I am broken. And I doubt I can be fixed.


1. Impossible





Late Period. Morning Sickness. All the extra late night 'snacks'. Impossible.

I bolted out of the door and ran to the nearest drug store. I got three different brands of pregnancy test. I gave the cashier a twenty and ran out the door not bothering to collect my change.

Please be negative I begged sitting on the toilet. I had taken five so far without looking at the results. I wiped the snot from my nose and the tears streaming down my face. I quickly turned the all the results over at once and I instantly chocked back a sob. They were all positive.

I'm only 15. I looked at the ceiling. "Please God don't do this to me"

My mom banged on the bathroom door. "Emily dear what's wrong?" She asked

Crap. Crap. Crap. My mom would literally kill me. How's she supposed to tell people that her 'Perfect' daughter got pregnant at 15. My mom expects the best for me. I have to have the perfect grades. Clothes. Friends. Everything.

I quickly grabbed all the test and flushed them in the toilet. I shoved the boxes in the cabinet and quickly cleared my throat. "Nothing mom um just having" Thing Emily. Think! "Cramps! Yeah cramps"

"Oh tell me if you need anything" My mom said replied. I heard her leave and Instantly rushed to my room. I picked up my phone ready to call Justin. Just as I was about to press the call button I mentally slapped myself.

This was something that needed to be told in person. I ran downstairs eager to get the news delivered. I ignored my mom's questioning look and my dad's glare as I ran out in to the pouring rain.

I hopped in my car and cut the heater on. I arrived at Justin's house quickly. I parked my car and opened my car door. On the way to his porch I froze in the middle of the driveway.

Im so stupid. Justin doesn't want a baby. Tears streamed down my face. It was to late to turn back now. I rang the doorbell shivering. Chaz answered the door smiling.

"Chaz I need to see Justin right now" I said coldly. In my opinion Chaz was a Jerk and will always be one.

"Why may I ask?" He said crossing his arms. What was he? A bodyguard?

"Chaz this could possibly be a life or death situation" I said silently begging Justin to come to the door.

Chaz looked at me slightly confused. More tears streamed down my face "Chaz im. I. I'm pregnant" My voice cracked on the last word and I began to sob. Chaz instantly pulled me in to a hug.

"He's not going to be happy you know that right?" Chaz mumbled. I nodded and wiped my tears away. "I have to tell him" I said walking past him. I made my way to the living room knowing Justin would be laid on the couch.

"Em you're soaking wet!" Justin said sympathetically.  He instantly hopped off the couch and led me to his room. He threw me one of his old purple t-shirts and basketball shorts.  I changed not caring if he saw me.

I looked at Justin prepared to tell him. He looked at me his eyes wide with sympathy. I opened my mouth but burst in to tears. He picked me up bridal style and led me to the couch. He sat down placing me on his lap. I cried in his shoulder as he cradled me.

"You know I hate it when you cry" He said caressing my cheek. If only he knew. If only. "Justin I" I said after I calmed down. "Im pregnant" I said looking up to see his expression. His face changed from caring to confused to anger in less than a second.

"Now I know were only teens but-"

"Get out" He said cutting me off.

I looked at him confused. He didn't bother to look back at me. "But-" I was cut off by him pushing me off the couch. I hit my head on the coffee table and my vision blurred. I got up angry and flipped him off before making my to the front door.

Once outside Chaz embraced me in a tight hug. "I'll talk to him ok?" He told me patting my shoulder. I nodded and made my way in to my car.

Halfway to my house I stopped my car in the middle of the street overtaken by sobs. Let a car hit me. I want to die.

Author's Note

Well hello! I hope you liked this and I hope you stick around to see the rest of Emily's journey. Im very excited about this movella. I came up with this idea sitting on the couch. I was just like 'What if' so I went in my room and literally spent two hours making the cover of this book. As always like fav and comment

Stay Gorgeous <3




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