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  • Published: 21 Jun 2014
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Four friends, Brianna, Jade, Charles and Sofia all get letters to go to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. The book starts in the middle of their first year on one of their corridor adventures. Like normal friends, they're always teasing one another. As the rest of the year goes on, many things begin to happen around Hogwarts and the childrens' lives are in danger. Along the way, they meet new friends and new love interests.


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

        Brianna wakes up in the morning and realizes she missed breakfast. She looks at the clock, panicking, seeing that it's almost time for Defense Against the Dark Arts. She grabbed her robe which momentarily lied peacefully at the end of her bed. She ran, reaching in her bag for her wand and put it in her robe pocket. She just made it on time to find her seat before the bell.

        Professor Harry Potter walked in with a smile and placed his wand on the desk, “This is our final informative lesson of the year, so cherish every moment of it.” He said, with a bright look on his face. “Today, we will be discussing counter jinxes, hexes, and curses. A jinx has minor effects, a hex has moderate effects, and a curse is the darkest with major effects. This lesson is purely on countering them." Professor Potter said, waiting for the students to take their notes out. “As an example, the Manifestum Naribus hex created in the 1900’s to counter the Sneezing Hex. Manifestum means clear and Naribus means nose in Latin. You have to point your wand at the victim's nose and they will stop sneezing.” Professor Potter slowly spoke; making sure each student understood everything clearly. “An Anti-jinx and Counter-Jinx are different. An example of a counter-jinx is the Liberacorpus jinx created in 1977 to counter the Levicorpus jinx. You swing your hand up after saying this and the victim of Levicorpus will fall to the ground.”

        Professor Potter demonstrated with a Ravenclaw student. “Great Job!” He praised the student. “Five extra points to Ravenclaw!” He continued. “An example of a counter-curse is Vipera Evanesca, invented to vanish snakes, countering the Serpensortia Spell!” He shouted playfully. The class jumped in their seats. “Making sure you’re all paying attention!” He said with a chuckle. “You also need to know that your counter-spells won't always work if you don't use enough power to match up to the spell you're trying to stop, so be aware of that and have some healing spells ready just in case.” He wrote the homework on the board and the class copied it silently. He turned his back and leaned against his desk, admiring the view outside the window. “Dismissed!” He said with a wave of his wand. Professor Potter vanished and the class ran out.

        After class, Brianna took a walk around the corridors. In the same corridor, Jade was so consumed in reading a passage in her Flying textbook, eager to get ahead in that particular class. She didn't notice Brie walking towards her. Oblivious to her surroundings, she continued forward until she felt the resistance of a solid object. She was pushed backwards, causing all her books and notes to scatter across the floor. Irritated, she started to give the person she bumped into, a piece of her mind; however upon looking up Jade noticed it was Brie. Sighing, she said, "You know you should really pay attention to your surroundings and less to thoughts of Professor Lupin." With that, she started to pick up her belongings that were now scattered across the corridor. Blushing slightly, she realized that her sketches had gotten mixed in with my school work and were now open for all to see. Quickly she went to grab all of them, making a line for one in particular. As she went to snatch the drawing from the floor a black boot stopped her in her tracks, one that currently was standing on that particular drawing. Gulping, she was afraid to look up, fearful that it was Rocco. Mainly because the drawing that said boot was standing on was one of my particular favorites, it was of Rocco during Quidditch practice. Somehow Jade had managed to draw it to perfection to her utter dismay. Swallowing, she looked up, hoping that the owner of the boot was not who she feared, in fact it was none other than Professor Malfoy.

        "Drawing in class I see." Professor Malfoy said slowly bending over to grab one of the drawings. He picked one up. "I have the right mind to send these to your grandmother. I'm sure she'll enjoy to see what obvious progress you're making it your classes, Weasley." He muttered. Brianna goes between them. "Those are actually mine. Remember when I was talking to Rocco in the Great Hall the other day when I turned Jade into a Canary. I wanted her out of the way so I can have him. He's so dreamy don't you agree?" Brianna spits out picking up all the drawings and snatching the one from Professor Malfoy's hand. "But if you have to tell Professor Weasley...I understand." Professor Malfoy looked sharply at the picture. His eyes gave a gentle look at the image of himself. Not a fierce warrior as he's always depicted but a heroic battle-stricken man held down by his loyalty and what he fights for. Professor Malfoy threw the drawing back into Jade's hands. "Take this filth." He said looking disgusted. "Wasting your time on things the muggles value. Disgraceful." He stomped away, his cape rushing in the wind behind him. "Thanks." Brianna said. "What if he goes to your grandmother about it though?" Jade sighed, deflated; putting on such false bravado in front of someone like Malfoy could be dangerous. She looked over at Brie smirking, "Don't worry she’ll know to go along with it. She cares very little for Malfoy and would most likely doubt anything that comes out of his mouth. Especially if it pertains to me." With that she started to pick up my belongings once again, praying we had no more intrusions. Pausing though, she looked over my shoulder at Brie, "But just to be careful I'll owl her about the situation." Brianna grabbed Jade's bag to help her. "Let's chill in the courtyard." Nodding, Jade placed all her belongings in her bag. Grabbing it from Brie, she placed the strap on her shoulder. Smiling, Jade looked over at Brie and took out her wand; she shouts "Apparate” and her Brie arrive in the courtyard.

         In the courtyard, there was a boy attempting to ride his broom. He kept falling off. He grows angry and tries to toss his broom stick but it flies back at him hitting him right in the stomach. Robert stumbles and falls into the fountain behind me. He’s so distraught; he cannot manage to get up. Brianna and Jade go into the courtyard wandering around. They notice a small blonde boy with glasses in the fountain. Brianna runs over and sticks out her hand, lifting the boy up immediately. She also grabs the broom beside him. "Are you alright?" She asks, noticing Robert is grabbing his stomach. "Flying accident?" Brie said drying him up. "I recently broke my wrist on my broom. Be careful." Jade reached down as well and helped Brie lift the boy out of the fountain. Pulling out her wand, she casted a Drying Charm on the soaking wet boy. "That's better, and you really should have seen that. This smart one fell off and broke her wrist; she was going to use the Reductor curse as a cover." Rolling her eyes, she continued, "She doesn't think things through that often."

        As the boy was pulled up from the fountain, a wave of embarrassment fell over him and he almost felt like going back into the fountain. “Thanks.”  The boy said, still upset about his broom incident. He listened to the short story of the girl who helped him, breaking her wrist on her broomstick. He felt a connection. "What are your names?" He said mustering up the courage to talk.  Brianna straightened the boy's robe. "I'm Brianna Ace Wood. First year Gryffindor, half-blood witch. My mother is pureblood Sentolia Marina Wood and my father is muggle Mark Wood." Brianna said proudly. Sticking her hand out to the boy Jade says, "I’m Jade Rose Weasley. Muggle-born, first year witch, in the house of Gryffindor. My parents are Hugo and Rebecca Weasley."

        Professor Potter walked by and asked to speak to Brianna. "I'll be back soon guys!" She said running off with her.

        "No way! So we’re related!" Robert said but quickly adding "I'm Robert Anakin Weasley I was adopted into the family." He was nervous but a little better. Jade smiled, "Wow that's amazing. I wonder why we haven't met yet." Thinking on it, she came up with the answer. "Actually it might be because my parents and I spent a lot of time in the Muggle World. If you don't mind me asking who adopted you? Was it George?" "Yes and it was an honor. Of course I didn't say that right away!" As soon as Robert said he realized how bad the joke was. He felt like running away but this girl seemed different. Robert tried to keep the conversation going" So, how are you doing?" I shrugged, "Pretty good, classes have me stressed but that's about it. Oh, I almost forgot, being a Weasley has its perks, mainly because you get to see your family all the time." Jade shrugged, "Pretty good, classes have me stressed but that's about it. Oh, I almost forgot, being a Weasley has its perks, mainly because you get to see your family all the time." "Oh! Finals are creeping up and thanks for drying me off." Robert was very jealous of her abilities "I know we just met but u got to teach me how to do that kind of stuff." Now Robert was finally getting comfortable at Hogwarts.

        Later that day, Sofia walked by the student hangout to see that no one was there and then decide to go outside to the courtyard… She then later saw Brianna who was sitting next to Robert. "Hey guys!" Sofia said, "What are you doing?" Sofia was coming back from Charms was looking like a mess. She had a really messy curly ponytail and was carrying her sweater and her books in her hand and was really disorganized. "I'm so happy that there are two more lessons until school is over and then there is finals and then summer." "I'm good, chilling with our new buddy. He's a Hufflepuff first year like us!" Brianna looked to Robert, "Professor Potter asked me to teach you what I know in Flying, since she saw your little accident" Brianna said giggling.

        "I'm excited to have you here too." Sofia said. "Thank you! I haven't been here long but you guys make me feel welcome, unlike that group of goons over there. They’re Slytherins and they think they’re better than us." Robert was so over them bullying him and wanted to do something but he could never muster the strength. Brianna looked at Robert. She slowly took out her wand. "I think I have an idea. Drench them in water...or...bind and freeze them?" Brianna saw Robert's face, who obviously wanted more dangerous and revenging spells. "Only innocent prank spells. We don't need too much trouble from the professors or the Slytherins. I don't want to ruin Jade's chance either, she likes this Slytherin boy, he's different from the rest, but still." Brianna said putting her arm around him. "Which one?" “Aguamenti. But be careful I'm not the best at defending” Robert was nervous but brave “let's do it!" He said. Brianna pushed Robert behind her. "I'll protect you with Protego Duo." Brianna crouches down and gets behind the couch. She targets the group of Slytherins. "Aguamenti!" Brianna whispered. Robert, Brianna and Sofia all laugh and run away into their dorm. "How great was that!?" Brianna asks. "That was amazing. That is the best thing I'll ever see." Sofia said. "Can we freeze them later?” "That was awesome!!!! You’ve got to teach me those cool spell so I can do that!" Robert was very happy but he heard the sound of footsteps out the door. Quickly, his happiness turned to fear “Oh no, what do we do?!?” Brianna gets in front of the door. "Colloportus!" She says, locking the door so no one would get in. She plopped down onto the bed afterwards. "We can rest now, and I'm going to bed." Brianna said getting under her covers. "Someone turn off the lights!" "I'll turn them off," Sofia whispered. "Good night."

        "Night everybody. Thank you all." Robert went to bed happy but his search to find his real parents will haunt him later that next morning.

        Moments later, Charles, who had spent the whole day trying to find out who the mysterious train girl was, walked to his dorm, watching the owls fly into the night. Mesmerized as he walks in, he looks around and sees a boy sleeping in their dorm, a short blonde kid with glasses. Charles lays in his bed thinking again about this girl who refuses to be found. Still the same thoughts pass by, her brown eyes and matching straight hair. The way she left the scent of tulips as she ran away. He drifted into sleep.

        Brianna wakes up and decides to go for a walk. She walks into a room where she sees only instruments and she admires them, each one playing something casted by a witch or wizard who did the "Self-playing music" spell. It reminded her of her mother Sentolia. Brianna grew sullen in the room. She looked around, noticing a violin in the corner. She rubbed her hands on the smooth cherry wood. It sang a sweet tune of love and lost. Brianna kept her head down in appreciation.

        Late in the morning, Robert tossed and turned while in the dream of his parents giving him away. Robert could not escape this dream for it was too strong. Robert could see his parents leaving a baby on the corner of a street. Robert screamed "NOOOO!!!!" But no one heard. The passed into the concrete street and fell through the scene to nothing but pitch blackness. Robert awoke screaming. Robert shuddered just thinking about the dream. The face of his mother was blurred out and that terrified him. He began noticing everyone had already left the dorm, he decided to leave too. Robert went to get some breakfast but other 3rd years in Slytherins in the Great Hall had other ideas.

  *             *               *               *               *


Charles walked into the music room and sees Brianna listening to the violin’s music. He didn't interrupt. At the same time, Sofia was walking to class while reading a book she had to read for transfiguration. She heard a melody coming from the music room. She looked in and saw Brianna by a violin and Charles by the door. She just stayed listening outside and watched for a minute. When it stopped she walked in and said, "That was a nice tune. It made me put my book down."

       Brianna turned startled for the moment and saw both Sofia and Charles. "As if it was ever up." Brianna said sarcastically. "I didn't make the music play though...it was a charm already on it...when I touched it, it began to play my thoughts and feelings. I've never seen that before." Brianna began looking at the violin again and gazed at its polished yet old cherry wood. As she began to daydream, she felt something run into her and wrap around her. Startled she grabbed whatever it was. "Brie!" It shouted. Brianna bent over to see little Jackson grabbing her. "I missed you sissy." He said. His black hair had a little flip to it and his dark hazel eyes saw into Brianna's dark brown eyes. "I missed you too." Brianna said hugging him.

Professor Ginny Potter knocked and walked in. "I see he already found you." She said referring to Jackson. "Your mother came in for an end of the year report on you and Jackson tagged along." She continued. Brianna listened as she continued to hug Jackson. She got up and looked Professor Potter in the eye and thanked her. She looked back to her friends who stood there smiling.

       Robert escaped from the group of Slytherins at the breakfast table and was a mess. His glasses were scratched, his hair was a mop, his robe was in tattered and his Hufflepuff tie burned a clear message against his house. He wanted revenge but he couldn't cast anything worth using. He longed for his friends to back him up but he realized that he had to do this by himself. Going back to his dorm, he saw his friends standing by a violin and he said "Teach me how to cast spells.” He said running in.

       Brianna, shocked at the abrupt interruption, noticed Robert's tattered clothing. "You're asking for trouble. You learn everything you need to in class. You want revenge. Fine." Brianna took Robert's robe and removed his tie. "I'll get you new things." She said calmly. She kneeled to Robert's height. "Tell me what happened."

       “I was on my way to breakfast and the kids we pranked lifted me in the air with a spell and threw me around where ever. I tried to run but I was lifted up again." Robert said. His face was red and his eyes grew teary. He continued, “Then they grabbed my tie and shredded it to pieces then threw me into a tree.” Robert was almost crying now “I need to stop them! They would have beaten me more but another boy came. He was a Slytherin but he helped me, he was a third year but didn't give me his name.”

       Jade walked into the music room, hearing that everyone would be there. She was excited for she hadn't been able to talk much to her newfound cousin but she was happy to get a chance to get to know him better. To her utter dismay as she walked in she noticed a slight shimmer to Roberts eye. Swallowing, she quickly rushed over, giving him a hug. She asked, "What's wrong?" Noticing the scratches on Roberts glasses she grimaced realizing full well what had happened, "Who did this?” “I was attacked by a group of Slytherins and they left me in a tree." Robert was happy to hear her concern but he was crying “Then another Slytherin came and helped me. He was a third year but he didn't give me a name.” Robert said in tears.

       Jade sighed, looking down at Robert she said, "I’m so sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately being a Weasley has some down falls sometimes, including being hated by some of the student body. Especially the pure-blooded Slytherins." Jade blushed a light pink, "You said a third year Slytherin right....." She swallowed; there was only one pure-blood that would help her family. She was lost in thought, as she began to day dream a name slipped out of her mouth, "Rocco.” Brianna walked and put her hand on Jade's and Robert's shoulders. "I figured when I heard his year..." Brianna turned to Sofia. "What now? Study up on spells for Robert?"

       "Yeah we can study up spells for, Robert. At the library, I saw many spell books. There are books on transfiguration and charms and prank type of spells. If you want you can borrow some of my second year books." Sofia said, "Is there any other things we could do, Charles?" Charles thought for a while. "I'll talk to my grandma and grandpa Ginny and Harry. They can teach us a little bit." Charles. “Wow I have such good choices but Charles’ grandparents are the better choice." Robert was wiping his face off with a cool rag. "I mean to be the best is to learn from the best!” Robert exclaimed.

       Still lost in the sea of her thoughts, Jade was unaware of the conversation that was happening around her, glancing around she shook her head hoping to clear it of unwanted thoughts. Picking up bits and pieces of the conversation, she managed to put together the gist of it. Looking at Robert, she said, "I Agree, I think the Potters would probably be more useful than the library." Swallowing, Jade thought to herself, “Hopefully Rocco showed up, he deserved my thanks.”

       Professor Potter grabbed Jackson, who was busy looking at all the instruments the entire time, and begins to leave. Brianna grabs onto Jackson’s hand. “I’ll go too. I want to say bye to mom.” She said. Professor Potter smiled. Brianna turned around and waved to her friends. “I’ll meet you in the library.”

       Robert got a head start to the library with Charles. Jade and Sofia waited a bit longer talking. Sofia waved back at Brie. "Yeah also the Lovegoods would be good in this topic, too. I just forgot to mention them." Jade grew confused when she noticed it was only her and Sofia left. "I guess we can still go if you want, seeing as the rest of our group has disappeared." Jade said. "No, I'm going to stay here I have nowhere else to go." Sofia said "Unless you want to go somewhere else?" Jade decided to lounge on the couch nearest to the window, "Nope, but we do have to make sure to be at the Library soon; Brie is going to be there. How are classes going?" "They are good but in one class, I forget which, I got 8 out of 10 because I was confident and didn't do the extra credit. I hate when I do that, when I do the extra credit and get everything right and when I don't I get one question wrong." Jade laughed, "I always do the extra credit, and I call it the curse of being the Granddaughter of Hermione Granger." She blushed, realizing that maybe it was ok to be a nerd. "How’s the Ravenclaw house doing?" "We are good and the last time I checked we were in second place." Sofia said with a smirk on her face. Jade coughed, "But not first." she said with a smirk. "Yeah but one year we won, I'm pretty sure." "Well I mean you guys are smart but Gryffindor kicks the most butts." "Yeah we are the smartest, but you guys are braver when it comes to dueling and stuff." Sofia said. Jade pondered that, "True enough, but you guys rock somewhat. You guys earn the most points during class." Looking at the time, Jade grimaced, "We’re late, let’s get to library now." With that, she grabbed Sofia and pulled out her wand and said "Apparate". As they appeared in the Library, she looked around hoping to spot my friends, eventually I saw Brie and Robert sitting at one of the tables already waiting for us. "Hey, guys, how are you, even though I saw you ten minutes ago." Sofia said when she saw Robert and Brie. "We're fine." Brianna said, leaning over some books to pass to Robert.

       Out of nowhere, Rocco walked into the library and walked past Jade. "Rocco!" She called out accidently. He turned around with a smile. "Um, thanks for helping my friend Robert." She mumbled. Rocco gave a small chuckle. "I saw you hanging with him the other day in the courtyard, I wouldn't want you visiting any more friends in the hospital, considering the mess Brianna was with her wrist." he said looking over at Brie. He turned back to Jade. "Consider us even." He remarked. "For what?" Jade said looking puzzled. "For hanging out with me in here the other day. I would've been alone. Actually, want to do that again?" Rocco asked. Jade blushed and looked over at Brianna and Robert. Robert gave an assuring smile and Brianna gave a devilish wink. Jade rolled her eyes and agreed to study with him.

Sofia walked over and sat with Robert and Brianna. "Here, read this quietly." Brianna said, handing Robert a book. She turned to Sofia. "We're waiting for the Potters. Professor Ginny Potter went to drop off Jackson to Sentolia and Professor Harry Potter is finishing up class." "Oh okay, I'm going to go and look for a new non-fiction book that I want to read. Call me when they are here." Sofia said.

       Sofia dropped her books at the table she walked to the restricted section to get books.  "Alright, don't get caught." Brianna said watching Sofia walk away.

       A while later, Brianna looked around. "Where'd Charles go?" Brianna asks Robert. "Oh, he went with his older brother, I think his name was Devon." "Oh. Go back to reading; it's been a while since Sofia's been back. I'm going to check on her."

       Brianna slowly crept into the restricted section, first needing to unlock the heavy door. When she got in, she took one step and the floor creaked. She looked around, "Why do I have to be the nice one and go looking for my friends." Brianna mumbled to herself, continuing to look for Sofia. Sofia looked over scared and saw Brie. "Hi Brie, you startled me. I thought it was a teacher and I thought was getting caught." Sofia was usually scared when she was in there because she didn't know who could come in.

       Charles walks towards the Head Master’s office, hoping to find a little bit of information on his mysterious train girl. On the way, he was intercepted by his grandma Professor Ginny Potter. "Hi Grandma!" He hugged her then started walking away. She stopped him and said, "Where are you going? Don't you want to help your friend, Robert? Everyone is waiting for me and grandpa in the library." Charles smiled. They walked to the library together.

       Brianna grabbed Sofia's arm. "I'm not staying here. I came to get you. Come on, let's get back to Robert."

       As Sofia and Brianna head back to the table. They notice that Robert is now accompanied by Charles and Professors Ginny and Harry Potter. "Hey guys, we're back." Brie said, sitting down next to Robert. "Did you guys start?" Brie asks Robert. "Hey Brianna, I'm reading this Dark Arts book and there is this spell I can't pronounce. It’s called Avada K-a-v…can u help me pronounce it?”

       Professor Ginny Potter slammed his book down onto the desk frightfully. "Robert. Young Hufflepuff. There are things in life that are mightier than the bravest soul. There are things we must overcome, there are things we must learn and there are things we must avoid. I heard you speaking of the Slytherins bullying you. I'm sorry, truly, and I will get on it, but that spell is a very bad one. I do not wish for such a thing to come out of such a little boy." She glared up at Brianna. "Nor a smart girl like you to be teaching such things."

Professor Harry Potter cut in, "Maybe a protecting spell. Protego is the most basic. Protego duo is stronger. There's even Protego Maximus." He said trying to distract the young Hufflepuff. Brianna felt uncomfortable because she knew the spell. She's heard it before, not out loud, but in her head and sometimes in her dreams. She knew what it was for, but couldn't tell Robert.

       "Maybe we should start him off with some simple spells like accio." Charles said, feeling hungry. "Accio brownie." Seconds later a brownie flew in the room. Charles grabbed it and started eating. "A protego. It sounds like something I could do, how is it casted Brianna?" Robert directed the question to her because she was getting the death stare from the professors. He wondered why.

       "Do you want to Accio a cupcake for me, please?” Sofia said. "Accio big chocolate cupcake." Charles said. It arrived. "Who wants to share this? It's too big for me." Sofia announced. Brianna grabbed half the brownie. "You're sharing with me." Brianna said with a mouthful. "You redirect the spell in a swiping motion, as you saw Protego or whatever the protection spell may be, you saw block and/or redirect the spell." Brie said to Robert. "Protego Totalus can protect a whole area. It's pretty cool if you think about it." "Wow! You can teach me that?” Robert said in amazement. "To think you are a first year!! Ur so smart!” Robert exclaimed. Brianna and Robert stood up. "I'm going to shoot Aguamenti at you, then Petrificus Totalus. Block Aguamenti but then block the second one with more force." Brianna stood straight and took a deep breath. "Aguamenti!" She said, aiming at Robert. “Protego!" Robert said, flailing his wand around, hoping not to be doused in water. Surprisingly to himself, nothing touched him. "That was good." Sofia cheered. The professors looked pleased. Brianna stood back once more, nodding her head in encouragement for Robert. "Stronger this time Robert! Petrificus Totalus!" Brianna shouted intensely. "Protego ditro??" Robert realized he didn't do it right the wording. He felt a freezing sensation and couldn't move. Then he realized he couldn't speak either. Robert hits the floor in a frozen position. The Professors stand up. "Relax." Brianna turns to them. "I can undo it." Brianna points to Robert and takes a deep breath. "Explico." She says. Robert quickly scrambles up. Brianna grabs Robert and looks him in the eyes. "Protego. Duo. Ok?" She says. "No more demonstrating today." Professor Harry Potter says today. Brianna looks at the table. Charles was busy stuffing his face so Brianna left him alone. "Robert, Sofia, shall we head to the Quidditch pitch?" "Yeah we should! It so fun there, we do really stupid stuff there." Sofia said while putting her hand out with the others. "Apparate!" Sofia said. We got to the middle Quidditch field that no one is here and more fun for us. "Wow I've never been here before. I understand what everybody talks about. What do we do here?”

       Brianna looked around. "Look, a stairway to the top of the bleachers! Let's hang out up there!" Brie said pointing to the top. They went all the way up and sat in one of the top seats. Brianna leaned back. "I can just imagine myself out there, as a Chaser."

       "Hey look!" Robert saw on the bleachers across the field, 2 brooms the Nimbus 2000 "No way those are some of the fastest brooms created!" Brianna hit Sofia and Robert at the same time. "Who’s ready for a little racing? But there's only two. Who’s going?" "I guess I'll go. I know how to fly from last year." Sofia said being scared. “Accio Shooting Star!” She said calling for her broom and it came. "Robert, let's grab those brooms! Accio!" The brooms came flying towards us and we grabbed them. "Brianna, you can go for the first round." Still nervous from the first accident, Robert wanted to sit this one out. "Suit yourself." Brianna mounted her broom. It lifted into the air. Brianna leaned forward and the broom slowly went forward. Brianna leaned down more and the broom took off. She flew to the goal post on the left side. "Here to the other post!" Brianna shouted to Sofia.

       Sofia started when Robert said go. Sofia stormed really fast and couldn't get the right control of the broom and crashed into Brianna.

       As Sofia crashed into Brianna, Brianna grabbed her broom and pulled back. Sofia hit the tip of Brie's broom and went down. "Wingardium Leviosa!" Brianna said pointing down at Sofia. Before she crashed to the ground, she floated in the air. Brianna gently placed Sofia onto the ground. "Trying to break my wrist again?" Brianna shouted down. "No, it was an accident; I couldn't get control of my broom. And thanks from saving my life and not breaking anything." “You’re lucky I pay attention in Flying and I know a quick save!” Brianna flew over to Robert. “And now you little one?”

       “Oh bloody hell." Robert said, realizing that he was next. Robert mounted the broom. "Keep steady Robert." Brianna said. "Lean forward slightly. The more you lean, the faster." She said.

       Professor Ginny Potter walked up behind Sofia and motioned her to keep quiet. She wanted to watch Brianna teach Robert. "What do you need help on?" Brie asked. "Turning and speed” Robert said nervously.

        Brianna demonstrated how to turn. "You're turn." She said. She demonstrated one last time. She was looking at Robert as she turned and took a sharp turn and lost control of the broom. It crashed into the side of a goal post and passed out. She was taken to the hospital wing, unconscious.

       Robert felt terrible. He felt he caused his best friend to crash and now they’re not sure what's wrong but he knew one thing for sure, he would not leave her side till she woke up. “Good night" Robert whispered into the ear of Brianna and went to sleep in the chair. Sofia also felt asleep in a chair in the Hospital wing, hoping that Brianna was fine and that she would wake up. They were lucky that Professor Ginny was there.

       Charles had fallen asleep in the Library. When he awoke he rubbed the left over brownie off his face and looked around. Suddenly Grandma Ginny comes rushing in. She explained what happened. Charles walked over to the hospital wing and saw the three sleeping. He left his gift of chocolate on Brie’s table and went over to Albus Severus Potter, the headmaster, who is also his uncle.

"How are you, Charles?" He asked.

"Well I'm looking for this girl and I wanted to know if you can tell me who she is."

"Yes just think about the memory and I will take a copy of it from your brain."

Charles thought hard about the train incident. Albus used his wand to retrieve the memory. He placed it into the pensive and went in. When he emerged he smiled, "Juliette 1st year Ravenclaw." He smiled gave him a hug than ran to the hospital wing to sleep with his friends.

       As Robert woke up, he heard the stirring of the nurses Robert opened his eyes to see two nurses over Brie’s body. Robert felt seriously scared because the nurses seemed very deep into healing my friend whispered to one of them "Is she going to be okay?" The nurses nodded and puts their finger to their lips a clear warning to stop talking realizing that it was time to eat and get back to class. Robert said "Heal her please…" then Robert walked out to the infirmary.

       Charles woke up suddenly realizing he would be late for potions. "Malfoy’s going to kill me." He whispered as he walked out. When he arrived in Potions class, noticed a bunch of new Ravenclaws and one Slytherin. Samantha Malfoy was her name. She was the one dating Rocco.

       Charles tried to sneak in but Samantha saw him. "Grandpa Draco!" She said in a childish voice. "Charles walked in late." He looked at her with true hatred. "Charles. Detention!" Suddenly Charles saw a girl with long brown curly hair. It was her. Juliette was sitting there with her legs crossed. "Professor Malfoy, yesterday Charles fell down the stairs. I saw it. He's been in the hospital wing all morning."

"Juliette, I do not tolerate lies. You may join him in detention." Charles looked at her. She looked disappointed.

       After class, he went to her. "Why did you cover for me.?" He asked. "Well um... cause I sort of like you." He looked at her. She began to walk away so Charles grabbed her sleeve. "I like you too." Suddenly Professor Malfoy walks out. He looks at them sternly. "Get to class."

They both ran out of the castle and into the Main Yard. They laid there in the grass waiting till their next class started. Samantha collected her books and slowly walked to the door, as she notices the pair flee. She looked to her grandfather. "I'll see you later, Grandpa."

She hears his "See you later" as she began to walk down the hall to her next class, meeting Rocco there.

       About the same time, Robert came out of Charms class happy. He finally learned a spell to use against his bullies but he needed to get them on the top if the north tower.

       Jade decided to take a walk through the main yard. She smiled, it had been a beautiful day and she thought it best to spend the remainder of it outdoors. She breathed in the cool spring air, relishing the soft delicate smells of new life and fresh grown grass. Jade delighted in everything natural. As she continued to walk around the court yard she began to smile to herself. Unable to keep her mind from replaying yesterday's study session. It had felt so good to hang out with Rocco. He was slowly starting to warm up to her again, and she was finally starting to let him in. Butterflies danced in her stomach at these frivolous thoughts, they swirled around faster and faster with each new thought. Making her way over to her favorite weeping willow by the lake, she moved to sit down, sighing, she took out her sketch book. Lost in thought, she began to sketch out the scene in front of her, the way the sun glistened off the gentle waves, the tiny ducks that floated here and there. As her imagination flew faster and faster, she began to draw various creatures coming up through the water, as gear to see me as she them. Through it all though, one idea prevailed all others, and it was the strikingly handsome boy that walked along the water’s edge. Jade gasped when she looked down at the sketch; his haunting brown eyes seemed to bore into me, all too similar to Rocco, even his striking jaw bones. She swallowed, oddly though she found herself content with it. Happy almost....happy that I drew him...wished him to be a part of this scene....her world. Unsure of how much time passed as she drew, she decided to set her sketch book aside and just admire the view around her, and waiting till one of her friends showed up.

       Brianna wakes up and looks around. No one was there with her. She looks to her right and sees chocolate on the table next to her. She could faintly make out the name on the box. "From Charles. Feel better!" It read. Brianna looked up and saw the light beaming in from all the windows. It looked like a hospital from heaven. Miss Pomfrey slowly walked up, stroking Brianna's hair. "You feel okay sweetie?" She asked taking out healing alcohol. She dabbed some on Brianna's face. It stung. Brianna had cuts everywhere. Her head was throbbing and she had a neck brace. "What...What happened?" She muttered, she could barely speak with the pain and brace. "You fell on your neck. It's not broken but it's badly bruised. You have a slight concussion, but nothing to fret too much over." She gave a warm smile down at Brie. "We'll keep you here for the rest of the day. Tomorrow you'll get out in time for breakfast." Brianna grinned. She reached over & grabbed the chocolate & nibbled on it until her throat hurt too much for her swallow.

       Jade had just finished her sketch, realizing the time, she decided to go visit Brie. She rushed over to the infirmary, as she walked into the room she noticed that Brie was awake, and eating chocolates. Jade smiled, it was good seeing her slightly back to her normal self. With a giant heap, Jade landed with a humph on the bed next to Brie, all the while still managing to grab her box of chocolates. Smiling, Jade proceeds to nibble on them. "Jade come on!" Brianna attempted to scream. "I'm hungry. Come on, I just got up." She muttered, attempting to stretch her aching arms to reach the chocolates.

       Robert came into the infirmary to check in on brie and saw her awake he ran over and said “Oh my god, you’re awake! I thought you would be out forever! Are you okay?" Robert started feeling upset for the whole incident "It's all my fault that u crashed, I'm so sorry!” Brianna looked over and grabbed Robert's arm. "I'm fine. It's not your fault. It's Sofia's." Brie giggles. "She should've helped me like I've helped her."

       Jade ate another chocolate, however seeing as Brie was injured, she tossed the last remaining few at her. Taking her wand out, she said "Accio ice cream" and with that a deliciously delightful bowl of chocolate Ice cream with fudge on top appeared. She licked her lips and eagerly began to devour her small helping. Jade stuck her tongue out at Brie; laughing a little she said "Hope you enjoy the chocolates." Realizing that Robert didn't have anything, Jade pulled put her wand again and said "Accio brownies." In a split second, a plateful of brownies landed in Roberts lap. Winking at him, she said, "Weasleys stick together.”

        Brianna ate what was thrown at her. "Fine, learn everything you need to know, from Jade." Brianna said turning to her other side, having her back face Jade and Robert. “Wait what! Noooo! We all stick together, besides if the Slytherins come back, they will take all of us on together.”

        Smiling, Jade jumped onto Brie’s tinny hospital bed and grabbed Robert as well. They both proceeded to squeeze her in a bone crunching hug. Jade laughed, "You know we love you!" She continued to poke her which succeeded in Brie laughing as well as punching Jade in the face out of reflex. She instinctively grabbed her nose. Moving her hand away, Jade realized Brie had given her a bloody nose. Rolling her eyes, she yelled, "BLOODY HELL, YOU GAVE ME A BLOODY NOSE!" Jade quickly rushed over to Mrs. Pomfrey all the while hearing Brie and Robert die of laughter. "That's what you get!" Brianna said, happy at the fact that she got back at Jade. Miss Pomfrey walked by holding Jade's head up. She sat Jade in the bed next to Brianna. "Lie down with your head up sweetie." She said. Brianna looked to Robert, "I still got it." Robert, still dying of laughter, tried to say something but it came out in a series of laughs and gurgles till his face went red. Miss Pomfrey finished with Jade and looked to Brie, who was getting too hyped up. "I think that’s enough visitors for now. I want you resting; we don't need your head getting worse." She said. Brianna hugged Robert goodbye and glared at Jade, partially with love. "See you!" Robert said still half out of breath.

        Samantha sighs as she walks down the long hallways passing the peaceful courtyard. Sam thought about visiting Brie as she walk into class, a little plan already formed. As she takes her seat, she doesn’t even the absence of her boyfriend Rocco. As Robert walked into class, he noticed a Slytherin girl sitting in her seat. He recognized her from the descriptions given by Brie "Hello, your Samantha right?" Robert asked. Samantha looked up at the sound of a voice. She smiled. "Yeah, nice to meet you.” “You know Brianna right?" Robert said "She was teaching me how to fly then things went all wrong I'm still a little upset.” Sofia was walking in and noticed Robert was talking to a Slytherin. Sofia walks up to Robert and yells "SLYTHERIN!!!!" She looks at the Slytherin trying to make a face. "Hey, Robert, how's Brie, I was busy today, with classes and homework that I didn't get to see her?" She asked, ignoring Sam. Samantha nods in response. "Yeah I know her and I'm sorry to hear about what happened, and I wouldn't blame myself for it. She was teaching you so she knew the danger if anything was to go wrong.” Samantha managed to say before a Ravenclaw comes over and yells at Robert. She rolled her eyes and her grandfather, Professor Ron Weasley, walks in saying, "Let’s get started!"

        When class was over, Robert went back to Brie to check on her but she was asleep. Later, Sofia apparated there as well. "Hey, Robert, how is school?" Sofia noticed that Brie was still sleeping but they still decided to stay. Robert looks behind his back. "Do u know Samantha?" “I know her from what I hear Jade says about her. I also know that she is a third year." She says.

        Charles had spent all his time looking at Juliette. He couldn't wait till after his detention was over. Than he could introduce her to his friends. He was sure they would like her. When Malfoy dismissed the two. Charles brought her over to the hospital wing to see Brianna. “Hey look, Charles is here with a new girl." Sofia said. "Hey Charles, who's this?" Robert asked interested in this new friend. "Hey guys. This is Juliette. The girl I told you guys about from the Hogwarts Express. We just started dating.” Charles said smiling. “Aww” Sofia thought in her head. "What house are you in Juliette and are you a first year?" "Yes I'm a first year. And I'm in Ravenclaw." She said shyly. "I'm in Ravenclaw too. We can be a Ravenclaw buddies." She giggled and whispered in Charles’ ear asking who the girl laying in the bed was. "Oh that's Brie, a 1st year Gryffindor. She slammed her neck into the goal post.” "So, how is your year going Juliette?" Robert said to see if she was doing okay. He blew a curl of hair out of his face realizing he had to cut it soon. Charles faked a cough saying "Slytherins" followed by "Samantha" with another fake cough. Juliette giggled. Charles smiled then said. “She got me and Juliette detention.”  Juliette cut in with, “Actually she only got you detention." "No, I'm going to be as loud as I want." Sofia said sarcastically. "Hey Brie, how was your nap until we woke you up?” “Rather relaxing, until you babbling baboons came in. My head is continuously pounding. Miss Pomfrey said I had a concussion.”

        Samantha headed to the library to study for the finals that were coming up soon. She sees Rocco sitting at a table studying. Sam walks over and sits next to him as she sets her books down. "Hey Rocco." He looks up startled. "Hey Sam, sorry about missing class, got caught up in studying and ran later than expected so I didn't bother." Samantha smiled. "It’s fine, I'm going to visit Brianna later, after I finish studying, want to join?" He shakes his head. "She is your friend and you need time with her so you go and I'll see you after." He says as he goes back to looking at notes. "Okay."  Samantha slip her hand into Rocco’s, intertwining their fingers as they studied for finals. Samantha left and headed to the hospital wing.

        "This is Juliette, Charles’ girlfriend. She's a first year Ravenclaw" Robert said hearing steps that belonged to Samantha. "SLYTHERIN!!!" Charles screamed when Samantha arrived. "Aguamenti" He said soaking Samantha in water. Juliette looked sadly at the now wet Samantha. She pulls out her wand and uses a drying spell. Sofia started laughing uncontrollably, and almost fell to the floor. "That was nice Charles." Sofia high fived Charles. "Best joke ever." "Hufflepuff." Samantha muttered as she got soaked in water. She then smiled at Juliette who dried her. "Thank you, at least someone is nice to me in this group!” Sam looks over at Brie. "So how you feeling Brie?" Brianna looked over, smirking. "Fine. Sore." Brie mumbled. Brianna groaned and looked at Charles. "Any more chocolates or food?" Brie begged.

        Charles searched through his bag but couldn't find anything. Juliette reaches in noticing a brownie in the front pocket. She hands it to Brie obviously trying to warm up to everyone in the group. "Oh let me try!" Robert exclaimed as he had been practicing this all day "Accio chocolate ice cream!" Finally, his studies paid off and offered a bowl to Brie. Brianna grabbed both the brownie and the bowl. She took a bite of the brownie and helped it down with a spoon full of ice cream. She smiled in great appreciation. "Miss Pomfrey is trying to keep me on this healthy diet for my concussion but honestly it's angering me and making my head hurt." The cold ice cream soothed Brianna's throat and the brownie satisfied her to the point where her headache began to go away. She sat up in bed. "Robert, when do you want to get back on the broom?" "I think it’s going to be a while before I get back on the broom." Sofia said. "I almost fell from my broom and killed myself, until you saved me of course.” "YEAH AND YOU DIDN'T SAVE ME!" Brie screamed, almost jumping out of bed.

        "We'll I'm ready as soon as you are but not until then, ok?" Robert was nervous but he wanted to make his friend happy. Brianna reached behind her neck and removed her neck brace. She rubbed her neck. "Oh bloody hell that hurts." She said. "I'll be out tomorrow, in time for breakfast. We should go tomorrow. I just have control problems, easily fixed." Brianna assured. "I don't think I could go tomorrow. Some other Ravenclaws and I are going to do a study group to study for our finals." Sofia said, "Maybe we can go Friday." "We should study together one day in the library for finals." Robert needed all the help he could get.

        Professor Ginny Potter walks in with a face of concern. She grabbed Brianna's face. "I heard about the concussion. Charles told me." She said. Brianna looked around. "Oh wow, I didn't realize everyone left." "Where's your neck brace?" Professor Potter asked. Brianna pointed it next to her. "It itches and I can't talk in it." "Perhaps that is the point, chatter box." Professor Potter jokes. Professor Lupin appears at the door pulling Samantha back so he can come in more. "I'm worried about you as well." He said. He smiled as his eyes met Brianna's. "As long as you're back to normal." Professor Lupin said. "Of course." Professor Potter added. She stood up and left. Brianna was lost in her atmosphere that she almost cried when Professor Potter left. Robert shook his head looking at Brianna as she gazed at Professor Lupin. Professor Lupin backed out, keeping his eye on Brianna. She glared at Robert. Brianna looked around and noticed Miss Pomfrey was not in the current room. "I'm not sleeping here tonight." She stuck her hand out. "Let's go to our dorm, I'm tired and I want to go to bed. Apparate us there." “Okay, Apparate Hippogriff” Sofia said. All three of them went back to the dorm.

        As the dark overtook the dorm, Brianna, Robert and Sofia set up their beds to go to sleep. Brianna rubbed her neck once more as she got into bed. She called for Blizzy and she wrote a letter to Sentolia. "Send this to mom." Brianna said, handing the letter to Blizzy. The snowy owl flew away in one majestic burst.

        Brianna lied down and pulled the covers over her. As she laid her head down to the pillow, she heard the whispers of spells in her ear. She lifted her head up quickly but her head began to pound again. She slowly placed it back down. "Good Night Guys." Brianna said closing her eyes. "Good night guys, don't let the Hippogriffs bite." "Night everybody" Robert said completely unaware that his worst dream is yet to come.

        At around midnight, Brianna began tossing & turning in her bed. She heard spells & small whispers. "It's only time. It's what's right! Turn her around! Avada Kedavra!" The piercing screech of Jade's owl, Spells, woke Brianna. She jumped up. She was breathing heavy. Brianna looked around seeing that everyone was asleep, Robert looked as if he was having a nightmare, Charles looked joyful & Sofia looked at peace. Jade was not there. Brianna pulled the covers closer to her face & she fluffed the pillow. As she lied back down in bed, she closed her eyes once more. The image of a man all in black appeared. A striking green light flashed from his wand. Brianna tried to see his face but she could not make it out. Brianna lied on her back & stared at the ceiling. She took a deep breath. Blizzy had returned from delivering the letter to Sentolia. He arrived with nothing back. Brianna watched Blizzy waddle back into his cage. She looked into the open night sky from her window. The sky was starry. The stars seemed to make an unknown coded picture and Brianna couldn't make out at the moment. Robert began fidgeting in bed as well so Brianna decided to relax in her. She slowly drifted off into a deep sleep once more.

        Jade slowly walk along the edge the main yard, right where it kissed the lake. She was fully aware that she should be in the dorm with the rest of her friends, sleeping, but she just couldn't turn down this opportunity. Jade hurriedly made a bee line for the weeping willow tree. She could feel her heart racing, fearing capture. She sighed when she saw a familiar shape leaning against her favorite tree. Jade couldn't help but smile, she saw the tension in their shoulders relax when they realized who was approaching them. She couldn't help but launch herself into the shape’s arms, reveling in the way its arms tightened around her and just at how perfect they fit together. Butterflies danced in her stomach as a quick kiss was planted on her cheek. She couldn't help but inhale, burning its scent into her nostrils. The shape felt amazing, it was perfect. Jade sighed in content, feeling renewed hope and peace. The shape continued to hold her as it forced them to sit on the floor. They leaned against what was known as their tree, intertwining their hands, forever branding this memory in their minds and this place. He gently squeezed her hand as they began to talk, content with just being near each other. As they both began to drift off into sleep, still entangled in each other's embrace, a soft whisper could be heard coming from the shape. In turn the faintest of sounds escaped Jade’s lips, the single word “Rocco.”

        At around 2AM, Robert saw every Slytherin raise their wand to the sky and yell "Morsmordre!" Robert recognized the curse. It summoned “He who should not be named.” The scene narrowed in on the boy who saved Robert from before, running from his fellow outraged classmates. He saw Samantha pointing her wand at the running wizard. He saw blackness when she yelled, "Confringo!" Everything reappears with green smoke seeps into the noses and mouths of all Ravenclaws and Gryffindors. The school appears in front of Robert and then his house backed up against a wall defending desperately. Defending themselves against the wall of enemy houses closing in. Robert saw all his friends. Brie, Sofia, Samantha and Jade all casted directly at Robert. Charles was disarmed and frantically ran away but couldn’t escape in time. Brie casted a spell too strong for Robert to block. It was the curse the Potters refrained to show him. It brought Robert to his knees. He felt his life being drained from his body. He saw his soul in the air. He saw blackness once more. The image of his biological mother appeared in front of him, but her face was once again blurred. A deep laugh echoed in his ears.

        Robert woke up with a cold sweat. His voice could barely speak. He looked at Jade’s bed but saw no one there. A wave of panic sent Robert running to Professor Harry Potter’s room as fast as his legs let him.

        Brianna awoke once more to the sound of a screeching owl. The door slammed. Brianna looked around and saw that Jade, nor Robert were there. Charles & Sofia both lay set in their beds enjoying a night's deep bliss of sleep. Brianna rushed up and looked out the door. She saw a small figure running and she heard the footsteps farther than she saw. She followed the boy who she thought looked like Robert. She continued to follow the footsteps. It ran throughout the castle, and landed in the Dungeons. Brianna stood behind a corner and watched as Robert stood in front of the Defense Against The Dark Arts room. He slowly opened the door and peered in. He saw blackness so he went in. Brianna went to grab the door and snuck in behind Robert who was unaware. Brianna could see the figure of a man but it didn't look like Professor Harry Potter. The man's hair was longer, light & had a long flip to it. Brianna grabbed Robert and pulls him towards her. The lights flew on at that moment. "PROFESSOR MALFOY!" Robert and Brianna both screamed. "Where's Professor Potter?! I need to talk to him" Robert croaked. "This is serious! Where is he?" Professor Malfoy seemed unaware of his voice for he was looking directly at Brianna. The Professor said to her, "You shouldn't have interfered." "Tell me where is Professor Potter!" Robert screamed pulling out his wand. His hands were shaking terribly. Malfoy was still staring at Brie.

        Brianna pulls Robert's wand from his hand. She takes her wand out instead and points it at Professor Malfoy. "YES! DO IT!" A voice cried. Brianna looked in the corner and saw Professor Teddy Lupin terrified in the corner of the room. Professor Malfoys jumps onto Teddy. "Don't listen to him." He screams at Brianna and Robert. Robert looks over and sees a book that Professor Malfoy was standing over when they walked in. It had blank pages in it with what looked like the beginnings of a novel. Professor Malfoy sticks up his wand to Professor Lupin's throat. "Expelliarmus!" Brianna said, disarming Professor Malfoy. Malfoy backed up and looked afraid. Brianna grabbed Robert, opened the door and pushed him out. She followed and they ran back to their dorm. Dawn rose and they went back to their dorm. She turned to Robert before opening the dorm room door. "Speak of this to no one but me." She said.

        Samantha was wandering the halls in the dead of night, as a curious Slytherin would. She looked out the windows and saw the weeping willow outside. She saw a familiar figure. A pair it seemed. She noticed the way they cuddled for she had cuddled that way with Rocco. She realized that it was Rocco, cuddling a little red-headed girl. Enraged, Samantha stormed off to her dorm and threw herself onto her bed.

        Jade instinctually cuddled closer into whatever was holding her, she felt the swaying of being carried before she actually saw that she really was. Jade felt extremely content, enveloped in the warmth of his embrace. Snuggling even closer into him, still, Jade felt his nod of approval, as if he liked this as much as she did. Jade felt his warm breath dancing across the top of her head, ruffling her hair ever so slightly. She was for the most part unaware, faintly hearing him take out his wand and say "Apparate dorm room". She felt the shift in the atmosphere as they appeared in the dorm room. Jade whimpered at the loss of his body heat as he placed her on her bed but was quickly content when he placed her covers over her. Just before, Jade’s mind pulled her under the dark sea of dreams. She felt the whisper of a kiss on her cheek, along with the soft smiling words of "Sleep well, green stone.”

        Samantha woke and walked to class and took the long way to class to avoid Rocco and Jade. She sat down in Flying Class, blocking out Rocco. When he walked in, saying nothing except. "It's over." Jade walked into class just before the bell rang, just making it into the seat next to the door, carefully avoiding the empty seats next to Sam and Rocco. “What had happened last night had to have been a fluke, pain ate through my heart.” Jade thought. It was as if she was trying to protest such an illogical thought. She swallowed, avoiding eye contact with anyone else. Jade took out her books and quickly began to copy the notes, class flew by in a hurry, although Samantha was glaring daggers at Jade.

        Samantha got up after class and Rocco grabbed her arm. "Let me explain." Her gave a nod. "Later and I might just take back what I said." He said before Sam tugged her arm out of his grasp and walk away. Jade made a dash out the door and headed for her magic and art class. Samantha followed her but ignored her. They sat far apart in class.

        After class, Samantha went up to Rocco. “Cheating on me huh? Right in front of my face too! I saw you guys outside and not to mention the stupid drawing she drew that came to life!! I needed you last night but you know what! I am better without you. I hate you for cheating with Jade out of all people!!" They spoke for a while  and came to the decision that she was giving his one last chance. "One more chance you do anything with Jade just as much as a quick hug or hello we are officially over." Rocco smiled and grabbed Samantha’s hand.

        Jade walked back in the direction of the Magic in Art class. Holding her head up high as she walked past Rocco and Sam holding hands. Feeling extremely defiant, she sent a coy smile in Rocco's direction, giggling when he smiled and sent a funny face back in my direction when Sam wasn't looking, again he said "Green stone." Jade laughed a little and ducked into the corner room as she saw Sam turning around to see where the noise came from. She could see her in the reflection of the window look at Rocco quizzically, she couldn't help but smile as she watched him fumble for the right words to say, quickly he recovered saying, "There's a green stone on the floor right there. Pretty isn't it." He gave her a rather fake smile. Jade watched Samantha roll her eyes and turn from him saying, "Stop being such a child, it's a stone, it's neither ugly nor pretty. Now come, we must go see my grandfather." She started walking away from him while giving a dramatic hair flip. Seeing he didn't follow right away she turned around and glared at him. "Now!" She said, almost shrieking. As they started to move farther down the hall, Jade came out of her hiding spot, smiling as he looked over his shoulder and winked at me right before the corner blocked him from her view. Jade smiled in triumph, he may be holding her hand right now, but a least she’s the one occupying his thoughts. Jade turned into the Magic in Arts class again and started to sketch once more, enjoying the process of putting the scenes that my imagination had begun to create onto paper.

        Robert and Brianna ran to Potions to see if Professor Malfoy was there teaching but when they arrived they saw a substitute. They sat next to Sofia. Brianna looked to Robert, whose hair was a mop and she tried fixing it for him. "Why do you do this? Watch over me..." He asked. "Instinct?" Brianna questioned herself as she answered him. Sofia asked where they were but they ignored her, Robert obeyed her words.

        When class ended, Brianna saw Jade come out of Magic In Art. "Professor Lupin in there?" Brie asks. "No, a substitute." Jade replies. "Yeah. same with Potions." Robert said, following Brianna. Jade shrugged and walked away, her mind obviously full of thoughts. "This is weird." Brianna thought out loud. "Everyone looks so busy. Everything's happening so fast." Robert said. "As if somehow everything negative was thrown into a pot, mixed up and spewed out." Brianna said. Robert gave her a weird look. "I don't know what I just said either." Brianna said giggling slightly. Robert and Brie walked to Quidditch Pitch and Robert couldn't stop looking at the Slytherin banner. "It was the worst park of my dream. You killed me using the spell that Professor Ginny Potter stopped me from saying. Now the teachers are gone…we have to find Professor Harry Potter he's the only one who can help." Brianna sat in the stands once more with Robert. "What is it that is bothering you? Is it the spell?" She asked. Robert paused and thought before he answered.

        Back in Hogwarts, Sofia was at her last class of the day and saw Brie and Robert for a moment and wasn't really sure what they were talking about. After that class, Sofia promised some Ravenclaws that she would study with them. So she went to the library and saw that they weren't there yet so she went in the restricted section to return the book she took and took another. As Sofia entered the area she saw her grandmother in there. "What are you doing here?" Luna Lovegood asked. "And what is that in your hand?" "A book she replied, I was lost I trying to but it back and thought it belong there." She lied. Professor Lovegood was very good at catching lies from Sofia.

"Then why are you smiling? Tell me the truth. Those that book belong here?" She asked with a more disappointed face. "Yes, it does. I snuck in here to get books. Can I just put this one back and I won't come here ever again?" Sofia lied once more. "If you ask me or owl me, I might let you secretly come in here." She said. "But right, go back to studying with your friends. I'll also discuss your punishment later, and I might tell your mom." "Okay, I'll leave now." Sofia gave the book to her grandmother and walked away and went back to the table where all the other Ravenclaws were ready to study. Sofia kept looking at the restriction section to see if her grandmother would leave.

        "Not only the spell, it was what was in the dream the Slytherin house calling Voldemort, then the boy who saved me being struck down by Samantha, the other houses turning on Hufflepuff and the end of the house that I'm in" Robert said with one breathe. He was still on high alert for any movement around him. Brianna grabbed hold of Robert and hugged him. "No one's ever going to use that spell on you successfully if I have anything to do about it. And no one's going to go against you. I'm right here. You're forgetting I'm one of the most powerful half-blood witches of this generation. The boy who saved you was Rocco, if you were wondering. And most of all, Voldemort is dead. Out of everything in this world to worry about, he is not one of them." Brianna assured him, continuing to hold him close. "You don't have to worry about much here. Hogwarts is safe again. The only reason why it wouldn't is if we had some kind of traitor...but seriously, no one would do that these days." Brianna told Robert as she let go. "You have new best friends, a new school, a new everything. I need to take my advice into consideration as well but, the past is the old stuff. We don't need to reflect on that. We are the new generation. This is our school. After Harry killed Voldemort, there hasn't been a threat since." Robert smiled and looked up and Brie. "Thanks Brie, you always me make me feel better. I guess ur right" He said. “But what if there is a traitor.” He added.

        Brianna gave Robert a small tap in the back on his head. "Get that out of your head." She said, continuously playfully beating him up. She grabbed Robert and dragged him onto the field. "Now, think goals. What position do you want to be?" "I guess a chaser, that sounds fun but I heard the competition is tough. Good thing I'm in flying class." Robert said trying to forget the previous conversation. Brianna smiled at Robert. "That's what I want to be." Brianna looked around for brooms. "It's funny, I think Professor Ginny Potter really made an effort to make sure we couldn't find any spare brooms." Brianna tried to figure out a way to teach Robert. "Okay, to control your speed, you have to lean forward and to brake you lean back and jerk your broom. Um, to um...make sure you have a good grip on your broom, and focus on control. Um, that's how you control it I guess." Brianna looked down. "I don't know. I'm still all boggled from when I got hurt." She sighed.

        "What do you want to talk about?" She said plopping down in the middle of the Quidditch Pitch. "You said the one who saved me from the tree was Rocco, right? So do you know him well?" Robert asked. "Um, you could say that." Brianna said leaning back in the grass. "Jade and him flirt a lot. They like each other, I don't know." Brianna mumbled. "He's a 3rd year Slytherin. He's dating Samantha, the other 3rd year Slytherin. He's really unlike the others. I don't know how he got in that house. But um, he's considerate, you could say." “Oh.” Robert said. Robert pondered how he fit in to all of this in the wizarding world. "Hey Brie you want to find Professor Ginny soon?" Brianna stood up. "Yeah, we should go look for her. But, what is it you want to ask her?" Brianna wondered. "What does all this stuff mean, or are these just terrible dreams.  Also, if it's okay with you, what was going on with Professor Lupin and Malfoy?" Robert was worried because Brianna cared about Professor Lupin. Brianna looked at Robert. "Rob...you obviously are missing a piece of your life and you miss it. Your biological family. I understand that. I miss my mom too. She's back home with my brother and sister. I don't know what's up with Professor Malfoy and Lupin. It looked like Professor Malfoy was scaring Professor Lupin and pressuring him to do something. Maybe it has something to do with that book." Brianna pondered on that idea and looked back at Robert. "Yeah! I wonder what that book has to do with all this!" Robert exclaimed. He jumped up and shouted "We should go get the book!" Robert said. "We'll be in and out let's go!" Robert said excitedly grabbing his books. Brianna grabbed Robert and pulled him back. "Running looks suspicious." Brianna said laughing. "We can walk."

        They walked to the Dungeons and went into the empty Defense Against The Dark Arts room. They went to Professor Harry Potter's desk but could not find the book. Brianna pondered where it could be. "Maybe Professor Malfoy's room?" They ran to Potions and opened the door. The room was empty as well. They opened the door and walked in. They found the book on top of his desk. Robert opened the book to the first page. The book was written in Latin. It had scratch marks and symbols all over it. "You found it!" A man's voice shouted. Professor Teddy Lupin was at the door. "That bloody Slytherin took it early this morning. He is a quick fellow." Professor Lupin said. He snatched it from Robert's hand. He then gazed at Brianna. He patted her head. "You were always an innocent little one." Robert backed up instinctively for his wand "How long have u been there, Professor?" Robert questioned a little suspicious by him snatching the book before he could see it clearly.

        Brianna puts one hand on Robert's shoulder. "Just walked in. Actually coming to look for the book myself. It's very dear to me. Like, oh I don't know, what do you kids call it? Diaries, I believe. Us Professors are always thinking and always getting new ideas. I mean, if I think of a new spell to teach my students, I need to remember it somehow, right?" He chuckled as he said that. He patted Robert on the head as well. "You first years can be adorable." Robert grew slightly uncomfortable. “Why is the book in Latin? Is that your home language?” He asked. "Why yes actually. It is. I can speak it fluently." Professor Lupin smiled. Brianna smiled back and giggled slightly, noticing that his eyes sparkled in the sunset.

        "Oh! You’re from Sussex Dorf" Robert asked. Professor Lupin replied with, "How smart of you, little Robert. Yes that is my place of birth. My mother was traveling and birthed me there and I was brought back here." He smiled. "Oh, that's weird" Robert said. Professor Lupin gave a puzzled look. "For the past 500 years, only the city of Rome spoke Latin and Sussex Dorf is in Germany nearly 550 miles away from Rome." Robert said. Brianna glared at him sharply and squeezed his shoulder.

        "Ha! You sure do a lot about your geography and history. That's a great thing, Hufflepuff." Professor Lupin looked out the window. "The sun is setting; I believe two certain first years should be getting to their dorms." He said playfully, going in to playfully push Brianna. "Bye Professor Lupin!" Brianna said dragging Robert out. "I wasn't done!" Robert said being dragged. "Why are you doing that?" Brianna asked. "He's an amazing teacher, maybe he doesn't want to talk about his past. Remember, his parents died in the Battle Of Hogwarts." Robert looked down. "Come on, we have to get back to our dorms and go to bed."

        Robert and Brianna were the first in their dorms and began preparing their beds to sleep. "I'm probably wrong anyway. I’m not the best at geography." Robert said. "I'm probably just tired. Good night Brie." "Goodnight Robert." Brianna said, curling up with the covers. They then slowly drifted to sleep. Sofia went back to the dorm and noticed that Robert and Brie were asleep and she fell asleep also.

        It turns out to be that the entire day Charles was in Miss Pomfrey’s office with a splitting headache. He read and did some homework there before Juliette showed up, cuddling next to him in the bed. He looked into her wonderful brown eyes twinkling in the fading sunlight. They fell asleep together during the day and slept throughout the night. Charles went back to the dorm in the middle of the night.

        Early in the morning at about sunrise, Robert had another bad nightmare. In Robert’s dream he saw blackness and heard a familiar voice say "The more you question and the more you resist, the harder it will be." Robert then saw a small light in the distance and he ran to it but hit an invisible wall and woke up on the floor looking at the door. "When did I sleep walk?" Robert whispered to himself going back to bed. Brianna heard the bang and woke up. Brie saw Robert sneaking back into bed. "If you snuck out to see Professor Harry, I'm going to beat you." She joked. She grabbed her robe and got dressed. She looked at her owl and took Blizzy for a night trip. Brianna grabbed her school broom and flew out the window with Blizzy and fly throughout the sky with him. She felt the wind breeze throughout her body and she smiled. She enjoyed the feeling of openness and freedom.

        Out of nowhere, there was a screeching cry for help but it wasn't from a person. Blizzy immediately flew into the Forbidden Forest, where the sound originated from. Scared for Blizzy's safety, Brianna went in there too. She left her broom on the edge of the forest and walked in.

        As Robert watched Brie fly out the window, he decided to go down for breakfast and saw Samantha eating. "Hello Samantha, how did you sleep?”

        Sofia just laid there for a while after she woke up. After a while she got up and went down to breakfast, were she sat next to other Ravenclaws. "Hey Sofia!" Robert screamed over the noise of the Great Hall. "Hey Robert!" Sofia replied. 

        Back in the Forbidden Forest, Brianna saw a dead hippogriff in the Forbidden forest. She saw slashes throughout its body but did not see the predator. She had a small moment of silence for it and alerted Caretaker Luna Lovegood before leaving.

        On Brianna's way back to her broom, she saw a little black cat. She took it and brought it back to Hogwarts to care for it. She walked into the Great Hall with the cat. Robert reached his arms out and took it. "You can keep it." Brianna said smiling. Brianna began eating breakfast with her friends.

        Sofia noticed that Juliette was sitting next to her. "Hey, Juliette how are you doing?" Juliette replied, "I'm good and you?" Sofia replied "Good, how has Charles been with you?" Juliette smiled and said, "He really nice and sweet." Sofia heard a bell ring and she left on a hurry to her next class.

As the day went by Jade felt extremely light headed. Something was very off but she couldn't tell what it was. She had felt weaker and weaker over the past few days, but she shrugged it off, dismissing it as lack of sleep. But that couldn't have been what was going on, Jade’s eyes were slightly sunken in, her skin extremely pale, and she always felt a shiver. Even her spells were weaker.

        On her way to lunch, she prayed her friends didn't notice as she tried to walk over to the table they were at, but was deterred as she began to feel herself losing consciousness, falling into a heap on the floor. Brianna saw Jade fall as she walked into the Great Hall for lunch. Brianna was lost in the moment and stood there in shock before running to Jade's side. Professor Hermione Weasley watched it happened and helped Brianna get Jade to the nurse's office.

        They stood with her for the rest of the day. As Professor Weasley left, Brianna hopped in the bed with Jade and got under the blanket. Jade, still unconscious looked far from peaceful. "Now we can be hospital buddies." Brianna whispered, hoping that some way, Jade could hear her.

        Samantha didn’t see Jade’s incident but she saw someone run in to Rocco and whisper something to him. His face went pale as he got up quickly and ran out towards the hospital wing.

        Sofia noticed that Jade was being taken out of the Great Hall to the infirmary. Sofia quickly went to the infirmary to see if Jade was alright. "Whoa, what happened? Is she going to be okay?" Sofia asked Brianna. Brianna looked up from the bed with Jade. Rocco ran in after Sofia. “I don’t know, Miss Pomfrey doesn’t have a diagnosis yet and Headmaster Albus Severus Potter hasn’t come yet.” Brianna replied. Rocco leaned over and planted a soft kiss on Jade’s forehead. He began to stroke her hair, whispering sweet nothings into her ear, hoping she would awake to his voice.

        Robert ran in shortly after with one of his shoes still untied. "Relax, we know nothing yet." Brianna said to him before he could even get a word in. Samantha walks in a few minutes after. "I don’t mean anything by coming, and I'm not involved in this, I just wanted to say I hope she gets better." She says as she stood silently behind everyone. The entire group glared back at her, including Rocco. "You saw her, she's not better, now you can go." Brianna said. Rocco stood up in agreement with Brianna. Robert and Sofia didn't even want to look her in the face. "Bye, Slytherin." Sofia said in a rude way as Samantha turned around and left. An owl flew in and flew above Sofia, dropping a latter. When she opened it, she found it to be letter from her mom saying that she was coming to the school. Sofia felt mixed emotions of happiness and fear. Sofia went back inside into the infirmary and told everyone. "Hey, guys my mom is coming!" "Like...Skye is coming to the school? Well, I haven't seen your mom is the longest! How is the lady?" Brianna asked, getting up from Jade's bed. "I don't know how she is but I'm pretty sure she is angry." Sofia said, "No she is doing fine, I think I haven't seen her in a while either." "Why would she be angry?" Robert asked curiously. Brianna pondered too.

        Rocco isolated himself from group, continuing to hold Jade's hand, whispering his blessings into her ear.

        "You see, she's angry because I got caught getting into the restriction section by my grandmother." Sofia said, "But even if she is angry, I'm still happy I get to see her." She added. "That's the spirit." Brianna said patting Sofia on the back.

        "Guys, I'm going to go get some rest, I woke up when I found out about Jade but now that she's still out, I think I'll go" Robert said leaving.

        Brianna looked over and noticed a bunch of cotton balls and began putting them on Jade's face as she lay unconscious. Brianna turned to Sofia as she placed the balls on Jade. "She's going to love me when she wakes." Rocco didn't stop them but smiled and agreed when Brianna said that.

        As Sofia and Brianna began to start, a fellow Slytherin walked into the infirmary as a giant canary. "Ah the Canary Cream?" Rocco asked the giant bird. The bird nodded. "Oh sweetie, you're a flutter. Come, come, sit." Miss Pomfrey said tending the child, bringing them into a different room. Rocco followed them and left Jade to be played with by Sofia and Brianna.

        Brianna and Sofia finished up and left Jade with cotton balls all over her body. "I can't wait until she wakes up." Brianna said. "Me either. I'm going to go sleep in the dorm, wouldn't want Robert to be lonely." Sofia said walking out.

        Moments later, Professor Teddy Lupin walked in with Professor Hermione Weasley. They both looked concerned for Jade. "Any news?" Professor Lupin asked. Brianna shook her head. "Glad I was there. She seemed to sick and lost when she walked in." "Maybe a lack of sleep?" Brianna pondered. "No." Professor Weasley said sharply. "She would be awake then, wouldn't she?" She continued angrily. "You don't know what you're talking about. That's my little Jade." Professor Lupin uncomfortably began his way out. Professor Weasley hurried out before him. A slam of a door sounded. "Crucio" was then screamed.

        Brianna felt such immense pain that it blurred her vision. Brianna felt as if hot knives were being driven into her back. She screeched in pain. She fell to her knees, dazed she looked around and saw Professor Malfoy standing over her. Brianna tried speaking but fell victim to the pain and drew a blank of words. She went into a state blackness.

        Robert was in bed when a scream woke him. An image in front of him showed Brianna on the floor by Jade’s bed. Robert ran out the dorm and saw Malfoy standing over her "What have u done!?" Robert pulled his wand and screamed "Immobulus" but the spell was easily repealed by Professor Malfoy. Malfoy then casted Expelliarmus and Robert’s wand left him “Help!" Screamed Robert in fear.

        The entire time, Jade was being tormented. She could see her body contort in pain, limp and pale, almost life less. It was for the most part an out of body experience, she could see how much pain she was in but she couldn't feel it. Jade was torn apart by worry as she realized she could only feel a sweet numbness, that rope that kept Jade’s soul tied to her body had gone completely numb, she couldn't feel anything. Grief pooled up within her, fearful that she had died, fearful she would never return to her friends. Jade frantically moved about in front of them, hoping they could see me, only to fall to the floor in ghostly tears when their stares passed right through her. She didn’t know how long she stayed there, weeping, wishing she could return to them, until a scream pierced the eerie quietness. Jade looked around and saw Brie fall to the floor, she started to become more real to Jade. She knew in her heart of hearts Brianna was somehow coming closer to wherever she was. Determination surged through Jade as she saw a white light emit from the middle of Brie’s chest. Jade instinctually knew that it was her soul. Something compelled Jade to force it back, keep it close to her to reality. Eventually Brianna began to fade away from Jade, returning back to reality. Jade sighed in relief, happy to know Brie would at least be safe, still mournful Jade went to weep again, but the onslaught of pain rocked her to the core. Jade tore her eyes open, realizing she was in her own body again, and awake. Jade fought against the pain determined to watch everything that was transpiring in front of her.

        Robert took the opportunity to run. He sprinted out of the wing looking for any Professor but it was late at night and Robert could find no one. On his way sprinting back to the hospital wing, he ran into Professor Lupin. Desperately, Robert cried, "Professor Lupin, it's Malfoy, he hurt Brianna! Come on we have to help her!" Robert ran to the hospital, Lupin high on his heels. When they opened the door Malfoy was gone and Brianna was on the floor. They both ran to her and thankfully there was a pulse. "Miss Pomfrey, we need assistance!" Professor Lupin called. Miss Pomfrey looked gasping at Brie on the floor. They got her to the next bed next to Jade and laid her down. "Who did this?" Miss Pomfrey asked. "I don’t know. Robert just dragged me here in a panic and we found her just like this." Professor Lupin said. He sighed. "Well that's enough excitement for one day" He continued to say said to Robert walking him out. "She's going to be okay.” Professor Lupin said. Robert was plagued by dreams his nightmare and terrified of going back to his dorm. "Good night Professor and thank you for all ur help." Robert said returning to the dorm. He fell asleep.

        Charles was walking back to his dorm when Professor Malfoy passed him in one of the corridors. Panicking, Professor Malfoy casted Petrificus Totalus on Charles. Charles blocked it with Protego Duo. Charles then disarmed Malfoy and apparated to the dorm room. He pointed his wand at the door and said, "Colloportus" The door locks. Unsettled, Charles sits on his bed in the dark, petting his owl, Violin.

        Robert heard the “Hoo” of an owl and woke to see Charles still awake. "What are you still doing up?” He asked. "Couldn't sleep." Charles said. "I will probably be up for a while." “Yeah, I can relate. I'll stay up with you. Did you see Jade and now Brianna?” Robert asked. Charles shook his head. “Brianna told me not to talk about this to anybody, but Malfoy cursed Brianna but I got Lupin to help me and we put them both in the hospital beds. I might visit them soon" Robert said as Charles gave Robert a series of weird faces.

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