The Unexpected Happens Sometimes

Katie - "Now, to start off, this isn’t one of those stories where the girl has a best friend and she has a massive crush on him and then one day he does something to show her that he has a crush on her and then they date, he leaves to go on tour with his bandmates, and a few things happen. He cheats, she’s pregnant, he doesn’t love her because she’s pregnant and 4 years later, he sees her and the chid and they become a happy family. No, that’s been done. Too many times. And I must admit, some of the people who write them really know how to write. They’re amazing. But this story is not about that, it’s also not about how a girl gets adopted by some famous people and falls in love with one them. This isn’t that either. This story is about something that hopefully hasn’t been done. And I’ll say it right now, like most fanfics, there’s sex. What’s a fanfic without sex? Right?" Want to know more? Read on...


8. -Chapter Three-

-Chapter Three-


Annie was supposed to be in the last chapter but I didn't put the photo in. This is Annie:




“And considering I heard moaning coming from the guys toilet and the pizza place before, I’d say you do.” I winked at him.


-Katie’s POV-

I got woken up by someone screaming “AH FUCK!” from the kitchen. I ran in there to see Michael, holding his left hand under the running water from the sink. “Burn ourselves, did we?” I chuckled. “Shut up.” He mumbled. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Aw poor baby’s gonna die cause he got a wittle boo boo.” I laughed, and again he mumbled, “Shut up.” I let go of his waist and walked to the bench and sat on there watching him. “What.” He grumbled. “What’s up your bum, grumpy pants?” I said, poking his cheeks. “Nothing, I was just trying to do something nice for you going by making breakfast and I can’t even fucking do that. I can’t do anything right!” He yelled the last part, slamming his unburnt hand on the bench. “Mikey, get 8 eggs out of the fridge, any bacon you have left, bread, and all the spreads that are actually edible.” I said, hopping off the bench. Before he grabbed anything, I grabbed his hand and kissed just next to the burnt bit so it wouldn’t hurt. He grabbed everything I asked for and I started frying bacon and eggs. He had tried to make pancakes but failed so I threw out the “pancakes” and started breakfast again. He started putting bread in the toaster, as I told him, so that he’d eventually have a pile of toast ready to go. “When are your parents getting back from Fiji?” I questioned, knowing he didn’t have much food left. “6 days.” He said. Everyone’s parents seemed to be away. Luke’s are in England, doing studies for their jobs, Michael’s in Fiji on vacation and ours… well, dad, I don’t like to talk about that but Mum always seems to be away. We never actually see her because her job is an hour away and most of the time she just stays in a hotel. Only comes home to put $100 on the bench every 2 weeks so that we can buy food and whatever else we might need. But anyways, Michael had finished toasting bread and I had finished bacon and egging (haha, what even.) so we got everyone into the kitchen to eat breakfast at the table. “So, how was sex last night?” I giggled, looking at Serena and Logan who were sitting next to each other, of course. “We didn’t have sex. We just kissed.” Serena said, all sassy. “And humped.” Michael added. We all laughed. Except for Serena and Logan. After breakfast, Logan and Kaylie had to leave and Luke decided to go home too, and then Calum got a phone call from someone and he said he had to go. Maybe he does have parents. Then there were 4. Serena, Ashton, Michael and I. I decided to go home because there was nothing left to do at Michael’s so Ash came with me and we walked home together. On the way home, I decided to question him about Annie. “So, uh Ash… Yesterday when Michael and I left the pizza place, we went to Starbucks and I ran into Annie, your old crush. I suggested she come over and catch up with us because she hasn’t seen either of us in a while and she said that that’s not really true. What’s going on between you two?” I questioned. He stopped walking and sighed, “Well, I’ve had a crush on her for ages so a couple of months ago I went into  Starbucks, as I always do, and I asked her out and she, uh, sorta said yes.” The last part sounded more like a question. “Oh Ashy, that’s great! I’m so happy for you!” I hugged him tightly. “Yeah, now we have to find someone for you? Who do you like?” He poked my cheek. “Haha, I’m not telling. Especially because I’d rather him be a fuck buddy than a boyfriend.” I laughed. “Alright, I’ll stay out of it. Just don’t say that. Ever again.” He sort of laughed. We got home and grabbed a beer each and just watched a couple of movies together which ended up being 3 beers each and 3 movies, and during the last movie I was lying on his chest. Yeah, okay, that’s probably weird but I was tired and a little bit drunk, don’t blame me.


Alright, that was a short one. I sort of didn’t know how to end it so uh haha yeah. Also, this chapter doesn’t end in the middle of a sentence, only because the ending just sort of sucks. Next chapter will be better. Promise babes. Also, I GOT TICKETS FOR THE #ROCKSOUTWITHYOURSOCKSOUT TOUR AND I'M GONNA MEET THE BOYS!!!!!! OMG SO EXCITED YAY!!!! xx –Amber

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