awake.

        When Sofia went to the Great Hall she saw that none of her friends were there so she took her breakfast and ate at the Hospital Wing. There she saw that Robert by the girls’ beds. "Hey Robert, How did you sleep?" Sofia asked. "Nightmares. They’re so crazy" Robert said shivering about the idea of remembering that horrid dream. Jade and Brianna were still asleep. They hearts were at a moderate rate for now.

        Sofia ate her pancakes and left four of them on her plate and offered some to Robert, "You want one? I just took them from the Ravenclaw table." "No, I'm not hungry but thanks." Robert said. Robert got a sensation as if he was being watched. He checked behind his back and saw one of the fake plants quiver. Robert froze and pulled out his wand "Sofia, look!" Three Slytherins with their wands at the ready popped from behind the plants. "Sofia what do we do?!" Robert said getting ready to cast.

        After breakfast, Charles suddenly felt the urge to fly. He ran to the Quidditch field grabbed a broom and took off. As he zoomed past the castle, he saw Sofia and Robert getting ambushed by Slytherins. Charles takes a sharp turn and soars through the open window to the infirmary. He rolls to the ground, wand in his hand screaming "Stupefy!" three times. Each Slytherin dropped. Sofia stood there trembling. Charles grabbed her and Robert. “Apparate Quidditch Field."

        The three of them appeared in the Quidditch Field. "Good timing!” Robert said thankfully "Where’d you get a broom?" Robert asked. “It’s a school broom. I wanted to do some flying and then I saw you guys.” Charles replied. Charles, Robert and Sofia stood there out of breath for the moment. "You want to do some flying?" Charles asked the group. Sofia shook her head and sat on the bleachers. "Of course!" Robert said summoning his own broom "Two laps around the goal post?" Robert challenged Charles, mounting his broom. "Ok. On your mark, get set, go!" They both launched into the air. Robert flew well for a beginner but Charles had training. Three of his grandparents were some of the greatest flyers in Hogwarts history. With the help of Cho, Ginny, and Harry, he trained to get better and faster. His dream was to become a Seeker and win for the Hufflepuff house. He and Brianna flew a lot for they were some of the best first years of that generation. Brianna’s dream was to become a Chaser for Gryffindor, but control was the one thing she lacked.

        Brianna woke up from all the screaming and saw a flash of green on the ground. Three Slytherins lied on the ground, slowly making their way up. "MISS POMFREY!" Brianna screamed in a panic. Miss Pomfrey came running in, kicking the Slytherins out with her apron and broom. She then went over to Brianna and fluffed her pillow to relax her. "I'm sorry my dear...they're gone now." Brianna placed her head back on the pillow. She then remembered Jade who lied right beside her. She looked over but Jade was still sleeping besides the crashing and the screaming. "Heavy sleeper eh?" Brianna said smiling. Miss Pomfrey gave a small chuckle. "We must assume." She said, going back to her work.

        While Robert had gotten better at flying after practicing with Brianna, Charles was even more amazing and beat Robert easily. "Wow, how did you do that?" Robert asked as Samantha stormed by on her broom, clearly not in the mood to talk.

        Brianna found the strength to get out of bed and looked out the window and saw Robert and Charles flying in the Quidditch Fields. "Miss Pomfrey. I'm feeling a lot better, can I possibly be let out to get some fresh air and check back in tonight." Miss Pomfrey gave a disapproving glare but allowed it. Brianna was unhooked to all the tubes and wires and got in her robe and walked out of the room under her own power for once. She felt sore and lightheaded but was able to walk better. On her way out, Professor Lupin walked in. Brianna hugged him. "Thanks for giving me the Phoenix tears!" She said. "No problem little one." He said patting her head. "What are you doing?" "Just checking out how Jade's doing." "She's sleeping.' Brianna said. "Oh okay." Professor Lupin said, continuing to go in.

        Brianna made her way to the Quidditch Field. She pulled out the broom that she had behind her back. "Guess whose back!?" She said with a huge smile. Robert was astonished. "How'd you get out?" "A bit of persuading." Brianna said smirking. She mounted her broom and flew up to Robert and Charles. "You didn't think you'd get to fly around without me, did you?" Brianna continued. Robert gave a hug to Brie over broomsticks. "Now I would race you but Charles creamed me so you should verse him considering how good you are." Robert said. Brianna looked over to find Charles but he sitting on the bleachers talking to Sofia about how good he was. "I think he's a bit occupied." Brianna took a quick lap around the field for some fresh air before stopping again to speak to Robert. "I have to check back in the hospital tonight, so let's have some fun." Brianna said smiling at Robert. "Well, if u say so." Robert took up his broom and waited for the count.

        Brianna prepared herself for the high speed of her broom. "On your mark, get set, go!" Brianna screamed. She raced around the goal posts with Robert. She grew slightly light-headed from the rush but she her will to fly kept her in control.

        The captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team and Samantha confronted Brianna and Robert with their brooms. The captain yells "Hey, field is closed! There is a game about to happen in an hour out!" Samantha was on her broom by him with her head held high. Robert and Brianna froze in front of the Slytherins. Brianna took out her wand. "I don't want to have to claim the yard..." She said sharply. Professor Ginny Potter walked out noticing Brianna had her wand at the ready. "Brianna!" Brianna looked down and saw her. "The game is about the start...I think you should either get the work you missed in class, or head back to the hospital." She said. Brianna lowered her broom and dismounted it. Robert followed. Brianna looked at Professor Potter and put her head down. Potter patted her head and picked up her chin. "Smile. You were let out for a while. Enjoy the time." Brianna ran off with Robert up to the bleacher, joining Sofia and Charles to watch the Quidditch game.

        The Slytherins begin to set up and wait for the Ravenclaws to come onto the field. People start to come in and take their seats. Each player of the game is announced. Samantha is a chaser. Brianna between her friends. She watched the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team marched out. Robert, Charles and Sofia went nuts. Brianna was giggling at how crazy they looked. "You get that excitement for Quidditch from your grandfather, Dean." Brianna told Charles. "Why aren't you cheering?" Sofia asked. "A little too weak for that right now." Brianna said breathing deeply, trying to stay at a moderate heartbeat.

        “This is a real game but it is also an opportunity for the first years to play against others to see what they would be up against even next year!” The announcer shouted. As a third year, Samantha was on a broom with a younger Slytherin, mentoring them. They all take positions in the air and wait for the game to begin. Brianna and Robert froze in the stands when they hear the announcer state that first years will have a chance to fly. They look at Sofia. "It's the Ravenclaw team!" They screamed. Sofia shook her head. "Don't look at me." She said. Brianna, Robert and Charles looked back up at the sky and saw Juliette fly up on the back of an older Ravenclaw girl. They all cheered for her as the game began.

        "Wow she's a seeker!" Robert said looking over a Charles to see him wide-eyed and bushy tailed looking at Juliette "Let's see how she plays." Samantha lift the first year on my broom as he holds tightly onto it. "For the first goal the first years will be able to fly with their mentors." The announcers say before they release the bludger and the Golden snitch. Samantha immediately go flying to a bludgers as they are released.

        Charles couldn't believe it. His girlfriend flew up there and he too wanted to be a Seeker. He felt so happy. As she flew behind her fellow Ravenclaw, he beamed up at her and she spotted him and smiled back waving.

        The Ravenclaws got the upper hand as soon as the game started. The four of them cheered. A Slytherin Chaser spun out of control after being hit with a Bludger. Samantha flew past them with the first year and dodged them all. "Come on Ravenclaws!" The crowd began to cheer. The Slytherin side of the crowd grew upset and began booing the Ravenclaws. The match grew intense.

        "LET’S GO RAVENCLAW LET’S GO! LET’S GO RAVENCLAW LET’S GO!!" Robert started the chant to go over the boos of the Slytherins. Soon everybody was chanting and the Slytherins grew silent. Samantha grew angry with the silence of the Slytherins. She chased between the Ravenclaws. Sam flew a figure eight around them catching them off guard, making them spin and lose the ball which she quickly grabbed and flew to the goal where she handed off to the first year, on her broom as she fly around to avoid being hit. He quickly took it and when they flew around, he scored. The Slytherins cheer loudly and the Slytherin side goes wild in applause and cheering. After the Slytherins scored, within all the chaos of the cheering and booing, there was a massive roar within the Ravenclaws. Everyone looked up and saw a small Ravenclaw girl holding a spark of gold. "The golden snitch!" The announcer shouted. Everyone roared. "Juliette!" Charles screamed, jumping up and down. Juliette won the game and earned house points for her team. The Ravenclaws and Slytherins shook hands and began to lower their brooms.

        As everyone settled down, Brianna felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Professor Potter. "Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor is up next. You three want to get up there?" She asked. Brianna's eyes grew wide and Robert began jumping. They left Sofia in the stands to cheer and they went to get their equipment on.

        Professor Potter called Brianna to the side. She handed her a black broom. "The one from your mother." She whispered. It was the Nimbus 2001. "We have Robert as a Chaser and Charles on Seeker duty for the Hufflepuffs with a mentor. We have Devon who’s mentoring 2 little Gryffindor chasers so you're going to play a beater, okay?" Brianna smiled as she grabbed the broom. They all got out onto the field and mounted their brooms. Devon looked back at Brianna. "You got it?" He asked. Brianna nodded confidently. "Go Brianna, Robert and Charles!" Sofia screamed from the bleachers. Robert laughed and Charles rolled his eyes.

        Robert nervous but confident. He looked at Charles, who had the hardest job of all and wasn't at all nervous. Robert was about to say good luck but the countdown started and he looked to the quaffle as it started. Robert grabbed a quaffle and went higher than the Gryffindors expected. He saw Brie beat a bludger towards him but he dived and spun around the goal post and through the quaffle through the hoop. The satisfactory of the score rushed into Robert for he had gotten a point for his team. He began getting cheers from his team but it was short lived as he turned to see the Gryffindors on the move.

        Brianna zoomed by and began throwing bludgers in every direction. She didn't want to hit her friends but Quidditch was too important. She nearly missed Robert. Her broom was one of the fastest ever made. When Devon noticed, he paused and looked at how fast Brianna was going. He was then hit with a bludger and sent to the infirmary. Short one Chaser, Brianna soared up, taking out the Hufflepuff mentor chaser as well, making the teams even once more. She raised her hand in victory for a split second and continued with the game. She soared by the stands, waving the Sofia and looking at the expression of pride of Professor Potter's face. Brianna went back to the game, noticing a Gryffindor had scored as well. The teams were tied but the game continued.

        Robert saw Brie zoom by but couldn't focus on her for a Gryffindor was about to score but Robert snatched it right out of her hand. He zoomed back this time going lower than before and attempted to score but the goal keeper bounced the quaffle off his broom but Robert was quick; He caught the ball and scored on the west ring. He heard a cheer but it was once again short lived. A bludger nearly hit him and he lost control barely holding on.

        “Go Gryffindor!!!” Sofia yelled "Come on guys! You can do it!"

        Charles glared at Sofia but then noticed Juliette sitting next to her smiling and waving at him. The Golden Snitch flew by him in a hurry. As Brianna began throwing bludgers once more, Charles went for the snitch. He dodged two bludgers before getting hit with on in the back on his broom. The broom took a jerk forward and flipped upside. Remarkably, Charles caught the Golden Snitch between his two feet, which dangled in the air as he was flipped upside. The entire crowd was in awe. The whole Hufflepuff team crowded around Charles congratulating him. Brianna shook his hand as well as Robert's.

        Brianna soared back down and met Professor Potter. "I'm proud of you. You did well. You'd be a good edition for the team next year." She said hugging Brianna. At that moment, everything seemed to go silent. Brianna was pressed into Professor Potter and embraced. Her arms wrapped around Brianna like a blanket. Brianna could hear nothing but Professor Ginny Potter's heartbeat. It seemed as if the world had stopped, Brianna's mind went at peace and the thoughts stopped popping up in her mind. Brianna's head rest on Professor Potter's chest as Potter's chin rested on top of Brianna's head. The hug was quite motherly and brought Brianna to a place of harmony.

        They let go and Brianna returned the broom. She took all the equipment back up and met with Robert. "I should go back to the infirmary now." She said.


        “I’ve never had that much fun.” Robert said smiling. He looked at Brianna, who seemed slightly ill again. “I’ll take you back.” He said. Brianna went back to the infirmary with Robert where she saw Devon's jaw getting wrapped up. "I'm sorry!" Brianna said putting her arms around him. "It wasn't you who hit me." He said. "I know but I feel bad." "It's alright, I heard the Hufflepuffs won, I could see it from her. It was a killer flip." Devon said. Brianna nodded. Miss Pomfrey pointed to the bed next to Jade. "Lie down my dear, you must be soar and exhausted." She said helping Brianna into bed. Brianna grabbed a cup of water and lied down. She nodded in agreement with Miss Pomfrey. Miss Pomfrey sent Devon out and gave Brianna some medicine so she can sleep and get some rest. As Brianna fell asleep on the bed, Robert followed her lead by knocking out as well on one of the chairs by her bed.

        Brianna woke up and threw a pillow at Robert. She then realized that she was hooked up to all the machines again. "Miss Pomfrey, I thought I was just resting." "We need to keep you stabilized. You're breathing grew shallow. I think it was all the excitement." Miss Pomfrey said. Brianna looked over at Jade who was sleeping. "She's been like that all day?" Brianna asked. "No, she woke up for quite some time. She ate, spoke to a few friends. Complained at Rocco didn't show too actually. You were sleeping for longer than she was actually." "Oh." was all Brianna muttered. Robert got out of a groggy state. "Good, you're up. I'm bored." Brianna told Robert.

        "So how was getting your butt kicked in Quidditch today?!" Robert asked happily thinking of the victory. Brianna sat up in bed. "The only reason why you won is because I assisted Charles in getting the Snitch. He got it because I hit him with the bludger!" Brianna shouted. Robert ignored Brianna for a moment. “You feeling any better?" Robert said trying to clear things up. "Yeah, I feel fine. Just a constantly dizziness but it’s faint."

        Sofia walked in and made her presence known. "Hey you." Brianna said directing her attention towards Sofia. "Hey you!" Sofia said, "How are you feeling?” Brianna was about to reply when all the lights went out. "That's strange. We run on magical power." Miss Pomfrey said. Robert lifted his wand and casted a "Lumos" spell to create light. Once he did, a black figure appeared behind him. Brianna jumped up, with all the wires and tubes still attached and grabbed Robert. Once she did, they fell back onto the ground. A few of the tubes ripped out of Brianna, leaving her bleeding. Sofia backed up against the door. Brianna's soul was being drained from her body. Robert tried to fight back but wasn't strong enough to cast a proper patronu. Brianna looked over at Jade and saw a dementor over her as well. Brianna grabbed her wand but wasn't strong enough to cast anything. She then saw a silver werewolf in the air and ripped the dementor's into pieces of dust into the air.

        There was nothing else but blackness and silence in the hospital room. Brianna, Jade, Robert and Sofia had all passed out. 

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