Falling for two!


12. hope

niall's P.O.V

"Well?" I said for the hundredth time to the police officer who's walking towards us. "We're trying our best sir" he said with a no emotion face. This shit is getting me pissed. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE TRYING YOUR BEST HUH? ALLY IS STILL MISSING AND GOD KNOWS IF SHE'S OK OR NOT" i yelled at him. The boys tried to hold me back but i pushed them and grabbed him by his collar. "Listen to me you prick, if you didn't bring me back my ally, i will KILL YOU, YOU UNDERSTAND" the man was scared as shit but i don't care "niall calm down mate you can't act like this" liam said holding my arm. "You will bring her back even if she's under the ground you hear me?" I ignored the boys and just stared at him pointing to his face. Oh god i fell like killing someone. I sigh and sat down on the closest chair and put my head in my hands rocking back and forth...

Ally's P.O.V

I am just looking at the shit that he clam to call it food, how in hell am i suppose to eat this? This doesn't even look like human food it's more like a dog food. "Well?" He said, i looked at him like 'what?' And he said "eat it" he kinda demand if you ask me. I shook my head no. "I'm not eating this" i said crossing my arms. Yes, he finally let me sit in the house like normal people. And he finally let me wear my own clothes instead of that wedding dress. "Look, you said you're hungry and i gave you food now you either eat or i'll make you, you shoose" he said with an angry tone. God i hate his changing mood. I slowly picked the fork and dig it to my 'food'. Gross!! I taste it and yes it taste like crap, but i ate it anyway cause i'm not letting him pushing that down my throat....

"I'm done" i said standing up "where to?" He asked. I froze and turned around. "To my room?" I asked like there is anywhere to go to in this mother fucking shit hole. Oh i swear a lot these days. "Right" he said realising what i'm talking about. I went to my room and closed the door, and the second i lied down on the small cold bed. Jason opened the door, i quickly stood up. "Sit here" he said pointing to the chair i was in. "What?" Why is he acting like this? Are we back to the tiding again? "I said sit here" he said grabbing my arm and making me sit. Well that hurt. He started tiding my hands so fast. He seems nerves? "What's going with you?" I almost shouted. "I'm going out, and i don't wanting you getting anywhere so... We're back to our usual situation" oh that's why... He kissed my forehead, and left. Eww. I heard his footsteps fading away and the front door opening and closing. That means he's gone. Phew. Now think ally, think. How am i suppose to get this shit away from my hands? Wait, he didn't tied up my legs, just my hands, but when i tried he didn't make it very hard because i think it was something urgent and he made it quick so this should be easy. Ok. It was hard, i tried and tried and tried and... Oh god. Oh god i make it. "YES!!" I yelled. I can't believe this is happening. Ok ok, i'm waisting time here. Thank god he didn't lock my room. I ran to the door but the bitch locked the door. I groaned and punched the wall. Ooh bad idea. It hurts like fuck. I rubbed my hand a little and soon the pain went away. I remembered the man on the street from the window and jogged to the bathroom. No one was there. I sigh in disappointment. I slowly walked out from the toilet giving up and on my way to the room again i saw what look like phone?

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