The Unexpected Happens Sometimes

Katie - "Now, to start off, this isn’t one of those stories where the girl has a best friend and she has a massive crush on him and then one day he does something to show her that he has a crush on her and then they date, he leaves to go on tour with his bandmates, and a few things happen. He cheats, she’s pregnant, he doesn’t love her because she’s pregnant and 4 years later, he sees her and the chid and they become a happy family. No, that’s been done. Too many times. And I must admit, some of the people who write them really know how to write. They’re amazing. But this story is not about that, it’s also not about how a girl gets adopted by some famous people and falls in love with one them. This isn’t that either. This story is about something that hopefully hasn’t been done. And I’ll say it right now, like most fanfics, there’s sex. What’s a fanfic without sex? Right?" Want to know more? Read on...


14. A/N

I know, it's Monday and I haven't updated. Like, this chapter has been rewritten so many times ohmygod. Haha, no but seriously, it'll be up soon (hopefully) and I'll write a few short ones too. If it's not up by the end of this week, I will do something to make up for it. You guys should comment something that if I fail to put up the chapter, I can do. I'll do basically anything and whatever it is, I'll record it and put it up on YouTube or something :)

-Amber xx

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