Niall and Sammy love each other and make a promise to protect each other but when Niall goes away for three years Sammy changes into a different person. But this person isn't a better person Sammy changes for the worse. What will happen to Sammy and Niall's love when they separate?


3. help me

I went home that day. I locked myself in my room and got a knife. I closed my eyes and opened them and I had ten cuts on my arm. I was so depressed thinking that was the one solution to free my pain.

I ignored Niall that night. Then the next morning I woke up before my alarm again. I couldn't sleep. I check my phone and saw:

50 miss calls from Niall

99 text from Niall

35 missed face times from Niall

10 miss skype calls

I just text him saying "soz phone died and couldn't find charger but found it now"

I didn't feel like going into school to day. I went into the bathroom and took my razor blade and twenty minuets later I had thirty new cuts.

I was changing I didn't like it. I'm normally so strong and wouldn't let a lifeless piece of metal destroy my life. But now I am. My thoughts were quickly interrupted by my phone buzzing. I went onto it and it was a text from Niall saying "oh good love you xx"

"Ly2" I replied

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