Falling for two!


7. 💞💞

Ally's P.O.V

We were going out for dinner, just me and niall, i still didn't forget about harry, that kiss, him, stop ally, you have niall, yes, niall is my boyfriend and i love him, but there is something about harry that made ma crazy"ready babe?" Asked niall "yeah, i'm ready"


"So, i was thinking..." Niall said "mhm" "since we're both love each other, how about you move in with me?" Uh oh, what should i say? Yes? No? Oh god"umm, uh.. I don't know, how about we don't rush things okay?" I saw the disappointed look on his face"ok" that's all he said. "Ally? Is that you?" Someone said from behind, i turned to see who... John, we used to go to school together, he was my best friend, but Michael didn't like him for some reason"john? Omg!!" I hugged him "what are you doing here?" He asked while pulling away "i work here now, oh and this Niall, my boyfriend" i said smiling"hey" "hi, john nice to meet you" niall just smiled at him. "So, how about we hung out, you know, to catch up for a little bit" " yeah, i would love too"

John's P.O.V

I went to my favourite restaurant with a friend, we were talking until i noticed a girl, she looked familiar, just like...ally? Oh, it is her, i can't believe my eyes, i used to have a crush on her, since the first day we met at school, i never had the guts to tell her, i was too scared about how she was gonna react. One day i decided to tell her, but then she went to paris for a job, i never forgot about her, i still like her, a lot . We.talked, but when she introduced me to her... Boyfirend, i felt like i've stabbed straight in the heart . It hurts really, but hey, it's not her fault, she never knew how i felt about her. I did what i had to do, i asked her to hung out later and she said yes, great. No, i can't try anything, she already have a boyfriend, and he looked nice, i guess? That's it , just friends, yes that's it. "Okay, umm, nice to see you, i gotta go now, bye ally, bye niall!" I said "bye" they waved at me.

Niall's P.O.V

That guy named john, i didn't like him at all, the way he looked at my ally, just pisses me off. "Hey babe, i'm full, how about we go to the fair?" "Yaay" she said with excitement. "Let's go now." She pooled me from my seet. "Just let me pay first" i said laughing "oh, right, sorry" she blushed, she's so cute.


The whole ride, she sang along with the radio, dancing, throwing her hand in the air "you have a great voice" i said laughing "are you kidding me? I have a perfect voice, and my moves, my god, i have the moves my jagger, i have the moves my jagger, i have the moooooves my jagger..." She sang, we both laughed "we're here" i said.

Ally's P.O.V

I was having the best time of my life, but something is missing that i can't put my finger on it. "Oh oh, let's go over there" i pointed to a game that had cars on it, i love cars,wei played and laughed for like two houres, "niall, i want cotton candy" i said with a puppy face "the little cutie want some cotton candy? Well, of course" he said playing with my cheeks. "Two cotton candies please" niall said, aww, he's so sweet. We ate on a bench and someone was taking pictures of us, i think paparazzi? "Those fuckers never leave us alone" niall said with an angry voice "calm down babe, it's okay, i don't care as long as i'm with you" i said as i took his hand. He smiled, he leaned to kiss me, i kissed back. I felt fireworks between us, and the butterflies in my stomach are doing back flips. Some girls were giving me disgusted looks, and whispering things, i didn't pay attention to them at all. "Oh look" i said pointing to a small shop that has stuffed animals hanging on the walls

"you have to shoot all the balls to win something" the boy said, he was looking up and down to my body butting his lower lip, i felt really unconformable "yeah, and if you keep eyeing my girl i'll shoot your head" niall said with a death glare, i giggled under my breath, someone is jealous... The boy looked scared. Niall shoot the first ball, then the second, then the third "just one more ball niall, c'mon you can do it" i sheered for him. And BOOM he shot the final one, i squealed" you did it" i screamed hugging him "h-how did you d-do that?!?" The boy said with wide eyes "let's just say i'm good" niall said "what do you want babe?" "Oh, umm, that one" i pointed to a big stuffed bunny who had an irish flag on his shirt "aww, thanks baby" he said kissing my sheeks, i blushed, as always. He handed me my bunny and we were coming back. I yawned "you tired?" Niall asked "yeah" i said "let's go then"

He opened the passenger door for me, he's such a gentleman"ma lady" he said "why thank you" i played along. I felt asleep right away.

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