I am broken. And I doubt I can be fixed.


11. Mother Knows 'Best'


Chapter 11

Mother Knows 'Best'


I glared at her for a minute or two before recovering, "Welcome To Little Daisy's Bakery, What would you like to drink,"

She reconigzed my voice and looked at me smiling cruelly, "Emily what a surprise"

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah such a surprise seeing you here, Almost 28 miles away from your house, just to go to a baker, Where I work at,"

"Oh Emily," She replied. If looks could kill. "Wheres the little one? Aaron? No Um, What was it?" She asked innocently.

"Ashley," I snapped, "And shes not here so you can leave if you just wanted too see her" She looked at me and smirked, "At home? With who?"

I glared at her. She just wanted to know if Justin left me to take care of Ashley. Alone. Which he basically did. But he's coming back too. I shook my head. I was getting my own self confused., "No Mom, She's With Chaz,"

"Chaz?" She questioned.

"Family friend," I replied sighing.

"I hope you know him well enough to be left, Alone with little Ashley" She replied. I rolled my eyes. She's Just trying to get under my skin, "Mom I've known him since I was 11"

"And wheres Justin?" She questioned looking at the condiments on the table.

"At work," I replied quickly.

"Where does he work?" She questioned once more

"Mom this isn't freaking twenty five questions. Get a life and get out of mine," I slammed a Menu on the table, causing a few heads to turn.

I quickly rushed to the kitchen and found, Andrea.

"I need a new table," She looked at me curiously, "You and Your Mom don't get along well,"

I nodded and she quickly assigned me another table.


I sighed sitting down for my break I quickly pulled out my phone. I dialed Chaz and He answered on the third ring, "Hey Emily, I just set Ashley down fo her nap,"

"Oh," The disappointment was clear in my voice. Chaz and I talked about random things for a while. I didn't tell him about my mom though. That'd have to wait for later. Soon enough Andrea tapped me on the shoulder telling me my break was over.


I walked out of the bakery, flinching against the cold bitter air. I sighed heading down the sidewalk to my car. Just as I opened my car door I heard a voice that soundly strangely familiar. Why I went around that corner. I don't why I went around that corner, but I wish didn't.


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