I am broken. And I doubt I can be fixed.


7. Thinking


Chapter 7



I unbuckled Ashley and she woke up quickly, "Come on Sweetie, were at Megan's"

Her face instantly lit up causing me to smile. I placed her on my hip and walked towards the front door slowly. Just as I lifted my hand to knock Megan's Mom Layla opened the door, "Hi, I'll drop Ashley off tomorrow."

I kissed Ashley on the forehead before handing her over. I walked back in the car deep in thought. I got in the passenger seat closing the door quickly. I didn't even have time to buckle up before Justin started playing twenty questions.

"What did she say? Are you ok? You seem off."

"Justin I need to get a job" I said staring out of the window watching the trees go by. "What why?" He asked confused.

I sighed deeply, "Justin My mom- She might take Ashley away if we don't involve her in Ashley's life or If she see's that I cant support her, I just don't want to take any risks"  I wiped a stray tear away

He chuckled darkly, "Your mom. She's an idiot"

I couldn't help but smile at the remark, "Yeah she is, but I still want a job. I mean it could be fun you know. And plus it'll give me something to do while Ashley's at school" I looked at him waiting for his reply. He stared straight ahead avoiding any eye contact with me.

"Em," He started slowly, "You know I have too leave this month after Ashley's Birthday and all" He paused still making no eye contact with me.

I threw my head back on the chair, ignoring the tears streaming down my face, "Lets not think about that ok" I said quietly.

He sighed using a hand to wipe my tears away, "Where do you want to apply for a Job Em" He said changing the topic.

I sighed thankful, "Um," I scratched my head thinking about my decisions, "The bakery! That'd be great. They pay a lot and I like to cook. It'd be a good start"

He smiled at my enthusiasm before turning right heading towards the bakery.


I waked out of the bakery confident. I was more than positive I had got The job, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. I went around the corner and across the street heading for the store, 'Baby's Beyond"

I swear Ashley's the luckiest girl in the world. Justin buys a new set of clothes for her every weekend. I walked in the store heading for the three to five section. Justin stood there in the middle of the row with a pink sundress in one hand and a burnt orange jumper in the other.

I laughed loudly catching his attention, "Go with the jumper"

He nodded before kissing me lightly, "I thought you'd say that" I kissed him again before going on the next isle and grabbing a pack of underwear for Ashley. I saw a burnt orange bow and instantly grabbed it.

I walked back to Justin placing the contents in the buggey. I examined the rest of the items, A black and white polka-dot pajama set, complete with matching slippers, and A big blue bunny. I rolled my eyes before turning to Justin, "You're spoiling her"

He smiled innocently before pushing the buggey towards the front of the store. He Paid for everything and I grabbed the bags putting them in the trunk of the car. I got in the passenger seat and put my seat belt on.

"I love you Em" Justin said once he started the car. I looked at him for a long time before answering, "I know"

But would he still love me once he became rich and famous?

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