Falling for two!


1. meeting the boys

Ally's P.O.V

I haven't seen the the boys since i've left for a job at Paris, they are now in a band called 5 seconds of summer, i am planning on surprising them, their manager told me they are on tour with a band called one direction.i've heard of them once but i don't know how do they look like. I am at the plane right now heeding to London where they're staying...

Michael's P.O.V

"Ha ha ha, that was fun" said niall laughing, " yeah, how about we play a game before we perform?" Asked harry. "TRUTH OR DAARE !!" Louis screamed. We laughed "Yeah sure" we all agreed. "Alright, let's go to that room over there" said Liam pointing to a room with a small white door, "okay" i said.we walked to the room and sat . We are sitting in a circle and then ash said"okay niall truth or dare?" "Umm, dare" he said" i dare you to eat dirt" we all laughed, Niall's face looked priceless "hell yeah" he screamed, we all laughed, he start eating it and ran to the bathroom to throw up. Harry kept laughing, and i said "okay harry, it's your turn now" "okay" "i dare you to kiss louis on the lips for a whole minute" i dared him since they have a pretty cute beomance going on between them. I know it's not true but oh c'mon that would be great. "OOOOOHHH" every one screamed ."Wouldn't be a roblem for me" said harry with his face up. He then started kissing louis pretty hard. "Umm, guys it's more than a minute now..." Luke said looking at his watch. Niall then came back and saw the too making out and screamed"eww, get a room you guys" we laughed at him. I remember when we use to play truth or dare with ally. It was so much fun, i missed her"i wish ally could be here right now..." I said. "Yeah me too, but she gives some hard dares" calum said. "Who's ally?" They all asked. "Umm, just a really good friend of ours" luke said "oh ok!" Niall said.

Ally's P.O.V

I am now in a building, i asked a girl who have a light blue hair where could i find them, first of all she thought that i was crazy cause i know them in person but i convinced her in my own ways, she leads me to a room, and i start hearing loud laughs coming from it" i wish ally could be here right now" someone said, i recognised him, it was Michael, oh missed him so much" yeah me too, but she gives some hard dares" that was definitely calum. Poor guy i always give him some pretty hard dares, but it was fun. "Who's ally?" Someone asked with an irish accent. "Umm, just a really good friend of ours" yeah that was luke. Aww luky."oh ok" someone said. I then peeked my head in the room to see nine boys sitting in a circle. "Miss me?" They all looked at me with wide eyes and open mouthes. "ALLY.." They screamed and Michael jumped at me to give me the biggest hug ever. "I...can't...breath..." I hardly said the words he was killing me."dude, we want her alive thank you" ash said. I hugged them all and they asked me how did i come her and when and why didn't i tell them i was coming, they were attacking me with questions." Well" i begin to say"i missed you guys, and i wanted to surprise you so i came to see you, the manager said you were doing a tour with a band, which you still didn't introduce me to" i said "oh right, this is harry" "hi" i said "hey, harry styles" the one with the curly hair and beautiful green eyes said as i shook his hand "this is louis" "hey" "hi, louis the tommo tomlinson, nice to meet you" i giggled a little and shook his hand as well. "This is liam and zayn" ."hello" they both said "hello" they both give me a smile." And last but not least, niall horan" i looked straight to his perfect blue eyes, and he did the same, we shook hands, our eyes never leaving contact. I think we stayed like this for hours. When ash cleared his throat loudly saying " someone already find his favourite in this band" . I blushed, as i stared at the ground" shut up" i said as i smacked his arm playfully, they all laughed at how embarrassed i looked "you're so cute" the boy i believe called harry said, i can feel my cheeks burning 'cause i am very shy around boys.

Niall's P.O.V

When i first saw that girl michael said her name was Ally, i couldn't stop my self from looking at her, she had long curly caramel hair, big beautiful brow eyes, and she was not too tall, not too short, and she was curvy, she was beatiful, i like curvy girls. We introduce our selfs and when she looked at me with those eyes, i felt like i was gonna faint at any time, i know i'm over reacting, but something in her was speaking to me..."why don't you play with us" michael said breaking me from my thoughts" what are you guys playing?" She asked with her cute voice. "Truth or dare" we all screamed. She then sats between michael and calum, i didn't like that really. "Alright ally truth or dare?" Harry, of course he asked her giving her a wink, he's such a flirt. She smiled, then michael whispered something in her ear and then she said" okay, truth" louis asked her" what's the most embarrassing thing you cut them doing" he said as he pointed his fingers to the four boys around her"umm, the most embarrassing thing i cut them doing...?" She whispered to her self but we could all hear it. "Oohhh, i know, i know" she said looking very excited while looking between michael and calum, they gave her confused looks , and she smirked at them while raising one eyebrow "well..." She begin to say"it was saturday morning when i entered calum's room..." She looked at calum who looked very confused" bring any bells..?" She asked him still smirking, then his eyes went really wide, they looked like they gonna pop out of his face, she whispered something in mechael's ear and he bust out laughing. We were all confused and waiting for the big news. She was about to say something when he covered her mouth with his big hands. And she was trying to scream but nothing came out. Then ash and luke rush in to save her, i couldn't do any thing. They both screamed "ARE YOU CRAZY? YOU COULD'VE KILLED HER!!!" His face was so red, and ally was breathing hard , we were all scared but then she looked at Michael and they both burst out laughing at something we still didn't know anything about. They were rolling at the ground with loud laughs. Then ash and luke start laughing too." Shut up or i kill you all" calum threatened them. They kept laughing though. We just sat there staring at them laughing their asses off. Harry looked at me with both confused and amused face giving me the 'what's going on' look, i shrugged my shoulders. Calum said" if you say any thing, i mean any thing about that, i will kill you with both hands" she looked at him with an evil look" and what if i did? What's little calumy's going to do huh?" She said while holding his sheeks, i wish that was me, he smacked her hand and looke very nervous "oh c'mon tell us, you shoose truth and you still didn't say anything" thank god for that louis. She whispered something in michale's ear, again, and he hold calum in his arms so ally could tell us. "Well, he was looking at himself in the mirror..."she said while checking if michel is still holding him from killing her, he was trying to escape though, she continued" and he was flirting with the mirror, while wearing a pink girly underwear.." She couldn't finish cause we were all laughing so hard, and calum's face was as red as a tomato. She reached for her phone and start searching for something. She said" i still have the video.. Wait... No... Oh here it is" look guys, we were all serending her to see, and there stood calum with pink girly underwear looking through the mirror while flirting him self "oh you're so cute, oh yes you are..." I was laughing so hard i barely could breath.

Ally's P.O.V

I was showing them the video while laughing at the good memory of calum, poor cal he was so embarrassed, we were having a fun time, i was still tired from the long fly, i yawned "someone is tired" ash said" well, yeah actually, i wanna get a rest" "you can stay at out hotel if you want" Liam said, he's so sweet, but he doesn't speak so much, so does zayn. "I don't care where i am staying i just wanna put my head and sleep" they laughed. "Okay let's get you to the hotel, cause we're still having a show tonight" Luke said. "Okay, sorry i can't watch it" i apologised, "that's okay, as long as you're still here, you'll see a lot of shows" said harry, giving me a wink, what's up with this dude and winks? "Okay" he then went off and told a really tall guy something in his ear, i guess it's their body guard? he nodded and looked at me. He leads me to a lemo outside, wow! I never been in a limo before. It was huge, like a small house. The screaming of the fans started fading away as he closes the door for me, i thanked him of course. He drives to a massive hotel. And told the girl behind the desk who looked in the middle of her twenties something, she nodded he handed me a key "room 456, floor number 4" he said "okay" i went to the elevator and pressed floor number 4" number 452...453...454...455...ahh here it is, room number 456, finally" i whispered to my self, i entered the room, and my mouth was going to fall to the ground, it was really fancy... Wait how will i effort this...? I don't have enough mone...KNOCK KNOCK! Someone was knocking on my door, i went to open the door to find the same guy who brought me her "and don't worry, the boys already payed for you" he said with a smile, oh i'm so gonna kill them, they know i don't like people spending money on me, but i really don't have enough money for this, any ways, i jumped to my king sized bed, ahh so comfortable... I didn't mind changing my close, i was so tired.

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