Keep Me Silent

Constance Harley was only a young child attending a Ball with her parents when she witnessed the massacre. She wasn't supposed to see it, she knew she wasn't, and to this day, the man behind that mask still haunts her for it.


1. Chapter One - Haunted

Keep Me Silent

Chapter One - Haunted


"Long, lost words whisper slowly, to me. Still can't find what keeps me here."

- Evanascence "Haunted"



The small girl pushed herself through the ball gowns and slack-clad legs with dress shoes on their feet. Everything was so big, bigger than her at least. This was to much for her, she couldn't take it anymore. The music, all the talking, to much. She was starting to regret begging her parents to allow her to stay up past her bed time so she could join at the ball.

The tiny girl stopped moving, altogether, standing in the middle of the crowded dance floor. She look around, her mother nor father in sight, and could feel the tears pricking at her eyes and her bottom lip tremble.

Where were they?

"Constance!" upon hearing her name being shouted, Constance spun around sharply, a sob leaving her when she caught sight of her mother and father.

Her faceless mother and father. The only thing covering their features was a dark mist and the outline of a never fading smile.

But Constance didn't care about that now as she jumped into her fathers' outstretched arms, sobbing into his shoulder.

"I-I was s-so scared an-and I didn't know wh-where you w-were!"

"It's alright now, Constance, it's fine."

"Yes, hush, now, darling."

Pulling back to stare into the dark abyss that was their faces, Constance sniffled. "Can I go home now, please? I'm sleepy."

"Of course, Constance." letting her down, the father turned to the mother and smiled, the woman doing the same before both parents looked back at her.

"But first we must show you something, are you willing?"

Constance nodded.

"Wonderful." Both parents' set one hand on each shoulder of the small girl and spun her around so she was facing the opposite direction. "Now, put your hands on your eyes." Slightly confused, the girl did as she was instructed.

"Yes, now, stay just that way, dear... dear Constance."

It sounded like their voices were fading away and this frightened the girl slighty until she noticed that all the noise was fading away and it slowly. All the music, the laughter, the chatter but was replaced with the ear-splitting, terrifying, blood curdling screams from everyone in the room.

Constance wanted desperately to know what was happening behind but she didn't dare turn around. No, not yet. They weren't ready. Not yet.

And then there was... nothing. No more screaming. And the silence is what scared little Constance the most.

"D... daddy?" her voice was just as shaky as her body. Slowly, she dropped her hands to her sides, and even slower, turned around only to gasp and widen her eyes in horror.

There, in the center of piles of limp, lifeless, blood-splattered bodies, stood a man. He was wearing a purple silk dress shirt under a black vest with slacks to match, but it was drenched in blood, the smell sickening.

He must have sensed her staring because he, too, turned around to face her. Constance watched as the corners of his mouth curled up into a devious smile, his head tilt just slightly, and a silk black gloved finger press against his lips.

"Shhh..." the soft sound flew in the air along with the gust of sudden wind that came.

The hair of the mans' blew, hiding his eyes, which were now glowing a bright red behind the fringe. His finger dropped and smile fell, only to open his mouth have slimy, wet tentacles spew out from the dark craven.

A shoot straight through- 


Hello, there!

I very much do hope you enjoyed this. It took me a while to come up with.

This isn't as detailed as I'd of liked it to be because I had to re-do it since my computer decided to malfuncion before I could publish it. Anywho, hopefully, the next chapter may be better. I am in a slight hurry so thank you for reading!

Constance Harley


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