Please go away

In high school getting bullied and self harm and well you have to find out the rest ��


4. Pokemon

Yeah that's nice Lou . Lexi- fine you can stay but don't ask for my food .

Louie- you sound like niall when he says don't touch his food but I do anyway so

.(Louie takes her burger and bites it) Lexi - you little shit . HEY!! Take mine .

gosh your so violent . Lexi - I wish you was like a gummy bear when I bite your head of you don't fight back .

Wow Lexi wow . Louie- your so scary .

Well she's not scary to me I want to bite a lot of people's heads off .

But the people are not worth it .(we go back to class)

I sit next to lexi . Lexi - it's okay Hannah don't worry about her okay .

Okay ..... But (abbey knocks your books on the floor ) MOVE YOU LITTLE BITCH YOUR IN MY SEAT . Well I don't see your name on it.

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