I am broken. And I doubt I can be fixed.


4. Who are You?




Chapter 4

Who Are You


I watched Justin put Ashley in her nursery and smiled. He walked out of the nursery slowly and closed the door quietly. He looked at me with a worried expression before making his way down the hall. I frowned and followed him to the living room.

"What's wrong" I asked for the fiftieth time this month. He came towards me and caressed my face. He gave me a small sad smile before walking off. "I'm serious Justin I need to Know" I said angrily, while stamping my foot.

He looked at me sympathetically, "I have to leave"

"What?" I asked with emotion in my voice. He came and hugged me but I pushed him off before saying, "What did you say?"

"Em I got the opportunity of a lifetime and if i make it big I could make a lot of money." He said quickly.

"What Job is more important than your family Justin" I said angrily

"Em I I'm doing this for us" He said running his hands through his hair. "I didn't think it would go big. I posted a couple videos of me singing. And the next thing I know two people want to sign me."

I glared at me, "When were you going to tell me this?". He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. "Stay for Ashley" I said with the hint of my voice cracking.

"Don't bring her in to this" He said angrily. I shook my head. After all we've been through he's just going to leave?

"How long?" I asked with no emotion

"I'm not sure" He replied scratching the back of his neck

"Just wait until after her birthday ok" I said still with no emotion. How could I tell her, her own dad missed her 2nd birthday?

He nodded and stepped towards me, "I'm sorry. I promise I'll come back" 

I turned around heading towards the bedroom, "You have no choice" I said coldly. I ran in to the bedroom and opened the bathroom door. I locked it and sat on the edge of the tub. I sobbed for a while before grabbing the razor. I stared at it for a long time.

Screw Life.

Author's Note

Ok. I know I haven't updated this in like.. a really long time and I'm sorry. I'm making at promise to myself to update this every week. Hope you liked this chapter

Stay Cheery <3



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