It’s out of control. I was born into a world were privacy is a myth. A privilege that none of us could afford. The Media took over; they placed cameras at the end of every corner, in every room, in all of the houses ever built.
They tell us to be unique. It is law to never have known yourself. I am expected to be obsessed, to exaggerate everything, and to want to. I am meant to dream big, to reach for the stars, even though they will blind and burn me.
I live in a place where love is at first sight, and a triangle appears to have that unexpected forth edge. I am one in a million. Though I am not. I am supposed to be different, but so are they. There are only ever so many options.
So now I do not intend to upset the course of tradition, to annoy the weirdness of my world, just to make sure our falseness was true. That we no longer lived in a world of actors and actresses. That we could be free from the spotlight once more … Lights. Camera. Action.


1. Lyve,



The spotlight can never be turned off.


It's electricity is eternal.


There is only one fuse in it's power...


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