All Against One

They say losing your mind is the end of hope for a normal life... 'Normal' is a very broad word that I myself find distasteful. Who am I you must be wondering as you read this, well for a short time I guess you could call me a, um... creepypasta, yeah, a lesser known one called Psych-E. You won't find me on that wiki though as I don't exist anymore; obsession and hidden drives led to my disappearance as all I want is a normal that so wrong? Perhaps however, an even more troubling notion on my mind exists, and that is simply, am I the only one?


5. Paranoia Begins to Set In

   It had been a couple of days since that episode in the woods and, luckily I had managed to avoid the woods, any fog or going out at night. Along with double checking all windows and doors at night I was able to sleep soundly... for the most part. I had to unplug my electronics when I didn't use them so none of the internet specialist pastas like BEN could get in. 

   "Ugh," I moaned one evening as I had just recently finished checking all the doors and windows, crashing on the couch in the living room, staring at the now drawn curtains. "Why can't the buggers just leave me alone!? Is peace and quiet too much to ask, no, plead for?" The thought did soon set in that if I didn't keep them out of my thoughts, paranoia would set in and I'd fall into the trap they were laying and personally, it was a poor trap but one that always seemed to work for them. Paranoia is a great psychological factor of the human mind, one that can serve as a shield... but more often, serves as a destroyer, a eroding factor of as 'they' would say, a "Damaged Mind." 

   "Ridiculous," I sighed aloud, not realizing the sound of a window slowly being forced near me. "To think that I, a simple person could be haunted by such trivial fantasies and non-existent nightmares... absolute foolishness." 

   "Foolishness, is thinking locking something can keep us out, Evan." I spun around in horror to find him there, his blue mask down fully and his hoodie up along with a hand in his hoodie's pocket, obviously holding a syringe of anesthetics and a scalpel in the other.

   "Eyeless, you've come back," I began to force myself calm cause if I didn't; he'd have me. "Damn, you know, you're the only one brasin enough aside from Jeff to invade someone's home who has clearly locked everything up tight. Am I missed that much?" He didn't even chuckle as he lept the sofa and tried to come down on me only to have me side step and hit him with a hardcover book in the temple of his skull to disorient him as I tried to free him of the scalpel and sedative in his pocket, 

   "You son of a bitch" he sputtered as he quickly recovered and slashed at me in attempt to get me off him. "C'mon, fight like the freak you are, like old times, eh, friend?" I didn't need to see the smile on his face, I could hear the soured hatred and sarcasm in his voice as he slashed again and again at me, missing each time until I caught him with a candleholder of hard iron in the side of the head, the same spot actually as the book. He spun to the floor where I lept atop him and knocked the scalpel away and grinned as I took the sedative and... in a streak of sadism, I jammed it into his gut and laughed as he moaned in pain, the black ooze pouring from his mask as he struggled, eventually knocking me off him.

   "Everything alright there, Jackie?" I grinned evilly as he growled and stumbled slightly as he fought the sedative.

   "I'm not a fucking chick, don't ever call me Jackie..." He began to grab about for something to support himself as I casually went and grabbed the bat I had been hiding by the nightstand near the doorway. "What are... you aren't seriously gonna hit don't.. hav teh balls to.. ugh!" He slurred and collapsed to the floor as I drew nearer, the desire welling up in me to kill, his floundering self seemed so easy a target, so tempting a prey.... but I resisted the urge and waited for him to stop before I brought the bat down on him so I could get a clean shot at his temporal lobe.


   It was sometime later he awoke in the cellar and found himself restrained to a makeshift bed with no hoodie or mask on, the lack of mask is what pissed him off enough to scream his deep and dark menacing voice that awoke me.

   "Oh would you shut up Jack!?" I yelled from upstairs as I hurried down to him and turned on the light which illuminated the space and his face causing him to growl more.

   "Turn out the damn light and give me my fucking mask, Evan, NOW!" he demanded, his pale and ashen colored face growle as his rows of razor fine teeth and black sockets bore down on me as he seethed, his bark brown hair seemingly covered in beads of sweat brought on by him struggling with the restraints.

   "Calm down Jack," I soothed as I replaced the mask on his face but left it up a little so I could make out his mouth's contortion at the time. "It was filthy so I washed it and repainted it to get rid of the dits and scratches on it, besides, I've seen you without a mask before."

   "That was different you stupid fuck," He continued to growl though his voice started to drop into its normal stasis. "We were the same then, now... we're-"

   "We're what Jack, enemies!?" I spat in a soured way, "I don't see it that way, in fact, I kinda missed you and Masky as you two were actually kind to me, but this..." I sighed as I walked away for a moment. "This is just fucked, Jack. I want to be left alone is all... I had my run with killing and scaring but I'm done, I want the normal life back I had stolen from me so long ago."

   "For Christ's sake Evan... you know you can't go back... none of us who were human ever can," He sighed heavily as thoughts of his human existence must've been coming to him; exactly how he became what he is was never really known and he never really talked about it. I walked over to him and undid a few restraints so he could at least sit up though I kept his wrists bound and the rest of him firmly gripped to the bed.

   "Jack I... I know but I can't accept not trying... it's why I won't go back," I murmured softly as I grew sick in my stomach. "So far it's been fine though, no one's caught onto who I really am thanks to the changes Slender made to me when I was with you guys and so long as I kept hidden and took my meds and went to counseling I was fine, just a normal everyday member of Human Society."

   "But that's not what you are for God's sake, you are Psych-E, a psychotic telekinetic serial killer in the distance; the Great Master of Suggestion of Murder and Suicides... a grand title that got you fans in the Under Realm and feared up here.... until you disappeared that is." He looked at me and his scowl softened into a minor frown. "You're not you like this, I can see the pain and suffering behind those cold, timber wolf grey eyes."

   "You see the side of me you want to see, not what I feel or want," I answered coldly as I moved over to the mini fridge in the corner of the room, retrieving a blue lid plastic container soaking in red sanguine fluids as its contents oozed with decay as I gave it to Jack.

   "Ah fuck yes! Kidneys!" He seemed to brim with childish happiness as I opened the container and he reached in and dug his nails into one as blood seeped through his fingers. He picked it up and bit into it, the serrated razors that were his teeth sawing through the muscle and soft cellular flesh and organ tissue with ease as secretions of left over fluid and toxins spilled into and over his mouth and lips, trickling down one side as he continued to chew until it was gone.

   "See, I hadn't forgotten about you, nor the others and their specialties and weaknesses..." my grin caused him to stop and wipe his mouth as he looked at me with a mildly agitated expression that was dabbling in fear it seemed. 

   "I'm glad but do you know how screwed up that sounds?" he then grinned, "Are you reverting as we hoped you would... or are you just so gripped by paranoia you seek out and hold onto anything you can hope to use against us?"

   "I... I'm not sure really, though I must say, your obsession with kidneys and Masky's addiction to cheesecake I always found amusing more than disturbing... Really, I never was afraid of you two." I unlocked his remaining shackles and tossed him his sweatshirt and guided him out.

   "Be careful," he spoke carefully as he emptied the container of its contents and handed it back to me. "Slender isn't the only one re-locking on your trail... 'He's' at it again, and his henchmen are coming around and asking questions, seeking knowledge about your whereabouts."

   "And I know what he wants," I grinned as we reached the edge of the woods, "And he can go suck one as I'm not joining him either... You take care Jack and hey, if uh... you're ever in the neighborhood..."

   "I'll stop by but, I'll have to do it without Slender knowing which is work so, you better keep the kidneys coming unless you want to give up yours." He grinned and then put down his mask, leaping off into the foliage of the woods beyond. As I returned home that day and washed out the container I couldn't help but think of what Jack said about the scourge that also was now searching me out; Zalgo...

   "It's true then, I am damned and if I stay... so too is this town and its inhabitants..." I sighed and went around locking up everything and then double, no triple checking now and making sure nothing could be forced open. The paranoia was coming on and I knew it. As I lay down that evening I looked over at a nearby mirror and sighed, telling myself  "So the paranoia begins to set in... damn, when I thought I had escaped it all... how foolish..."


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