I am broken. And I doubt I can be fixed.


3. Tattooed Heart





Chapter 3

Tattooed Heart


                                                            3 weeks. 3 weeks until the baby's due. I paced back and forth unpacking and packing my bag over and over. Once I repeated the process six times I laid on my bed. All I could do was wait for justin to get back to the grocery store which was at least five miles away.

I swear Justin will be the death of me. He won't let me pay for anything. He buys and I decorate. I wish he could understand that all I need was his love and affection.

 I got up for the second time to admire the nursery Justin made for little Ashley. It was purple and perfect. My stomach growled and I rolled my eyes. I swear this would be the tenth meal I ate for the day. I went in the kitchen and quickly got out some sandwich meat. I grabbed the pickle jar and set it on the counter.

I turned around and instantly the sandwich meat pack slipped from my hand. I sighed I couldn't just bend down to get it. But in this case I was literally starving. I bent down and Instantly fell. I turned quickly so I landed on my back. I groaned in pain.

I was more than positive I had broken a rib. I felt a puddle form underneath me and my eyes instantly widened in panick.  This wasn't the right moment for my water to break. I reached for my phone which was on the counter.

I grabbed the tip of it and It fell to the floor beside me. I grabbed it and quickly dialed Justin. "Hey um do you want two percent or whole?" He asked politely. God Dam* him for being so nice. But I did prefer two percent.

That's not the point Em your in mother flipping labor! "Justin" I said breathlessly "My water broke" I said breathing heavily.  He didn't reply for a minute or two which worried me. When he did reply he said, "I'll be there in five"

I honestly don't know how he would get here that fast. But I guess nothings impossible. "Emily?" Justin yelled coming through the door.

"In the kitche-" My sentence was cut off by my piercing scream. Who knew having a baby would hurt so much. Justin ran towards me easily picking me up. He didn't say anything as he laid me in the back seat of the car. I rolled my eyes when I saw all the Grocery bags on the floor.

Typical Justin. We arrived at the hospital and I immediately was in a wheelchair being strolled to the 'Woman's Center'.

**** (I'm skipping the whole having birth thing because im extremely lazy)***

Tears of joy streamed down my face once I heard the beautiful cry of little Ashley. I let go of Justin's hand more than positive I had cut all of his circulation off. He gave me a sad smile. I knew he was hiding something but I let it go. I mean how was I suppose to know that he would soon leave me?

Author's Note

So sorry it took so long to update! Do me a favor and hit that like button? My nieces are over and im more than positive they'll break my laptop. So I had to hide and update. As always

Stay Positive <3





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