Falling for two!


11. save me!!

Ally's P.O.V

Louis was the first to see him, we were just sat there in total silent no one saying a word, zayn keeps looking at the clock hanging on the wall, after what seemed like ages the boys all went inside to see niall, harry seemed so sad after coming out of the room, i think it was really hard for him, well god knows what will happen to me... Will he ever going to forgive me? How in hell am i hoing to explain this to him? "It's your turn now ally" zayn said putting a hand on my shoulder. I gave him a slight smile and nodded standing up, i took a long deep sign and prayed to god that this will turn up good for me. I put my hand on the cold doorknob and went inside, i can see his legs now and my hearts started beeting faster, i hope i don't scare the shit out of him cause i'm sure as hell i look like shit. I walked slowly and now i can see his face ,he was laying on the bed with his head down playing with his thumbs. "Hey" i Managed to say. He stayed quit, i can't blame him thought. I waited for him to say something but nothing came out so i took a seet next to him.

"Look niall i'm really sor..." I started but He didn't let me finish "save it..." He said holding his hand in front of my face. I looked down in shame. "How could you do that to me ally? I loved you with all my heart, i" he sigh "i trusted you" he whispered, "and that what i get? YOU cheating on me? With harry?" Now tears are streaming down his face and so am i. "I just..." I could talk i was crying so much. He shakes his head not making eye contact with me. I stood up and sat on the side of the bed, i put both my hands on his face so he can look at me. "I'm so sorry i did that to you, i'm sorry i caused you this, i'm sorry for beying the worst girlfeind ever, i'm soryy- i'm soryy i cheated on you." I sigh "niall, i-i love yo.." He smacked my hands away "don't say it, how could you even look at me? You should be a shame of your self ally, i'm not going to just forgive you like that, if that what you expected... and god knows how much were you seeying him" i can't believe that niall, MY love is saying this, i looked at him in horror now standing up. "Or even something more" oh. my. god. is he telling me that i'm a bitch? "I never want to see you again, do you understand that? You broke me ally... Just go away" he said covering his body with the white sheets at the end of his bed. I slowing walked backwards, i opened the door looking at the boys, and they all stood up looking at me with worried faces. "Ally are you ok.." Liam was talking but i was just replaying the words that i just heard from the boy that i love, over and over again. I ran as fast as i could, i can hear foot steps behind me and also my name, but i kept running not caring about the paps or any one else, as i walked out of the hospital flashes of hundred of cameras hit my face making me blind. And questions are flying everywhere , so many noises. I don't know how i managed to get away from them but i did, the good thing that the boys couldn't. I turned around and looked at them fighting the paps to get through. "I'm sorry guys.." I whispered and continued running.

After hours of running and now walking, i don't even now where in earth i am, it's raining and it's cold and all i can see is the light that's shinning on the dirty water on the floor, i'm on a dark street, and it's empty, no cars no people no nothing, just trash in front of big dirty old buildings and some old cars, and one man that's searching for something to eat from the trash holding a small back cat with his arm... Eww. Poor thing! I thought to my self, i hugged my self as it's freezing and late at night. I kept walking although my feet are burning from the long running. It's so quit until a door of a house flew open and a man throw a woman out like she's an animal, "GET OUT OF HER YOU BITCH" he shouted at the women laying on the ground looking at him in both horror and disgust. She fixed her striped scarf and said "you can't just sleep with me and throw me out, i thought you loved me?" This looks like a movie, and so cliché, i just stand there watching them in complete horror. "Well you thought wrong" he said and slamed the door shut with so much force. The women had red short hair, purple lipstick, purple striped scarf on, and she's barely waring any clothes, just the scarf and a very very short white/dirty dress that isn't covering any thing. And she's only wearing one shoe. She stood up and throw the only shoe on the door "you're such an asshole" she said through sobs. I looked at her in pity, and she did the same until that completely changed "the hell are you looking at bitch" she said in a very angry look at her face while throwing her hands in the air. I hugged my body even tight and continued walking. There is barely any light in here, i mean the light pol flashes every now and then, and it's just like i'm in a zombie movie. I hear cats moaning loudly and hunting each other around trash cans which made me turn around and look behind me. I felt like someone is following me, so i turned around again and there is nothing, maybe i'm just paranoid? Now i wish i was at my house drinking hot chocolate and reading some boring shit on magazines about celebrities and stuff. Why can life be so hard? Why me? Now i know someone is following me cause i heard his footsteps. Even if my feet is killing me i started running for my life and i turned around and ther he is, a man with a green coat and big black boots and i can't really see his face from the god damn lighting, but i saw his watch dancing arround his hand while his running and that watch is familiar... he's following me and he's pretty close... Oh shit. I kept running and running screaming for help but no one is there. I got tired, then i felt his cold big strong arms around me, well one around my shoulders and one on my mouth to keep me shut. I tried my best to fight him or kick him but the bitch was too strong for me, plus i was exhausted, and then i just passed out.

The next day i woke up with a massive headache, and then it hit me, all the events from yesterday found their way back to my head, from niall to the dark street to the women and then the man, the man that kidnaped me. I tried to scream but i felt what looks like tape around my mouth, i wanted to take it off, but of course he tied up both my hand and legs, and i'm sitting on a chair. I started panicking, i feel like my heart is going to get out of my chest. What would he do to me? Rape me? Kill me? Oh dear god please give me mercy. "Well look who finnaly decided to wake up" a familiar voice said, it was dark in the room, enough to cover his face but then he came in the perfect view and i frown looking at him it was... Jason. We used to hang out secretly cause if michael found out he would kill him, i thought that maybe he was going to be my first boyfriend, i was such a naive girl, then i remembered the watch, i gave it to him on his huge birthday that hade almost the whole school, he was going to kiss me but michael interrupted us and took me away from him, i was really mad at him cause he can't tell me what to do, and it's my life. But i couldn't be mad at him forever plus Jason's dad was a drug dealer and his family was dangerous. I never heard of him before but i know he was hurt. My eyes widen at the thaught of him. "Miss me ally?" He looked straight into my eyes. I was trying my best to get away but he tied me up well. He then took the tape of my mouth and... Damn it hurts like hell. I screamed for help but he just laughed "yell as much as you want babe, cause no one will hear you from hear and your dear Michael is not here to help you out" he said in his raspy voice. Oh how much i hate him. "Why are you doing this jason?" Tears streaming down my face "oh" he laughs "you remember my name? That's funny, will i did it for REVENGE bitch" he said almost spitting on my face , EWW. "What do you mean revenge? I didn't do anything to you and it wasn't me i swear" i said tears streaming down my face and my eyes are burning from crying. He knelt down so our eyes make contact, he started looking at my eyes and lips then back to my eyes, he then put his hand on my face while examining it, i tried to get my head as far possible from his dirty hands. "I'm sorry baby, i'm sorry for calling you a bitch earlier, and yes you're right it wasn't your fault, it was that fucking asshole Michael, because of him i lost you Ally, he took you away from me, i have to tell you, i was broken. After turning 16 my parents kicked me out of the house cause i locked my self in my room crying for you, you ally, i love you, we were going to be dating and i was going to propose to you, yeah... Can you believe that we could've been my wife and have some amazing children, we would have a girl as beautiful as you and many others as well. But i'm finally getting the thing what i wanted too a long time ago and that thing.... Is you" he finished his speech and just left me, this side of Jason scares me, a lot, i don't know what's going on his mind but i do know one thing, that this guy is sick. He left me in this dark room, alone. I saw the light shining on his tears, my god he loves me. But Michael was right, that guy is dangerous and nothing but a trouble maker. I feel cold and it's freezing in here. I'm shivering, is Niall even thinking about me? Or the boys? Do they care about me any more? Will they save me from this maniac? I sigh. What will happen to me? I wonder...

Niall's P.O.V

shit, shit, shit, shit, oh SHIT. Ally is still missing and it's all my fault, i was harsh on her, i broke her, but she cheated on me and i wanted her to feel the same way i do, will she do now and she's MISSING. Oh my god, oh god i'm freaking out right now. We called the police but they said we should wait for her until it's 24 hours then they'll start doing their job. Well you know what they say, FUCK THE POLICE. The boys all blaming me accept for liam, that boy understands me. They were sad as hell and so does harry, they didn't let me get out of the hospital because i'm still not completely okay. I went to liam, he's leaning on a wall just staring at the glass window, he's shadow is visible on it, and his arms are crossed to his chest, and he's taping his foot on the floor, he always does that when his nervous, he saw my face from the reflex on the window and turned around. "Hey body, you okay" he said forcing a smile which i know she's fake, i shook my head "i screw things up liam, i made her sad and now she's missing, i don't know what will i do to my self if anything happened to her" i said with a tear finding her way to my shin. He hugged me and i hugged back "everything will turn down well eventually, it always do" he whispered rubbing my back, his words calmed me down a little, just a little. He smiled at me giving me a little nod, i half smiled then it soon faded away, "god knows what's happening to her now" i said looking at the trees on the empty street from the window, he sigh.

Ally's P.O.V

He's still not back, i don't even now if we are in a house or a cave or... The voice of my stomach interrupted my thoughts, shit i'm hungry, i should've eat when zayn told me too. Damn. I looked down and my eyes are slowly closing, then i heard foot steps and the sleep is gone. The door fly open and there he is holding what looks like a wedding dress? What? What is he doing with a wedding dress? Oh please don't tell me that it's for me. He smiled big and came closer, he knelt down again with the dress on his lap. "Look what i brought to you baby, this is for our wedding, guess what? We are getting married babe" he said with a massive grin, now i had a good look on his face, he changed so much, he now have a little beard and a big scar on his right cheek and his hair is much longer now. "No, no jason i'm not wearing that dress, and we are not getting married, WAKE UP JASON" i yelled on his face. His eyes were blood shut and his lower lip is between his teeth. He opened his eyes and he has a disappointed look. He stood up and untied me, i'm surprised.is he setting me free? Oh god. I tried to run but he hold me back, AND he's much stronger too. "Where are you going baby? We're not done yet" he turned me around so i was facing him. He looked at my eyes and smiled his usual smile that all the girls used to fall for. He start taking my close off, i was screaming and kicking but he's much stronger. Now i'm only wearing my bra and undies. He lick his lips then bight his lower lip "damn babe you're hot" he said looking down my exposed body, i felt sick, this man is sick. He took the dress and took off the plastic bag that the dress was in. I have to admit that the dress is stunning and looked quit fancy. "You like it babe? Well it's all for you" he said nodding his head towards me, "i worked really hard to be able to afford this" he said looking at the white dress on his big hands, the watch that i gave hime is still there. He gave me the dress and nodded towards it as a sign for me to wear it. I shook my head "Jason i'm not wearing this dress, and we are NOT getting married ok? Look, we are not 14 any more and what happened in the past stays in the past right? Remember when you used to tell me this every time i tell you something bad?" I said trying to convince him, he zoned out a little then came back to reality. He sigh and came closer. "Look i'll be back in a few and when i'm back, THIS dress is going to be on you get it?" He said with a serious tone. My eyes widen from fear and i nodded my head very fast. "Good" he whispered and made his way to the dirty green door. I looked at the dress and start crying again, i start screaming at the top of my lungs. Why me? Why? Why this is always have to happen to me? Please god help me from this hell? Any one, please.

I guess i don't have another choice but wear it, it was very long with no sleeves. I put it on top of my head and had a little trouble with it but it fit in perfectly, he realy new the right size. I made a fool turn and the dress flew with me from it's bottom. I heard foot steps, that means he's back. "I hope you're ready cause i know i am" he yelled from outside. I stood straight and fixed the dress a little. Jason opened the door wearing a white and black tuxedo, he look hot if you ask me. His hair is on the side of his head with the jell shinning on it. He fixed his tigh while clearing his throat "what do you think babe?" He said with a smirk "i hate you" i said. "Well, you look good too" he said "don't worry though we're just preparing for the big day, i wanted to take a picture of us before the big day, should we call your mom and dad? Or tell michael that his 'little sis' is getting married?" He asked me, i didn't say anything i was scared from his tone, this is not good. I looked down at his watch cause it touches me on my bare arm "oh remember this?m he said fixing it. "You gave it to me on my birthday, i still have it, see i still love you... Oh and this scare right here" he pointed to the scar on his right cheek. "I got this when i was fighting a dick that stole my watch, i told to not miss with we me or my watch, cause it was from you, but he didn't listen" he laughs "so i killed him" i added, i gasped, "you k-killed him?" I said looking at him "yup" he smiled, how could he be happy about it? He looked at me and put both his hands on my face, he looked at my lips and started getting closer so now i can feel his breath on my, i closed my eyes and turned my head around so he won't touch me, now our lips in just inches apart he was about to do it "i want to go to the toilet" i said, phew. He cleared his throat "still playing hard to get don't you?" He said, the fuck? He grabbed my hand and leads me outside the room, i just followed him, so it is a house, a small one, there is a small ally then the living room came to view, there is two small dirty purple couches and a small TV, along with a very small coffee table that has a beer crashed can on it and the remote next to it. We walked by the kitchen and it was small as well, it has black and wight walls and also the floor, the sink was full of dirty dishes and the dirt coming from it's botton, this man is so gross, does he ever heard of cleaning before, the fridge was withe and small and there is a chair next to it, next to the kitchen it's a small room with a single bed that has a brown sheet and a tiny lamp next to it. The room was in a dirty beige and a furry small carpet in front of the bed, he also have a closet made of wood and it's front door was open with no clothed in it, just a small black obejt, wait is that a... Gun? Oh my god, is he going to kill me? I pretend i didn't see anything, and finally the toilet. He opened the door for me "make it quick" he said, what's wrong with him, once he's a sweetheart and then he's a complete dick. I nodded and stepped in. I closed the door and took off the dress cause it's hard to move with it when it's such a small place like this. I started searching for anything, there is a small window but it's so small that only fits my head, damn it. "Are you finished?" He shouted, "just a minute" i shouted back, there is nothing in here, i steeped on top of the toilet and looked through the window, we are in the middle of a forest, with so much trees and it's quit beautiful. I frown trying hard to look and there is a road at the end of the forest, that means. We are not far away from the street, i saw a man walking on the side of the road which is not too far from here, i started waving with both my hands hoping he can see me and trying so hard not to make a noise, he didn't see me, but he started fixing something on his shoes. I opened the window and took a small rock that was next to it. There is so many rocks in here, thank god for that. I throw it on him but i didn't get it, i tried twice but nothing, i guess i'm not lucky. I sigh and being my self i tripped and felt, ouch! "You okay in there?" He yelled, "umm, yeah it's just hard with dress" i said fake laughing, i stood up and put the dress back on, i looked at my self in the small mirror that has finger marks on it, i look horrible. I washed my face crying again just thinking about all of this, i didn't dry my face cause that dirty towel is not touching my face. I opened the door and Jason was waiting for me i looked at him with a disgust look full of hate in my eyes. He smiled and took my hand again, we did the same routine walking by all the rooms back to the usual room, his house smell like old people, i feel sick, cold and hungry. We made it to the room and he opened the room and he turned on the light that i had no idea it was there. Oh there is also a small bed, great...

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