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  • Published: 21 Jun 2014
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Four friends, Brianna, Jade, Charles and Sofia all get letters to go to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. The book starts in the middle of their first year on one of their corridor adventures. Like normal friends, they're always teasing one another. As the rest of the year goes on, many things begin to happen around Hogwarts and the childrens' lives are in danger. Along the way, they meet new friends and new love interests.


11. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

        Brianna woke up with a heavy heart. She woke up in a sullen mood. She walked slowly to the Student Hangout to clear her mind. She sat in front of the fireplace and staring into the pit. Professor Lupin walked by, noticing Brie's mood. He sat next to her on the couch and put his arm around her. "Are you okay?" He said moving closer to her. Brie shook her head, breaking down a bit and leaning into his chest. "I know how you feel. I know how stressful the whole parental situation is." Lupin said. Brie looked up with red eyes. "I grew up with the professors. I lived a life without parents. I wish I could just end your suffering, sweetheart." He said grasping Brianna. "It's evil...how painful it can be." His voice grew lower. The bell rung. Teddy let go of Brianna. "Well, I have to go to my first class. Did you finish your finals?" He asked. Brie nodded, whipping her face. "Good." He said walking away.

Brianna got up and walked to the Quidditch Pitch looking up in the sky. Nicholle slowly walks over to the Quidditch Pitch and joins Brianna. She's holding her robe closed. "Hey! Long time no see? Sleep after everyone else? Wake before all?" Brianna said rolling on her stomach to see Nicholle right side up. "Yeah. I've had a lot of finals and I'm up really early studying in the library." Nikki said. Nikki slowly sat down on the ground grunting. "Are you okay?" "Yeah I'm just tired." Nikki replies. Brianna grows puzzled but doesn't question her much. They talked about all the events over the past few days. "How are you and your mom?" Nikki asks Brianna. Brianna is about to answer when Professor Lupin calls Nikki's name. Nicholle got up and ran to him. "Thought you were tired." Brianna screamed after Nikki. Nicholle ignored her and walked away with Teddy.

        In the dorm, Robert lied awake moaning and groaning, constantly grasping at his knee. Charles came over to Robert, who began groaning in bed. Charles grabbed Violin and attached a letter on it for Brianna, asking her to get Skele-Gro at Diagon Alley for Robert. When Brianna got the owl, she went to Diagon Alley for the medicine.

        Back in the dorm, a little black cat jumped on Robert's bed, landing on his stomach. Robert jumped in pain as the cat climbed all over him. Charles laughed and pet him. "Where'd you get him?" He asked. "Brianna found it a long time ago in the Forbidden Forest." Robert replied

        Brianna apparated to the dorm handing Charles the Skele-Gro. Charles spoon fed Robert, letting him gag on the horrid taste. Brianna giggled in the background. "As Miss Pomfrey would say-" She said. "It's not Pumpkin Juice." Charles and Brianna said simultaneously. Robert bent his knee to regain feeling once more. His knee was better but he still had an intense headache. He left his glasses off and lied back down in bed staring at the ceiling.

        Sofia walked in and as she did her owl Peter gave a screech of joy. He was holding a letter in his mouth. “Bloody howler.” Sofia said to herself. “Oh yeah, Peter’s been waiting for you for a while.” Charles said. She slowly opened it but the Howler jumped into the air and faced Sofia with a sour face. "SOFIA NOVA LONGBOTTOM! WHAT HAS YOUR GRANDMOTHER TOLD YOU?! I DON'T WANT YOU TO GO TO THE FORBIDDEN FOREST. IT’S A VERY DANGEROUS PLACE. YOU COULD'VE GOTTEN HURT. WHAT IF IT WAS YOU WHO GOT TIED UP AND PETRIFIED." It screamed at her. Robert giggled in his bed as he pet his cat. Charles and Brianna tried their best holding in the laughs. "KNOW THAT YOU BETTER NOT DON'T GET INTO ANY TROUBLE AND IF YOU DO YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GO TO GRIMMAULD’S PLACE LATER AND I WILL BE THERE TO PICK YOU UP!” It screamed. It immediately calmed to a loving tone. “I Love you, Mom." It finished.

        Brianna and Charles helped pick up Robert as Sofia put Peter in his cage and put all her belongings in her suitcase. On the side of it was "S.N.L" Robert bent down a few times, working out his newly healed knee. Everyone grabbed their separate suitcases. Nicholle walked in and put her black robe in hers, uncovering her grey vest and white collared shirt under it. Jade stumbled in moments later with her hair in a messy bun. "Sorry I'm late. I just broke up with Rocco." She said sighing and rushing to grab her already packed suitcase. They all headed for the door at the same time. Realizing not all could flip they laughed. They each turned around, looking at their dormitory, admiring it for the last time this semester. "Who's ready for round 2?" Jade said peacefully. "Technically for me it's round 3." Sofia corrected. They all chuckled and went back to admiration. They left the dorm.

        As they walked down to Professor Ginny's office and placed their bags down in the floating car that backed up to her window. Nicholle stood in the doorway with her bags. "I'm not going to yet." She said. Everyone turned around confused. "Oh yeah, she's going to her family's place first. Then from there she'll visit us." Charles informed the group. Nikki nodded. The group surrounded her with hugs then she left. Sentolia, Luna and Neville came into the office. Brianna ran up to Sentolia and they embraced one another. "I'll try to visit." She said squeezing Brianna tighter, not wanting to let go again. Sofia was wrapped up in the arms of both Luna and Neville. "Weasley problems." Jade mumbled jokingly. Robert playfully pushed her.

        Sofia, Robert, Brianna, Charles and Jade all jumped into the car, waving goodbye to their families. Harry and Ginny sat in the front seat, Harry at the wheel. "Where to?" He said enthusiastically. "Grimmauld's place!" Each child screamed from the back of the car. A roar of laughter filled the car before it took off, soaring through the air and disappearing from the sight of Hogwarts.

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