The Unexpected Happens Sometimes

Katie - "Now, to start off, this isn’t one of those stories where the girl has a best friend and she has a massive crush on him and then one day he does something to show her that he has a crush on her and then they date, he leaves to go on tour with his bandmates, and a few things happen. He cheats, she’s pregnant, he doesn’t love her because she’s pregnant and 4 years later, he sees her and the chid and they become a happy family. No, that’s been done. Too many times. And I must admit, some of the people who write them really know how to write. They’re amazing. But this story is not about that, it’s also not about how a girl gets adopted by some famous people and falls in love with one them. This isn’t that either. This story is about something that hopefully hasn’t been done. And I’ll say it right now, like most fanfics, there’s sex. What’s a fanfic without sex? Right?" Want to know more? Read on...


7. -Chapter Two-

-Chapter Two- A/N Alright, I’ve decided that I’m going to end every chapter in the middle of a sentence just so that you have to read the next chapter to understand. I’m pure evil, aren’t I? Nah, I got the idea from The Fault In Our Stars. And also, just a warning, mature scenes ahead babes ;) And last, my computer isn't letting me upload photos right now even though there is a new person in this chapter so check the photo out on my Twitter: @5SOSAmnesia5SOS. Her name is Annie. And now, here’s Chapter Two: -Katie’s POV- We all hung out, played games and shit for a few hours and then decided to go out for dinner. We went to a local pizza shop who made the best pizza ever. “Hey Jack. Can we get a large Nutella (pizza base with Nutella and cheese on top. It’s actually really nice), a jumbo meatlovers, two garlic breads and 3 cokes, 2 litre.” I knew that the boys ate a lot so I bought a lot. “Jesus Katie. You’re a little piggy. Alright, that’s $24.80.” He said, trying to add up the numbers in his head. “No it’s not. Jumbo is 12, large 8, garlic bread 2.50 each, 2 litre coke 3.50 each. Altogether that’s $35.50.” I said, looking up at the board doing the math really quickly. “Wow, you’re smart but Katie, you come in here at least twice a week. Sometimes just to say hi. It’s called a discount.” He chuckled. “Alright, if you’re sure.” I handed him the money and walked over to everyone else. We were the only people in the shop so we got 4 small square tables and put them together to make a larger square table. Serena was on one end with Luke next to her and me on the other side of her corner, then me with Michael next to me, opposite me was Logan making him share a corner with Luke and Kaylie next to him and then sharing a corner with Kaylie being opposite Luke was Calum and Ashton next to him. We all talked and laughed for a few minutes until the pizza came over. Luke switched place with Kaylie because the girls were having the Nutella pizza while the boys all shared the meatlovers. “I’m still really fucking hungry.” Michael said after looking into the boys box and seeing that there was none left. “Michael wants another slice, Michael wants another slice, Michael wants another slice. Pizza! Pizza!” I sang. It’s a song the boys and I created about Michael. “You aren’t having any of ours.” I laughed at him. I noticed that everyone had gone back to their own conversations so no one was paying attention to us, thank god, because Michael put his hand on my thigh and kept rubbing it up and down and honestly, (OH MY GOD FIRST SEX SORT OF THING HAPPENING) I was getting really wet. Like, Michael motherfucking Clifford touching my leg, oh my god. “C’mon babe. You know you wanna.” He whispered. His face was really close to mine at this point, like I could basically eat it. I just wish that I could kiss him and it wouldn’t be awkward afterwards. [I said it wouldn’t be like another fanfic you’ve read before and although it seems like it is, it really isn’t, just trust me.] I took my half eaten slice of the napkin it was on, licked the whole things, top and bottom, and gave it to him. “Thanks.” He smiled and basically shoved the whole bloody thing in his mouth in one go. He had a bit of Nutella on his cheek (I don’t know how he managed that) but I decided to grab his face and kiss his cheek, sucking off the Nutella while I was at it. “Mmm. Delicious.” I smiled, poking my tongue out a bit. He blushed a bit but tried to hide it by turning around and join in Cal and Ash’s conversation. I got up to go to the toilet but quickly whispered into Michael’s ear “I saw that.” I walked over to the toilet and it said the female toilet was under maintenance. I went into the disabled and, of course, the lock didn’t work. I was just hoping no one would walk in. Once I was finished, I walked out and saw Michael hurry into the guys toilets. I stood outside for a minute and listened because he did run in there super fast. I heard moaning or something. I opened the door slightly to see him standing in front of a urinal, one hand on the wall, the other hand pumping his dick. Oh my god, I just caught Michael Clifford wanking. Shit, I think my insides just fucking exploded. I walked back to the table and I’m sure you don’t want to know this next part but, my underwear soaked, and I sat down casually. I was trying to figure out what conversations were going on. Serena and Kaylie talking about football or something, Luke and Calum talking about cars and Logan and Ashton talking about girls. Typical. Michael came back out and sat down next to me again. “Let’s ditch these guys and do our own thing.” He whispered. I stood up, grabbing my jacket from my chair and walking out with Michael. We walked for a few minutes until I felt a drop of water run down my cheek. I looked up at Michael’s face and saw that there were a couples of drops on his face. It was starting to rain. We decided to run through the park we had just gotten to, to get to the Starbucks on the other side. When we got in, we were soaked. And as soon as we got in, we bursted out laughing. Luckily there were only a couple of people in there and they didn’t even turn to see what was going on. I walked up to the counter to see none other than Ashton’s crush, Annie. “Hey Annie. Can we just get 2 hot chocolates?” I said to her. “Oh my god, Katie. Hey, I haven’t seen you since like, I don’t know. It’s been ages!” She smiled. “Haha, yeah. You should come over some time. Maybe catch up with Ash too.” I smiled back, trying to be just as enthusiastic. “Oh, haha. I guess he didn’t tell you then.” She walked off to make the hot chocolates. When she came back, she added up the price and Michael paid, since I paid for pizza, and smiled. “What didn’t he tell me?” I questioned. “He should probably tell you himself. I shouldn’t be saying anything.” She said, sounding concerned. Sort of like she’d get into trouble because of what she’d said. The rain had died down a little so we walked out with our beverages (haha, I’m fancy) and started to walk back into the park Michael was on my right and I was holding the cup in my left hand (I’m left handed [which is true]) and Michael with his in his right. We walked and sipped for a bit and then he took my hand in his, his big, warm hand grabbing mine. Wrapping his fingers in between mine. I felt tingles throughout my whole body [still not the sort of fanfic you’d normally read]. I looked up into his eyes. Those gorgeous grey blue eyes. Shining in the rain. I didn’t realise I had stopped walking until his voice interrupted my thoughts. “Why’d you stop walking?” His husky voice echoed through my head. “Huh? Oh… I was just, confused, I guess.” I said, still puzzled by his actions. “Oh, sorry…” He unattached his hand from mine and suddenly the sparks that were flying through my body, they were gone. He started walking again, head faced to the ground, looking ashamed of what he had just done. I walked up beside him and put my hand back where it was a minute ago, in between his fingers. And again, sparks. He lifted his head to look at me and half smiled. Well let me just say that I almost died. That half smile is just… Oh my god. Shut up Katie. We continued walking for a while until the rain started coming down heavier again and we walked back to his house because it was closer. When we got there, we saw everyone sitting on the stairs, looking frozen. Except for Serena and Logan, who were keeping warm by her sitting on him making out. Jesus Christ I wish that was Michael and I. Michael walked up the steps to the door to unlock it and straight away Luke and Calum got up and ran inside. Next was Kaylie, then the 2 who are probably about to fuck, then me and Michael. Kaylie went to the front lounge room and turned on the tv, Logan and Serena falling onto the couch still going at it, now with dry humping too. Oh god. Luke and Calum went to the kitchen, I’m just guessing they were grabbing beers. Ashton went upstairs, I’d guess he’s either changing into some of Mikey’s clothes or using the toilet. Michael pulled me over to the couch and onto his lap. I just giggled at him but obviously continued sitting there. “Who wants one?” Luke shouted as he walked out with 2 six-packs in his hands. “Chuck us one mate.” Michael said, putting his hands up to show that he wanted one. Luke threw one but I quickly threw up my hand and caught it. “Ha. Sucks to be you, Mike-ro-wave.” I laughed evilly. I leaned forwards to the coffee table and hit the bottle cap against it to loosen it. “Oi, give it back you bitch.” Yeah, I forgot to mention that Michael and I always call each other things like bitch and prick, as a joke. “Fuck off, wanker.” “You don’t know if I wank or not.” “Considering you’re a teenage male, I’d say you do,” and this next bit I whispered, “And considering I heard…
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