Niall and Sammy love each other and make a promise to protect each other but when Niall goes away for three years Sammy changes into a different person. But this person isn't a better person Sammy changes for the worse. What will happen to Sammy and Niall's love when they separate?


4. your back

Two years have pasted since I last saw Niall.

Two years since I have been at school.

Don't know how many scares.

Don't know how many tattoos.

Two piercings one belly button and then my ears.

I changed I was an emo or a punk. My shattered heart was telling me to do things and I didn't know why. I've never felt this bad before Niall must of changed my for the worse. I got up had a shower and got changed. I walked down stairs to see Niall and his band mates.

"Your back early" I said

"Yes and why?"he said serious

"Why what?" I said pretending I had no idea what he was talking about. He grabbed my arms and rolled my sleeves up and said "this and the tattoos"

I pulled my arms out of his grip and rolled down my sleeves and shouted "because of you" and ran.

He ran after me but his band mates stopped him.

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