Falling for two!


9. not expected

Ally's P.O.V

We arrived to Harry's, i went to sit down on the couch but Niall pooled me on his lap "sit here" he said smiling, i picked his lips "eww, get a room" "my eyes" liam and louis said covering their eyes. We blushed, "any thing to drink guys?" harry shouted from the kitchen. "Pepsy" me and niall said at the same time which made us look at each other and laugh. "Anything for me mite" liam said "just a glass of water please" louis said in a girly voice. We all laughed at him, i love louis, but just as a friend, he's the funniest one, and he's great as company. Wait, someone is missing..."yeah, zayn is out with perrie, that's why he didn't come" louis said. Did i said that out loud? "Yes you did babe" niall said like he just read my mind "i didn't know you're a mind reader" i said, he laughed. Harry then came with the drinks in his hands. He gave us our drinks and he looked at me in the eyes, i did the same, he smiled "hey niall, can i borrow your girlfriend for a bit" he said still looking at me "yeah, course" niall said. Harry grabbed my arm and took me to his room.

He locked the door and sat next to me on his bed, well this is gonna be akward, i can feel my heart beating in my chest, "so, you wanted to talk to me" i said breaking the silence. "Umm, i just to want ask you something..." He said looking at his hands that's placing on his lap. "Yeah...?" I said, why am i so nervous? "Uh, ab-bout t-the kiss.." Oh no. He looked at me and I nodded for him to continue "how did you feel about it?" Oh god, what should i say to him? Oh i felt sparks and butterflies in my stomach, that means i love you, so let's just say i'm in love with you and niall at the same time "i-i... I don't know" i said rushing to the door, but he grabbed my hand and kissed me, why harry? Why? No, don't kiss back, don't... Shit i kissed back. It was so passionate yet so sweet. I felt sparks again, oh great, just great. We pooled for some air. Now our foreheads are touching, just like the first time i kissed him. "I just wanted to remind you, now tell me how you feel about it, 'cause i know i loved it" he said smiling and showing off his dimples, why does he have to be so god damn beautiful? "I-i kinda loved it too" what? Why did i just say that? What about niall? So many questions are flying in my head right now, but i'm defiantly sure about one thing, that i love them both. "Ally, i have to tell you something.." He said "yeah?" "I..." Before he could finish, the door fly open and niall stood there with hurt felling his eyes. "W-we were just..." He didn't even listen, he just ran away with tears streaming down his face, the thing that i never wanted to see on niall's face. I ran behind him "niall, wait i can explain" i screamed, but he quickly got into his car and drive away. I didn't do anything i just got into my knees and cried, that's the only thing i can do, i just cried my eyes out, he didn't even let me finish. Where did he go anyway? I buried my face in my hands and cried, i felt some arms around me, but i didn't dare to look who was it, i'm sure that's harry. I wanted to left my head, but then everything went black.

Niall's P.O.V

I was sitting on the couch, i didn't pay attention to the TV i was thinking about ally, what take them so long? And what harry want from my girl? "Where's harry?" Asked liam. "Umm, he's with ally, he wants to talk to her about something" he nodded "you know what, i'll go check on them" i said getting up, i was curious. I went up stairs, i checked all the rooms until i reach harry's. I took a deep breath, i feel like my heart is gonna get out of my chest but why? And my hands are shaking. I have a bad feeling that something bad is gonna happen. Without thinking about something else, i opened the door to see... What? No no no no, this can't be happening. "W-we were just..." I can't listen to anything else. I didn't let her talk, i was hurt, angry, no, beyond angry right now, i wish i jump on a cliff and not see this, no, not my ally, she can't do this to me, and with who? My best friend? Harry? Oh god. I was now rushing to get out of that house, everyone was looking at me. They were asking me questions but i didn't listen. "Niall, wait i can explain" she screamed. I didn't listen to her either. I just want to get the hell out of this place, of these people, i want to be alone. I quickly got into my car and drive away as fast as i could. I didn't know where i was going as long as it's not that fucking place. My vision started to get blur from the tears in my eyes. I can't see any thing, except for the two lights that starting to get closer and closer. I don't know what's going on. But this light is so close, then i heard crash and screaming, my head was on the weel, glass on my arms and legs, and trust me, it hurts so bad, and then my vision went black completely.

Harry's P.O.V

This is my fault, this is all my fault, if my stupid heart didn't have feeling for her, none of this would happen. I rushed behind them and ally was on her knees crying, no one knew what happened, accept us three. I went beside her and put my arms around her. She looked up to see who, but her eyes were slowly closing, what's happening? She passed out in arms. "Harry what happened?" "Why is niall angry?" "And why is he driving so fast and... Crying?" The boys were asking questions. But i was freaking out. "Shut up, we don't have time for explanations, don't you see that the girl is passed out?" I screamed for them to stop. Oh god, oh no. Stupid harry, stupid harry. The voice in my head said, not now you, shut the fuck up. I carried her bride styles "louis, get the keys quick and open the car" i said looking at a very scared louis. He didn't move. "Don't you hear me? Get the fucking keys, NOW" i shouted then he came back to reality. He rushed inside the house and came back with keys in his hands. He tried to open the door but the keys wont fit right. "Oh god, liam?" I said now looking at liam's direction. "Give me those" liam said walking to louis. He gave him the keys and finally the doors are open. I put her inside the car carefully. "Hurry up, we have to take her to the hospital" i said looking at them. "What about niall?" Zayn asked. I posed to think a bit. "I don't know, we'll call him later, now let's just take her to the hospital shall we?" They nodded and get to their cars.


We arrived to the hospital, and to my surprise, the papps of course. How the hell do they know everything? Louis looked at me with the 'what the hell' look, i shrugged. "Harry what happened?" "Is ally okay?" "Where's niall?" Questions were flying everywhere. We got inside finnaly. I didn't have time to explain anything, i let liam do the talking. "Room 465 quick" he said. We rushed to that room. Where the fuck is it. "Over here" louis shouted. A doctor then come out. "Help her please" i said. "Okay" the doctor said. They put her on a bed. And nurses surrounded her. "Could you please get out" i didn't realise we were still in the room until one nurse spoke up. "Oh sorry." I said. We are now sitting just waiting for ally to get up. After 30 minutes a doctor came out. I got up quickly "is she okay?" I asked, he smiled "everything is fine, miss johnson is okay, she just need some rest that's all, she can come out tomorrow just to make sure that every thing is perfect" i nodded and thanked him. The boys were behind me, so i'm sure they heard everything. "Can we see her now?" Louis asked "yes you can" the doctor said leaving. We entered her room and i sat on the chair next to her, i hold her hand, and her eyes were slowly opening. "Ally..." I said smiling. I'm so glad she's okay. She opened her eyes and started examining the room. She looked at who was holding her hand and then our eyes met. She smiled and i did too. But soon her smile faded away. "Niall... Where's niall" she screamed trying to get up. The boys looked at me. I give them the 'i don't know' look. "Ally, please calm down" liam said putting one hand on her back, she smacked his hand, and let go of my hand too. "Don't tell me to calm down, and where's my niall?" She said. That hurt, but the important thing now is what are we gonna say to her now? "Why isn't anyone answering me? And what happened? Why am i hear? WHERE'S NIALL?" She screamed again. "Ally look" i said. She looked at me waiting for answers "you-you fainted, and we got you here.." I said "ok, and where's niall?" She asked more calm now. "We don't know where's niall but..." She didn't let me finish, she got up "but i have to find him" she said looking at all of us. "Ally please you have to rest, and we'll call him and see where he is ok?" Liam said. "Fine call him now" she said crossing her arms to her chest. Liam started looking in his pockets for his phone, he pulled it and dialled a number. He waited a couple of seconds looking at us, then he took the phone away from his ear "he's not answering" he said shrugging "what are we gonna do now" she said looking at me. No, everyone was looking at me "w-why are you looking at me? I don't know what to do?" I said. they gave me a disappointed look. "What about..." Liam said but he was interrupted by the TV in the room "one direction niall horan has been found on the streets of london, apparently niall was driving so fast that he got into an accident, sources said that there was a fight between niall and his girlfriend ally johnson and one of his best mates harry styles, more news from the one direction boys..." Zayn turned off the TV, we gasped, ally almost fell again, but i didn't let her. I was scared, we all were. None of us talked we were all chocked specially ally, she looked pale. "I have to see him, i have to see him NOW" she said. We got out of the room and luckily they brought him to this hospital. They were rushing him to a room, he was on bed, and so many thing were surrounding him, i can see him clearly now. Ally gasped and ran to his side, "niall? Niall please don't leave me, please, i love you,i'm so sorry, i need you niall, i need you more than anything in this world, please niall, plea..." They didn't let her enter the room, they got him inside and locked the door. We were all crying but ally was the worst, she was on the ground crying and screaming. I didn't do anything, i just sat on a chair and put my head in my hands, they were all hugging her and trying to get her to get up and they did they sat her on a chair and sat next to hair, liam was rubbing her back and louis was holding her hand and zayn was siting between her legs wiping her tears away. I did all this shit, it's all my fucking fault, i should be there not niall, if anything happened to him, i don't know what i'm going to do to my self.

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