My Other Half.

Angela Rose Anderson is a 17 years old girl and the only daughter of two very important business figures David-Edward Anderson and Elisabeth-Lynn Williams-Anderson ,working in the music and fashion industry.Angela had the perfect life ,her parents loved her more than their own lives and they were billionairs.
Angela was a fashion and music lover and plays different instruments.She was also nice and loving with everyone.Never a smile has left her face.She was only focused on her passions and studies and never got involved with love stories.But when love comes in the way ,Angela's life changes forever since she owns two hearts but who owns her own heart? how will she make this tough choice without anyone getting hurt especially when those two hearts happen to be her bestfriends?


3. Summer is in two weeks;

Angela's outfit for the day:

Mary's Outfit:

It was 5:00am when Angela woke up on a Monday morning ,getting ready for her morning jog... She left the house at 5:15 and run around for about 45mins ,at 6:00am she was back home and got into the shower... She directly got dressed,did her hair and got downstairs where she found her parents already at the table for Breakfast ,so she kissed both of them goodmorning and joined them...after finishing her meal ,she took her bag and phone and run out the door.It was 7:05am..

5minutes later she knocked on Mary's door and Mrs Butler opened the door for her:

Angela: Goodmorning Mrs Butler ,is Mary ready?

Mrs Butler: Goodmorning dear,i'm afraid you'll have to wake her up as usual..

Angela laughed and run upstairs to her BFF's Room....

Angela: Wake up lazy ass or we're gonna be late for school !!! 

Mary still didn't bother to move ,instead she put her pillow over her head to go back to sleep..; Angela got impatient,so she run to the bathroom ,filled a bottle of water and came back to her bestfriend's room..

Angela: Mary i'm gonna count to 3 ,you have to wake up or else... 1.2.2,5.3 ...

Mary didn't move ,Angela took hold of the pillow and emptied the bottle over Mary's head...Mary jumped up from bed and yelled after Angela who was laughing hard on the floor ...

Mary (was mad): God Angel,I'm gonna kill you for that!!! How could you?? 

Angela: How could I?? well I had no choice darling ,you didn't want to move out of bed.

Mary: C'mon Angela ,school isn't at the other end of the world plus Aden is driving us there by caaaaar !!! you could've at least gave me 5 more mins.

Angela : No more wasting time,now get ready,meet me downstairs in 15mins... I'll go get Aden.

Mary got up and started to get ready meanwhile, Angela left the house and headed for Aden's. When she got there ,he was already outside ,preparing his car ...

Angela: Morniiiing Aaad :D 

Aden: Oh, Angela ,good morning :) how do you feel? 

Angela: I'm all good I guess,thanks..

Aden: No probs... so is Mary ready yet?

Angela: Nope but she'll make it in a few . 

Aden: So how were your exams?

Angela: I think I did pretty well,you?

Aden: Of course genius,you're sure gonna be first of the class again .. haha for me it was all good too but I can't wait for these two weeks to end.

Angela: What are your plans for this summer?

Aden: I don't know ,I might just chill around the USA or go to Australia with the parents.. what about you?

Angela: I don't know,it depends on mom and dad's choice, like every summer .

Aden: and again you'll be gone for so long ,I'll miss you,who'll be there to listen to me for 3months?

Angela: C'mon Aden,we have that thing that we call internet nowadays so i'll always be around when you need me.


There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes until Aden spoke up:

Hey Ange,I need to tell you something,I'm actually .... He couldn't finish his sentence cause Mary burst in like a turnado.

Mary: Hey,Guuuuys :D shall we go now?? i'm readaaay!

Angela: yeah,it's time to go sleepy head :p Aden what were you saying by the way?

Aden: Never mind ,it's nothing important,i'll tell you another time. We need to go or we'll be late.


The three teens got in the car and Aden started driving ,his mind full of thoughts...

Aden's POV (Point Of View): 

Ohh God ,I was ready to say it ,if only Mary didn't ruin it,I actually hate her for that. She knows I haven't been sleeping well for months because of these feelings...She tells me that Angela feels the same way but is it true? it must be or else she wouldn't say it.And then in two weeks she'll go on vacation away from me,I need to tell her I love her ,I need to make her mine before it's too late.

Angela noticed that her bestfriend was lost in his thought,she spoke up: Hey Aad, are you okay?

Aden: Eh Hem. well,yeah ,I'm fine ,don't worry ...We're here girls!! 

2mins later ,he parked the car in the school parking lot and the three of them got out.... They walked inside the school where they met Aaron with Skylar glued to his arm and of course Aria ,who as soon as she saw Aden run into his arms and forced him to hug her back .. Aden shuffled awkwardly but gave in and hugged Aria back. 

Angela felt herself boil at the sight of the two of them,she whispered into Mary ear: Excuse me while I go vomit ..and walked away from the group before anything bad happens.

Angela's POV: 

Who the hell does she think she is to jump on Aden like that.The bitch!! he doesn't even like her or does he? ,I mean he hugged her back.

Angela's mind was racing with thoughts and she was burning from anger until Billy cut her from her deep thoughts... 

Billy: Hey Angie,you should really stop hitting your locker ,it didn't do anything wrong to you...Hahaha 

Angela realised what she was doing and stopped hitting her locker and turned to Billy with a huge smile!! 

Angela : Hey Bill :D how are you??

Billy: I'm very good ,but let's talk about you,what an interesting way to start your morning,what got you mad so you had to spill it all on your locker?

Angela: Oh,don't worry it's nothing important.

Billy: Angela ,I know you very well and when you're like that it only has something to do with Aden.

Angela looked down ,not wanting to face her friend's look... Then she forced a smile and told him: Never mind Billy,let's not ruin the rest of the day with this story,plus everybody knows that i'm just fooling myself with the thought of Aden loving me back.

Billy: Angie ,just give him time,you know him better than anyone and he's probably afraid to lose you.

Angela: yeah,that's the thing ,I don't feel like I know him anymore... 

The bell rang to signal the start of classes...

Angela walked to her first class,luckily she had maths her favourite... But her good mood faded again when she walked into the class and saw Aden and Aria together in the back ... Aden looked at Angela ,their eyes met for a moment but she broke the eye contact and went to the first row to sit next to Billy since Mary wasn't in her class for Maths...

For Angela the 2hours of maths seemed to go so slow since the exams were over and well she felt the need to leave the class as soon as possible ,the air was poisoned with Aria's presence ... She was brought back to reality when her teacher Mrs Gray asked her to give back the corrected exam sheets to the class... 

Angela sighed at the thought of having to give their exam's sheets to both Aden and Aria ,she smiled to her teacher and took the papers from her ...

Angela started giving back the sheets ,until she got to Aden and Aria ,she handed Aden his paper who again did well in maths .. that's when Aria took it from her hands with force and with that the rest of the sheets fell on the ground .. Angela bent down and started gathering the papers when Aria crushed her hand with her foot on purpose ,Angela did her best not to lose control ,when she finished gathering the sheets, somehow Aria's paper was on top ,Angela looked down and smirked knowinly at the mark she got and handed it to her ... 

Your results are satisfying as usual Aria ,Angela said sacrcastically; and then she turned again to Aden and told him: Well Aad ,very beautiful but not that clever your girlfriend..I can't believe you stoop so low this time...

Aria was boiling with anger and Aden looked back at his bestfriend who already left with a huge smile on her face ... Billy was laughing so hard at how Angela owned both of them with simple words ... when she sat down next to him ,he winked at her and gave her a big high five ... sure Aden  was his bestfriend but he never agreed with the fact that he was dating the head of the cheerleaders Aria ,and even tho she was Aaron's sister he hated her cause she was always mean to Angela and Mary..; 

After that victory ,Angela didn't get bored anymore .. when the bell rang again ,she run out of the class with Billy to go meet Mary ..;

As they got outside ,Mary run up to them and took Angel in a bone crushing hug...

Angela : Mary,I i can't bre-reathe..l-let go of mee!

Mary: Sorry darling ,but I was worried about you after you run away this morning.Are you okay.?

Billy : She better be after the way she owned Aden and Aria in maths ..;

Billy and Angela laughed so hard at the thought of it, with a confused Mary looking weirdly at them... 

Billy : Don't worry Mars,I'll tell you everything in English... And with that they both walked to English leaving Angela to go to History on her own..

It was already lunch time ,history and biology went well for Angela since she didn't get to see Aden and Aria again... She walked to the canteen ,where she saw Mary and Billy already sat at a table but Aden wasn't with them instead he was sitting with Aaron and Skylar surely waiting for Aria in another table ... She looked down disappointed by her so called bestfriend's behavior and walked to Mary and Billy ... The three of them started eating and laughing together when Aria and her cheerleaders walked in ,she went directly to Angela's table and spilled her soda over her head... Angela screamed and jumped out of the table to face Aria..

Angela: What the Hell?!!! 

By that time the whole school was around the two of them .. Aden walked up to Angela to see if she was okay ,when Aria grabbed his arm and pushed him to her side ,then she turned to Angela and spoke: Next time little girl ,don't mess with your elders ,especially me cause I'm gonna hit twice harder and I don't like the way you're looking at my boyfriend ,he can never love a pathetic girl like you,so you might just go find yourself a child your age to finish your life with and this time I hope i'm done with you.

Angela's POV: 

OMG!! the bitch ,she'll pay for what she did and I-I can't believe Aden didn't move from her side to help me ,I guess I lost him for good ... With that I slapped Aria across the face and told her : Now I think we're done ... and I walked out of the canteen and to the girls' bathroom in order to clean my clothes and wash my hair which was now wet in soda.... 

Aden's POV: 

I saw Angela's disappointed look ,it wasn't good at all ,she'll never forgive me... She was so weak at that moment and I didn't bother to move and help her .. My eyes were blured with tears ,I only saw her slap Aria and run out of the canteen ... (End of Ad's POV )


Mary and Billy run after Angela ,who was already in the girls' bathroom ,Mary got inside and there she found her bestfriend cleaning her clothes with tears running freely on her pink cheeks ...

Angela : The asshole ,I don't want anything to do with him ever again!!! he died in my heart ,he stood next to her ,next to that bitch ,he stood against me ,he didn't even move to help me ,aaah I can't believe it ... I swear he'll regret this betrayal ..; he lied to me for days telling me that he hated Aria ,that he could never be around her... He's just a liar ,that's what Aden-Nigel Evans is ,a f***ing liaaar ...;

Mary : yeah ,that's right baby girl ,let it all out .. but you have to stay strong ,don't go around Aden or Aria anymore ...and summer is in two weeks ,you won't see any of them for 3 months ...and if anything goes bad ,I promise I'll kick their asses,they better not talk to you again or I swear i'll ....

Angela laughed at her bestfriend ,she washed her face and finished drying her clothes and left the bathroom... when they got outside Billy was still waiting for them.. when he saw Angela he took her in his arms : Angie ,i'm sorry for what happened ,if anyone touches you again,they will regret the day they were ever born ..

Angela smiled : Thanks Bill ,but i'm okay ,don't worry! 

The afternoon went pretty fast and it was already time to go home... and since Angela wasn't talking to Aden anymore ,she had to go back home on foot or call her dad ... as she was waiting outside for Mary and Billy to join her ,Aden walked hand in hand with Aria in front of her and they went to his car .Angela looked away from them and towards the school front door and sighed reminding herself to stay strong .... After all Summer is just in two weeks :) 


AN: So guys this is the 3rd chapter and actually the first chapter of the story ,I hope it's not too long or boring ,if you want me to change anything,just comment your ideas and thank you :) xo Lady_L 

PS: I don't own the outfits' pics either ,they belong to who created them ,I found them on the web! 

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