All Against One

They say losing your mind is the end of hope for a normal life... 'Normal' is a very broad word that I myself find distasteful. Who am I you must be wondering as you read this, well for a short time I guess you could call me a, um... creepypasta, yeah, a lesser known one called Psych-E. You won't find me on that wiki though as I don't exist anymore; obsession and hidden drives led to my disappearance as all I want is a normal that so wrong? Perhaps however, an even more troubling notion on my mind exists, and that is simply, am I the only one?


7. A Brief Intermission

   Hello All,

  Tis just A Child of the Madness popping in briefly to say think you for reading the Prologue and first main segment. Ms. Holly and I meant to get this out on Halloween but we got distracted so, Happy late Halloween. We o plan on continuing this work once Nanowrimo is gone and past as we are both busy now.

  However we'd like to hear your input on the story; have we portrayed the creepypasta well enough for you? How do you like our Out of Context (OOC) creepypastas?

  Well I hope you have enjoyed thus far the story, and will continue to give support. Once this month is over and we get writing again, this little Intermission will mostlikely disappear to ensure seamless reading but for now, thank you for your patience.

~A Child of the Madness  

~Ms. Holly   


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