Falling for two!


10. why ?

Ally's P.O.V

I cried my eyes out, i did this... ALL of this, why can't i just love niall only? Why did harry kissed me? Why did i kissed back? Why does he have to do this? "Ally please calm down" liam said, is he serious? "Are you seriously asking me that liam?" I said, "i'm just worried you would faint again, and we don't even know what happened, why was niall so mad? And what happened between you two?" He said nodding his head to harry's direction. I looked down "i don't want to talk about this... Please" i said, he didn't say anything, we stayed like this for what seemed like ages, why isn't anyone coming out of the room? After what looked like days, a doctor came out and i was the first to stand on my feet, i jogged to him "where's niall? Is he okay? What happened? Please tell me he's fine" i said attacking him with questions, " mr Horan has been hit hard on his head, i'm afraid he's not gonna wake up for a while, i'm sorry but mr niall is in a comma now" he said walking off, his words hit me hard, i can't believe what i'm hearing, comma? Niall is in a comma? Because of me, it's all my fucking fault, oh my god i'm a monster. I fell to the ground and cried, a thing that happened a lot this day. The boys came running behind be and hugged me "what happened? Is niall okay?" They asked me, i looked at them, i'm sure my makeup is ruined and i totally look like shit right now, but that's the last thing i would think about. "He's... He's in a comma" my words came out like a whisper. Louis' face was priceless, his eyes were wide just like everybody else, he shook his head like he doesn't want to believe what i just said, oh trust me louis i was even worse than you, he looked down "comma..." He whispered, he got up and run away, liam stood as well "louis wait" he shouted running after him. I hugged zayn and we cried in each other's arms, "i did this zayn, i did all of this, it's all my fault, niall is hurt because of me" i said between sobs. He broke the hug and lift my head with his index finger "no it's not ally, it's no body's fault, it's just faith..." He said hugging me again. Where's harry? Isn't he worried about niall? Well i'm sure he feel guilty too, well he should, i'm mean we both did this, but i think the whole blame is on me. I broke niall's heart, i hurt him, i did this, it was all me. "Where's harry?" I asked zayn, "i don't know, the last time i saw him, he has his head in his hands and didn't say anything, i think we should check on him" he said getting up, i nodded and took his hand and got up as well. We walked back and there he was, he's sitting on a chair in the same position as zayn told me, he has his head buried in his hands. I couldn't look at him, i sat away from him and zayn sat next to him, he put his hand on his back and harry looked up, his face was red and his eyes were puffy from crying, marks of dry tears were still on his face, zayn said something but harry didn't talk, he looked at me and we made eye contact, he looked sad and guilty and he looked down and put his head in his hands again, i did the same.


It's been two months, i told the boys everything but they still didn't react, and i never left the hospital not even once just looking at the glass window waiting for niall to wake up untill he finally did two days ago, i felt like the happiest girl ever but the doctors wouldn't let us in or even see him, i'm now sitting on one of the uncomfortable grenn chairs along with the other boys cause the doctor said to wait for him here i still didn't say a word, the boys would sometime suggest for me to eat something or get a rest but i just shake my head as an answer. I can't stay like this, i stood up and walked to a nurse, i asked her where is the doctor that was with niall and pointed to an alley, i walked and the doctor was talking to a man, i jogged over him and patted on his shoulder he looked at me than to the man "we'll talk about this later Jorge" the doctor said, the man called Jorge nodded and left. "Yes miss johnson?" He said "um, i was just wondering if we could see niall?" I asked him for the million time. He sighs "yes, you can but only for a short time and one by another" i nodded quickly and thanked him. Liam was comforting louis cause he was crying again, poor louis... and once they saw me liam stood up and hugged me, i hugged him back and started crying again. He patted my back "i'm sorry ally" liam said i didn't say anything. We pulled away and i looked at him in the eyes "the doctor said we can see him but only one by another" i told him what the doc said and a big smile grew on his face. He nodded and told everybody else.


Hey guys, this is my first movella and it's so fun to wright, please comment what do you think of it, and comment who are you with #teamHarry or #teamNiall.

Love youuuuu.....

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